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Sep 292021
The Left Cheered When Australians Gave Up Their Guns. Now They’re Being Shot By Their Own Government in the Streets. September 22, 2021

The National Pulse. REAL NEWS AND INVESTIGATIONS. September 29, 2021  News Biden Security Agencies Oppose Blacklisting Chinese Govt Tech Firm. America’s security agencies under President click to continue reading

Sep 282021
Trump has most of the GOP representatives and Senators in his pocket.

    TRUMP IS RUNNING A SHADOW GOVERNMENT! Posted by Steve Turley ? Sep 13, 2021 2:37:38 PM Over the weekend, in the shadow of Bumblin’ Biden’s click to continue reading

Sep 272021
Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem wants a full forensic audit investigation into the Pima County 2020 election in Arizona.

AUDIT ALL COUNTIES: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem – Pima County, AZ – NATIONWIDE Petition: “We Need 500k Signatures” By Jordan Conradson Published September 26, 2021 click to continue reading

Apr 082021

Peak Woke Date: Thursday, 8-Apr-2021 19:27:23   By James Kunstler – April 5, 2021 What were the execs of these mighty companies thinking — click to continue reading

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