Ghislaine Does Paris: Jeffrey Epstein’s Fugitive ‘Madam’ Hiding Behind French Extradition Laws ?

Jeffrey Epstein’s accused ‘madam’ is reportedly holed up in a luxury apartment on Paris’s Avenue Matignon – just a five minute drive from the dead pedophile’s $8.6 million flat, according to the Daily Mail.

Maxwell “is moving locations every month to keep private investigators off her tail and is ­staying at the residences of trusted colleagues and contacts,” according to a source.

“She wants to remain in France for as long as she can to take advantage of extradition laws and has a huge network of contacts willing to keep her hidden,” they added. “Under French law anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of the alleged crime.

Maxwell is now understood to have moved into a flat on on Avenue Matignon, in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement  (via the Daily Mail)

“It doesn’t mean she won’t be ­prosecuted for her links to Epstein but if she does end up facing charges it will be in France and not the US.

Why is Ghislaine Maxwell so anti-interesting to our media? To our FBI? To our CIA? I mean these folks do *not* want to find her or talk to her in a HUGE way.

Let’s find out. 


How hard can this be – unless the US (read Trump & Friends) has asked Interpol NOT to find her? 

The French apartment is linked to a Normandy-based business contact, according to the report.

Epstein and Maxwell began dating in the early 1990s, after which she became his ‘madam’ and helicopter pilot – allegedly ferrying underage girls to his multiple properties around the world. In 2003, Epstein told a reporter with Vanity Fair that Maxwell was his “best friend.”

Maxwell’s Her new luxury abode is only a short five-minute drive from Epstein’s £7million pad on Avenue Foch (pictured)

Maxwell comes from money. Her father was publisher Robert Maxwell – who himself faced accusations of being a Mossad double (and possibly triple) agent and a “bad character” who was “almost certainly financed by Russia,” according to the British Foreign Office. Robert Maxwell died in 1991 when he fell from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine – however the circumstances surrounding his demise have been rife with speculation (including that it was a Mossad assassination – a theory which attorney and longtime Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz slammed in a 2003 op-ed).

Ghislaine has been accused by three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on Epstein and his associates

Virginia Giuffre (previously named Virginia Roberts), one of Epstein’s alleged victims, claimed in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell “recruited” her into Epstein’s orbit, where she was forced to have sex with Epstein and his powerful friends, including Prince Andrew.

Giuffre asserts in her complaint that Maxwell, the sole defendant in the suit and the daughter of late publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, routinely recruited underaged girls for Epstein and was doing so when she approached the $9-an-hour locker room attendant at Mar-a-Lago in 1999 about giving massages to the wealthy investment banker.

Maxwell also attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – and has been linked to other prominent people such as Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz.

Here’s Ghislaine Maxwell, by many accounts Jeffrey Epstein’s “pimp” and “groomer of girls” at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

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Meanwhile, it looks like the ‘untouchable’ Maxwell may be in Paris for the foreseeable future.

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