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The CFO’s of Pfizer and Moderna Both Resign After Reports That Vaccines Are KILLING People — MSM Completely SILENT

The CFOs of Big Pharma giants Pfizer and Moderna both resigned this week amid multiple reports that the COVID jabs are unsafe for public use and resulting in an alarming rate of deaths.

Pfizer and Moderna both separately named new CFOs on Monday.

While the mainstream media has largely ignored the news, the outlets that did cover it gave the excuse that the CFO’s were just getting older and it’s happening around the country.  But both within a week? reports: Broadly across industries, turnover in CFO, CEO, and COO seats has risen steadily over the last two years in the wake of pandemic-related and supply chain pressures, Crist said. “I believe we’ll start now to see an even greater leap into early retirement as those C-level executives who have either wanted to or [have] been asked to get their company through the pandemic, and have done so, will start to exit. They will carry battle scars with them to an early retirement.”

Looking ahead, the CFOs at both Pfizer and Moderna will be tasked with managing the revenue windfall each company is earning from their COVID-19 vaccines and will have to determine how to allocate those dollars to research and strategic activities, such as dealmaking, according to BioPharma Dive.

Denton will report to Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla, who cited Denton’s “deep financial experience, a track record of achievement and true insights into today’s healthcare system. For these reasons, he is the perfect leader to take the helm of our talented finance organization and deliver a comprehensive strategic financial vision that will help drive Pfizer’s future growth and success,” according to a press release.

Before joining Lowe’s in 2018, Denton as CFO of CVS Health played a key role in transforming the company from a retail pharmacy to a health solutions company as well as in CVS’s acquisition of Aetna.

At Moderna Gomez will report to CEO Stéphane Bancel, who said in a statement that Gomez’ experience at multinational healthcare companies will be an asset as the company grows and he cited Gomez’ “passion for sustainability and ESG” as aligning with Moderna’s vision.

Gomez will be succeeding Meline, who will retire on July 8 but provide consulting services for Moderna for two more years, until July 8 2024.




Lt. Colonel Nikolay Biryukov, the commander of the 501st Battalion of the Marine Corps of Ukraine, defended his decision to lay down arms, saying he ”doesn’t regret” surrendering to soldiers of the Russian Federation, in an interview with Russia’s Rossiya-1 news channel that went viral Monday”.

A lot of captured and surrendered Ukrainian troops are being kept in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) where good conditions have been created for them, DPR head Denis Pushilin told the Soloviev Live TV channel on Tuesday…Pushilin did not rule out that those prisoners of war would later be involved in efforts to reconstruct Mariupol”.

Overall, the following Ukraine military targets have been destroyed by Russian military forces since the beginning of the special military operation: 140 aircraft, 487 unmanned aerial vehicles, 252 surface-to-air missile systems, 2,353 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 256 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,014 field artillery guns and mortars and 2,208 special military motor vehicles”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]






The Washington Post Finally Admits The Role of the ‘Far Right’ Azov Battalion in Ukraine




The Dog That Ain’t Barking in Ukraine



Le Pen shrugs off market ‘doom-mongering’ as French election race tightens

Polls suggest Marine Le Pen is heading for a rematch of her 2017 duel with President Emmanuel Macron.

Polls suggest Marine Le Pen is heading for a rematch of her 2017 duel with President Emmanuel Macron. © Michel Euler, AP

French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen shrugged off investor jitters triggered by her rise in the polls ahead of Sunday’s first round of the presidential election, saying her economic platform was meant to work for voters, not the markets.

Long unfazed by what looked like an easy path to re-election for President Emmanuel Macron, markets woke up this week as Le Pen narrowed the gap enough in opinion polls for a potential victory to fall within the margin of error.

Le Pen scoffed at what she called “doom-mongering”, telling RTL radio on Thursday that her programme aimed to support business and “give money back to the French” by lowering VAT as well as France’s contribution to the EU budget.

“The policies I want to implement are not meant for the stock markets, which will be a change from Emmanuel Macron,” she said. “It’s not the markets that create jobs, it’s not international finance.”

French presidential election
French presidential election © France 24

Macron is still ahead in all opinion polls. But his late start with a lacklustre campaign has pushed even some in his camp to say a win for Le Pen could be possible.

Polls suggest Le Pen is 3% to 7% ahead of third-place leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, meaning she is likely to qualify for the all-important run-off on April 24.

>> Closing in on Macron: Could Le Pen’s blandest campaign be her most successful yet?

Second-round data also looks encouraging for Le Pen, who has significantly narrowed the gap with Macron since she lost by more than 20 percentage points five years ago.

Some pollsters this week said the gap had shrunk to as little as 4%, with a probable high level of abstention adding uncertainty.

Losing faith in democracy: France’s abstention problem
Losing faith in democracy: France's abstention problem
Losing faith in democracy: France’s abstention problem © FRANCE 24

“There is a dynamic in favour of Marine Le Pen,” said Ifop pollster Frederic Dabi, adding that there was a possibility that she could overtake Macron to lead the first round, though he was still ahead for now.

“The second round will be very tight,” he said, adding that Macron was still the most likely winner but all would depend on which camp is better at getting the vote out.

