They are not ordinary neighbors: Egypt and Sudan firm up water alliance

Nile River: Egypt and Sudan firm up water alliance Staff They are not ordinary neighbors; they have a shared history and continue to drink from one well, the vital River Nile. They also speak the same language and sit in the same meetings as members of the Arab League, and both are non-signatories to the…


New Route for illegal immigrants to America through Caribbean…..

Arrest of 16 Brazilians in the Bahamas shows new illegal route to the U.S.     14/09/2012 – The arrest of 16 Brazilians on a boat in the Bahamas territory on Monday, reinforced the suspicion that there is a new route for illegal immigrants to reach the U.S., thorough the Caribbean. The group was comprised…


Outrage over Topless Kate Middleton photos shows skewed logic [ READ AND SEE PHOTOS AND VIDEO ]

Where Is the Right to Publish Royal Breasts Most Protected? Reuters John Hudson atlanticwire     The scandalous publication of Kate Middleton’s unsuspecting breasts has created three case studies surrounding the right to publish royal private parts, and private is the key word here. Publishers in France, Ireland and Italy are facing legal threats from…


The Mystery of the Man Behind “Innocence of Muslims ” Inflammatory Anti-Muslim “Movie”

‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Shot On Hollywood Set, Film Permit Connected To Christian Charity The Huffington Post -Staff Bangladeshi Muslims burn a U.S. flag during a protest in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The protest was held against an obscure movie made in the United States called “Innocence of Muslims” that mocked Islam’s Prophet Muhammad….

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Jim Rogers warns Americans to prepare for “Financial Armageddon,” saying he fully expects the economy to implode after the U.S. election.

Cheapest Place Today Worldwide to Buy Gold Coins     Jim Rogers: It’s Going To Get Really “Bad After The Next Election” By Terry Weiss, Money MorningIn a riveting interview on CNBC, legendary investor Jim Rogers warns Americans to prepare for “Financial Armageddon,” saying he fully expects the economy to implode after the U.S. election….


Robbers Loot and Plunder in South African Gold Mines Endless Treasure

  It’s a small open-air factory, impossible to spot from the road. You have to go into Thabong, the township in Welkom, three hours south of Johannesburg, to discover it in an old mining town in the G-Hostel, where a dozen workers are clustered, busy transforming rocks into gold. Behind the apparent disorder hides a…

Pundits Praise Clinton’s Speech : “Democracy doesn’t have to be a bloodsport”

BILL KILLS Thursday 06 Sep 2012 “The hoarse whisperer” stupefies his audience Last night, another aging superstar strode onto the stage at a convention, preceded both by mounting anticipation from the crowd and the chewed lower lips of campaign aides who were kept in the dark about his speech till the very last minute. The…