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Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Cards Are Called

By Anna Von Reitz

We’ve had some real rats as Presidents.  Gangsta quality guys.  Robber barons. Even pukes like Slick Willie.  There are no — repeat, no, none, zero, zip, nada — choir boys in the ranks of the Presidents.  Number one, they can’t be Candide and get that far, and number two, if they were all sweet and cuddly and a box of rocks, they’d make terrible Presidents.
The trick most of them employ is to: (1) look good; (2) say whatever people want to hear (Obama is an excellent example of this); and (3) follow the political maxim of “do whatever you want, so long as you don’t get caught”.
This means that in addition to not being Choir Members, most Presidents are tremendous hypocrites.  Not all, but most of them, don’t believe in or care about anything but money and power and how best to benefit themselves and their pals at the public trough.
That’s why when someone like Trump comes in without a ticket, it upsets the whole DC Beltway Carnival.
Trump is not a Choir Boy, either.
The difference is that he is a really astute business man. And he’s not nearly the world-class hypocrite that most US Presidents have been.
He actually sees — and values — the power and potential and beauty of America.  He knows in his own terms what the “American Dream” is.
That’s the truth about Donald Trump, as proven in the pudding he has served up over the last four years.
By their fruits you shall know them.
The American Dream runs counter to the Democrat Dream of controlling the work force via Labor Union bosses just like the Overseers on their beloved plantations.
Most people don’t realize it, but the modern Democratic Party was birthed by largely German Communists who came here after the 1848 Worker’s Rebellion and settled in my home state of Wisconsin.  They were joined by the “traditional” Southern Democrats who were the remainders of the Southern elitists leftover after the Civil War.  This unlikely marriage of what superficially appears to be radically different partners wasn’t so strange after all.
It turns out that the Communists have a lot in common with the traditional Southern Democrats, though for wildly different reasons.  Both groups are elitist. Both believe in deceit and that lying is an acceptable means to an end. Both readily adopt to either/or thinking patterns and use “pillar” to “post” control systems to divide and conquer.  Both groups are hypocrites.  Both believe in subjugation of the inferior masses — while spieling the exact opposite message from both sides of their mouths.
Just so we are clear, I don’t venerate either political party and I did not start my life despising the Democratic Party.  Far from it.
I grew up in hardscrabble Black River Falls, Wisconsin, in a working class farm family and almost everyone I knew who bothered to vote — was a Democrat.  I considered myself a Democrat at one time and I continue to embrace many of the broad-minded egalitarian principles that the Democrats pretend to champion.
That’s the problem.
They pretend to champion all these high ideals of caring about communities and working class people and sharing with the less fortunate and education for all —and, as it turns out, the Democratic Party doesn’t actually care about any of those things. The Democratic Party is ruled by thugs with connections to big crime syndicates and populated with staffers and wannabes too stupid to notice that all the rhetoric is fake.
Stone cold fake.  And on purpose.
I had to learn that the hard way, by pouring through piles and piles of voting records on major issues and pieces of legislation that have been severely damaging to working class people and people of color.
I’ve got a tip for you — in every case I examined, and that ran a gamut from the Civil War to 1973, Democrats created the evil legislation, spoke loud and long against it, and then, by wild margins, voted FOR it.  In every single case.
I remember kicking back in my chair and staring at the ceiling of my college dorm room, feeling like I had been slapped up the side of the head.  It was like the time I kept track of the “nightly news” stories for content and discovered that I was being fed a steady diet of stories about death and sex, and virtually nothing of use or benefit to me or anyone else.
So I turned off the Democratic Party like I turned off the Nightly News.
Back then, with all my youthful idealism intact,  I thought Democratic politicians believed in the stuff they talked about.
It’s only when you look at actual voting records– at what the Democrats do, rather than what they say– that the brutal truth shoves firmly into view.
This also explains why — despite having super majorities for entire decades —  the slave-like, destructive welfare state has burgeoned into a huge population of people who are literally entrapped by the welfare system.
Entrapped, dependent, believing that there isn’t enough of anything — not enough money, not enough food, not enough of anything — and that the only way to get more is to push for more welfare spending and more welfare programs.
It never occurs to them that they are being kept poor and dependent and miserable on purpose.  And by the very people they believe are their champions.
