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Over the weekend, in the shadow of Bumblin’ Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, President Trump spoke to tens of thousands of supporters in Cullman, Alabama. Classic Trump was on full display and was more energized than ever! He wasted no time in slamming Biden for what he called ‘the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States.’ He went even further, saying that Sleepy Joe was allowing ‘weakness in the White House’ and that Vietnam looks like a masterclass in strategy compared to Bumblin’ Biden’s catastrophe! Something that the former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said the other day stands out as well. Bannon called on President Trump to begin putting together what he called a ‘more formal body’ or what the British refer to as a ‘shadow government’ to effectively counter Bumblin Biden’s regime from destroying the country as they spin out of control.

What Bannon refers to in terms of a ‘moral formal body’ or ‘shadow government’ reflects several reports from the leftwing mainstream media who are concerned that President Trump is doing just that. President Trump is forming a de facto shadow government that effectively directs the new patriot-inspired GOP and the policies they are either advocating or enacting in their governance over the nation. In other words, there is a relatively widespread concern among the leftist activists disguised as journalists, that President Trump, in holding these rallies, maintaining contact with tens of millions of supporters, and amassing tens of millions of dollars in his campaign war chest through his Save America PAC, is effectively ‘governing’ a significant portion of the nation. Through a combination of denouncing the Biden regime as inherently illegitimate and incompetent on the one hand and radically influencing, if not indeed directing GOP policies at the federal and state levels on the other, Trump’s network of influence is growing. This influence is exactly what South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham predicted would happen several months back. In December of 2020, when asked what he thought Trump’s role would be going forward in the GOP, Graham said this: ‘Trump has a lot of sway over the Republican Party. If he objects to anything Biden does, it would be hard to get Republicans on board. If he blessed some kind of deal, it would be easier to get something done. In many ways, he’ll be a shadow president.’ With his call for Trump to become more formal in this shadow presidency, Bannon has demonstrated his desire for the 45th president to remain as influential as possible.

Here in the United States, the notion of a shadow government doesn’t fit into our politics; instead, it tends to be a more European concept as part of their parliamentary systems. As Italy has demonstrated lately, you need to have a government ready to go if their parliamentary majority collapses. Parliamentary majorities are often very fragile, and so, at least in the British system, you have what are called ‘shadow cabinets.’ These groups are composed of senior officials under the opposition’s leadership, who, while they don’t have formal power, are very effective in paralleling the ruling party’s governance. They scrutinize the policies and actions of the government and offer their own in place of them. They then provide a ready-made replacement if that majority government loses in a snap election or something of the sort. Here in the States, that is not supposed to happen! When their time is over, the president is supposed to ride off into the sunset to avoid a clash between the formal government and shadow government. However, that’s precisely what many leftist reporters are recognizing Trump is not exactly doing. Under their noses, he has effectively organized a parallel government over these last several months and is actively directing the policies and advocacies of the new patriot-inspired Republican Party!

Mark Meadows, former chief of staff under President Trump, recently stated on the Steve Cortes show on Newsmax that Trump regularly meets ‘with his cabinet.’ “We actually had a follow-up member meeting with some of our cabinet members, and we are looking into what comes next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this: we wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way with president Trump at the head of that ticket.” Meadows is referring to Trump as the president and is reporting on him regularly meeting with his cabinet! Of course, this is sending the leftist activists disguised as journalists into an absolute tizzy. MSNBC stomped their feet and headlined: ‘Trump is meeting with his non-existent cabinet members.’ CNN headlined, ‘Mark Meadows says Trump is meeting with his ‘cabinet’ (even though he doesn’t have one)’ The more astute leftist journalists are pointing out that well, he does.

He’s not supposed to, but Trump does have a cabinet. This shadow government is precisely what Mark Meadows is referring to. Now, CNN should know better because CNN recognized that Trump is actively organizing what they branded as a coup to regain power a few weeks ago. CNN accused President Trump of launching what they called a ‘slow motion coup.’ And this coup is happening at the federal level and at the state level. At the state level, Trump is making sure that Republican legislatures across the nation pass all of these election integrity reform laws! Over 360 election integrity bills have been introduced, in over 40 states, with most successfully passing electoral reform just in time for the 2022 midterms. And at the federal level, Trump has most of the GOP representatives and Senators in his pocket. This influence is all because Trump has amassed an astonishing war chest. His Save America PAC has outraised the Republican National Committee almost 2 to 1. While the GOP has raised 44 million dollars, the Trump PAC has, in just these last few months alone, raised over 100 million dollars. With that kind of money, Trump has established an iron grip over the Republican Party.

President Trump is our nation’s president for tens of millions of Americans as his governance manifests itself through the Republican Party. He controls state Republicans as they pass electoral integrity laws across the country, and he controls federal Republicans with his astonishing fundraising. CNN can only conclude that Trump is fast securing the 2024 election right before our very eyes. To them, he’s supposedly suppressing the vote with the electoral reform laws and forcing federal Republicans to enact his every wish by holding them financially hostage! Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for certain, and it’s something that even leftists are admitting: President Trump hasn’t gone anywhere, and in many respects, he may be even more powerful today than ever!

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