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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.


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March 19 updates

Update to a previous post: More Russian air force passenger planes are taking off for “safe areas” of the Russian heartland. It is pointless to list them all now.


They claim that if the mercenaries leave alive, they will give up secrets. This order probably came from Zelenski who is from a tribe with a history of using people like toilet paper.

ALSO SEE THIS. (for as long as it lasts)


FOR ST PATRICKS DAY, BIDEN SAID “I MAY BE IRISH, BUT I AM NOT STUPID”. He’s too brain dead to be out in public anymore.

Served from here because I don’t think this will survive the censors. This proves how braindead he is.

HIGHLY PROBABLE: Boris Johnson went to Dubai to be cleared to temporarily suspend 800 crewmembers of P&O ferries (owned by Dubai) so the ships could be used to transport military hardware across the English Channel by people who have security clearance.

The ferries were stopped today for removal of crew. People are saying that’s because they want to replace the crews with third worlders but you would not fire every last crewmember over that, something else is at play – probably a re-assignment of the ferries (which can handle tanks and everything else)

Putin has now boldly stated coronavirus was developed in Ukraine

Some of the Ukranian biolab employees defected to Putin and spilled the beans. This goes well with it already being known that the labs were being used to study how to get pandemics to spread via migratory animals – that’s why in China it showed up in bats.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland threw gas on the topic by stating “We are now in fact quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of those labs, so we are working with the Ukranians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach”

My comment: If Russia went into Ukraine for “no reason”, why would those biolabs be any concern at all? The reaction from Nuland really bolsters the claims made by the employees that worked at the labs. Yes, they may have defected but doing that with the actual materials in your hand would be a tough gig and such proof increases credibility greatly. Now we have confirmation from Nuland that there really is something the West wants to hide which greatly negates the need for the whistleblowers to bring to Putin absolute proof (seriously impossible when fleeing Ukranian assassins). Big problem there. Putin really was justified.

So Ukraine and the west at the biolabs are literally “shredding ballots” to cover up their biowarfare programs. They have the expert at document destruction making sure nothing is found before a “Russian audit” happens.

Russia’s top people are fleeing Moscow.

It is fairly obvious the West wants nuclear war to cover up vax deaths and Putin is not backing down in the face of massive escalation by the west.

Passenger jets that have only the job of being for passengers that belong only to the Russian air force are leaving Moscow and going to remote locations. So far it has amounted to 2 sukhoi superjets (capacity 85 each) two tupolev 214 (210 passengers each) 1 tupolev 204 (190 passengers) an antonov an-148 (80 passengers) 1 IllyushinII-96 (430 passengers) 1 Airbus A319 (120 passengers. They are all headed to points east of Moscow, well into the Russian heartland.

911 happened in part because the Pentagon had a missing $2 trillion they did not want to answer for, and quite conveniently the computers holding that data were exactly where the plane hit. The same people just got done death jabbing 3 billion people. Think they’d launch a nuclear war to cover that up?

The U.S. has given Ukraine 100 killer drones. That’s an escalation Putin probably won’t tolerate.

SILLY RUSSIANS: What happens when you feed gunpowder into the air intake of a car engine?

March 16 updates

Zalensky played a propaganda video to Congress

The video shows Russian explosions and Ukranian dead because of Russia while it did not show Ukranian forces murdering people trying to flee nor did it show any of the shelling of Donbass he’s been doing for years. Maybe Ocasio Cortez would fall for it, maybe not. It comes off as the “worst scenes” from a careful campaign to not destroy the whole place. I don’t know if this is going to fly or not, it seems the less informed and more emotional people are the more they side with Zelensky. But even from this, it is obvious he has very little to work with because the video consisted of things we have already seen and there’s nothing new. If he had a legit case he could have filled two minutes with “atrocities” we have not already seen. He can’t, which means Russia is doing a DAMN GOOD JOB. SEE THIS. I was really surprised he did not have more than that to show

AFTER THIS, PUTIN DOUBLED DOWN AND ESCALATED. He did an epic rant where he stated the West has installed a “fifth column” in Russia to destabilize and divide the country, and that it would be dealt with.

RUMOR: Biden just offered Ukraine all the weapons they can take.

See the next post for why “they” want World War 3.


Just like the first time around when people stopped showing up at work they blamed it on people simply wanting to find new jobs, the second time around is a repeat. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN MASSIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE DIE AND YOU WANT TO BURY IT? YOU SAY “THERE ARE MASSIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE QUITTING THEIR JOBS TO FIND NEW ONES.” Such an occurrence cannot be organic, there’s a cause behind it and someone wants that cause to not be known.

Welcome to Ukraine war propaganda round two, this time for Covid, if people were not awake to the lies before the Ukraine war they ought to figure out by now that lies are told THIS WAY:

Highly probable: Someone is starting fires to create shortages

Yesterday it was a giant fire in the largest warehouse for the largest grocery store chain in Taiwan. Today it is a massive Wal Mart distribution center. 2 in two days? Not plausible, unless intentional. Throw incidents like these on top of the economic pressure that has already been applied and you get a recipe for economic disaster.

HEADLINE: Putin loses 4th general

MY COMMENT: America lost every last decent loyal general in the entire country under Obama, who replaced ALL OF THEM with un-qualified traitors like Rachel Levine. Levine is not an Obama pick but you know what I am saying. That is why the government can now actively seek to destroy the entire country and the military does nothing to stop it, just like the military did nothing to help at all with the coup that happened after the last election.

Before the American media trumpets how Putin is losing generals, they ought to at least go over what has happened to the United States, which may not have a significant number of legit generals at all.

I have been over everything this morning and a comment is most appropriate.

There have been countless reports of Russian generals being killed and paraded in the streets. As far as I can tell, they are all bogus and those generals go to social media and laugh. Though in any war you are going to have some losses of this type even on the winning side, what Ukraine is claiming is ridiculous and ends up being debunked in the most silly ways possible.

Ukraine has resorted to using cluster bombs on civilian populations. Remember who we are up against – Zalensky, who is an Israeli jew that has only one thing in mind: To drag this out and create crisis to get other nations to go to war with Russia on his behalf. Though the cluster bombing, which killed at least 25 civilians and injured 50 more is well known to have been done by Ukraine, you can safely bet the Jewish controlled MSM is going to take the dead baby pics and say Russia did it. There is no honesty anywhere in any of this with regard to the Western MSM.

