“If people don’t get it by now” report linked on Rumor mill news, bumped to the top so you don’t have to hunt for it.
If people don’t know by now to never believe the MSM;
If they don’t know by now to avoid all shots no matter what;
If they don’t know the foods are tainted;

If they don’t know by now that no school teacher or college professor can be trusted to even have basic morality – if they don’t know by now the schools are weaponized indoctrination centers training kids to be what used to be locked up in nuthouses;
If they don’t know by now the elections are stolen;
the courts are corrupt;
pandemics are created;
there is no man made global warming;
If people are so ruined by weaponized schools they’ll actually believe cows can destroy the world by belching and farting; and they do;
If people are so far into stupid they don’t realize there’s nothing “smart” about a “smartphone” and that it’s primary purpose is to be a weapon against them, ratting everything out every second of every day;
If the masses still flock to facebook;
believe Google;
will consult an AI the enemy owns;
and will take the mark of the beast –
If people don’t “get it” by now there’s really nothing more I can do to save them, I ran this site to try to save a segment of society that had enough brains to call bullshit on the bullshit – and those people know, there are no “great secrets” out there anymore, either you’re stupid or your not; spiritually blind or awake; vaxxed or not vaxxed –
What is there to do anymore? Chase people who pursue doom clickbait? Those who do not “get it” by now are a lost cause, lacking any sort of compass that can point them to the truth, perhaps because they never cared about the truth anyway – they just cared about “what worked” even if it ate them alive.

I have always had a little birdie on my shoulder saying: “Perhaps the people who run the WEF and do all this crap, perhaps the Jews in the schools teaching the kids to go trans are not bad for God’s plan at all, and are only there doing what they do to finish the job of destroying the spiritually weak and stupid – the weed pullers. After all, if you grow up in a perfect system like the one we had before they tore it to pieces, even if you were an intellectual nitwit you’d make it just by looking at what everyone else was doing. It takes real moral fiber, brains and a compass in your soul to figure out where you’re going now – is their job really to make sure the garbage gets bumped to the curb? and then sell the smell as something great, to see what else it can spoil and destroy? That’s literally what they are doing.
And that’s probably why God is not stopping them.
Scriptural prophecy says this will be done in the last days, and God is the master of efficiency. I would not be surprised at all if he just sat there and let satan posess the chaff the way he took so many Jews and used them as tools to fill his hell hole with whoever they could take down with them – God probably has no time for people who can accept and embellish all the bullshit.
It is time to tie your shoes tight and walk the walk –
Everything is going to go in the toilet now for the final flush and telling people about it is not going to make a difference at this point. Either you’re going down or you are not. Don’t expect some giant sign in the sky to suddenly appear telling you “this is it, the time is now” because even if such a thing does happen it’s probably just “Haarp”, God does not have to do another Fatima, the warnings have been given and were done when we had video to record them. I sat there in catholic christian doctrine and watched those reels, that miracle happened and got recorded. bet you can’t find it on Youtube. Satan owns that.

Decide who you are. Root it in deep. Don’t accept the bullshit or anything you know is sourced from evil, like a shot, that last gay commercial, – whatever; even if it means eating from the trash or starving to death to avoid evil wherever it is. You will have to stand up straight until the moment of your death and if it is not obvious by now they are going to go ahead and do the purge, go back to line 1 and read again. It’s probably your last chance.
And a little side note here about those fatima reels – what happened on them –
Our church had a good priest who was a little weird, but he held to the old ways before Vatican 2 and those reels worked like crap, constantly breaking because the church was not issuing them anymore and took them out of the course material. He kept them in the course material because they were so important. It was supposed to just be one 2 hour class but got stretched out over several because the reels kept breaking from being too old and used – here is what was on them –

The main thing I remember was the three girls were in the street, walking, paused, looked sort of upwards, opened their mouths, and communion hosts appeared on their tongues from out of nowhere. There was no one there serving communion. And it was not even at a church service when they received them. The miracles at fatima did not just take place in one day, there were smaller incidents like that one happening before the big event at the end. We were all quite interested in the film but it broke so much it was piecemeal and you know how kids are when things are like that –

Towards the end the main miracle happened and it was all shredded to pieces from over use. But the gist of it was that there were a lot of people, it was raining, and the sun did some weird stuff and then it was suddenly nice outside. It was too messed up at that point to just watch the miracle, it was 10 seconds and then another break. But it was at least clear that the stories about what happened there were not BS.

If my talking about it helps you find your compass . . . . .

you won’t find it anywhere, I never did. It was that class or nothing. I wish I could go back and sit that class with all the perspective I have now but I at least remember it well enough to know it was impressive, but really messed up from too much use. The bottom line is that Fatima happened, and that church was really anti-gay when it did. Perhaps a good way forward is to go back to that old standard if you have drifted away from it.

