Biden’s Fiasco is a Foregone Conclusion

Author :Brain Santilizer

Eliminating the CCP is the greatest test of life and death. It’s been less than three days since the U.S. election, and a huge amount of Biden’s cheating behaviors were heavily publicized. The most striking thing was that the SF Express?China Courier Service ), which doesn’t qualify to operate in the U.S., showed up at the ballot counting sites. This explained where the millions of fake ballots were coming from, and these fake ballots could not have come into the U.S. and messed up the election without the resources of national-level logistics, money, technology, and an overseas shadowy network radiating throughout the U.S. behind them. Why are the CCP and the Biden gang so unscrupulous? Because they can’t afford to lose and will be completely kicked out if they do. They can only take their chances and smash their chips like crazy, but it won’t change the outcome of their defeat.

Biden is doomed to fiasco for the obvious reason that his and the CCP’s underhanded collusion are both criminal, treasonous acts of betrayal of American interests. The evidence of their guilt has been revealed in addition to their massive cheating in this election that has been exposed. The spirit and framework of the rule of law today in the United States is sufficient to maintain the supremacy of American law, and Trump has appointed more than two hundred conservative federal judges since taking office. The Supreme Court is also overwhelmingly conservative, so there’s no way Biden, already wrapped with incriminating evidence, could get into the White House. Trump launched a judicial war with strong confidence, by using legal means to defeat Biden while cleaning up the dirt in American politics.

While on the surface America is in an unprecedented constitutional crisis, this is the result of bureaucratic corruption and the erosion of traditional values by globalization and the Chinese Communist Party.This constitutional crisis is an opportunity for Americans to rethink; it could be the beginning of judicial reform and moral reconstruction, but it must be based on the elimination of the Chinese Communist Party. Harsh facts have proven time and time again that the CCP and Western civilization cannot coexist. We found part of the answer in Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigneault’s October 25th open letter to President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America. In the letter, Vigneault says (excerpt, see link for details): At this moment, a global conspiracy against God and humanity is threatening the fate of the world. We see heads of state and religious leaders, catering to this suicide of Western culture and the Christian soul…….It is a tool to establish a dehumanizing faceless tyranny (faceless tyranny). A global plan called “The Great Reset” is underway. It is being designed by a group of the global elite that wants to subjugate all of humanity by imposing coercive measures that completely restrict the freedom of individuals and all people.The viral crisis, as intended by its architects, would make it irreversible for States to resort to the “Great Reset”, thus giving the world the last hit, completely erasing the existence and memory of this world before it. Your adversary is the enemy of mankind, which “was a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44).You are the one standing in the way of the deep dark forces, Joe Biden has incriminating evidence that is being seized and he will be used to allow illegitimate forces to interfere in both domestic politics and international affairs. Apparently, the people who manipulated him are ready to replace him at any time with someone worse than him. Until a few months ago, people who denounced these terrible plans were stigmatized as “conspiracy theorists…….”

In his 2014 speech, the wise man Bannon stated that we are at the beginning of a very brutal and bloody conflict in which we will be forced to fight for our beliefs and against the “new barbarism” that is about to begin, which will completely eradicate the values based on Judaism and Christianity that we have inherited over the past 2000 – 2500 years. This “new barbarism” on the level of a black hole is the Chinese Communist Party, which for more than 70 years has destroyed and devastated China’s natural environment, business environment, moral beliefs, and other material foundations and spiritual civilizations on which the Chinese nation depended on, leading to an inevitable existential crisis for the Chinese people.The Chinese Communist Party, of course, knows that its doomsday will come when the people have nothing to live for, and therefore, to perpetuate its regime. The CCP oppresses its own people, and scramble living space outward, by releasing this virus throughout the world, in an attempt to weaken and even destroy the other countries in order to relieve internal conflicts and to alleviate international pressure. If a regime, in survival mode, goes so far as to launch biological and chemical warfare to slaughter its own people and the people of the world, what will it do in the future? As long as the CCP is still around, humanity is bound to be in a great crisis!

Archbishop Vigano  letter to President Trump refers to, “murderers from the beginning” as the atheistic Chinese Communist Party; not only the Chinese Communist Party, but also a large number of ruling elites in the West and around the world who have been bought and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. In addition to being faithless and morally corrupt, these scum who are in cahoots with the CCP are skeptics of Western civilization and failures of governmental authority.

Admittedly, agricultural civilization, especially industrial civilization, has an extremely short history. However, the “science of government” has remained stagnant because the intellectual and moral level of mankind has not improved as a result of rapid advances in science. Rather because of the gradual exploitation of private sector strategies and the decay of social institutions, which has led to corruption in the bureaucracy, as well as regional imbalances in development (the need for transfers, i.e., poverty alleviation, at the domestic level and international disputes) and traditional cultural factors among other things, never before have the challenges of governance in human society been so prominent, and religious beliefs so important and precious while being severely weakened by the CCP and mercantilism.

Mr. Guo has repeatedly said that the reason why the world is so crazy, why the Chinese Communist Party, and certain individuals and certain organizations dare to do evil and have no boundaries. The answer is that they have no religious beliefs. The Chinese Communist Party is undoubtedly a cancer in the evolution of human civilization, a cancer that has brought human society to a fragile and fragmented stage of crisis, eroding and controlling the governments of other countries, corrupting and challenging the bottom line of human civilization, exporting corruption and creating an insatiable appetite for human beings. The CCP launched biochemical warfare and wreaked havoc on viruses all over the world, depleting the resources for human survival, and showing no remorse when its crimes are revealed to the world, but instead committing even greater conspiracies and crimes.

If the storm of CCP destruction and the building of the New Federal State of China led by Mr. Guo is a historical movement, then the victory of Mr. Trump is just an overture, and the climax will be even more thrilling.


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