As it turns out, now that Russia is positioned for the python squeeze, the Ukranian forces vastly underperformed considering how well they were equipped. Never at one point ever, NEVER ONCE did Ukraine actually issue a defensive response that had a chance of being meaningful. All of the actions Ukraine took were disorganized and isolated, the armed forces never once united nationwide to accomplish an objective. One could say that’s because Russia wrecked communications but that’s a tough claim to make when all the cell phone providers were owned by Russia’s enemies and the cell phone systems kept working. There is no excuse whatsoever for the pathetic performance of Ukraine, which never once scored a meaningful victory or put up meaningful resistance at all.


My final conclusion is that Russia kicked butt on the ground, and the west kicked butt with propaganda. The West has managed to front the illusion of a genuine resistance in Ukraine when in reality Ukraine probably has a couple hundred people in a command chain that is drawing it’s life from Western support which is getting minimalistic stuff done by those they can threaten and cause to fight Russia out of fear FOR THEM, NOT RUSSIA, along with whatever idiotic mercenaries were suckered into going to Ukraine by Western lies and propaganda. They are even threatening the mercenaries more than Russia is.

It is pointless to even mention it, but Zalensky has not been in Ukraine for weeks now, all of his appearances are green screen. Early on you could find people debunking him by using the chroma key feature in video software, where the color levels of the green screen background, and the color levels of the overlay are enhanced, and Zalensky was popping out like a red demon. It was all fake. You can make a green screen look somewhat convincing as long as no one starts enhancing the output, once enhanced it was clear Zalensky was never in his garden and that he had abandoned his country. It seems that’s all the west is capable of – fakery and lies. The lie is modus operandi.

I find it puzzling that Israel actually admitted to Iran killing 4 of their generals on a Mossad base this week. That’s not the 9 Iran claimed but at least it was some measure of honesty. And it is a cold hard fact that Iran took out more of Israel’s top military people in a single 20 second missile strike on Iraq than Ukraine has managed to do against Russia during a military campaign that saw ALL of Ukraine’s military wiped out. Quite literally, all Ukraine has left is squirrels throwing nuts. It is over. Unless Biden and others outside Ukraine decide to start making a mess. ON THAT NOTE:

The U.S. moved in patriot missiles and they are now perfectly positioned to down aircraft in Ukraine FROM POLAND. 50 miles from the border of Ukraine, which is approximately where you would want them. With that type of system “right on the border” is not as good. Someone wants an escalation. But just in case it does not happen, that “someone” is starting to pump Corona fear again, as the CEO of Pfizer, fresh off reassurances he will not be hung for what he did, starts pushing the 4th shot.

Yes, I think we are looking at world war 3. The West has done nothing but deceive and hoax everything, right down to “We want peace”. Like hell they do. Those who control the west via vote fraud, (including France, Germany, Canada, Australia and a whole lot more) want the West blown to smithereens. Let’s hope Russia has enough brains to know who the enemy is and what to target. And more: Let’s all hope Russia is not that exact same enemy that is merely playing a part to make the world believe this all happened because “Russia was the bad guy” and not because our own Jewish controlled and subverted leadership craved it.

March 15 updates

WOW, An American who escaped Ukraine has one hell of a story

The Ukranian forces are not allowing any foreign volunteers to leave, and countries like Britain have resorted to using medical cover to get them out. If they get caught the Ukranian forces seize them and send them right back to the front line, even if they are foreigners. Once caught Ukraine shreds their passports. Russia is absolutely smashing volunteer forces and all of them are trying to escape.

Russia has left the council of Europe.

Zalensky is begging for a defense agreement with a nuclear armed state.

He started with trying to get an alliance with Britain.

Russia is now moving their modern equipment into Ukraine

So far they have predominantly used new troops and 1970’s garbage. Now the good stuff is rolling in and the face is completely different. It looks like a completely modern force now.

Russia is beginning to cut the gas off to Europe and has started with the shutdown of the Yamal pipeline.

The Yamal pipeline is dwarfed by NordStream 2 so thus far this is not that big of a deal. It is more of a threat.

A reader wrote and said this site is blocked in Canada

I am looking into this now. Update, Yes, the damage is bad, traffic is down by about 30 percent. USE DIRECT IP, BLOCKS ARE ACCOMPLISHED VIA DNS. Don’t type the domain name, use the IP address instead. It comes up automatically, just look in the address bar. Bookmark that. This is most likely because of my NSA post, scroll down for that it is a doozie AND IF YOU CAN STILL HIT THIS SITE, POST THAT EVERYWHERE AND MENTION THE SITE IS (unsuccessfully so far) BLOCKED. I’ll get it moved over to another server and see if that helps.

Would a nuke in space destroy all the satellites?

Short answer: depending on the nuke, most likely everything within at least thousand miles and probably a lot more, (even from a not too big nuke) would be destroyed. This is because nothing will stop the radiation pulse OR the EMP in space. On earth, the ionizing radiation from a nuke is stopped by the atmosphere completely within 2 miles. But in space there’s nothing at all to stop that so the full energy of the nuke will reach out an enormously longer distance. Yes, nukes in space will wipe out many many satellites in one whack.

Another evergreen ship is aground

The “Ever forward” ran aground in Chesapeake bay during low tide. Tug boats are assisting and perhaps the tide will lift it when it comes in. That’s actually a serious navigational error, unless a storm re-shaped the bottom of the bay.

RUMOR: Russia is asking for Alaska back.

That’s too stupid to contemplate but the Daily Mail did indeed post that so it is worth a mention. Yes, it did come from Russian state media. No, it is not legit, it was just some guy with a talk show that had some properties in Italy seized.

Both Claudia and I would have lasted longer than this idiot because we’d at least have taken Russia seriously. 20 minutes? Russia is losing??


China is bragging about “capturing” NSA crapware called NOPEN

Actually, Nopen was also released by a hacker group 5 years ago. Maybe there’s something new about what China did.

This crapware can infect any device that uses Linux, from a PC to a microwave oven. People don’t realize that Microsoft and Apple are not the champs, LINUX is. Linux runs on every Android device, nearly every file server on the web, every router, your televison, your DVD player, your set top box, your smart fridge Your Window’s PC, in the UEFI system, at the processor level you never see – – EVERYTHING runs Linux because Linux is not only more powerful than anything else, it’s free. Why would manufacturers pay to use Microsoft or Apple operating systems when there’s one just as good or better they can use for free?

