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ASK Yourself  …..What if Trump made the vaccine through Operation Warp Speed to eliminate all the leftists at warp speed?

stephen orchard

Warp speed outcome was incidental to the story……Until you accept # 2 trumps you will have cognitive dissonance,,,,   Trump #1 died of cancer in December  Trump Avatar # 2 is (deep state) puffy with white around eyes…..and the villain in a bigger story yet untold ….


To confirm if this is true, we need to see the public removal of Rockefeller Avatar, “President Joe Biden,” along with the rubber mask-wearing phony Pope Francis.

There are signs this is happening. In the US, a power struggle has resulted in a compromise wherein neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will be in power. The Supreme Court rejected the Brunson case to overthrow the 2020 election because it would have installed Donald Trump as president. The reason is the Donald Trump  has not appeared in public since January of 2020 ….. The real Donald Trump, whose son Barron was injured by vaccines, was virulently opposed to them. This means if the Supreme Court had reinstated Trump then the avatar Joe Biden, who took orders from the Rockefellers, would have been replaced by a Trump avatar who took orders from the Rothschilds.

So, serious horse-trading took place in the 15 rounds of votes it took to make Kevin McCarthy speaker of the house. McCarthy was forced, among other things, to promise to hold hearings into how the FBI was turned into a malignant force suppressing American patriots.

Trump again stays quiet about issue…..until timing turns better……

The latest intelligence we have is that Joe Biden will be removed along with Kamala Harris, the second in line for the presidency. That would make McCarthy president but only as an interim figure who would oversee new, and genuine, elections. In such an election the real Donald Trump would run.

That is why we are now seeing headlines such as this in the corporate propaganda media:

Former Clinton Adviser David Gergen Says Biden Risks Being ‘Creamed’ by Docs Case: ‘Very, Very Big Deal’

This shows they are going to use the “documents in garage” story instead of child rape and murder or selling the US government out to gangsters in Ukraine as the excuse to end the Biden farce. To reconfirm it is a farce notice how the fake Biden doesn’t blink in this video. Most likely it is CGI

Twitter’s New Safety Chief Gives Key Update on ‘General Amnesty’ of Banned Accounts

Twitter’s New Safety Chief Gives Key Update on ‘General Amnesty’ of Banned Accounts

US Military Whistleblower Blows Open The Military Injury Coverup!! “Weaponization Of Humanity”!!


 US Military Whistleblower Blows Open The Military Injury Coverup!! “Weaponization Of Humanity”!!


IITM:  Lt. Mark Bashaw brings several bombshells to the Stew Peters Show.

O.N.E. News – Military updates

5 Million Watch Stew Peters’ New ‘Died Suddenly’ Film in First 24 Hours, Smashing Left-Wing Censors

‘Died Suddenly’ blows the lid off of the genocidal depopulation agenda at the heart of the COVID jab scheme.

5 Million Watch Stew Peters’ New ‘Died Suddenly’ Film in First 24 Hours, Smashing Left-Wing Censors

5 Million Watch Stew Peters’ New ‘Died Suddenly’ Film in First 24 Hours, Smashing Left-Wing Censors

5 million viewers watched the Stew Peters Network’s new Died Suddenly film within the first 24 hours following its release,

Last Updated on November 23, 2022

5 million viewers watched the Stew Peters Network’s new Died Suddenly film within the first 24 hours following its release, and the momentum shows no sign of stopping, with viewership tallies continuing to climb and internet users sharing the groundbreaking new film faster than Big Tech censors can take it down.

Died Suddenly, the new film from the mega-viral Stew Peters Network, generated massive traffic in its first 24 hours online, raking in more than 3.1 million views on Rumble alone between its release on Monday evening, and the same time on Tuesday.



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Remember the Alliance gave us clues on preparing for the events.

Many country banks closed from Sept 30th to Oct 5th / Oct 9th with back wall date of Oct 20th per India for change over.


GOP Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over Chinese Purchase of US Farmland Near Air Force Base

Fifty-one House Republicans have written three of the Biden administration’s top cabinet officials in alarm over efforts by a Chinese entity to acquire farmland near a North Dakota air force …


GOP Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over Chinese Purchase of US Farmland Near Air Force Base




Q Anon – President Trump – White Hats ~ The World Is About To Change! – Must Video



Trump Special Master Reveals New Plan After Appeals Court Ruling

By Zachary Stieber
September 22, 2022 Updated: September 22, 2022


Tucker Carlson obtains copy of DOJ subpoena…

Posted by Kane on September 13, 2022 4:06 am





Arizona Can’t Enforce New Election Law in 2022 Election: Federal Judge

Arizona Can’t Enforce New Election Law in 2022 Election: Federal Judge


EXCLUSIVE: ‘They’re Trying to Take Me out of This Election’: Bannon Responds to New Indictment

EXCLUSIVE: ‘They’re Trying to Take Me out of This Election’: Bannon Responds to New Indictment


Ex-Miss America Mund Qualifies as North Dakota Congressional Candidate

Ex-Miss America Mund Qualifies as North Dakota Congressional Candidate



Trio Fighting Criminal Charges for Refusing to Wear Masks at  School Board Meeting

By Beth Brelje
September 9, 2022 Updated: September 10, 2022

Ron DeSantis Crushing Dem Challenger Crist in Florida Gubernatorial Race: ‘Formula For GOP Success’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to get good news ahead of the November election, while also providing inspiration for other Republican candidates.

A new survey provided exclusively to the Washington Examiner’s “Secrets” column on Tuesday, DeSantis is leading Democratic challenger Rep. Charlie Crist, a former GOP governor himself, by nearly double digits, 50-41 percent.

