Libyan revolutionaries are the new “Lions of the Desert”

A phone call from a Libyan in the UK who was able to call his brother.

by Libyan Youth Movement on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 8:04am

Ok I finally got through to my older bro in Libya.

Up to this date 27/02/11 Sirt, Sebha, Tripoli and unconfirmed but also Kufra are still not liberated.

Aid has been getting through from Egypt, other countries like Qatar.

as well as reports of foreign mercenaries there were also Libyan mercenaries. The confirmed minimum death toll in Benghazi is 800+ alone and national is 2,0000 + considering those figures there are many unaccounted for missing, and the solders who refused to fight were cremated and many are also unaccounted for, so the death toll could easily be double. there has been massacres in Zawiya and other cities in the west. One of our neighbours have been missing for 3 days then found in a fridge of the hospital who was unaccounted for. My brother has confirmed that Gaddafi has used chemical weapons. Right now there no more mercenaries from the Egyptian border to Ajdabiya. However there are gangs of them roaming around the countryside’s.

We spoke about the story of his co-workers in the desert the oil company Ensign 45 and we also received a voice mail from his boss which I will publish online as soon as I work out how to get it from my dads phone to my Mac. My brother has been able to rescue his co-workers from the desert so they can be evacuated.

The food shortage has been sorted out there in the east at least with aid coming from Egypt, however communications are still poor, there is no Internet connection and the phones don’t always connect. There have been confirmed reports that the people have confiscated police and military vehicles as soon as they got a chance. One of my relatives has been a part of these operations.

So fare it has been confirmed that roughly 1.5million Egyptians have fled Libya and roughly 100 thousand international workers have been evacuated.

It has also been confirmed that the people in the east have formed an army unit and are heading towards Tripoli… But the defiant mad man Gaddafi has also sent a unit toward Benghazi.

People of the world at this point they need your Duaas/Prayers to bring down this oppressive regime once and for all… 27/02/2011

Yusf Ali: Phone interview with my older brother, younger sister and Uncle in Libya

UPADATED 2/27/2011

TRANSLATION @JazzThrowOut Yesterday a plane landed with 2000 Kalashnikovs and 18 million dinars in our city, to act as a bribe in order to verify gaddafi’s report that the city of Kufra? is under his control. We say that we are with the youth of feb17, and have siezed the plane’s ammunitions and distributed the kalashnikovs to the youth and have placed the money
chaabanman 1 hour ago 6


The God? ( Allah)bless you, freedom to all muslims and Arabs in the World.
hope9009 30 minutes ago

Heroes of Benghazi,? please send your men to Tripoli. My God be with you… Libya WILL BE FREE !!!!
cashbyeu 59 minutes ago

@chaabanman Of course you know that the brothers in Tripoli have good use 4 AKs right now. You should send some with fighters up there, if? your situation allows. Stay safe…!
JazzThrowOut 1 hour ago

@chaabanman Thanks for the translation! I hope you at least sent G. a? thank-you note for the money and the weapons… 😀
JazzThrowOut 1 hour ago

please? translate.
stephenadler 1 hour ago

Translation? My Arabic is a little rusty…?
JazzThrowOut 1 hour ago

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  1. My prays to all of the brave people of Libya and all those thousands of ordinary unarmed people who have died in the cause of freedom. The world will not forget their sacrifice and retribution WILL COME !

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