GT Online: The Strength of the CCP’s Military

Written by: Ermat

Mr. Guo Wengui talked about the CCP’s military, missiles, and communication systems in a live broadcast on Aug. 26. It is far behind the US.

China has 4.5 million troops. The real war power of the CCP is the Second Artillery Rocket Army. The CCP bought the Soviet S400. The red flag system copies this.The CCP’s offensive power is quite large. But the missiles don’t hit well.  The missile accuracy ranking is the United States, France, NATO, Russia, Japan, and then the CCP’s turn.But the CCP does not play in this way. It hits indiscriminately.

A good communication system is a necessity for military power.  The CCP does not have an independent chip, so it can only use GPS. But BeiDou cannot meet the requirements. The accuracy of the CCP’s missiles is very poor and can not be compared with other countries.But they have a lot of missiles. There are more than 2,000 Dongfeng 40s. The total number of missiles is 2 million, which is the largest number in the world, specifically for the United States and Japan.

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