In addition, DeSantis — “the national leader against corporate America’s ‘woke’ agenda” — leads Crist by 24 points among men and conservatives in the Sunshine State, where conservatives now outnumber liberals by 3-to-1.

Also, DeSantis has a strong lead against Crist among Hispanics in the state and especially Cuban Americans.

“The governor led 50-42 among the 94% of respondents surveyed in English, and 38-29 with the 6% surveyed in Spanish,” said Rick Shaftan, of Neighborhood Research and Media, the firm that conducted the poll.

Crist, meanwhile, understandably leads with voters who identify as Democrats and those who say abortion is the top issue for them heading into the midterms. However, Shaftan said that the survey found only 2 percent of respondents put abortion rights atop their list of concerns.

Conversely, most respondents put the economy and education as their No. 1 issues and DeSantis has a commanding lead over Crist on both.

Top ArticlesNearly Two-Thirds Believe Joe Biden Knew Of, Maybe Profited From Family Business Deals‘Partisan Political Weaponization of The Criminal Justice System,’ Steve Bannon To Turn Himself In, Goes Off On New York ProsecutorsDon Lemon Hammered After Saying Conservative Commentator Could Have ‘Mommy Brain’FBI ‘Didn’t Find What They Were Looking For’ During Trump Raid, Says Former Intel ChiefTrump Helps NY Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin Raise $1.5M As Race Against Hochul NarrowsREAD MOREDemocrats In Full Meltdown Over Donald Trump’sMassive Victory; NY Gubernatorial Election Has Taken a Turn After Trump Helped Lee Zeldin Raise $1.5 Million

“DeSantis led 60-27 among voters mentioning inflation or the economy as the number one issue facing Florida,” said Shaftan.

“When asked what they liked most about Ron DeSantis, 14% say he is a strong and unafraid leader who stands his ground, 10% of his favorables said he is ‘for the people.’ Ten percent liked his COVID policies, 10% said he has done a good job as governor, 10% say he is honest or a straight-shooter,” said a memo sent by Shaftan.

Meanwhile, Crist supporters say he gets the nod because he’s not like DeSantis or former President Donald Trump.

“More than a quarter of Crist’s favorables are essentially that he’s the guy running against DeSantis. None of the leading answers reference anything in his past other than generalities about ‘experience,’ ‘honesty’ and a ‘good job.’ It’s all pretty weak,” said the GOP pollster.


He added that DeSantis should also do better in November because more voters do like his style. “While Crist appeals to an angry base that hates DeSantis, he struggles with a weak personal identity contrasting totally with DeSantis’s reputation for strength and dedication to principle — something Crist’s wishy-washy party-switching reputation only reinforces,” said Shaftan.

Crist was a one-term Republican governor but then switched parties to run for the U.S. Senate in a race he lost.

“DeSantis’s aggressive strategy of appealing to his base to gin turnout is the formula for GOP success in 2022, 2024, and beyond,” Shaftan said.

Late last week, the Republican leader got some great news from a noted libertarian-leaning think tank.

According to the CATO Institute, the Sunshine State is No. 1 in both fiscal and economic freedom, and comes in second overall for personal freedom, Breitbart News reported.

“Florida ranks #1 among the states for economic freedom!” DeSantis noted on Facebook following the release of CATO’s assessment.

According to the group’s assessment, Florida’s lack of an individual income tax was top on CATO’s list in measuring the state’s economic freedom.

“Florida’s state-level tax collections are more than 1.5 standard deviations below the national average, whereas its local tax collections are a little lower than average. Florida’s fiscal decentralization does not offer a great deal of choice to homeowners, however, because the state has only about half an effective competing jurisdiction per 100 square miles,” CATO said.

“Government consumption and debt are lower than average. Government employment is much below average, falling from 11.2 percent of private employment in 2010 to 8.3 percent in 2019,” the group’s assessment continued.

CATO noted further that Florida also tops in fiscal policy, and second in the ranking for overall personal freedom, the latter of which involves several measurements — gun rights, labor, health insurance, and education. The Sunshine State’s personal freedom measurement has increased significantly under GOP leadership, jumping from 37 in 2013 to 12 now, Breitbart reported, citing the CATO analysis



BREAKING: The NIH Just Quietly Admitted Ivermectin Treats COVID




After spending the last 2 years mocking President Trump for promoting Ivermectin (you know, the “horse medicine”) the NIH (National Institutes of Health) has now quietly added it to their approved treatment list.

On the NIH’s official site under the Covid-19 treatment guidelines Ivermectin along withs several other antiviral medicines were reportedly listed as treatment methods to Covid-19.

According to the site itself it says Ivermectin “is an antiparasitic drug that is being evaluated to treat COVID-19”.

Just six months ago major political voices were banned and even ridiculed for ever talking about Ivermectin as a treatment method against COVI and now the NIH is even promoting it.



So much for “trusting” the experts!

Here’s the NIH giving details about how Ivermectin works:

ports from in vitro studies suggest that ivermectin acts by inhibiting host importin alpha/beta nuclear transport proteins, which are part of a key intracellular transport process.Viruses hijack the process and enhance infection by suppressing the host’s antiviral response. In addition, ivermectin docking may interfere with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein attachment to the human cell membrane.

Some studies of ivermectin have also reported potential anti-inflammatory properties, which have been postulated to be beneficial in people with COVID-19.

Ivermectin has been shown to inhibit replication of SARS-CoV-2 in cell cultures.However, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies suggest that achieving the plasma concentrations necessary for the antiviral efficacy detected in vitro would require administration of doses up to 100-fold higher than those approved for use in humans.

