DEVOLUTION PLAN: The Storm is Here – Trump Sends Law of War Chapter 3.4 Jus in bello comm to Deep State

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Law of War chapter 3.4  *JUS IN BELLO

When TRUMP STOOD BETWEEN 3 AND 4 FLAGS ( and the rest of the flags were off camera to the left), these were Military COMMS to Generals, Commanders, and Military intelligence battalions
> Department of Defence Laws Of War chapter 3. Section 4.

Once war has begun,  Jus In Bello directs how combatants are to act or should act in WAR:

Just war conduct should be governed by the principle of distinction. The acts of war should be directed towards enemy combatants, and not towards non-combatants caught in circumstances they did not create. The prohibited acts include bombing civilian residential areas that include no legitimate military targets, committing acts of terrorism or reprisal against civilians or prisoners of war (POWs), and attacking neutral targets. Moreover, combatants are not permitted to attack enemy combatants who have surrendered or who have been captured or who are injured and not presenting an immediate lethal threat.

Just war conduct should be governed by the principle of proportionality. Combatants must make sure that the harm caused to civilians or civilian property is not excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated by an attack on a legitimate military objective. This principle is meant to discern the correct balance between the restriction imposed by a corrective measure and the severity of the nature of the prohibited act

President Trump TRB Card

Military necessity
Just war conduct should be governed by the principle of military necessity. An attack or action must be intended to help in the defeat of the enemy; it must be an attack on a legitimate military objective, and the harm caused to civilians or civilian property must be proportional and not excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated. This principle is meant to limit excessive and unnecessary death and destruction.

  • Fair treatment of prisoners of war
  • Enemy combatants who surrendered or who are captured no longer pose a threat. It is therefore wrong to torture them or otherwise mistreat them.
  • No means malum in se
  • Combatants may not use weapons or other methods of warfare that are considered evil, such as mass rape, forcing enemy combatants to fight against their own side or using weapons whose effects cannot be controlled (e.g., NUCLEAR/BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS).<

Inside the current Mil. Operations PLAN taking place > DEVOLUTION> continuity of government

1st stages of 11.3.// The President Chief and commander of the Armed Forces who initiated the DEVOLUTION PLAN must give fair Warning to Military commands and strategic intelligence operations that THE LAWS OF WAR chapter 3.4 must be followed in accordance to Operations or they are subject to War Crimes and Tribunals, and the judgment is equivalent to life in prison or death.

Everything Trump is doing in Military protocols is being done by the book> Department of Defense LAWS OF WAR.

Who issued the illegal Warrants against Trump for investigation, wire tappings, placing Stormy Daniels (Do you really think STORMy Daniels Name is coincidence? BAD ACTOR/GOOD ACTOR?

How is FISA involved? Who controls FISA?

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Why did Bill Barr all of a sudden defend Trump publicly ? (Even after Trump appointed him, then public feud, then Barr went to work for Biden… > Barr/actor)

While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done BY THE BOOK._Q…
Coincidence post #3967 is missing

= 33 ( 3+9=12(1+2=>3)  6+6=12 (1+2=>3) =33

=35 (3+9=12 (1+2= >3) 6+8=14 (1+4=5) = 35

Missing post #3967
#3967 (3+9=12 (1+2= >3) 6+7 =13 (1+3= >4) = 34

34 indictments against Trump

3.4 laws of war manual chapter

Why do Military intelligence openly talk in the public spectrum and yet normal people can’t understand the codes and COMMS


A few months ago, I told you white hats unleashed their military Intelligence A.I.’s system that would combat the deep state A. I. System ….>

Keep watching the internet as White Hat’s A.I.s keep leaking CLASSIFIED plans…


As the uncovering of Hundreds of billions of $$$$$$$$$$ of the CCP’s money was hidden inside Silicon Valley Banks is being EXPOSED slowly> Behind The Scenes Mil Investigators ( Intelligence Battalions ) are gathering data and breaking encrypted codes through the SVB financial Democratic money-laundering systems …..

SBV COLLAPSE and [DS] connections are reaching the highest sources in the U.S. government> cia > pentagon> Obama> Biden> UKRAINE MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEM, CONNECTED TO THE CCP <

At the same time TRUMP’S arrest was initiated with 34 indictments, ( and the world photo that hit the EU countries last week before his arraignment was with Trump standing beside 3 flags and 4 (5) flags flags behind him, with several other flags to his left placed far off screen.> Mil. COMMS were placed intentionally by TRUMP. +..MIL.+ALLIANCE signalling the 3.4. 3.5 stages of War, in the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures )….>

It’s no coincidence JUS IN BELLO 3.4. is leading to RECIPROCITY 3.6 (few days later Trump was flanked with 3  Flags next to 3 other flags equalling 6 on one side mirrored by the same flags on his left)

*The public community often does not know Trump, intelligence orgs. Military commands often speak in CODED MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH LIVE PUBLIC BROADCASTS .>>>>

TRUMP’s latest pubic Military COMMS signal we are in WAR and inside 3.4 law of war procedures and everything must be driven by the book>>>>.