In systems that don’t already have the Linux back door at the processor level, (processors use Minix for their management engine – a small Linux distro). In processors that are old enough to not have that but still have a Linux OS installed by the user NOPEN exploits SUDO to install. Sudo gets the NSA into the old stuff. SUDO was a BAD IDEA, and was only created to make linux and insecure operating system. 15 years ago Sudo did not exist. Now you have to use it to do anything. That’s a long story . . . . a perpetual gripe I have . . . . anyway China may not have been all that creative because NOPEN was part of a huge 2017 hacker release. Maybe the hackers released a stripped down version? I noticed that happened with that release, China might have captured the 2022 updated version in full form . . . .

Anyway this is old news I have harped on over and over and over again and have devolved to only mentioning occasionally – passwords are bullshit. Passwords are to keep “Aunt Edna” out. They don’t work against anyone who’s legit, there are no modern systems out there now that the NSA cannot walk all over, totally, 100 percent, and crush like a marshmallow. HTTPS is for idiots who want to give pre-schoolers a way to shut them down. There is no safe refuge, not even in mobile processors. Russia may have cool anti aircraft missiles but if they did not address this problem, an F-35 is just going to switch them off. Hell, even an F-16 might. This hack is almost guaranteed to be how the Russian built S-300 Iranian systems failed to identify their own Iranian airliner as friendly a couple years back – the one they shot down themselves. At that time I said they were hacked and that’s what caused it. NOPEN ought to be a real shitshow when it really gets used.

BY THE WAY, the MINIX based management engines have THOUSANDS of NSA back doors in them, and those back doors do not all get put into one hackware platform. If the NSA loses one the way they lost NOPEN, they just launch another or even “update” NOPEN with a new list and then keep that as secure as they can, it won’t matter what anyone tries to patch.

OMG, now I might “get a knock”. Well, not dear anymore NSA, when the government that is your life blood just tried to wipe out as much of the country as possible with a death shot – when you are supporting an impostor president who truly is hell bent on destroying the country and you damn well know it, I’ll do as much damage as possible, any way I can. The world really would be better off if Russia won. That does not make russia great, it means YOU ARE ABSOLUTE SH*T.

The Russians really should have developed their own processors for their weapons systems, but no, they were either too lazy or too stupid. How is World War Z going to go when that NSA exploit becomes the missile’s guidance system? Just ask Iran. Maybe not. They most likely never figured it out. Russia’s going to launch missiles at F-35’s and then down their own planes if they are anywhere within range if American intelligence deems that to be expedient and the command will come right from the plane the missile is supposed to shoot down.

March 14 updates

Iran is claiming 9 dead Mossad generals in missile strike on Mossad base in Iraq

Israel is stating 4 dead generals and 7 injured. Iran is claiming 9 dead generals. The base was bombed because the Mossad was attempting to infiltrate the Fordow nuclear facility via tunnels dug under it. They were probably going to blow it to the moon. The U.S. claimed no casualties, however, right after the missile attacks several Air Force medical jets arrived which means the U.S. lied again.

There has been no response from Israel yet, however, nailing ANY Mossad generals is a big deal, let alone 4, and probably more. There probably will be a response at some point.

Russia seized 500 commercial airliners

This is not as big as it seems, because there were Russian airliners outside the country that also got seized elsewhere. However, Putin did score the better end of this deal because they got about 200 of Russia’s and Russia got 500 of theirs. Spare parts? I am sure Russia can manage that, they are not stupid after all. Iran managed that too just fine, for a couple decades. So there are two sides to this coin and I don’t know which side won the “asset forfeiture” war but 500 jumbo jets is a pretty big deal.

A Leftist managed to get an antiwar message out over a Russian TV channel that has 230 million viewers in several countries

That’s how the blue bloods have to get their message out in Russia, the difference is that in America and many other places they own the message and don’t have to resort to such measures. I’m sure she’ll do time over it and quite frankly don’t care – because if Russia shut down up to 30 bioweapons facilities being used to plot the destruction of entire races anyone arguing against that sure as h*** is not on my team. Sometimes it really is best to just shut up.


I made the error of not checking well enough because what are the odds that the dam did a release TWICE that flooded Brisbane badly TWICE?? The other time around (in 2011, which was what the search results I posted were for) it was all dam damage. This time around it was mostly actual storm flooding despite the fact that the dam could have been managed better. That’s not the same as an actual intentional destructive release like what happened in 2011. WIVENHOE DAM REPORT REDACTED.

A few quick items

Video: It is over in Ukraine, the Russians have won, therefore a chemical false flag will be done.


General Flynn: Putin has upset the “New World Order” and “they” are not happy about it.

A reader from South Africa has stated that South Africa’s currency has been frozen in value due to manipulations the same way Mexico’s peso has. It’s all fake folks!!!

The Mexican peso has been pegged at 20.92 for five consecutive days when usually it won’t stay the same for even an hour. It always fluctuates up and down in the 4th digit and usually in the third.

There was a huge fire at a food warehouse in Taiwan.

I am not too worried because it was only one warehouse out of several, and the French supermarket chain “Carrefour” has already stated the fire was not going to impact their stores. But it was a spectacle and it is in the news, so I ought to mention it.

This guy is now in charge of America’s nuclear power plants. How cute.

Western analysts have likely concluded that Russia is going to get an un-answerable and resounding win in Ukraine

(And the best move is to back off and let them take it) Here’s why:

Because this morning I saw the lie factory go into overdrive on every topic other than the war. I’ll go over a few items related to this:

1. They are again pushing the vax hard. They backed off on it for a while but now the CEO of Pfizer is saying a 4th booster will be needed for everyone, and “they” are letting him run with it. When anyone speaks up against it in various comment sections, the exact same bot drops in with this exact comment: “My friends, family, and co-workers have all had both shots of either Pfizer or Moderna and none have had any adverse reactions”. That exact same phrase gets dropped in ad nauseum into every comment section everywhere, be it a news report or a twitter post or a forum, you name it, and it’s not possible, first of all on the face it’s false because there is no situation where all friends, all families, and all co-workers have had that shot, and second of all, even Pfizer admits there are adverse reactions frequently.

2. Another huge indicator that “they” are screwed in Ukraine is that a lot of the mercenaries are going in and quitting quickly when they see Ukraine has nothing to fight with and they were lied to to get them there. There’s very little opposition to Russia in the Ukranian public and they really are down to the last few zelensky loyalists or situations where Ukranian forces will tie people to trees with a rifle in their hands so they HAVE TO shoot at advancing russian forces when in reality they’d rather attempt to use a humanitarian corridor. Additionally, if you want to define “losing” then just take over a maternity ward, kick all the women and babies out, and use it as your military command post so you can shoot at the Russians and then cry in the press about them shooting at a maternity ward.. That happened and that’s no sign of winning.

