Democrats use “Hammer &Scorecard” software to produce 160,000 fake votes for Biden

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An article by Jad Rucher, published by NOQ  Report on November 7, reported that a block of 150,000 Michigan mail-in ballots were discovered and 100% were marked for Biden. Not a single ballot was marked, down-ballot, for the Democratic Senator who was subsequently not elected in Michigan. They got caught cheating with the “hammer” + “scorecard” software.

If you want to see how crude the Democrat plan to steal the election has been, look at what they did in Michigan.

Voters don’t fill out all the candidate options, which has happened before. Ballot measures and positions in local Government do not receive the same attention as state and federal positions, because many voters are not aware of the candidates, or do not care about local politics. As a result, voters often leave that part of the ballot blank. But the vast majority of those who vote for President also vote in the Senate and Congressional elections. The situation in Michigan this year does not seem to follow that pattern. Down-ballot choices for Senate and Congress were left blank in the mail-in ballots that were discovered late, or after, November 3rd. The swing in votes in favor of Biden on November 3rd and in the subsequent days was unprecedented, and it miraculously generated enough votes to push Biden to the top.

According to current data from United States federal headquarters ?According to current data from the relevant US federal headquarters?, 5,867,609 people in Michigan participated in the presidential election and 5,717,819 of those marked a candidate in the competitive Senate election. The difference is 149,790. Biden is now ahead with 145,935 votes.

One might argue that the Senate race is just too competitive and a lot of people are struggling to know who to vote for, so they simply don’t vote for anyone. This is unlikely, but ok let’s look at Oregon, a very blue state known for its rampant voter fraud. Here there is no risk of a red flip in either the presidential or Senate races. There, 2,317,816 voted for the presidential vote, while 2,281,011 voted for the Senate, a difference of 36,805.

What about the red state of South Carolina? 2,514,124 voted for the President, compared to 2,512,793 voters in the Senate, and only 1,331 voters, which, compared to previous years is more reasonable. Only a small proportion of voters abstained from voting a Senate candidate.

There appears to be a trend which must be investigated. Voter fraud comes in many forms, including well-known methods of requisitioning postal and absentee ballots, an elections officer collects and votes them illegally for others. We know that this was happening in Michigan, and we can see that almost everyone voted in both the senatorial and presidential elections. So where do these ballots that voted only for the President come from?

The answer is these ballots were engineered by the “Hammer” and “scorecard” systems. These are system used in 2012 by the CIA during the Obama administration to change the vote. It essentially hacks into the interface between polling locations and the state government database, and changes the number of votes reported in real time. In the case of Michigan, it seems likely they were used to give Biden the advantage, without changing or increasing votes in the down-ballot Senate election. Dennis Montgomery’s congressional testimony in 2015 said Joe Biden and Barack Obama had used the system to win in Florida in 2012. Biden knows the system like the back of his hand. His ascent through the ranks of the Democratic Party, from the very bottom to the Democratic vice-presidential nomination to winning the general election itself was a “miracle” process

There are 1,331 presidential voters in South Carolina who did not vote in the Senate elections, and Michigan is said to have 149,790. If you don’t think it’s suspicious, you are naive. The election was attacked by hackers. And Trump will win.

In summary, in addition to the recent wide-spread falsification of ballot papers, Biden is believed to have tampered with the ballots during the Obama administration. Retired General Thomas G. Mclnerney was interviewed by the Bannon’s War-room on November 2. Mclnerney revealed a software called “Hammer” which was activated early in 2012 by the Democratic Party and was designed to tamper with ballots. Obama and Biden are familiar with the software, which they used in Florida, to help Biden beat Bernie Saunders and win the nomination for Vice-President. The Hammer allowed Biden to surge ahead in Pennsylvania by affecting 3% of the votes. The retired general said the progressive wing of the Democrat party want to turn the US into a totalitarian state and is prepared to do anything to accomplish that. We believe that the American people, who have a sense of justice, will never allow this. In the end justice will prevail over deception and evil. Trump wins!

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The Hammer and Scorecard smoking gun: 150,000 Michigan presidential ‘voters’ didn’t vote for Senate

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