While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done BY THE BOOK. Q

For the past 3 months [ ds] Pentagon [ msm] Biden admin have been lying about Ukraine winning the war and controlling news cycle through EU . UK . Canada ECT.. But the REAL truth has been coming from several inside sources> including Trump’s close friend Colonial Douglas MacGregor who was senior advisor to U S.  Secretary of defense, and Colonial Macgregor is a War strategist with several outcomes that help win wars.

Now Macgregor with strong ties to CLASSIFIED intelligence reports and oath keepers and Mil. ALLIANCE keep dropping the TRUTH of UKRAINE BATTLE FIELD ASSESSMENTS. and in the real War reports and data assessment UKRAINE has fallen and continues spiral into failure.

The U S. Has ceased sending top of the line weapons to Ukraine and equipment and the EU had now stopped sending high grade weapons and systems to Ukraine…..> Inside the military intelligence assessment is known that UKRAINE NATO (CIA U.S. PROXY WARS) war will WILL FALL and they don’t want the weapons to fall into RUSSIAN hands at the end of the War<<<<

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NOW U.S. Military + NATO war plans have leaked online and RUSSIA is posting documents online and on TV//// inside the documents also reveal the true Ukrainian casualty loss into the hundreds, hundreds of thousands with far less Russian casualties into tens of thousands….. The Military CLASSIFIED documents is a real hit to the Pentagon, CIA and NATO military plans as their objectives have been revealed, and now PENTAGON CIA has forced MSM to reveal the documents as Russian disinformation or highly modified documents.

In any case…. The real story is we are at marker/ stage/ section. > 3.4>3.5.>>>leading into the 3.6. LAWS OF WAR

[EPSTEIN] Saga is only heating up. Everything connects, Ukraine, Obama, Clintons, CIA, and the Virus. SVB ….. ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT………….>>>> It’s all leading to 11.3 (Law of War).

( I told you few minutes ago, Major military leaks would leak online and these would be placed operations.

>>>>> It’s leading to a flood gate. More and more, the CIA and pentagon can’t control the inside leaks and the white hats’ A.I. system they unleashed<

Remember, i told you about the white hats unleashing mil. A.i. systems to combat the deep state A.I. Systems……WELL, you are watching powerful, POWERFUL leaks that can’t be controlled and leads to MASSIVE, MASSIVE OPEN FLOOD GATES>>>> CIA, PENTAGON, and BIDEN IN PANIC<<<)


Complete FLUSH OUT

Are you beginning to understand the arrest of TRUMP was STAGED by Military ALLIANCE white hats and POWERFUL Commanders on the inside<<

The arrest of Trump is vital to operations EXPOSING [SOROS] [ ROCKEFELLERS] [ CIA ] [DARPA] [ GATES] [ MICROSOFT]
[McAfee back doors]
[Pentagon controlling social media] [ ECT] [ ECT] [“] ………


Do you really think Trump is just one person taking on the CIA PENTAGON [KILLING MACHINE] and Trump alone is fighting the FBI, Rockefeller regime and the OBAMA operations; the CLINTON’S pedo ring, fighting against NATO, fighting against the climate change agenda, and much more.. And Trump is doing this alone?



In the END, Trump, Putin, XI, MODI, and Bin SALMAN will all connect for world peace….. There is no other way<

The Real Story is> Zero Point Energy. Tesla Energy.

…the future is COMING, but first, WE flush the SWAMP ….



For those unfamiliar with legalese (like myself :)):

What are jus ad bellum and jus in bello?

Jus ad bellum refers to the conditions under which States may resort to war or to the use of armed force in general. The prohibition against the use of force amongst States and the exceptions to it (self-defence and UN authorization for the use of force), set out in the United Nations Charter of 1945, are the core ingredients of jus ad bellum (see the box titled “On the Prohibition against War”). Jus in bello regulates the conduct of parties engaged in an armed conflict. IHL is synonymous with jus in bello; it seeks to minimize suffering in armed conflicts, notably by protecting and assisting all victims of armed conflict to the greatest extent possible.