3. Another huge indicator the West has lost Ukraine is stories coming out about the biolabs and “Human hybrid experiments” that have been revealed in Ukraine that don’t really have anything to support them but could be true but my guess is that even though this video and more could be legit in some context that it is a game someone is playing to distract from the bigger issues and get people to stop talking about the war itself.

4. Another big un-confirmed story that may be legit and may be to undermine the legitimacy of anything coming out of Ukraine is that Russia uncovered thousands of miles of tunnels (that part is probably for real simply because even Hitler dug a bunch) but what is not certain is that in the tunnels the Russians uncovered a massive child smuggling/mutilation/organ harvesting/ you name it operation. Now, this could be true but the story goes that the children were left behind and they were all alive. That’s not plausible. Children usually cannot even do the basics to stay alive and if they got abandoned as prisoners they’d all be dead in about 3 days and it’s a safe bet that the people who had the kids bailed out day one. The time frame does not add up but the story certainly would distract from the fact that NATO actually got cornered into a total loss scenario.

5. Another huge indicator that Ukraine is lost is that Iran really did bomb the living sh*t out of a Mossad base in Iraq, and there’s literally nothing prominent in the MSM about it. That’s the news of the month and NOTHING is being said. Iran probably calculated weakness and was probably right. The strikes were so potent and so accurate that Israel probably filled a diaper or two and opted to remain silent.

6. Another huge indicator that Ukraine is lost, WHILE Western powers attempt to quell outrage in their populations, is the fact that both gold and oil suddenly regulated in price despite all odds, with Brent crude sitting at $109 and gold sitting at about $1960. That’s not possible absent manipulation, And there’s more, a HUGE impossibility is developing in exchange rates of currencies. I have not checked more than just the peso, but the peso has sat at $20.92 against the dollar for five consecutive days now and that’s not possible unless someone somewhere fixed the price of currencies. It is not possible that in this volatile world right now, currencies are not changing value against each other AT ALL. Not even out to the 4th digit. BULLSHIT, that’s manipulation pure and simple, and that does not happen unless there’s BIG trouble someone wants to bury.

7. There was a really stupid challenge by Elon Musk where he said he’d challenge Putin to “single combat” and “the winner takes all”. I’d be fine with that provided Ukraine goes to Elon Musk and NO ONE ELSE, not zelenksy, not Hillary, not Biden, NOT GEORGE SOROS – it goes to Elon and that’s the end of it. But that won’t happen and you get stupid crap like this happening in headlines when you are losing, not winning.

March 13 updates

It is obvious the markets are under manual control

They cannot perfectly control the price of gold and oil, however they have managed to perfectly control the dollar/peso ratio which has stayed perfectly at 20.92 for 4 consecutive days. I can’t say it has never stuck like that before but I CAN say I have never seen it. Predictably, gold is consistently suddenly being held below the $2000 mark which seems to be some form of pre set barrier they will not allow to be broken for long.

All they need to do to fix gold is print paper, all they need to do to set the price of oil is release it or not.


Iran said they did it and there is clear video of the missiles being launched from Iran, taken by Iranians.

In the video you can see one of the missiles showing brightly as it came in because Iran used their latest generation of ballistic missiles that have course correction before impact. The rest of them did not need to correct their course.

Update: According to the Pentagon Iran gave a 3 hour warning before the strike and Iran is now taking full credit. Iran is also stating they nailed several Israeli officers which makes the claim of the warnings seem dubious. Since the Pentagon is a proven unabashed liar, I’ll believe Iran when they said they nailed the Israeli intelligence officers, which would not have happened with a warning. Maybe they warned, and then applied a little frosting.

It is now confirmed Iran did the attacks from Iranian soil. There are videos posted by Iranians that show them going out, 12 total. All of them hit where aimed, and the targets were annihilated.

WOW, you can CLEARLY see one of the missiles come in right at the beginning.

Iran is not taking credit for this (UPDATE: They are now) but I think it is pretty obvious when two days ago the Mossad took out two Iranian officers in Syria. The Pentagon and Israel are claiming no damage and no fatalities but we know both are unabashed liars.

March 12 updates

If Putin is cooperating with the timing of his little war (sure seems like it) this poll is why. I am wondering though – he might have had intelligence that Billy was going to release the next plague “that will get attention” from a lab in Ukraine and he may have taken action because of that. Who knows. Not saying that would be “politics”.

About “Russia leaving people stranded on the ISS”

That’s B.S. yet again. The ISS has escape pods that can be used at any time PLUS Russia is not the only country that can go there. I would bet that if Russia tried to go to the ISS to rescue that astronaut the United States or NATO would shoot the launch down because a stranded astronaut is too politically useful. For that reason alone the United States won’t do a rescue even if capable and it is reasonable to think the U.S. would even hack an escape pod to make damn good and sure the astronaut dies. That’s the level of corruption we are dealing with.


If Trump had not had it stolen, he might have found a way to clean up Ukraine himself, he knew that place was an elitist cesspit. He probably would not have attacked but there are other ways to clean up a sh*thole like that when your own nation is what turned it into a sh*thole.

Drudge mentioned the Ukraine famine

Obviously the story is for sympathy and does not take it to reality. It fails to mention Stalin was a Jew, and it also puts the number of deaths at 4 million because it cannot exceed 6 million for obvious victim status reasons when really it was somewhere between 20 and 40 million at a minimum. The key point in their mentioning any Ukraine famine at all is to give Ukranians victim status from their history, temporarily, for as long as it is politically expedient. Prior to this, according to the Jewish press, there was never a Stalin induced famine at all in Ukraine.

Take a look at this piece of deceptive sh*t literature where the Jews milk one of their own evil deeds while not actually saying how bad those deeds were, while never mentioning it was they that did it, while they apply it to today and bash Putin with it. Beyond disgusting!!!

Putin is almost apologetically attacking NATO weapons shipments to Ukraine

It is ridiculous. You don’t apologize for that. If I was Putin I’d take direct actions against any country that sent anything to Ukraine, and not limit it to whatever crosses Ukrane’s border. And all I’d say is “Diplomacy is over. Do you want to get nuked??” while I took action on the turf of whatever country sent the weapons. That’s how you deal with the level of corruption and dishonesty that has become the norm in the West.

Biden has “vowed” no WWIII and put conditions on that, which means no vow at all.

He said no WWIII over whatever happens in Ukraine but if any action is taken against a NATO country then it’s game on. Even if that NATO country attacks or does something equal to it. In the typical fashion of dishonesty, a promise was given that had no substance at all.

