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Date: Wednesday, 28-Oct-2020

A post submitted by CGI member, empyyrean.

Although it is s well known fact that Alzheimer’s patients have large amounts of aluminum in the brain tissues, RMN can not endorse nor deny the claims below. As always do your own research and make your own decisions.



Hello Readers,

In today’s world Alzheimer’s has a 96% chance to be caused by aluminum intake. From, cooking with aluminum, breathing it in via Chem trails, eating it, drinking from it etc.

Alzheimer’s is easily curable and the cure is widely available.

The Cure is CELERY SEED (slow version)and CELERY SEED EXTRACT (fast version).

this has been personally demonstrated numerous times with various local cases, but one in particular was really good.

My friends mother had Alzheimer’s really bad

So it was explained to the daughter about Celery Seed Extract and how its the cure.

Her mother was really bad, couldn’t do nothing or remember anything, but wander around the house and moan. Now this house was a 1.5$ million one, overlooking the water with private dock.

The daughter then went out to the local natural store and bought some celery seed extract.

That night she stated 12 drops went into her mothers wine.

‘Now it was explained to the daughter previously, that no more then 15mg should be taken at one time and usually on a salad. It can be used in alcohol but with a diminished effect.’

The Next morning her mother was up and turning on lights and starting to do normal things and remember more.

Strangely enough later that day the daughter came to me and stated that she stopped the regimen and hid the bottle.

That’s when it dawned that the daughter was hoping for her mother to pass on and she get the house.

A month or so later the mother actually found the hidden Celery Seed Extract bottle,used it in secret, recovered, figured out her daughter’s ploy and actually kicked her daughter out of the house.


now on to the cure for metal contamination, the easiest and best would be Borax.

Borax is the best and safest aluminum extractor, especially for your body and for soil and plants and animals, etc.

Also the Borax regimen is the cure for Morgellons and Lyme among numerous others, like a suppository with 3mg of borax in it taken for a week or two is the cure for Crohn’s disease.

The drinkable method + 200mg elemental magnesium is the cure for LYME and Especially Morgellons + much, much more, due to the fact Borax is one of the strongest anti-fungal in the world and by far among the safest and magnesium is responsible for over 800 enzymatic functions.

%100 of the people with Morgellons and Lyme are magnesium, silica and especially BORON deficient.

%100 of the people with osteoporosis, tooth decay, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc are Magnesium, Silica and especially BORON deficient.

this goes on, and on.

The Borax Conspiracy by Walter Last explains it all.

quote from article.

‘BORON is to your parathyroid, what Iodine is to your thyroid.’

nothing will cure sickness caused by what it all boils down to, is mineral deficiencies.

One cannot cure mineral deficiencies without replacing the minerals.

Unless One knows how to utilize their Fountain of Youth/Holy Grail energy principal’s and fully harness their 16th dimensional container links to the Pillar of Absolute Substance and Energy, which would induct ‘Manna from Heaven’

Then you wouldn’t need to eat, sleep, age,etc, if you can’t do this yet then The BIG 6 is your Survival and your Cure All

Colloidal/Ionic Silver

Remember a 1.84KG box of Borax contains 200,403mg of BORON for usually around $10, and its the purest other then anhydrous.

Borax has over 400+ uses and a big part of that is in Medicine.

In Mayan culture Borax was used to heal sickness among other things. It was the ‘white powder’ the medicine man/shaman would be carrying around.

Sometimes the white powder would indeed be a mix of cocaine and related products, depending on if adrenal stimulant would need to be used.

Commonly it was Borax though due to its multi-use function and cheap to procure.

Been used for over 4000 years.

Borax was the cure for the Black Plague and others, but was restricted by the Vatican.

%100 of the medical mafia’s agenda revolves around the BIG 6 and your lack of Especially the first three.

BORON/Borax though is by far the biggest medical conspiracy in the WORLD.

We have had many people with these conditions go to their ‘doctors’ and demand for Deficiency testing , specifically for Boron.

Common reply was a refusal, as well as the statements ‘how do we do that?” and the hilarious one “what does that have to do with anything”

If you have these conditions mentioned go to your doctor and find out for yourself.

If you don’t believe it, well its your choice, WE can only pray that by the time you take the leap of faith to cure yourself, it won’t be timed while your on your death bed.

Prove us wrong.

Will serving Creation


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