IHL applies to the belligerent parties irrespective of the reasons for the conflict or the justness of the causes for which they are fighting. If it were otherwise, implementing the law would be impossible, since every party would claim to be a victim of aggression. Moreover, IHL is intended to protect victims of armed conflicts regardless of party affiliation. That is why jus in bello must remain independent of jus ad bellum.

Malum in se (plural mala in se) is a Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself. The phrase is used to refer to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing the conduct. It is distinguished from malum prohibitum, which refers to acts that are wrong only because they are prohibited by law.

Note to Readers:

I must say that I’m getting a real education out of this exercise… the Plan… Civics and Latin have not been taught in school for a long time. I wonder why… the parasites want Americans to be illiterate about their own government and responsibilities… as well as the Latin legal phrases that have often been turned against them inside a double-tiered legal system based on British law, not American…


Q Mystery Book | Where We Go One, We Go All! Do you want to know Who Is Behind QAnon?

According to the New-York Times, using machine learning, deep learning, stylometry, and statistics on Q texts, two separate teams of NLP researchers from France and Swiss have identified the same two men as likely authors of messages that fueled the QAnon movement.

First the initiator, Paul Furber, a South African software developer and then Ron Watkins took over, who operated 8chan website where the Q messages began appearing in 2018 and is now running election for Republican in Arizona.

Does America really have a national security “deep state”?

Is “deep state” is a real thing?

There are parts of the US government that wield real power outside the conventional checks and balances of the system!

Is there a case for a more robust deep state, especially when the power of the American presidency keeps growing? Is it necessarily bad to have an alternative check on the executive?

For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President ?

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Epstein Flight Logs – Hollywood Illuminati Satanic Cult – Sent Them all To GITMO!

BOMBSHELL! List of Hollywood Pedo-Names – Pedophilia – CIA and Mossad – Child Trafficking in America | Sickening Hillary Clinton Sex Tape | List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles:

Here is a full list of people who are being actively investigated for crimes against children. Many say that arrests have already taken place but no one can confirm this. Something to ask yourself as you review this list…. if these were false allegations, wouldn’t someone have stepped up by now?

With all the money they have, wouldn’t someone have filed a lawsuit for slander by now? It makes you wonder. What is really sad is that anyone who becomes famous becomes a target.

Some are born into this secret society, some are sold into it by their parents, some are drugged and blackmailed, others are rewarded for participation in the cult by getting leading roles in movies. It’s anyone’s guess as to the specific story for each actor. May God have mercy on their souls…

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Warning: Graphic Content – Satanic Elite Exposed Marina Abramovi? Dinner Rituals | Perverse Sexual and Cannibalistic Rituals

If you are not convinced satanic sex cults are operating through out our society and right under our noses, let me introduce you to Marina Abramovic, a 75 year old Serbian performance artist, that claims to test the limits of the human body.

Mock Cannibalism – Spirit Cooking
In the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, there is email 15893 which refers to a “Spirit Cooking dinner”, the so-called “artist” Marina Abramovic is talking to Tony Podesta about, and hoping to know if his brother John Podesta is coming to.

The Spirit Cooking dinner being refereed to is the famous one you might have seen where people are scooping up mock-blood liquids from naked people lying in mock-blood baths, apparently molasses (but I’m not sure if there wasn’t anything else mixed in). She has used real blood in her “art” before, as you will see. You can see Lady Gaga enjoying her lick of red liquid that was scraped off a naked women that imitates a cannibalistic ritual.

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PizzaGate The Pedophile Scandal of The American Elites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta … The List Would Be Endless

Pizzagate is the term given to the flow of news and revelations about
a possible network of pedophiles that operated in Washington through symbols and keywords within a couple of family pizzerias. In this article we will cover many details about this accusation of child abuse.

When researchers from Reddit and 4Chan began to delve into the subject of Podesta’s leaked emails, they found something a little strange. Strange references to pizza, ping pong, and a small establishment in northwest Washington DC called Comet Ping Pong.

It turns out that within the thousands of Podesta emails that left Hillary Clinton in a bad position in handling the situation in Libya and Syria when she was Secretary of State of the Obama administration, there were also strange emails in which words and words were persistently repeated. phrases that seemed to have no meaning, or contextual meaning.

Only when it was understood that there was a code language in the words of the same, it was possible to measure what was being said in those emails. Podesta and his perverted friends talked about child abuse with an encrypted language that has been widely used in pedophile circles on the Internet for years.

They substitute words related to pedophilia with “innocent” words, some related to fast foods and related ingredients such as “pizza”, “hodotgs”, “masa”, “salsa”, “queso” or more exotic things like “Nuez” or “bandanas” ” of colors”.

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