BOOM: Operating system level and probable browser level blockages of RT are happening but the site is still online. If you cannot access RT, I have a recent capture Here.

Update: a reader in Mexico has said he can hit RT with Windows 10 but windows 8 still won’t access this morning. This means it might not be windows itself blocking, the blocking could be accomplished via protection software such as Avira or whatever other ones are out there. Or perhaps Claudia’s system is updated and as soon as that reader’s machine is updated RT won’t work. Who knows. All I know is that I can hit RT with both linux machines using two different connections and the windows machine won’t hit it at all. The original post follows.

I checked with a Windows 8 computer (Claudia’s computer downstairs) and could not access RT. With the exact same connection upstairs RT loads no problem on Linux. I obviously cannot capture the whole site, but if you want to see RT as of 5:30 AM ET on the 12th Here it is.

Here is precisely what won’t hit RT that we have: A Windows 8 machine that keeps updating despite us repeatedly configuring it not to, running the chrome browser with Avira installed.

What CAN hit RT over the same connection: Two different Linux machines running different linux versions, one with firefox and the other with chrome.

Boy Scouts Mexico:

The claim was made today directly from the top leadership that arrived in person (I heard this happen) that 30 – 40 percent of the scout masters “died from Coronavirus” which caused a major collapse of the organization. I clearly stated that was a lie and that if that happened it was because of a sabotaged vax and that none of them actually died from Corona.

It was not well received.

It was BANG ON.

Scouts Mexico is not corrupted like Scouts USA, and for the “great reset” they have obviously been targeted for destruction via the murdering of the conservative portion of the leadership. What I said will probably make waves so I put it on the site in case anything happens. I normally keep my life secret but not for this, they had damn well better not murder that particular scout master. The top people came. They had him totally bamboozled. They are probably advising all the conservatives to go in for a death shot.

March 11 updates


After the bioweapons hearing at the UN, the Cayman Islands, where many of the members of Russian parliament had financial assets stached (along with the rest of the world’s top people) – the Cayman Islands received an order to seize all assets held by Russia and Russian officials, and they did. Seized them all. It appears all assets, even those held by private individuals are being seized worldwide.

There was some rumor that the seizures were based upon how people voted in the Russian parliament, but it now appears that even those who had no political power who held assets outside of Russia are having them seized, even little things like shops on main street, rental properties, and vacation homes. Any asset outside of Russia at all is being seized.

Therefore Russia has every right to seize every asset on their turf also even if it is privately held

These seizures happened after Russia revealed that the West planned to knock out entire ethnic groups by implanting diseases in migrating species such as birds, migratory insects (monarch butterflies for example) and other migratory animals (caribou would be an example of that) but Caribou would probably not be used because they are North American, that’s just an example. A locust swarm could be used etc.

So what in effect has happened is that Russia busted the United States for setting up a plot to make horrific plagues completely appear to be acts of god, totally untraceable. How do you trace a disease spread by a spiked population of migratory critters? You can’t. It would just look natural. Maybe even Corona was released via migratory bats.

Russia got completely nailed all the way from top to bottom for revealing this. And then got called liars by the liars. There really is only one way to respond to this because if no response happens, then the demon gets bigger and what’s going to happen with the next seasonal migration???

Why did Fauci vanish when Russia went into Ukraine?

I have asked this question before and there are two possible answers. 1. The pfizer document dump that absolutely busted the vax and quite clearly pointed out what it was really for (to destroy people) AND Russia went into Ukraine and rooted out a bunch of illicit biolabs that Fauci HAD TO have had his hands into very deeply. So after the whitewash that just happened today at the UN, people are asking hard questions about why Fauci suddenly vanished from the limelight. Not a surprise actually.

The summary reciepts for the construction of the Ukraine biolabs (a couple of them) are below this next report. America and the rest of the west lied and shoved dirt down Russia’s throat while lying. NOT GOOD.

Seeing how the U.N. handled Russia and how much the west continues to lie, it appears the only way forward is world war 3.

A nuclear war would be a far better way to do “the great reset” than whatever Klaus, Soros, and the rest of that tribe has planned.

One that wipes out the “New World Order”. One that sends tsar bomba to antarctica three weeks after everything is “calm”. If the people who perpetrated the Covid/vax scam are permitted to exist in any way whatsoever, they’ll only repeat catastrophe. Now, I’ll be the first to say Russia is CRAP compared to what America was in the past and that China is even worse. But the good people of the West sat complacent for so long that they allowed an infection to grow that has consumed every last refuge of decency their nations once represented and now there’s only one way forward. Evil prevails where good men do nothing to stop it, and now the entire West is a prime example. Nothing can be touched without getting covered in filth. I’d like to say that elections that are not rigged could fix this, but even small things like fixing vote fraud are beyond wish.

Just checked Infowars, Alex is talking world war 3 also.


Final conclusion: The U.N. conference to discuss the biolabs was a disaster. The U.S. and allies did nothing but lie and only Brazil and China supported Russia, which happened to tell the truth.

They are keeping the presentation of evidence of biolabs by Russia at the U.N. secret. The meeting is now underway and IS being televised but they are instead bashing Russia at this point and explaining why they should not allow the evidence to be presented. It is an absolute sham. And they are telling Russia to withdraw.

It is so disgusting I can’t watch it. I have a fault I will admit to: Despite my work I simply cannot sit through demon speak. Can’t handle it. I am not watching this. A two minute sample across a couple speakers is all you need to hear to know where this is headed. The guy from Ghana did not look overtly evil, but that woman from britain looks like she eats kidney beans that actually are kidneys from babies. UPDATE: CHINA IS NOT GOING ALONG WITH IT, THEY ARE SPEAKING FOR REAL. THEY ARE CALLING OUT THE BULLSHIT. Ha ha, well, we’ll see where this goes. BRAZIL IS BEING WORSE THAN CHINA. Exactly what is needed. BOOM: RUSSIA PRESENTED PROOF THAT THE UN ITSELF IS LAUNCHING ATTACKS AGAINST RUSSIA IN UKRAINE.

The myth about these labs being left over from the old soviet union is a BIG FAT LIE. I have the contracting documents for these labs – for their initial construction and furnishing and they all date between 2010 and 2014. It is not soviet era crap!!!

Here, I’ll embed a couple of the contracts for these labs that Russia found in the leftovers of Ukraine’s attempted coverup.

Want some cute proof this is legit and not just hoaxed by Russia? Look at this next one – the “United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency” uses a different font!!! At first I wondered why the fonts differed in the documents, (I have a pile of these) but did not look closely enough at first to see that different agencies use different fonts.

