What would you do for free food?

More than 200 naked shoppers flocked to a German supermarket in hopes of snagging some free groceries last week.

The store, located in the city of Süderlügum, offered to treat the first hundred shoppers to up to $276 worth of items if they came wearing only their birthday suits, HyperVocal reports.

Apparently, the gimmick was a way to attract customers to the store’s grand opening, and it worked better than the manager ever hoped.

“I never thought a hundred people would come; I thought maybe more like ten,” Nils Sterndorff was quoted as saying in The Local.

To keep the event under control, shoppers were ushered into the store in groups of 20, according to the paper.

YouTube video of the grand opening shows customers patiently waiting in the lot before stripping and strutting inside to collect carts full of wine, soda and food. And with plenty of cameras following customers up and down the aisles, there was absolutely no room to be shy.

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