Macron camp counter-attacks

The prospect of a tight race has pushed France’s borrowing costs up as investors grow jittery over a closer-than-expected race.

France saw firm investor demand at a monthly long-term bond auction on Thursday, but the public debt management agency had to more than double the interest rate on its 10-year benchmark bond to 1.17% from only 0.52% the previous month.

On Thursday, Macron’s campaign fought back on the economic front.

“I want people to realise what France would be like under Marine Le Pen,” Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told broadcaster Franceinfo. “There would be more inflation,” he said, and more taxes to fund her plan to nationalise toll roads.

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“And there would be less sovereignty, because we would be allies of Russia, of Vladimir Putin,” he added, attacking Le Pen over her longstanding admiration of the leader – which she has toned down and nuanced since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The pro-business Institut Montaigne think-tank has said Le Pen’s programme, which aims to lower the retirement age to 60 and cut taxes on energy, could come in at a cost 75% higher than she estimates.

Macron himself, long focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is now concentrating his campaign on purchasing power, which Le Pen has successfully focused on for months.

The incumbent president promised on Wednesday to increase pensions as French households struggle with surging prices amid the fallout from the war in Ukraine.




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Mariupol: Remnants Of Ukraine's 503rd Marine Battalion Surrendered In Full

On 4 April, 267 soldiers and officers of the 503rd Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit.

The battalion was assigned to the 36th Independent Marines Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy.

The unit lost more than 50% of its personnel killed and wounded in the fighting for Mariupol.

Video Player

In the video below, a captured soldier from the 503rd battalion, excited to be alive and unbeaten, says that all the time their main task was to retreat.

Video Player

All surrendered AFU soldiers are in good health. The lightly wounded were given the necessary medical treatment. The soldiers have been provided with food and basic necessities in full.

This approach executed by the Russian army is radically different from what AFU soldiers do with captive, mostly wounded, Russian soldiers.
The Russian Defence Ministry also said that starting from 9:30 a.m. on April 5 it organizes a humanitarian corridor for soldiers of the AFU territorial defence units and foreign mercenaries to leave the encircled areas of Mariupol.

Mariupol: Remnants Of Ukraine's 503rd Marine Battalion Surrendered In Full



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                   Thrilling QFS Breakthrough


We’re practically a breath away from everything we’ve been working towards, praying for, envisioning and affirming thanks to the tireless, genius and miraculous Q Team and White Hats.

Charlie Ward, Mark Z, Chas Carter and David Mahoney posted a video on 3-30-22 outlining the AMAZING breakthrough interface between the thousands of years ahead off-world technology that is the Quantum Financial System and the old Legacy Banking System of Earth.




Ukraine Asks European Nations to Close Border With Russia, Belarus


Ukraine Asks European Nations to Close Border With Russia, Belarus

A map of the refugees fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine. (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)





Whistleblower Goes Public With Proof Of Election Fraud On A Global Scale – Maria Zack’s Earth Shattering Testimony

Posted By: Sacred_Scientist
Date: Saturday, 26-Mar-2022 15:06:15


Whistleblower Goes Public With Proof Of Election Fraud On A Global Scale – Maria Zack’s Earth Shattering Testimony

by N.Morgan Everything we’ve always suspected is now proving to be true, in regards to our elections being rigged by the elite to push their various agendas. This explosive [and shocking] video reveals a lot of pieces that get tied together and there’s a ton of info to digest.




Putin Beheads Bioweapon Engineers in Ukraine

On what he said would be his final update until the war was won, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday told Donald J. Trump that he had ordered the execution of 12 international bioweapon engineers whom Russian forces had captured in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, said a Mar-a-Lago source privy to the conversation.

Putin referred to the engineers as transnational criminals, saying Ukraine would no longer be a breeding ground for Western “pestilence,” a word he has often used to reference bioweapon facilities and child trafficking syndicates.

In what could rightfully be called a communal execution, his military commanders had assembled the 12 criminals and, on Putin’s orders, beheaded them one by one. Each of the condemned, except the last to die, was forced to watch the brutal, grisly scene. Many pleaded for their lives as they watched in horror their associates’ heads being sawed off at the neck. Some tried to shut their eyes, but Russian soldiers forced those eyes open with their thumbs. Half of the group pissed themselves before their heads were lopped off.

Putin said he had captured them alive because he wanted to send a clear, undiluted message to the CEOs of bioweapon consortiums that had manufactured weapons of mass destruction on Ukrainian soil.

“Putin told Trump the executions were videoed, that he’s going to send the video to the people responsible for building those labs. He also said two American ‘filth and scum’ were among the group killed, that a video of their beheading would be shipped to DARPA,” our source said.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Putin alleged that DARPA had controlled two biologic/chemical research facilities in central Ukraine.

“This is how we do it in Russia, President Trump. No lengthy trial, no tribunal to waste time. We know these men were guilty because we caught them; if they were innocent, we would not go after them. I am not sorry to inform you two Americans were killed. They were criminals,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Well, President Putin, I think you know what you’re doing, and frankly, I think you have the right idea. What’s going on with these labs is a huge disgrace and catastrophe,” Trump replied.

In closing, Putin told President Trump “The war is almost over,” but did not elucidate on how long ‘almost’ would be.







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