Jun 222011

Naked riders pedal for respect

American and Belgian cyclists show their muscle

  3 Responses to “Cyclists Quirky Tradition: World Naked Bikers Ride For More Respect”

  1. Thank you, I’m very grateful.

  2. Att.. Alexandra….your request was granted and photo deleted…..

  3. Hello I am the woman in the fourth picture down wearing a purple peacock mask. I was fine with all this at the time. Single woman and not thinking much about what could end up on the internet and how that could hurt someone. Well I feel violated with this picture up for everyone to see. I am in a serious relationship and my future husband really doesn’t like everyone being able to see me breasts when someone googles the World naked bike ride portland 2011, I’m the 3rd picture. If you google that without the 2011 I am still the 45th picture, not that far down on the page. It just really makes us both uncomfortable knowing that its out there, please remove it and help our personal lives stay private.

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