Here they say it’s for veterenary use. I guess this DOD agency thinks that will help cover up what it is really for despite their name being on it. It’s not a biowarfare lab, no, it’s a veterenary lab where we’ll make sure Barbie’s horses are OK!! Most likely this particular lab used the work from the other labs and tested it on animals, to see if they really could be used to spread the diseases to people.


This is such an epic bust it is indescribably epic.


March 10 updates


I saw this last night and considered it to be a low credibility rumor. But I ought to post this anyway. Supposedly last night Putin said to his military commanders “Friday evening will be beautiful for the whole world, we have stared down a road of no return. There will be no working things out with NATO.”

There’s no way to know what they mean for sure or if this was even said, but my guess is that they have assessed that NATO is such a hive of unabashed liars that nothing said has any merit, no agreement has any meaning. People are speculating everything from a nuclear attack to a grid attack to an internet attack, And I myself am speculating whether anything was actually said by Russia at all. Supposedly this communication was intercepted by the usual demons – The Israeli Mossad, who “warned us about 911” and then DID IT.

Russia may have nothing planned at all. Be careful what you believe if tshtf.

Duckduckgo has announced it will now censor like Google. But there is always THIS   (just search in English, it will work) or THIS. There are more but those two are what I typically use when it’s not duck duck. The first link is every bit as powerful as Google and turns up stuff that’s hopeless elsewhere. I have used that since I gave up on Google, not only after the war.

Russia has now stated that the American labs in Ukraine were studying how to get birds and insects to spread race specific bioweapons.

Israel has been working on race specific bioweapons in Dimona since 1996, only a couple years after the start of the human genome project. But my guess is that Ukraine was far more talented which would mean a far bigger problem in a lot less time.

Click the image, it links to the report.

If it is censored in your area, click here

HILARIOUS – Sky News reporter interviews fleeing refugee who only wants to talk about legalized pot.

The reporter talks all about terrified refugees being evacuated and when she talks to one who looks war thrashed he’s really drug thrashed and only wants to know if cannabis has been legalized in Britain. LMAO. See this.

THE JACKPOT. While the U.S. media spews lies and the Pentagon lives by them, here is the actual data Russia has on the ground in Ukraine.

Remember what I said about militants using the hospital as a human shield? That was only a guess based on known tactics. But I was bang on, and there’s so much more than that in the following:

March 9 updates

Lack of power at Chernobyl is not a problem

The only way the lack of power at Chernobyl could be a problem is if someone made it one. Watch for a Chernobyl false flag, where the reactors are turned on with all relief valves shut and then blown up like the first one.

FACT: Chernobyl has been idled for 22 years. It’s bone cold by now. It would take forever to heat up, and certainly not in any relevant time frame unless someone wanted it to.

I have ignored the power outage at Chernobyl for this reason. They are blaming Russia for knocking out the power and then preventing the power from being restored. THEY WANT A PROBLEM. Fortunately even the IAEA is saying there can’t possibly be a problem there, unless one is wanted.

Right after Russia said they found American biological weapons in Ukraine, the state department tweeted this:

Russia has stated they found biological weapons in the Ukraine labs they raided and has accused the U.S. of violations of the 1972 biological weapons convention.

My comment: This is all playing out as if it is scripted, and it probably is. Look how the west reacted to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They responded by destroying Europe with high energy prices when the gas has not even been cut off yet. Over $10 a gallon for diesel in Europe. Outrageous prices in Canada. The U.S. not far behind and what has happened in Mexico? NADA. Nothing at all.

So if Russia invading Ukraine really was organic, why is the west answering that invasion by attacking it’s own people??

Seriously, the most rational answer is that it is all scripted, and Pelosi, Biden and more gave Putin the green light. Putin and China probably also know. It is playing out like a plot, not reality.

The biolabs in Ukraine just took a very bad turn for the worse

China is demanding answers. What if Covid was really developed in Ukraine? Everyone chased after the Wuhan lab, but the bottom line is that Covid did not show up in China first. And Ukraine was the playground of the “elite” . . . . . keep your projects close to home? Overseen by Zelensky??

The Saudis and UAE refused to talk to Biden when he called to ask them for more oil Guarantee: They’d have talked to Trump, HERE IS PROOF:

This is the benefit of being a legit president!!! YOU TOUCH THE BALL AND DISCUSS OIL.

The MSM is claiming they won’t talk because of their war in Yemen, but the reality is that they know Biden is not the legit president. They won’t talk to an impostor. That said, while Trump was in the Sauds had no problem because of how Trump handled that war. Such a difference between a fraud and the real deal.


Funny thing, she’s arriving just on time to negotiate those jets!!! Was all that pre planned and scheduled? Coincidence??? Probably not, here is a capture that mentions this from a while ago:

Ukrainian forces were using a hospital full of patients as a “human shield” and Russia obliterated it. Obviously the American MSM makes no mention of the fact that the Ukranian military made it a de-facto military base. RT is working fine here and I see no mention of this there.

The CIA is spewing it’s usual B.S. about how bad Russia is and how ugly it is going to get as the CIA itself pumps mercenaries and operatives into Ukraine to use hospitals as “defacto military bases” to force Russia to do as the CIA predicts.

There’s the usual un-founded “chemical weapons” spew about how Putin is going to use them, but I don’t recall them turning up in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else the con job Pentagon, CIA and MSM have claimed they would.

U.S. threatens to sanction China for doing business with Russia

China said “too bad”.

My comment: You mean you are going to sanction China after the snowflake left transferred nearly all of the production for American corporations there??? You mean no more iphones, Nikes and big screens? GO FOR IT. Biden is rapidly truly showing that the American people are a HELL OF A LOT SMARTER than the idiots who stole the last election from them.



Somehow, (at least for today) “they” managed to get the price of oil and gold under control. And some states are repealing the gasoline taxes to mask the amount gas prices are going up. That’s a good move. NOT A GOOD MOVE: Print billions more in paper gold to drive the price of real gold down. Only an IDIOT would settle for paper!!!! Yes, gold really can vanish like a bitcoin exchange. All it takes is for the holding company to go belly up and ADIOS!!! PHYSICAL GOLD IS THE ONLY GOLD. I won’t keep harping this, if people won’t listen after being told a second time there’s no saving them.

If you have paper gold, it is a fiction, there is NO GOLD TO BACK IT UP, it’s like a game of musical chairs in reverse, where everyone who gets a seat loses and the guy left standing gets the gold. It is leveraged out THAT BAD and you won’t be that guy left standing, the insider will be that guy.


