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These “virginity tests” will spark Egypt’s next revolution

  It is the revolution of fighting the patriarch.   By Mona Eltahawy The Guardian There’s a thin line between sex and politics, and it is nonsense to keep repeating the mantra that Egypt’s revolution “wasn’t about gender”. What revolution worth its salt can be fuelled by demands of freedom and dignity and not have…


Iranian Actress Banned From Homeland : Golshifteh Farahani Sparks Naked Rebellion On Facebook

Actress Golshifteh Farahani attends the ‘Poulet Aux Prunes’ premiere during the 68th Venice Film Festival at Palazzo del Cinema on September 3, 2011 in Venice, Italy. (Getty)   While the Iranian government may not be the biggest fan of native actress Golshifteh Farahani after her skin-baring photo shoot for Le Madame Figaro and for appearing…

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Lady Gaga: East-West “fusion” Ambitious Reach To India

Lady Gaga crack India? By Rajini Vaidyanathan BBC News, Mumbai Lady Gaga has set her sights on cracking India’s lucrative music market, but can the eccentric singer wow one of the world’s largest audiences? With her choreographed routines, colorful costumes and catchy tunes, she has many trademark Bollywood characteristics. Lavish costumes are already popular… Lady…


Independent Research Network Global Artists Showcase

`Vanity Salon` SEIZE THE DAY Post Art Here Facebook Submissions Most Popular ( Likes ) will be showcased on Magazine Website         “Artists Curating Artists” IRN Global Art Cafe` Artistic Instincts:   Is A  Instant Reflection Of A Fresh Creative Cycle,  Scan What Is Emerging Art         Art By…


The nude pictures of Turkish-German actress/artist Sila Sahin spark debate over integration of Muslims in Germany

First Turkish Woman Poses For German Playboy The nude pictures of Turkish-German actress Sila Sahin spark debate over integration of Muslims in Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. It may also be a curveball for feminists.   Sahin’s Cover Page  


Massive & Deadly: Radiation level in Fukushima Daiichi plant central control unit 1,000 times normal – Japan Live Broadcast

NUCLEAR CRISIS WIDENS EVACUATION ZONE Radiation leakiing from Japan’s earthquake-crippled nuclear plants on Tusday after multiple explosions and fires, and authorities ordered thousands of people to stay inside homes 20/30 kilometers to protect them from exposure. Emperor addresses nation as nuclear crisis escalates Japan’s emperor gave a rare address to a jittery nation Wednesday as…