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“The economic scheme in the U.S. of creating fiat book-entry money via T-securities in the amount of the principal of the security with a promise to repay the principal PLUS the interest (i.e., deficit spending) is impossible. The interest is never created.

The debt must continually be increased to pay interest on earlier securities or the scheme will collapse.”

The interest-based fiat financial system is founded on fraud. The money printed, and all its derivatives, are sold as commodities of value, when in reality are intrinsically worthless except for the ink and paper they are printed on.

The amount they are supposed to represent is plucked from thin air and has no bearing at all with tangible economics. But even so, the bearer can only earn fiat money, or the borrower thereof will be able to pay that imaginary debt only, through the sweat of his eyebrow. That’s when the fraud happens.

Their value resides only from the imagination of the bearer, i.e. presumption of value, and his faith on the entire system run by priests of various types, the object of priesthood indoctrination and worship known as college education.

The word “college” comes from the Vatican’s College of Cardinals, the group tasks of electing the Pope, a product of Saturnilian worship. The Pope himself is the CEO of the Mother of All Corporations which includes most governments on Earth.

Through our article, Aside from Vanguard, Nazionists also have Genie Energy [GNE], we publicly asked Ben Fulford, for the sake of transparency, about the concrete actions being taken against the Cabal considering that the likes of Dick Cheney are still moving around as free men, in spite of the indictment and guilty verdict rendered through the Malaysian Court hearing the case against the Bush-Cheney illegal “War of Terror”..

We asked the question because we are all stakeholders of the future of this planet, and once a group starts to claim proactive actions are being done against the enemies of humanity, we need at least know the general story.

We have been ripped off before, my country and yours and we don’t want to be ripped off again and again.

We got a response from Ben, like so:

“The main source of Khazarian mob power, the Federal Reserve Board, has had its US operations seized by the Pentagon. Now the Fed has been sued for trillions of dollars’ worth of fraud by a Fed whistleblower in an effort to recover US government money stolen by this criminal institution.

Those readers still wondering when all the arrests of Khazarian gangsters would start need to understand by now the process is well under way, even if painfully slow. We have already seen kings and popes resign in Europe and now we are seeing the American Khazarian mob rulers being taken down. This process will continue until it is complete.

However, we must not underestimate the power of the Khazarian mob or their continued confidence in their ability to control the future of this planet.“

As indicated above, Ben referred us to a case filed against the Federal Reserve, the supporting document of which is posted below.

Our concern at this point is: Will a complaint filed against a corporate entity like Federal Reserve Bank prospers inside another corporate entity, i.e. a corporate court?

Once the bearer awakens to the whole charade, his faith of the entire system collapses. That’s when he’ll know what freedom truly is.

This is where non-ninjas like us need to come in. So, feel free to disseminate all information we have shared through this website.


  • FRBNY = Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • BOG = Board of Governors

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