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Yeah, I’ll admit it. I still like Tiger Woods.


Before the barrage of accusations and floozies exploded all over every media outlet, I was a casual Tiger Woods fan. But I was a fan, no less. When I’d watch golf on TV, it would be to watch Tiger, because he was always the best player on the course—even on his crappiest days. He’s expected to win, and I think that’s why the blood- and story-thirsty entertainment media have been all over him. He wasn’t expected to do all of these things (or maybe he was?). And one by one, as the skeletons have fallen face-first out of his closet, I’ve been, like, “So what?” I might be the first to say this, but I still like Tiger Woods. People have done a lot worse. Media: Get over it. Elin: You’re young and hot. You’ll find somebody else. The PGA: When he comes back, he’ll still be the best, and your ratings will be sky high. So, stop pouting.

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