I don’t think Fatima was a declaration that the catholic church had a monopoly on spirituality though.
It was just the dominant voice at the time, other Abrahamic religions have their miracles – the mormons who were saved by an unbelievable swarm of birds that consumed an “end of the world” crop destroying cricket swarm is one that comes to mind – the bottom line is that if you accept God and reject the bullshit you’re probably OK, even in Islam, no one holds a monopoly – what matters is where your heart is. Is it with God, or is it with satan? Or is it not really with anything, just floating somewhere? That’s what matters, and it definitelty will be noticed when the time comes . . . . .

This is big. From CBS news to boot. I don’t link hoaxers but this does not look like a hoax.
Mexico’s president lashed out Monday at what he called U.S. “spying” and “interference” in Mexico, days after U.S. prosecutors announced charges against 28 members of the Sinaloa cartel for smuggling massive amounts of fentanyl into the United States. The three sons of former drug lord Joaqu?n “El Chapo” Guzm?n – known as the “Chapitos” – were among those charged.

President Andr?s Manuel L?pez Obrador suggested Monday that the case had been built on information gathered by U.S. agents in Mexico, and said “foreign agents cannot be in Mexico.”

He called the Sinaloa investigation “abusive, arrogant interference that should not be accepted under any circumstances.”

A former top U.S. drug enforcement agent called the president’s comments unjustified. Mike Vigil, former head of international operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said L?pez Obrador was mistakenly assuming that U.S. agents needed to be in Mexico to collect intelligence for the case. In fact, much of the case appears to have come from trafficking suspects caught in the U.S.

“He wants to completely destroy the working relationship that has taken decades to build,” Vigil said. “This is going to translate into more drugs reaching the United States and more violence and corruption in Mexico.”

The U.S. charges announced Friday revealed the brutal and shocking methods the cartel, based in the northern state of Sinaloa, used to move massive amounts of increasingly cheap fentanyl into the United States.

Federal officials on Friday detailed the Chapitos’ gruesome and cruel practices aimed at extending their power and amassing greater wealth ?? from testing the potency of the fentanyl they allegedly produced on prisoners to feeding victims of their violence to tigers in order to intimidate civilians.

Apparently eager to corner the market and build up a core market of addicts, the cartel was wholesaling counterfeit pills containing fentanyl for as little as 50 cents apiece.

L?pez Obrador own administration has acknowledged finding dozens of labs where fentanyl is produced in Mexico from Chinese precursor chemicals, mainly in the northern state of Sinaloa.

Most illegal fentanyl is pressed by Mexican cartels into counterfeit pills made to look like other medications like Xanax, oxycodone or Percocet, or mixed into other drugs, including heroin and cocaine. Many people who die of overdoses in the United States do not know they are taking fentanyl.

MY COMMENT:Obrador wants the agents out because he’s not stupid, and realizes they are only there to keep Hillary’s pipelines open, while the competition gets stomped out. IF THE U.S. AGENTS ARE NOT GOING TO DO THE WHOLE JOB he’s right to tell them to stick it.

Additionally, “working relations” equals “You agreed to be compromised” so they have little to no value anyway. I repeat, from past posts: Obrador is a real president who loves his country, not the slack shit America has had make corruption easy in the past. Obrador is going to insist on national soverignty as he damn well should. Kudos.

As for the fentanyl accusations, they are probably as legit as whatever the spooks got planted on my hard drive. I’m skeptical to say the least. Most probably 99 percent of the fentanyl comes into the U.S. straight through the ports of LA and San Francisco, or via the Panama Canal which China now owns. Accusing Mexico reeks of agenda driven BULLSHIT.

AAAAAND, the reason why the US is chatting all about Sinaloa rather than Guerro is geography, Sinaloa is closer and common core can cope with that better. HA HA, smuggling the drugs across disguised as legit drugs one backpack at a time I guess (bullshit, if it was backpack it would be fully concentrated raw material in bags) because semi trucks are too easy to catch (what would really be used once the drugs are packaged that way) it HAS TO BE BACKPACKS for the bullshit to flow right, when a yacht or cargo ship from China would really be what it took if you could not use a semi. “They” don’t want you to think, how the hell would you get the drugs across, packaged “fit for pharmacy” in “fit for pharmacy” condition in “Scorpion immune Juan’s backpack, immune because he’s been bit so many times? And the US can’t catch this shit at regular border crossings? BUULLSHIT.

HEY AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE: I NEED A PAYCHECK, or at least better money than I’m making now. How about hiring me to front your bullshit so it’s not so full of holes?

Just kidding. Not a real offer, I don’t like you.

OMG, and they even summoned El Chapo back from his American prison grave. WTF over, that’s bullshit as thick as frozen cake frosting. It sold before I guess, why not pick the leftovers off abandoned plates and sell them as something new?
Think he would’nt??

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