A Bite Of China

Chinese Culinary Culture Economic Observer Online Never before in Chinese history has a documentary film aroused so much public enthusiasm. Everybody is talking about a new 7-part documentary called A Bite of China which was recently broadcast late at night on CCTV 1. The documentary depicts various gourmet items across the vast Chinese culinary landscape….

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Tunisia: WikiLeaks a catalyst, both a trigger and tool for political outcry

The First WikiLeaks Revolution Tunisians didn’t need any more reasons to protest when they took to the streets these past weeks — food prices were rising, corruption was rampant, and unemployment was staggering. But we might also count Tunisia as the first time that WikiLeaks pushed people over the brink. These protests are also about…

Attention Whole Foods Shoppers

Attention Whole Foods Shoppers Stop obsessing about arugula. Your “sustainable” mantra — organic, local, and slow — is no recipe for saving the world’s hungry millions. BY ROBERT PAARLBERG | MAY/JUNE 2010 From Whole Foods recyclable cloth bags to Michelle Obama’s organic White House garden, modern eco-foodies are full of good intentions. We want to…