March 8

Update to below (Polish Migs) After the Pentagon pushed real hard for this over several days, suddenly when Poland said “yes” the Pentagon said “We never said we’d host them!!”. Now, I can’t say I am disappointed BUT if you ever wanted to push a banana into the American republic, that’s precisely how a banana republic is done. “Banana”= “word no good”.

The VERY unwise transfer of Polish Mig-29’s just got more unwise

They are going to be hosted on an American base in Germany. How could that possibly go wrong???

“The authorities of the Republic of Poland are ready to immediately transfer all MIG-29 aircraft free of charge to the base in Rammenstein and place them at the disposal of the United States.”


How could America, Poland and Germany possibly think Russia won’t react to this action, which warrants a direct attack against them???

Prediction: The first part of this is NOT financial advice, only a hunch –

They may control the price of oil somewhat, but gold is going up and it is NOT coming down again. I am keeping an eye on this. However, the control of the price, keeping it below 2000 has failed for too long.



You will be better off risking being robbed in your home or subject to asset forfeiture than trusting in any bank or holding company, and safe deposit boxes are no good either, the bank will just rob those. In the United states it is perfectly legal for them to, at first they put the limit at “If you do not visit your safe deposit box for six months the bank can take whatever it is in it even if the box is paid” and moved that to: Any time any agency wants to rob a bank they can, and asset forfeiture makes it happen. They have already robbed entire banks this way, claiming every safe deposit box in the bank was used by drug smugglers.


The above is exactly what you get when a country goes banana rogue. The American system is DONE.

Poland officially gave Ukraine Mig-29’s. They won’t last, but it does escalate things a notch.

Ukraine is so adamant about murdering fleeing people that Russia is Using armed and armored trains to get high profile refugees out. Priority is given to foreigners in Ukraine.

Coinbase just seized Russian bitcoin

It is foolish to think Bitcoin exchange sites are safe!!!

Biden just said he’s going to ban Russian oil.

He said it’s a good thing because “We need to move to green energy”. REALITY: “You will own nothing and be happy”.

Xi has told foreign leaders he opposes the sanctions on Russia

Just did it today. Not old news. So that pretty much says where China is going to be on this issue.

Iran just successfully launched a military satellite.

Yeah, the launch went OK but the satellite will function for at most 3 months because Iran can’t get the temperature related stress issues worked out. That might not matter though. Will we all be here in 3 months???

Spooky world when the remaining life span might be less than the life span of an Iranian satellite!!!

Russia is now broadcasting on the only radio station left in Mariupol:

“You are blockaded on all sides. You are in complete encirclement. A unit of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Donetsk People’s Republic has reached the administrative borders of the Donetsk region. Your command has fled, the reserves have been defeated, there will be no help. With further resistance you are doomed to death. If you want to survive, abandon your weapons and flee throught the humanitarian corridor”

Observation: If Ukraine has captured so much Russian equipment, how can anyone be sure the Ukranians are not firing on their own people with said weapons, to commit a false flag? They have that as policy, Russia does not.

Biden is once again well over an hour late with his big public announcement on Russia

This is what happens when the government knows they are not legit and the people hate them. True, Trump was late a lot too but it was because he knew there were assassins. They all play this game when they are worried about being shot. That’s a whole hour added to the fatigue of anyone who might be trying to nail them. Never give as much as a clue about when you’ll actually show, heck, Biden might appear four hours late with how much he’s hated both on the home front and abroad.

Until then, the oil prices will not really take off, but this is pretty bad:

China has spoken on the U.S. run biolabs in Ukraine


China is now questioning the United States what the hell was being done in those labs.

Heating up:

Biden’s handlers told him to pay for all planes donated to Ukraine by NATO countries 100 percent. Putin obviously says that’s an act of war. Earlier today I posted photos of Xi, Putin and Bush all together like best pals. Many web sites have claimed they are wearing freemason robes but they are not. I don’t know what they are, and I posted high enough resolution photos to show it’s not a freemason symbol on the robes. The leaves in the symbol have somewhat the same appearance as a compass on top, but thats not repeated on the bottom, it’s just leaves. The big problem I have is how buddy buddy they were. HOWEVER:

Anyone who has attended any meeting involving multi level marketing can attest to the buddy buddy attitudes shown on the surface but secretly everyone wants to outperform and crush the other guy. The smiles are all optics. Maybe that’s what that is? We had better hope so because if they really are buddy buddy in those photos we are getting suckered to infinity and beyond. I would not be surprised but there’s just not enough going on in those photos (down the page a ways) to guarantee that’s what they represent.

Russia had planned to use gold reserves to help pull through the sanctions, but today the world’s largest gold trader banned them. I guess it will be hand to hand transfers then, who needs a middleman? Putin had better confirm the bars are not tungsten before handing them over because I can just see the West making that claim. I can just SEE IT. He’d better be sure.

This was the first non-commodities site out there to post $130 Brent crude. It has come down from that price since I posted it (the capture is down the page a ways now) but I think it is only going to go up and Russia has openly threatened to attempt to put it to $300. All Russia needs to do is pull a few handles and Putin’s will will be done. That would crush Europe. Putin’s a nice guy, the gas is still on!!! If the roles were reversed, America would have cut the gas long ago.

Gasoline is now 10 euros a gallon in Europe and 10 CAD in Canada. Mexico’s prices have not moved at all. They were always right around $4 per gallon and have not moved from that yet. Currently gas is about $1.25 per gallon in Russia, they are swimming in it.

These are VERY odd and unnerving photos (because of how the leaders seem to get along with each other), and they are legit

These are the photos I spoke about at the top of the page. Many people have hoaxed these as a masonic ritual but they are really from an Asian economic summit in 2006. These photos prove the world leaders can at least put on a face with each other but it does not mean they like each other.


I got a pile of mails saying I was wrong, when I had this posted right above the photos:

“Many web sites have claimed they are wearing freemason robes but they are not. I don’t know what they are, and I posted high enough resolution photos to show it’s not a freemason symbol on the robes. The leaves in the symbol have somewhat the same appearance as a compass on top, but thats not repeated on the bottom, it’s just leaves. The big problem I have is how buddy buddy they were. HOWEVER:

Anyone who has attended any meeting involving multi level marketing can attest to the buddy buddy attitudes shown on the surface but secretly everyone wants to outperform and crush the other guy. The smiles are all optics. Maybe that’s what that is? We had better hope so because if they really are buddy buddy in those photos we are getting suckered to infinity and beyond. I would not be surprised but there’s just not enough going on in those photos (down the page a ways) to guarantee that’s what they represent.”

