Hint of orgies, swinging and very graphic sex scenes drew scores of Hong Kong moviegoers to the opening of what is being billed as the world’s first 3D porn film.

According to the AFP, the $3.2-million “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” opened to packed cinemas across Hong Kong on Thursday. Based on a classic Chinese erotic text, “The Carnal Prayer Mat,” the steamy flick follows a young man as he befriends a duke and enters a world of sexual peccadilloes in the Ming dynasty, Reuters is reporting.

Professionals, retirees and students all queued outside cinemas in Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping districts, hoping to score a ticket. The crowd also comprised many women, who were not shy about their interest in the film.

“I’m not normally much of a movie-goer, but this one is just too good to miss,” 32-year-old Justin Lai told AFP as she waited at a cinema in Causeway Bay, one of the city’s busiest entertainment districts. “I’d like to see what 3D porn is like on the big screen.” Added 21-year-old college student Yan Shek: “It is the first time to see an X-rated film in the cinema. It should be very interesting.”

Concerns over the film’s box office receipts were quickly dismissed Wednesday, when advance-booking websites in Hong Kong revealed several nearly sold-out weekend screenings, the Wall Street Journal reports. In addition, travel operators are organizing movie going excursions to Hong Kong and Taiwan for tourists from mainland China, where strict censorship rules will prevent any screening of the film.

Executive producer Stephen Shiu Jr. told the Hollywood Reporter that a sequel to the film, which has been rejected by IMAX, is expected to begin production later this year.


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