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There is a big difference between “shock and awe” and disruptive innovation. Shock and awe is a
superficial and short-lived gut response. True disruptive innovation changes the course of the way we see, think or do things.

The core of all art is expression of the deep self. If, in following your deepest instincts, you wind up doing something that is disruptively innovative, that is fine. If you consciously set out to do something that is innovative or to shock, it is likely to be contrived and short-lived.





 ” New Vocabulary “
Nicole Lavoie, of Canada….writes the following :

I am of the older generation but seeking something new in art. I started like most with the realism. but after being in contact with the art of ’60s to ’80s I could not refrain from wanting more and looking for excitement in my own work. Of course I got hard comments but mostly silence from family and friends. I was alone and doubting. However my need for the different and the unexpected lingered and I travelled from my old accepted style to the new alien one. Finally, not long ago, I decided I didn`t want to end my life staying on the diving board. I jumped and, although it is difficult, I am truly happy researching and discovering new ways and vocabulary. I may not be recognized internationally before my death but I am happy doing what I do and I think that is important, and some people like what I do.







Last weekend we had a plein air event as a fund raiser for the art museum. We had a guest artist who
watercolour painting is an oil painting plein air artist to do a demo and dished out some awards at the reception. All of the awards were for oil paintings even though there were a fair number of watercolors completed as well. It seems that the artist magazines feature mainly oil or acrylic media artworks. I’m wondering now what to do with all of the framed and unframed paintings that I have accumulated over a 40 plus year period of watercolor painting. I am now changing over to acrylic painting in hopes of being accepted as a “quality” artist even though my heart is still with the watercolor medium. I wonder how many others like me are experiencing the same “trend.”

The practice makes my blood boil. It’s so important that exquisite watercolours not be passed up in juried shows. Balance of media makes a show richer and more interesting. A few connoisseurs know the difficulty and winning charm of watercolors. Temporarily, in my experience, everything under glass is being neglected, but it’s my firm belief that their day will come round again.


 Bountiful Gifts….. By Carolina De Medina





By Mike Grandmaison…Red Maple In Morning Fog…

By Marcus W Reinkensmeyer

Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer is an Arizona based landscape photographer endeavoring to capture the magnificent beauty of our treasured lands and the fragile nature of today’s changing environment… His growing body of fine art photography celebrates the transient quality of light, the intricate patterns of nature and the joy of time spent in quiet exploration.









Aleksandr Fayvisovich……The Harvard Cafe






Full Moon…Aleksandr Fayvisovich





Morning Coffee….Aleksandr Fayvisovich






Deep Bay, Fogo
oil on canvas
30 x 40 inches by Michael Fantuz






Ann Sutherland Gruchy…..Windward Mark IX






 VIC The Lurcher


About the Artist….Gaynor Ostinellie….Handbuilt ceramic sculpture of Vic The Lurcher. Decorated with slips and underglazes, with minimal clear glazes. Multi fired to achieve desired finish…

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