FINAL ANSWER. And I’ll look at the situation in Ukraine like this: – yes, the leaders are all part of one big club but it’s more like a multilevel marketing scheme where the people in the club might actually hate each other and back stab constantly. The United States would definitely go out into the parking lot and cut brake lines. Russia would be more likely to flatten tires so what they do is less dangerous for everyone.

I will remove the one photo that has someone elses bullshit explanation typed into it so people don’t get confused.

Look at Bush in the next photo. The psychopath element is pretty thinly veiled. I would not trust that guy.

My day got wrecked by an electrocardioSCAM

As part of Claudia’s ongoing cancer ordeal she has to have occasional electrocardiograms. The last one was two months ago and it was totally normal. This morning she went in for another one and came back absolutely bawling and when I saw it, my first reaction was “You’ll be dead by the end of the week” and then I thought . . . . . wait a minute, it actually looks like a total IDIOT was running the equipment. But the diagnosis came back doom anyway because the lab tech did not notice what I noticed.

I am not a cardiologist, but electrocardiograms are really just oscilloscope readouts and I know ALL ABOUT osciloscopes and the results you get when a MORON uses one. So we immediately scheduled another cardiogram at a different hospital and I went with her because there’s no way to be sure she was not going to die on the way there. The other hospital gave her a perfectly clean bill of coronary health.

The following is the screwed up electrocardioSCAM that scared the daylights out of Me, Claudia, and Claudia’s doctor. It shows a heart with a left side so unstable you might as well be legally dead. And it was BULLSHIT. It wrecked the day’s work because THAT took immediate priority. I had to IMMEDIATELY confirm the guy running the equipment was a moron. Thankfully I was right.

March 7


NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG PREVENTED. They wanted to say a Russian cruise missile did it

This is confirmed legit and not a hoax. I thought it had to be a hoax, it was not. The story line from my perspective because I was onto this days ago: 

Nato had an upcoming massive false flag scheduled for Ukraine. Kamala has a visit to Europe scheduled for 9 through 11 March. It ended on march (3) – 11. I concluded therefore that there was going to be a nuclear 911 on 3-11 done by NATO in commemoration of the 3-11 Fukushima explosions.


I have a guess as to what type of reactor the militants were planning to blow up, but obviously I cannot confirm it. MY GUESS: It was a 100 watt zero pressure open water student reactor used for training reactor operators which contained a total of about an ounce of nuclear material. The reactor was to be for show, PURE SHOW to give NATO a harmless excuse to go to war with Russia. The scamming MSM was going to play the ignorance of the public to make it all fly. And it would have flown. It has probably already been stopped.

It might have been a bigger reactor than that, but since it was called “experimental” and not medical, it probably was one of the little training reactors. But ANY reactor will work for headlines.


Oil is going crazy and gold broke $2000 briefly. Posted in the AM before bed.


Russia has stated that anyone assisting Ukraine with fighter jets or anything else is declaring war on Russia.

MY RESPONSE: Captain obvious made that response.


Decent Russian oil

AFTER Russia invaded Ukraine I bought this for two reasons:

1. My transmission hated Valvoline, which might have even damaged it

2. For the last transmission service a few months ago I bought this Russian fluid because I figured it would work if it was Russian. It did. It saved the day.

The transmission is not fully recovered but at least it works fine in drive now, with the valvoline you could forget drive, it was L1 only and spooky L1 at that. It does not appear to be progressively failing anymore with the Lukoil so I got more (Russian) fluid for the war preps. I’ll do a re-learn on the transmission and change the filters again. Hopefully that will finish “fixing” it.

For the record, I have not tried Lukoil engine oil, but judging from how it worked in a CVT transmission my guess is their engine oil is one of the big boys, like Castrol or Valvoline. I already purchased engine oil into the future but I certainly would not be hesitant about buying any Lukoil product. It is probably all good stuff. THANKS RUSSIA!

The common consensus of the aware:

My take on the above:

Canada just jumped the shark. into true tyrannical waters. Canada detained Russian citizens just for being Russian, while Russia never attacked Canada. I don’t think there is a history of a nation that ever did what Canada just did.

Canada just detained Russian citizens just for being Russian at the Yellowknife airport when Russia never attacked Canada. GET THIS: During World War 2 the U.S. detained Japanese citizens, but they only did so AFTER the Pearl Harbor attacks, while we were fighting Japan during world war 2. These Russians did NOTHING and their country did NOTHING to Canada.

I tried to think of a country that would do this to the citizens of a country they did not like when the country did not attack. Even North Korea won’t do this. I don’t even think a drug cartel would do this unless they had some other motive like a ransom. Doing this “just because you can and you are mad” puts Canada into uncharted territory. Countries are expected to have some level of decency, even the Norks.

The situation in Ukraine should be over soon but it appears that despite claiming the neutrality, those controlling Biden are doing all they can to make good and sure Ukraine gets all the weapons and help it needs to give Russia a bloody nose. Like the good general in the video above said, the Ukranian forces are completely beaten and have resorted to taking shelter among the civilians, thus making a high civilian death count inevitable. Who knows how long this will drag out.

The War Candle, now done and fully assessed.

CONCLUSION: Don’t bother with normal candles, not even cheap ones. Go out and get a couple cans of crisco instead. Here is what you do:

I am going to post an opinion about what I really think is going on –

First of all, there are spurious reports about gasoline not even being available at some stations in some parts of the United states. REALITY: supply lines don’t dry up that quick, someone is playing games. So russia cut the gas, ONLY NO. FACT: If Russia was supplying ALL of America’s gasoline, there is no pipeline from here to there, only ships, which means there is no way in hell there could possibly be a shortage because the last ships would only be 30 percent done with their voyage to America since Russia went into Ukraine. The timeline is too short. It’s all a BIG FAT LIE.

And I’ll throw out another whopper: Before Trump was overthrown America was supplying OTHER COUNTRIES with gasoline. America was producing above and beyond it’s needs and when the usurpers seized power they shut the pipelines and oil fields down. You want to know what I really think? I THINK THE BASTARDS WHO SIEZED POWER IN THE UNITED STATES ARE COOPERATING WITH ENEMY POWERS TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. I THINK THAT FOR THE MOST PART, THOSE RUNNING AMERICA ARE THE ENEMY POWERS.



Here is more “captain obvious”, A U.S. Army general will never be allowed on Fox again because he told the truth:

CONCLUSION: We are in a state of “high tension” with Russia who might actually be legit, or might be playing along with a sinister plot. Who knows.


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