Iraq can kill fanatics, but not the fanaticism of barbaric Jihadist threats

JUNE 18, 2014 A THIRD IRAQ WAR? POSTED BY ROBIN WRIGHT     The United States now faces the possibility of its third intervention in Iraq. On paper, the two earlier wars quickly achieved their military goals. In 1991, a muscular alliance of thirty-four nations, led by the United States, forced Iraq to withdraw from…

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Syrian tensions and turmoil : Threatens Middle Easterm Bordors created after World War

October 2nd, 2012 Why Syria turmoil threatens Middle East By Fareed Zakaria As Syria continues its descent into civil war, the terrible humanitarian tragedy occurring is unfolding in plain view: 20,000 dead, 250,000 refugees outside the country by some accounts, over a million people internally displaced. There seems no easy solution to end the crisis….

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Syria: Cutthroat “Mukhabarat” of Middle East

Analysts say a popular president, dreaded security forces and religious diversity make a Syrian revolution unlikely. A key factor for stability within Syria is the popularity of President Bashar al-Assad Despite a wave of protests spreading across the Middle East, so far the revolutionary spirit has failed to reach Syria. Authoritarian rule, corruption and economic hardship are characteristics…