Although ivermectin appears to accumulate in lung tissue, predicted systemic plasma and lung tissue concentrations are much lower than 2 µM, the half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) observed in vitro for ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2. Subcutaneous administration of ivermectin 400 µg/kg had no effect on SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in hamsters.

It appears “conspiracy theorist” were right after all…




Trump: DOJ ‘Never’ Contacted His Team After Mar-a-Lago Raid


‘We Anticipate More’ FBI Whistleblowers Will Speak Out: Rep. Jim Jordan












Ban Chinese Communist land purchases in US now

China has bourght an astonishing amount of American real estate and agricultural land

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Unknown to most Americans, the Chinese Communist Party has been buying our farms, land and even our homes for decades. Why? So they can take our food, technology and other resources for themselves.

What’s worse – it’s perfectly legal. That’s why I’ve introduced a bill to ban the Chinese Communists – and those acting on their behalf – from buying even another handful of American soil.

In recent years, China has exponentially increased its U.S. land holdings, especially of farmland. Between 2010 and 2020, China increased its agricultural land holding by nearly 2,500%, to encompass over 350,000 acres of American soil. Communists have not only purchased the fields and pastures of rural America, they have also taken control of food processing companies like the Virginia-based pork giant, Smithfield.

China's President Xi Jinping speaks to the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, April 1, 2014.

China’s President Xi Jinping speaks to the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, April 1, 2014. (AP)

Chinese communists are gobbling up American agriculture in part because China can’t feed itself. While China is home to nearly 20% of the world’s population, it has less than 10% of the world’s farmable land. As a result, Beijing is forced to go elsewhere for sources of food, especially meat and other forms of protein.


And the CCP’s purchases in the U.S. have largely paid off. At the height of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Smithfield made sure China got the pork it needed – while American groceries stores ran short. By taking our land and food-processing companies for themselves, Chinese communists benefit their own people and gain leverage over the United States in one fell swoop.

But that isn’t the only reason China is putting down roots in the United States. In some cases, they use our land as strategic outposts to steal advanced American seed and farming technology. In other cases, they’ve bought large tracts of land near U.S. military bases.

In North Dakota, a Chinese firm purchased 300 acres a few miles from a U.S. Air Force base, which reportedly is home to America’s most sophisticated military drone technology. The base also has been called “the backbone of all U.S. military communications across the globe.” Similarly, in Texas, a former Chinese military official purchased over 130,000 acres on the U.S.-Mexico border conspicuously close to Laughlin Air Force Base.

As young Americans move off family farms and their aging parents increasingly retire from the business, China could buy even more. Millions of acres are expected to change hands in the next decade. We must ensure they don’t fall into the clutches of the Chinese Communist Party.

But the communists aren’t just capturing American agricultural land – they’ve also bought an astonishing amount of American real estate. Between 2010 and 2020, the American Realtors Association estimates that Chinese nationals bought over $200 billion worth of American real-estate, more than any other country in the world.

China’s 300,000-plus residential purchases in the United States since 2010 pose an unknown national-security danger, in addition to fueling the rising cost of living in places like California, where a disproportionate number of Chinese nationals buy. For America, allowing China to purchase our land is a lose-lose proposition.

Our nation’s greatest enemy shouldn’t be allowed to purchase our homeland and turn it into de facto enemy territory. We would never have permitted Russian communists to acquire our land in the last Cold War, and we ought not to permit Chinese communists to do so in this Cold War.

We should not allow a single new tendril of communist influence to take root in American soil. We must ban communist land purchases now.



Donald Trump and Elon Musk have something in common…. “It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm […]

The post Donald Trump and Elon Musk Have Something in Common appeared first on The Last Refuge.











The FEMA Mandate

Thank you in advance for reading. The dropdown menu lists published chapters of a book I am working on called The FEMA Mandate. For decades, most Americans have been kept in the dark on what exactly what one of America’s most well-funded federal agency actually does to justify its existence. What you read might surprise you. The contents include ten years of research, and thousands of hours of painstaking writing and editing, and the book isn’t even finished yet. Rather than wait (who knows how long) till I finish and offer it in print, I decided to periodically release chapter by chapter in hopes of reaching people who might have an interest in this nefarious branch of the government. We the people are led to believe that FEMA exists to aid us in times of natural disaster. I believe the scope of my work prove that disaster relief is, at best, a tertiary function of FEMA.

Each successive FEMA director has been more morally bereft than his predecessor. Criminal activities within the agency became normal. Crimes against the American people are committed almost daily. Yet no one, not even the most conservative of media, reports on it. That’s about to change.



  Military Arrests White House Deputy Chief of Staff

U.S. Army Rangers on Wednesday arrested former Biden campaign manager and current Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon at a Washington, D.C. hotel, the result of a military investigation into whether she took part in a ballot harvesting ring in which Democrat-liberal sympathizers, known as “mules,” illegally collected and deposited ballots into drop boxes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election.

According to a JAG source, White Hats took interest in Dillon after viewing conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s video 2000 Mules, which shows surveillance video of seedy individuals making repeated trips to drop boxes in the aforementioned states; in each instance the mules carried reams of ballots.

The video, our source said, sounded alarm bells in the White Hat community, and prompted a thorough probe.

Although Dillon goes unmentioned in D’Souza’s video, the military began its investigation at the crest of Biden’s election hierarchy, believing that she, who became Biden’s campaign manager in April 2020, had knowledge of the scheme—or orchestrated it. Our source would not at this time cite specific evidence, but said JAG had obtained from U.S. Army Cyber Command “concrete proof” linking her to “innumerable” illegal ballots.

