February 2014

“No gods or kings. Only man.”

SCIENTIFIC METHOD / SCIENCE & EXPLORATION Science inches closer to real BioShock-style plasmids No, not Electro Bolt. But human genetic augmentation is a lot closer than you think. by Michael Westgarth Feb 12 2014 In 1953, molecular biologists James Watson and Francis Crick released what would be one of the most groundbreaking scientific discoveries of the modern age. The publication …

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Ancient American’s genome mapped

Clovis tools Clovis stone technology was highly sophisticated Present-day Native Americans are descended from some of the continent’s earliest settlers, a genetic study suggests. Scientists sequenced the genome of a one-year-old boy who died in what is now Montana about 12,500 years ago. Some researchers have raised questions about the origins of early Americans, with …

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Sochi Games: Russian Ambition of Extravagance and Waste

The $51 billion cost of the Sochi Games, most expensive Winter Olympics in history, and alleged corruption are evidence of endemic problems.   The stadiums are all located along the coast overlooking the Black Sea This is the biggest construction project since the fall of the Soviet Union, on a par with the trans-Siberian railway …

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Policymakers Should Set Genetic Testing Free

The FDA has banned 23andMe from selling its personal genetic testing kits. But consumers should know the truth about themselves—and so policymakers should set the company free. One would think in an age where everyone is required to have health insurance that we’d want to get the best information about our health as possible. Then, …

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