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Welcome to the Millennial Series

Universum joined forces with INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and the HEAD Foundation to investigate and question what has become conventional wisdom about Millennials. By conventional wisdom we mean the statements (even stereotypes) we’ve all read about, such as  Millennials’ pursuit of work-life balance over money, or their expectation of rising rapidly in their chosen careers. Are these and other stereotypes really true?


millennial generation

Our greatest fears

Examining Millennials’ concerns about career, retirement, and quality of life?And the steps you should take to address them

As real wages have stagnated or even decreased over the last decades – at least in the West – and youth unemployment is at record levels in many regions, you might expect Millennials to hold a dismal view of their economic prospects. Yet while there are certainly some pessimists among them, they are easily outnumbered by those who expect to be doing much better than their parents and even to be able to retire before the age of 60.




Support me but don’t tell me what to do

Who and what influences Millennials’ career choices? The answers aren’t as clear-cut as one might think

It’s becoming harder to reach target audiences with career-related messages. When most communication was paper-based, getting your message out was straightforward. Yet, as online channels and social media gradually emerge from  hype  to standard tools in marketing, the resulting fragmentation and complexity  is challenging for employer brand promotion.




You got us wrong

Millennials prove they are diverse in their career aspirations and desire for  work-life balance

There has been much debate about the lack of leadership ambition among younger generations. If this were indeed the case, it would need to be taken seriously for several reasons. Firstly, it takes strong leadership to drive innovation in large organizations. Secondly, although technological developments are replacing many jobs, leadership is one of the few areas where people still have a clear advantage.




We are more different than you think

A look at the diversity of Millennial ideas and attitudes within regions, and the implications for employers

Not surprisingly, country-level economics and culture shape how Millennials think about critical career issues. While studies often talk about regions like Asia-Pacific or Western Europe as a unified whole, in truth individual countries within regions often are as different as one region to the next.



Our evolution…how experience changes Millennials

We look in-depth at how age and gender influence Millennial attitudes to work.

In this instalment, we look more closely at older versus younger Millennials. How do Millennials change with a few years of work behind them? Are they more or less secure about their career prospects? Also, we examine the contrasting attitudes of men and women related to work-life balance and career goals.



2020 Outlook

2000+ HR professionals and CEOs give us their take on talent recruitment and employer branding.

In this unparalleled study on the employer perspective of talent acquisition, Universum delves into the world of employer preferences on talent attributes, the state of employer branding to the development of brand activation…and looks at the trends five years ahead.



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