“The case against Dillon is open and shut,” he said.

The charge on a military arrest warrant was suspicion of treason, which, if proven, can carry a death sentence.

However, it’s still unclear whether JAG will prosecute Dillon or strike a deal in hopes she will lead them to bigger fish.

Real Raw News will update as more information becomes available.




McConnell’s Secret Agenda To Backstab President Trump And ‘Blunt’ His Influence In The Republican Party Has Been Revealed

Mitch McConnell is attempting to blunt former President Donald Trump’s influence in the party, as Politico puts it. His globalist streak is in direct conflict with Donald Trump’s America First policies.

The obedient Senate under Mitch McConnell voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine by 86-11. We are told there will be endless funding for Ukraine in the near and distant future. Only a few GOP senators voted ‘no”. Senator Paul attempted to force oversight and transparency over the funds since there is none built into the bill. Remarkably, McConnell vilified him for it.

“My colleague, Sen. Paul, has always been an isolationist,” McConnell said. “He’s proud of it and believes that’s where America ought to be.

“There’s always been a strand of isolationism in our party, but it’s not the dominant view, which was expressed in the vote that we had today and will be expressed again when we vote on the admission of Finland and Sweden into NATO.”

If you don’t support their wars, you’re an isolationist and hate NATO.


As we spend billions on other nations, the US is mired in unsafe schools, baby formula shortages, dangerous open borders, high crime rates, and extraordinarily high gas, and home heating bills. At the same time, the White House is starting wars we can’t afford. The establishment under Biden is taking our hard-earned money and giving it to far-off lands to protect their borders, not ours.

If you bring any of this up, they tell you the issues have nothing to do with each other.

McConnell recently darted off to Kyiv with a small entourage of his allies to meet with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“It’s in America’s interest to do this,” McConnell insisted. “This is not a charity we’re involved in. It’s in our interests to help Ukrainians just like it’s in the interest of NATO countries,” McConnell told reporters after his meeting with Zelensky.

Is it?

They are doing this without debate. In fact, they are shutting down all debate by impugning the character of those who resist. We are told to accept it and be quiet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “ruthless thug”, he said, adding that the United States should be “first in line” to ratify potential new NATO members Finland and Sweden.

He agrees with Biden that we must designate Russia a state sponsor of terror.


According to Politico, before his recent visit to Kyiv, McConnell betrayed his America First Republicans and told Biden: that he wanted to blunt former President Donald Trump’s influence by conveying to allies in Eastern Europe that “Republicans still believe NATO is important.”

That’s a sly deception since Donald Trump supported NATO.

If you don’t spend exorbitant funds and call for war with Russia, you are an isolationist and you don’t believe in NATO, according to him. None of that is true, but it’s a useful and effective talking point.

McConnell told Biden he wanted to “push back against the isolationist sentiment in my own party.”

Perhaps that’s why he says so little about the open borders. Are we isolationists not wanting masses of unvetted humanity to pour into the country?

President Trump never made NATO unimportant. He asked them to pay their fair share. On the other hand, Biden is asking NATO members to deprive their citizens of food and fuel, even though it’s clear the sanctions don’t work.


The Senate Minority Leader supports Democrats in their war against Donald Trump and his voters. Unfortunately, we must live with the octogenarian for five more years.

McConnell and his backers went to Kyiv with money and solace for the suffering Ukrainian people, but he has none for Americans who fund them.

He is useful to Democrats in their efforts to start a war with Russia. He echoes their sentiments and is deeply concerned about Ukraine, but not Americans.

The swamp of which he is one exists only for themselves, not for Americans or this nation. They all take care of each other and protect themselves from the people. We wouldn’t have known the extent of it without Donald Trump and the lawless assaults on him and his supporters.

The establishment loves wars. They can launder money in places like Ukraine with no accountability.

As bad as McConnell and some of these Republicans are, they are still fractionally better than Democrats who have turned into total authoritarians.

McConnell was there for the Supreme Court and the judges, sometimes the Second Amendment, and a number of other issues. He has stopped horrendous communist bills coming from the Pelosi House of Representatives. That gives him an edge over Democrats. Senator McConnell is a frenemy of the people while Biden is a sworn enemy who is currently crushing the middle class.

We need better leaders.




California U.S. Senate Midterm Race Heats Up Over Border Crisis, Inflation, Crime

California U.S. Senate Midterm Race Heats Up Over Border Crisis, Inflation, Crime



Supreme Court Turns Down Request to Block Biden From Using Climate Model


DOJ OIG Publishes Memo Expressing Concern Over Lack of FBI Policy on Sharing Child Sexual Abuse Material


Wisconsin Voters Sue 5 Cities Over Unlawful Unmanned Ballot Drop Boxes in Elections


Under Legal Pressure, San Diego Schools Delay Vaccine Mandate With No Religious Exemptions


Ex-Clinton Lawyer May Testify as He Seeks Acquittal on Charge of Lying to FBI


18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates


Virginia Sued Over Law That Allows Violation of Ranchers’ Property Rights


Anonymous Source Who Vouched for Trump–Russia Claims is Same Man Who Sent Lawyer to FBI: Agent



DHS Warning on Roe Reversal Fallout Cites Fear of Attempts on Justices’ Lives


DHS Warning on Roe Reversal Fallout Cites Fear of Attempts on Justices' Lives



YES! YUGE!      Jacques Merde

Pedophile Elite PANIC As Ghislaine Maxwell Agrees To Reveal Names Of VIP Child-Sex Ring Members As Part Of Plea Deal To Reduce Her Sentence

A judge has accepted a plea deal to drastically reduce Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison sentence after she promised to name and shame elite pedophiles who were part of Epstein’s VIP child sex ring.