Most people forget or miss the point that the government is in the business of providing services and that having a large captive population totally dependent on such services adds up to big profits for them and big meal tickets for bureaucrats—- and large dependent voting blocks for scumbag politicians who deliberately create poverty and break families and stifle job opportunities so that they have a big captive population to serve.
Thus, Black and Hispanic and other Minority voters put these rats into office year after year, decade after decade, vainly hoping for change and a better life, and never once realizing that their purported champions are the ones doing them the damage and keeping them down.
Like other Americans, Minority Voters don’t check voting records and don’t know the history of the Democratic Party.  They don’t read the horrible damaging legislation proposed by Democrats, then repudiated by Democrats, and then, quietly voted for —- all by Democrats.
“Keep them hungry and keep them stupid.” is the unofficial motto of the Democratic Party at the highest levels.  Believe me, because I have been there in my younger days and no matter what they say or pretend, I would never go back again.
Don’t believe me?  Go look at the actual voting records on key topics.
Enfranchisement —as in Dairy Queen enfranchisement.  Electoral votes (actual voting rights) for women and people of color.  Municipal corporations.  Taxes. Abuse of Social Security funds.  CPS.  Land ownership.  Marriage “licensing” laws. The Buck Act.  And why in the Hell didn’t they recognize the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” of colored people, instead of pulling yet another sleight of hand and offering “Civil Rights” instead?
If you are a rat, born to the breed, then you would find it deliciously amusing, just how easily misled and stupid American voters have been, and how many generations of us have taken politicians at their word and never checked their actual voting records and actual performance.
Let’s finally get to FDR, the King Rat of them all.
I am going to quote the guts of Executive Order 2039 which created the perpetual private trusts on March 6, 1933  — the very same day that the Conference of [Territorial ] State [of State] Governors “pledged”  their “states and the citizenry thereof” as collateral for loans from the Municipal Government.
“….the Secretary of the Treasury, with the approval of the President and under such regulations as he may prescribe, is authorized and empowered (a) to permit any or all of such banking institutions to perform any or all of the usual banking functions, (b) to direct, require or permit the issuance of clearing house certificates or other evidences of claims against assets of banking institutions, and (c) to authorize and direct the creation in such banking institutions of special trust accounts for the receipt of new deposits which shall be subject to withdrawal on demand without any restriction or limitation and shall be kept separately in cash or on deposit in Federal Reserve Banks or invested-in obligations of the United States.”
So, what are we really witnessing here?
At the Conference of Governor’s meeting taking place that same day, FDR got the rats to “pledge” all the Territorial “citizenry” as collateral backing loans from the Pope.
The same day, “clearing house certificates” were allowed to be issued for “new deposits”.
He’s talking about birth certificates and the “new deposits” were American babies being deliberately misidentified as “United States Citizens” and used as literal bank collateral to fund the bankruptcy reorganization of “the” United States of America, Inc.
The Pope and the then-King are consolidating their operations on our shores, moving to run both sides of their Papist Commonwealth-Roman Municipal scheme under one consolidated governmental services corporation — and all at our expense.
Think of it.  You are the Pope and you are in the business of providing “governmental services”.  You have two levels of the American government under your control, one directly, and one indirectly.  Well, of course, you want to reduce your costs and expand your services—and profits— by doubling them up and expanding the range of services on offer.
So you hire, on our behalf of course,  two guys to do the job of one, profit yourself from the labor of both, and charge the clueless American public for it.
Just go on the internet and do a search for something that should be simple — like “Alaska Department of Natural Resources”.  What you will find is a multitude of such entities listed, all with slightly different names, different addresses, etc.
There’s the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, the Alaska DNR, and so on.
Now, you may think that these are all the same and all part of the same government, but they aren’t.  What you are seeing is the duplication for profit scheme in action—- a Territorial DNR, a Municipal DNR, a Regional (UN) DNR, a State Trust DNR……. and so it goes, the “government services” proliferating like a rapidly growing cancer.
And stupid people clamoring for more.
And of course, the “Legislatures” which are just elected Boards of Directors for these governmental services corporations, have no motive to stop it, so long as they can charge you for it and profit themselves at your expense.
Having created a completely redundant second or third or fourth set of workers, you can then use all the extra help for political and other profit making purposes.
The final details of the 1933 take-over transition were finished four years later in 1937 with the signing of The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.
