So, NASA has a warp drive, and they call it a “WARP DRIVE”. Do you folks realize what this means? This means that they have revealed the fact of what SSP whistle-blowers such as Dr. Michael Salla and Corey Goode have been saying since we first saw them. NASA is coming out and telling the truth. Even though there is likely much more to learn, this is basically their unveiling of their space-travel technology.
David Wilcock has been making the point that the cabal has been doing everything they can to push there own version of disclosure out to the public, and this seems to be very true. I believe we should keep the point in mind that there are many factions of the cabal at this point. Some of them are ready to surrender, while others just can’t seem to let go of their age-old game. This endless display of slight-of-hand tactics and double-sided half-truths has left the public with so many mental loose ends that the task of tying them all off may seem a little bit much to handle. (…Metaphors.) However, this is completely doable.
So now, we have a scientifically verified, “50/50” chance of finding life out there and the warp engine to take us there. …And where is all of the rhetoric of “we’re alone in the universe”? It’s nowhere to be found, that’s where. Such talk is an ancient memory with regard to the official stance. It honestly boggles my mind how quickly such an illogical stance could last for so long while being called “scientific”, and then suddenly disappear from all existence (though I’m not at all complaining).
Late during this week—in fact, the night before I am finishing this article—the source Cobra released some intelligence on his knowledge of the Earth Alliance and where things stand with regard to the surrender of the cabal. As far as negotiations are concerned, much of the cabal is on their way to complete surrender, and have been presented the terms for their surrender. However, there are still a few hold-outs who seem to want to fight until the bitter end. It is my belief that we are well on our way to an inevitable victory, and it seems that all we need to do is to push forward for Full Disclosure and to hold the most positive intent imaginable.

A Look into the Mirror

This has been quite a wild ride. This corporate media script may have only been on the subject of partial disclosure, but even still, it has been eye-opening. We have quite a bit to consider with the thought of each of these revelations, though many are likely to be half-truths. With these thoughts, let’s consider the need for full disclosure.
Considering as much as we as a planet have been through, it is not at all a pleasant thought that we could experience more of this if we do not act, and act now. The partial-disclosure train may be rolling out, but this does not at all stop us from acknowledging the fact that there is more to learn and more to be unveiled. This circus does not change without our action, and will only do so when we step up.
We have in our power to create anything we could possibly imagine, and more. What this is, and when this happens is up to each of us. Due to our continued efforts, we have reached this critical point, where the potential of the planet is ultimately positive, though the specific flavor of that positive energy has yet to be determined. It is my view that this direction should be the for the greatest good for all of us (except for the cabal holdouts who insist upon persisting). This world is ours to create and ours to remake.
Full disclosure is on the horizon, and as we progress and demand change, we come ever closer to the revelation and breakthrough we have all desired since we awoke.
This is our time. Let’s make the most of it.

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