Ghislaine Maxwell promised last year to name and shame the VIP elites who raped children in order to get a lighter sentence in her elite pedophile ring trial.

Following the statement, a court decided to reduce her sentence by at least ten years and remove her from solitary confinement.

While awaiting her sentencing, she can now accept visits from family and friends.

The Gateway Pundit reports: “She finally has access to things she has not had for almost two years, starting with human company,” her brother, Ian Maxwell, told the U.K. Telegraph. “The prison guards were told not to talk to her.

“She has had no human interaction. She has had no human company.”

As the Post reported, Maxwell was kept in high security because of the fate of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender Maxwell aided in sexually abusing underage girls. Epstein died in what was officially ruled a suicide in a federal jail cell in 2019.

The human interaction could be small comfort for Maxwell as she awaits a June 28 sentencing for her convictions on sex trafficking and other charges.

Maxwell, 60, faces prison time of up to 55 years, the Post reported.

Bad as that is for Maxwell, she could have faced even more time. However, on April 29, the federal judge who turned down Maxwell’s bid to have her convictions overturned also tossed two of three conspiracy convictions against her, ruling they were “repetitive.”

That reduced her potential prison time by 10 years, according to ABC News.

In that ruling, however, U.S. District Court Judge Alison Nathan made it clear that Maxwell’s attempt to have all the guilty verdicts against her overturned did not have a legal leg to stand on.

“[T]he jury’s guilty verdicts were readily supported by the extensive witness testimony and documentary evidence admitted at trial,” the ruling stated.

“Further, those counts of conviction matched the core of criminality charged in the Indictment, presented by the Government at trial, and on which the jury was accurately instructed.

“[T]he Defendant simply asserts that the Court should ‘enter a judgment of acquittal as to all counts under Rule 29 . . . because the government failed to prove each element of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt,’” the ruling stated, adding, “The Court disagrees.”

In the ruling, Nathan said that Maxwell’s attorney had a point that some counts overlapped and said that despite involving different victims, they were part of the same overall conspiracy.

“The overarching conspiracy—which, as the Government argued and proved at trial, employed a single ‘playbook’ to groom and sexually abuse underage girls—constitutes a single conspiracy offense with multiple victims,” the ruling stated.

Maxwell was convicted of helping Epstein, a convicted sex offender, sexually exploit and abuse girls.

Maxwell’s lawyers argued that the prosecution was simply using Maxwell as a scapegoat for Epstein, since he died in jail in 2019 before he went to trial on sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell’s defense also said the accusers’ memories had been corrupted over the decades and that the women only testified against Maxwell because they thought cooperating with prosecutors would help the claims they made to a victims’ compensation fund that is run by Epstein’s estate, U.S. News reported.


Has Joe & Hunter booked their flights yet?

comment image






[DURHAM] + MUSK have FBI, DNC, HRC in the their KILL BOX

[TWITTER] house is going to be cleaned!
Liberals in crazy PANIC?


]] DURHAM [[

that MUSK acquired TWITTER
when PUTIN is breaking UKRAINE [DS] money laundering ring
& Twitter stock holders in PANIC as markets FALL
& DURHAM ? coming after HRC..
Sussmann trial is scheduled for mid-May

THE PLANDEMIC, virus, vaccines, mandates
World ELITEs collusion & DS plan
& MESSAGES ? between ELITES & corporations





Booms in route ??

+World deep state CABAL Elites
trying desperately to bring down Twitter & ? CANCEL ??






Grand jury investigating Donald Trump for criminal conduct will come to an end: Sources

The grand jury had been extended several times, but will not be renewed again.

A special grand jury that had been hearing evidence in the criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump expires at the end of the week and will not be extended, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News.

The special grand jury was empaneled last fall, but had stopped hearing evidence once Alvin Bragg became district attorney in Manhattan in January, raising questions about the strength of the case and whether prosecutors had amassed all the elements required to prove it.

Recent Stories from ABC News

Top ArticlesREAD MORE4 fatally shot in Mississippi; possiblesuspect found dead

The two senior prosecutors who had been leading the investigation, Mark Pomerantz and Cary Dunne, resigned in February. Pomerantz said in his resignation letter he believed Trump “is guilty of numerous felony violations.”

Trump has denied wrongdoing.

The district attorney’s office declined to confirm or deny the decision not to extend the special grand jury, which was first reported by CNN. Grand juries can always be called upon to hear evidence and weigh the return of an indictment and a new special grand jury could always be empaneled.

A spokeswoman for Bragg declined to comment and instead pointed to a statement the district attorney issued earlier this month that insisted the criminal investigation remained active.

“The team working on this investigation is comprised of dedicated, experienced career prosecutors. They are going through documents, interviewing witnesses, and exploring evidence not previously explored,” Bragg said in a statement said earlier this month. “In the long and proud tradition of white-collar prosecutions at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, we are investigating thoroughly and following the facts without fear or favor.”

The district attorney’s office fought successfully for access to Trump’s personal and business tax returns as part of the investigation into how he valued his assets. The New York attorney general is conducting a parallel civil investigation.

The case has already resulted in tax charges against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer Allan Weisselberg over perks paid to certain executives. Each has pleaded not guilty.



Gov DeSantis Made The Biggest Move Yet That Could SAVE America From Another Stolen Election

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB524, an Election Integrity Act today. The legislation makes ballot harvesting a felony, extends the ban on Zuckerbucks, and establishes an election integrity unit in the state government.

