He stands for achieving peace by way of peace, and since Gandhi and Martin Luther King aren’t around, he’s a placeholder for that kind of position.

China’s military has warned the United States to “speak and act cautiously” to avoid further straining relations between the two countries,

Huang Xueping, a defence ministry spokesman, was quoted as saying.

“The US side bears full responsibility for the current difficulties in exchanges between the
Chinese and the Americans.

The recent meeting between the US president and the Dalai Lama has also angered China, prompting Beijing to demand that Washington take urgent steps to “undo the damage done”.

The meeting last week between Barack Obama and the Tibetan spiritual leader had already prompted Beijing to summon the US ambassador.

“China demands that the US side seriously regard China’s position and take credible measures to undo the damage done,” Qin Gang, a foreign ministry spokesman told reporters earlier this week.

He also urged Washington to “take concrete measures to uphold the sound development of China-US relations”, reiterating that they had been “seriously affected” by the Dalai Lama’s visit.

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