At least they had enough class back then to admit that they were “in” The United States.
I happen to have and to have securely archived an original signed copy of this document implementing Corporate Feudalism—which was handwritten on over-sized sheets of rag paper in India ink, like something from the Middle Ages.
Please notice that the main Issuer and Purveyor of the bonds related to FDR’s Executive Order 2039 action was the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and that the underlying holding company in possession of the “deposits” — i.e., Birth Certificate Applications, was Cede and Company — all managed by the newly created Vatican Government (est. 1929).
Also notice that from FDR’s side of the “New [Undisclosed] Deal” his profits from selling you into slavery and confiscating all your assets were poured into the Federal Reserve Banks and that “special trust accounts” were established in the names of all the “new deposits”.
This is where “YOU” came in, along with the all the undisclosed escrow accounts siphoning off your money, the value of your labor, and your natural resources— including your children.
When we started tracking it, the money trail led from DTC to the Vatican Bank (the Pope gets his share first) and then to the Bank of Canada (the Queen’s “Commonwealth” share) and having been laundered through both these banks, the filthy loot of the Slave Traders comes back to the Mellon Bank (the share of the American traitors and their “progeny” — mostly members of The Pilgrim Society) —–and finally, the remainder lands in the Federal Reserve Banks closest to wherever the victims were born.
All the lucre raised from selling “me” that was left after the scumbags took their shares is sitting in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, under a CUSIP/AUTOTRIS “Social Security Number” and an account labeled: RIEZINGER, ANNA MARIA.
Please note that the habit of using all capital letters without hyphens between the words is known as “DOG LATIN” — a venal script amounting to gibberish that was applied by the Roman Emperor Justinian to identify and defraud “tribal members” who were illiterate.
This slave operation has been going on a long, long time, but it is time for it to end, and for the outraged world to throw off the yoke of men who at best could be called criminals— and also the institutions which have betrayed the trust and Good Faith of billions of people.
And there, right smack dab in the middle of the cradle of this stinking and reprehensible modern day enslavement and racketeering scheme, sits Pope Frances.
There are only two possibilities: (1) Frances is the Chosen One of the evil and rightfully suppressed “Holy Roman Empire” and he was, as is rumored, put in power by means of murder and blackmail; (2) Frances is the loyal Jesuit “Bag Man” for Pope Benedict XVI, who has taken a powder from public view, similar to Prince Philip who retired from public life two days after receiving $950 trillion dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” belonging to us and the Canadians.
This is how, when, where, and by whom we were all secretively betrayed and the reason that we all have been treated as slaves and sucked dry by our public servants; and this is how slavery has been maintained in the modern world, right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, since 1933.
This was done to us by FDR and the Democratic Party, which deserves to be outlawed as a crime syndicate— up front, here and now, for sure.
I still have friends and family members who are Democrats and Catholics, both, and I love them dearly.  If they knew what has been going on in their Party and their Church, they would be as sickened as I am.
They couldn’t imagine such evil and deceit, lurking just underneath the surface of their government, their political party, and most of all, their church.
But the evidence is in, and the cards are called.
Yes, Julia,  there were Republicans in the dog pile, too.
Teddy Roosevelt, FDR’s Cousin, was an absolute  promoter of the whole scheme, and a skilled and devious actor. His career was launched by the Robber Barons. He oversaw the First Bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper doing business as The United States of America, Inc. and he established the foundations for the Federal Reserve System and did far more damage to this country than ten atom bombs—-and he was a Republican.
But he was also a Roosevelt.
So we had Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, doing the set up, and we have FDR, a Democrat, doing the take down.
Among all the Players who have contributed to this seething cauldron of corruption— the name “Roosevelt” needs to be etched in stone.
Rothschild means “Red Shield” and Roosevelt means “Red Field”.
Go figure.
These men were so arrogant, so evil — and so diabolically brilliant  — that they literally believed that the rest of us would never be able to figure it out.
Yet, there it is, all neatly dissected, decoded, and presented in a single paragraph of a single Executive Order issued back in 1933.
Let’s outlaw the Democratic Party as a crime syndicate.  And then let’s abolish the Political Party System and the Federal Reserve System, too.
Lets make a clean sweep and all go home to America, where we don’t have political parties, don’t buy and sell babies as “new deposits”, and are sick to death of all of this crap.

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