“We need to do more to ensure our elections remain secure…”

“Twenty years ago, nobody thought Florida was a prime example of how to conduct elections, but we have become a national leader by running the most secure elections in the country,” Governor Ron DeSantis said. “We need to do more to ensure our elections remain secure. We have ended ballot harvesting, stopped drop boxes and the mass mailing of ballots, and banned Zuckerbucks, and this bill will give us more resources to make sure bad actors are held accountable.”

“When Covid hit, we did not change unconstitutionally, changed procedures. We followed the law. We applied the law just like it was. And the result was on election night. You counted 99% of the votes by midnight on election night in Florida. And you look at these other States, and it took them days, weeks. Some of them, like New York and California, it takes them over a month just to count the votes from one election. And so, that does not inspire confidence,” DeSantis said before signing the bill.

“I think people see especially you have one candidate winning on election night and then three days later the other candidate wins with all these votes that are done. So that’s not the way to do it,” DeSantis added.



BREAKING: The Florida House of Representatives gave final passage to a bill to dissolve Walt Disney World’s private government, handing Gov. Ron DeSantis a victory in his feud with Disney over its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education law.



Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New Lockdowns Are Coming: Learn How To Stop It

Brutal lockdowns in Shanghai is a harbinger of what’s to come in the US unless Americans are prepared to resist medical tyranny, she warns.

Dr. Lee Merritt joins The Alex Jones Show to warn about new lockdowns on the horizon.

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Federal judge strikes down CDC’s COVID mask mandate for air passengers, other mass travelers

Updated: April 18, 2022 –


Afederal judge in Florida  on Monday struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for air passengers and others mass travelers.

The judge, Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, said the mandate was unlawful because it exceeded the statutory authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention DC and that its implementation violates administrative law insofar as the agency did not provide a sufficient justification for its mandate.

The administration recently extended to May 3 the mandate for plane, rail, bus and other similar travel, while most other pandemic-related mandates have been lifted. The agency decided more time was warranted due to a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases attributed to the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron. The travel mandate has been in place since the earliest stages of the pandemic in 2020.

It’s unclear exactly how the ruling will immediately impact travelers, or if the Biden Justice Department will attempt to block the ruling and file an appeal.

Mizelle’s ruling adds to the legal woes of the Biden administration in implementing its COVID policies, including its previous large employer vaccine-or-t



Twitter Board Adopts “Poison Pill” To Thwart Musk Takeover, Exposing Itself To “Titanic” Legal Liability

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“They would rather self-immolate than give up their censorship programs. This shows you how deeply committed they are to Orwellian control of the narratives and global discourse. Scary,”



“21,000 Outside Trying to Get In!” – President Trump’s Rally Saturday Night in Michigan is Massive



A STAR IS BORN: ‘Savage Angel’ Kristina Karamo STEALS THE NIGHT at President Trump’s Massive Michigan Rally (VIDEO)


Kristina Karamo is running for Secretary of State in Michigan.

President Trump endorsed this magnificent woman!  She is A FORCE!

On Saturday Kristina Karamo spoke to the massive crowd in Washington, Michigan.

TRENDING: Biden Telling Staffers He Wants the Justice Department to Prosecute Trump

This woman is ON FIRE.  Listen to this Savage Angel!

There were over 25,000 patriots at the rally

Then during President Trump’s speech he invited Kristina Karamo and Matt DePerno, who is running for Attorney General, onto the stage to share some words.

Kristina STOLE THE NIGHT– Watch this!


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'LIVE WASHINGTON TWP, MI PRESIDENT TRUMP RALLY IN MICHIGAN SAT, APRIL 2, 2022 ON RSBN Available on the App Store SAVE AMERIC GET IT ON Google play ROKU AVAILABLE amazon fire RSBN LIVE COVERAGE BEGINS AT 12PM EST'





Situation Update - GOTCHA! Deep State Down! NESARA Close! Biden Laptop MSM Coverup! De-Pegging From Dollar! More Asset-Back Currencies! Border Rape & Child Trafficking Skyrocketed Under Biden! - We The People News

Situation Update – GOTCHA! Deep State Down! NESARA Close! Biden Laptop MSM Coverup! De-Pegging From Dollar! More








Stormy Daniels

LOL: Porn Peddler Stormy Daniels Owes Trump $300,000 After Losing Legal Appeal.

Former President Donald Trump has succeeded in a final victory in a defamation lawsuit involving former porn star Stormy Daniels. The ex-adult film “star” – who publicly accused Trump of having a sexual affair with her in 2006 – now


May be an image of ?1 person and ?text that says '?"Schools trains you to be ignorant. They prepare you to be usable victim for a Military industrial complex that needs manpower As long as you're just smart enough to do job & just dumb enough to swallow what they feed you, ?? you're gonna be alright." -Frank Zappa @JaBassler1'??

Ivanka Trump Is Meeting With January 6th Committee

Ivanka Trump Is Meeting With January 6th Committee

( – On January 20, the January 6 select committee sent a letter to Ivanka Trump, requesting she voluntarily speak to them about a conversation she heard between her father, former President Donald Trump and his vice president. On February 23, the New York Times reported Ms. Trump is “in discussions” about her appearance in front of the House committee.

If she meets with the commission, she will be the first in the Trump family to do so of their own volition.


The group investigating the events surrounding the attack on the Capitol in 2021 requested her presence because former Vice President Mike Pence informed them she asked her father to ask his supporters to stop the breach. In addition, they believe Trump’s daughter may have had conversations, been a witness, or participated in plans to stop Pence from counting the electoral votes on January 6.

Although her spokeswoman confirmed Ms. Trump was discussing the possibility with the committee, there’s no confirmation on when or if she will appear for an interview. The House select commission showed interest in speaking to anyone who had contact with the former president before and during the January 6 riot.

