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By James Red Pills America

“We’ve Dethroned the Evil Ones! We’re Witnessing History Being Made!” A Big Bag of Decodes by SG Anon Leaves You Speechless! Must See MOAB-Sized Situation Report



SG Anon’s BIG BAG of DECODES leaves you SPEECHLESS! “We’ve DETHRONED the EVIL ONES! We are witnessing HISTORY being made!” This is a MOAB-SIZED Situation Report, Patriots, and it PACKS A WHALLOP at EVERY turn! As usual, SG Anon NEVER Fails when it comes to DROPPING BOMBS on the Deep State Demons and their RINO Cohorts! Listen folks, just sit back, take a BIG BREATH & an even BIGGER LOAD off your mind when you WATCH, LISTEN & LEARN from SG ANON’s BIG BAG OF DECODES that will leave your heart SOARING! I know there’s a LOT of confusion but NEVER FEAR, Patriots, because THE WHITE HATS are at the helm!


NEXT VIDEO: ”Major Situation Updates! Big Win [15], Q Proofs, Durham Boat, Other Comms Decoded! Trump, White Hats In Control McCarthy! 4D CHESS Playing Out, Deep State LOSES CONTROL! Human Meat Project (Cannibalism Normalized)?! More COVID Lies Being Exposed! Absolutely MUST Video!”

BIG WIN! [15] – DISASTER FOR THE DEEP STATE! Big Win [15], Q Proofs, Durham Boat, Other Comms DECODED! Trump White Hats In Control! 4D CHESS Playing Out! There’s been HUGE WINS for the MAGA Patriots and America as a whole, REGARDLESS of what the BRAIN-DEAD NAYSAYERS SPEW! If you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to this video, you’ll see the ‘Art Of The Deal’ unfolding and materializing right before your very eyes! You’ll see that THIS was the PERFECT TIME for Trump & the White Hats to take FULL CONTROL over NEARLY EVERY ASPECT of the government! I PROMSE YOU that you will be BLOWN AWAY by the DOCODES that are UNVEILED in this SPECTACULAR SUMMATION of the ACTUAL current events playing out RIGHT NOW – BEHIND THE SCENES! Are YOU ready for the mind-blowing DURHAM BOAT DEC0DE?!?!

Forget all the BAD PRESS you’ve heard about McCarthy being elected Speaker Of The House – I know there’s a LOT of confusion but NEVER FEAR, Patriots, when THE WHITE HATS are at the helm! Sit back, take a BIG LOAD off your mind when you WATCH, LISTEN & LEARN form this EPIC DECODE that will leave your heart SOARING! After you’re done watching, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHAT FEW DO! BQQQQQM!


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