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Once you read this, you’ll realize why the ruling class oligarchs of big oil, pharma, etc, have always been against industrialized hemp

The History Of Hemp: America's Love-Hate Relationship With One of The Planet's Most Useful Plants


The History Of Hemp: America’s Love-Hate Relationship With One of The Planet’s Most Useful Plants




They have already fired 17 FBI and DOJ officials.

Durham has it all. They followed the money!

Some indictments of “dirty cops” coming this summer at the Deputy Director level FBI i.e. “lovebirds” Strzok and Page.

Devin Nunes, Lee Smith, and Kash Patel – Lock Her Up For Real






** BREAKING BOMBSHELL** Dinesh D’Souza Releases Movie Trailer for “2000 Mules” Exposing Ballot Traffickers Who Stole the 2020 Election

True the Vote has been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create a bombshell movie that uses footage they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America to steal the election in 2020.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Using geo-tracking devices, True the Vote was able to take footage from drop boxes across America in key states like Georgia and others to track over 2,000 ‘mules” wearing gloves and disguises to stuff ballot boxes.

Dinesh D’Souza narrates the clip from his upcoming movie “2,000 Mules”:

“This one “mule” made 53 trips to 20 drop boxes.

He’s not alone.

TRENDING: SHOCKING TESTIMONY Reveals Democrats Were Stealing Overseas and Military Ballots from Michigan, Georgia and Now Arizona Too (VIDEO)

We tracked 2,000 mules making multiple ballot drops.

Leaving no fingerprints.

A coordinated ring of illegal vote harvesting in all the key states where the election was decided.

Game over.”

Reminder — As TGP has reported earlier this week we recently signed an agreement with True the Vote that includes never before seen ballot dropbox surveillance video, 24 Terabytes of footage, with the election integrity group in their ongoing investigation.  Special Thanks to Patty McMurray at 100% FedUp for her exceptional work on this.

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Drops 88 Bills: “We Are Going Back to In-Person One Day One Vote NO MACHINES And Paper Ballots With Watermarks”


Attorney Thomas Renz Reveals Mind Blowing COVID Jab Injury Numbers From DoD Whistleblowers







Mark Meadows on Reported DeSantis/Trump ‘Feud’: Trump Is Still In Charge

Former Trump Administration Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows weighed in this week on reports of a growing feud between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying DeSantis is “smart enough” to know Trump is still the boss.

“This is the party of Trump. This will continue to be,” Meadows told Newsmax, adding that DeSantis has done a “great job” leading Florida but won’t “challenge” Trump if the former president does decide to run for office again in 2024.

Americans “want Donald Trump back in the White House,” Meadows said.

“It’s his decision on whether he runs for president or not, but I can tell you, if he does, it won’t be Ron DeSantis challenging him,” Meadows continued. “It will be the media trying to create this conflict that obviously is not there.”

Meadows’ comments follow a report by Axios that Trump has been privately trashing DeSantis as “dull.”

The former president was reportedly irritated that DeSantis has not public say “he won’t run.”

Trump also took a veiled shot at DeSantis earlier this month when he revealed he got the COVID-19 booster shot, saying that other politicians who refuse to reveal whether they’ve gotten the booster are “gutless.”

His comments came after DeSantis refused to say whether he had gotten a booster shot, arguing that that was his private medical decision.

But on Wednesday, reports surfaced that suggested Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., might be the secret interloper responsible for the reported rift.

McConnell has been outspoken in his opposition to Trump and vice-versa. Powerful Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC—a Trump ally most of the time—told McConnell last week that unless the two mended fences he would not support McConnell’s next bid for majority leader.

For his part, DeSantis has dismissed the reports of a growing tension between himself and Trump, accusing the media of trying to sow division in the GOP.

“I think this is what the media does,” DeSantis said during a recent interview.

“You cannot fall for the bait … You know what they’re trying to do, so just don’t take it. Just keep on keeping on,” he continued. “We need everybody united for a big red wave in 2022. We’ve got to fight the left, and not only fight, but beat the left. And that’s what we’re doing in Florida.”









  1. Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Resigning After Report Reveals Agency Is ‘Hotbed of Abuse’






Dark Outpost 12-24-2021 The Spiritual War: Children And The D.U.M.B.S

In This documentary we will take a very close look at the evidence of the spiritual war to save the children from trafficking and the D.U.M.Bs (Deep Underground Military BASES) In This Video we will […]



Former US Navy Sailor Sentenced to 30 Months for Exporting Military Equipment to China






MRNA Vaccine Inventor Suggests Collusion Between CNN, Pfizer



Thanksgiving Turkey Costs Soar Nearly 16 Percent From Last Year
84 Percent of Americans Who Say US Economy Is In Bad Shape Blame Inflation
Oil Prices Under Pressure From Both Supply and Demand Factors
Tesla’s Musk Says Model S Plaid May Come to China Around March














“The Democrat Party is a House of Cards Ready to Come Tumbling Down” – President Trump’s Message to Americans



























Weaponized Immigration

The New American

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Is Michelle Obama A Man?…

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Deceptive Double AGENTS!

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Emergency Rooms across America being swamped by post-vaccine patients suffering organ failure

Mike Adams Current estimates show that people who have taken mRNA-based covid vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) lose about 5 percent of their innate immune function each week. After about 20 weeks, they are characterized as “AIDS patients” who have little to no functioning immunity against in-the-wild pathogens such as common colds and flu viruses.

Beyond merely theoretical, this phenomenon is now being confirmed by the swamping of US hospital emergency rooms with post-vaccine patients who are exhibiting extreme levels of sickness against common health insults. “ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID,” reported yesterday.

“Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions and suicide attempts, among others.”

These are all vaccine side effects, yet no one in the media will dare report that truth.

The upshot is that emergency rooms are being overrun with vaccine injured patients… and it’s not even November yet. Imagine what the scene looks like in mid-January.

Get the full story in today’s feature article and podcast here.




La Palma’s Volcanic Eruption Is Going Strong 3 Weeks Later


Latest Rumor: Earthquakes Around Volcano Appear Artificially Made

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Saturday, 23-Oct-2021 15:08:21


(Note: Caution, take the following report with a grain of salt. We have no way of knowing how the earthquake reporting grid works. And reporting earthquakes in grids on the earth could be simply magnified to appear aligned in each geographical area. I find the idea of a created earthquake in this manner to be bizarre and nearly unbelievable since the grid pattern would be noticeable by the public. With this in mind, read the report with a skeptical mind. GE)

by Hal turner
The volcanic eruption which began on the Island of LaPalma in the Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean, off the northwest coast of Africa seems to be getting some help: artificial help to make it WORSE! Evidence below:

When the Cumbre Viejo volcano on La Palma began erupting on September 10, it immediately became the focus of intense attention because that island is the only place in the world which can generate a Tsunami wave, which is capable of literally destroying the entire east coast of North America.

Back in the 1990’s several scientists closely studied and even went inside the then-dormant volcano and found that the entire southwest flank had become unstable and could slide into the Atlantic Ocean. That unstable land mass is the size of the island of Manhattan, NYC, and would generate a tsunami wave.

Computer models showed the tsunami would begin hitting the US east coast within 7 to 8 hours, and would smash almost all the major cities, with a wall of water 30 meters to fifty meters high. That would mean a wave 100-164 FEET tall, lasting 5 to 45 minutes as it flooded 12-15 miles inland.

As interest in the eruption grew, people starting paying closer attention to what was taking place there.

Tonight, that attention has paid off.

ause a calamity which wipes out a slew of people who would no longer be able to claim welfare, Medicare or Medicaid? Think of how many people on the east coast, who have paid into Social Security for years, wouldn’t be alive to claim any benefits! Big savings for the US government!

Even more enticing for some of the government control freaks, it would be the perfect excuse to implement nationwide Martial Law when all the big bank headquarters got demolished, and the business capital of the country was destroyed, allowing the government to justify their takeover of . . . everything.

Or how about this: The tsunami happens, it kills the estimated 65 million that FEMA thinks could die in such a cataclysm, so the government goes to the bankers and says, the country is wrecked, we have no hope at all of paying our $28 TRILLION national debt; we need debt forgiveness . . . . and they get the slate wiped clean so they can start the whole shebang all over again!

Whatever is going on on La Palma, may have begun naturally, but as of 11:45 PM eastern US time on Friday, October 22, 2021, it now clearly looks as though some type of man-made attack is taking place.

It LOOKS like somebody wants a lot of Americans dead.

Here is a DIRECT LINK to the EMSC Earthquake map. You can verify these findings yourself by going to LaPalma, then zooming in.
direct link:





Dozens Of Top Nuclear Scientists With “Highest Security Clearances” Being Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate

Tyler Durden's Photo

TUESDAY, OCT 19, 2021

A last Friday deadline for Los Alamos National Lab employees to get vaccinated has come and gone, with a judge on the same day denying a request by 114 employees there to block the nuclear lab’s vaccine mandate from taking effect.

In the last days the employees, including top nuclear engineers and scientists, have literally taken to the streets outside the lab, protesting the mandate which orders them to get their first dose of the Covid vaccine or face termination.

Concerning the lawsuit filed by the employees, The Hill wrote earlier that “Workers at the New Mexico laboratory, which created the atomic bomb, filed a lawsuit claiming that exemptions to the mandate have been denied without proper justification.”

Via Los Alamos National Laboratory/Flickr

Specifically the workers, among them dozens of scientists, are pushing back against federal contractor Triad National Security LLC, which runs the lab under contract of the US Department of Energy.

It’s unclear if any have been fired at this point after the deadline has passed, or if any level of negotiations or understandings are in the process of being reached. The reality is that these employees are seen as immensely valuable to both the advanced nuclear lab and national security, given their government-issued clearance levels.

Local media detailed Monday protests along the main road leading to the lab and outside the entrance as follows:

Some 55 protestors, many of them carrying U.S. flags or signs, gathered on State Route 4 in White Rock at 6 a.m. to get the attention of Los Alamos National Laboratory commuters and others, They were protesting LANL’s policy mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees and the termination or placement in leave without pay status of an undisclosed number of employees by LANL last Friday.

As of Friday LANL officials said 96 percent of employees are fully-vaccinated and an additional 1 percent have had their first dose. Additional protests are being planned in other locations.

Importantly, it appears the bulk of those who face termination are not low-level staffers or new hires, but in many cases scientists and nuclear engineers who have worked at one of America’s most sensitive and advanced defense facilities for decades.

Protesters outside the Los Alamos lab facility on Monday. Source: Los Alamos Reporter

The Associated Press had detailed that “The plaintiffs include scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers, research technicians and others who have some of the highest security clearances in the nation for the work they do.”

Further the report underscored they would be “difficult to replace” in the short term. “Some of the employees who are part of the lawsuit have worked for Los Alamos lab for decades, while others are newer hires who have relocated to New Mexico from other states and countries,” the report added. “Thirty-four of them are named in the lawsuit and 80 have opted to remain anonymous, citing fears of retaliation.”










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