It is the year of Our Lord 2020. In the midst of the greatest economic expansion in American history, a mysterious virus was introduced into the United States. It was also introduced into almost every country in the world. The virus was called ‘Covid’ and the ‘Wuhan Virus’. It was given these names because the scientific community believed it was very similar to other Covid viruses with which they were familiar. And because it was thought to have come from Wuhan, China.

Oddly enough, from 1918 through 1919 America had experienced a much more deadly virus. It was called the ‘Spanish Flu’ because this virus was believed to have originated in Spain. The President of the United States at that time was ‘Progressive’ Princetonian Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The brilliant Mr. Wilson was a confirmed KKK supporter – a genuine white supremacist. Progressive Democrat Wilson had taken no action during the Spanish Flu Pandemic. He let it come and go leaving hundreds of thousands to die in its wake. The Spanish Flu killed almost 0.05% of the US population by 1919.

Although the Covid virus of 2020 was very serious it had killed less than 0.001% of the US population by early 2021. Much like a bad flu. However, the American people were told, by one of many Deep State useful idiots (the WHO), to be fearful and to wear deadly masks. The rest of the world followed suit.

In the United States of America, President Trump, along with many in the scientific and medical communities, quickly determined that this Covid virus had indeed originated in communist controlled China.

At the beginning of this Covid ‘experience’ the so called medical ‘experts’ at the time, like Dr. Fauci, were telling people, on TV and Cable networks, they really did not need to be concerned about the ‘dreaded’ Covid virus and there was no reason to wear masks. Remember? To protect the American people, however, President Trump shut down all flights in America originating from communist China. Especially from the communist Chinese city of Wuhan. It had been determined by most of the scientific and medical communities at the time, that the ‘dreaded’ Covid virus had originated in Wuhan China either in it’s ‘wet markets’ or in it’s famous virus laboratory in Wuhan. Remember?

But gutless anti-American professional politicians like Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, were calling President Trump xenophobic. The fact is that while President Trump was trying to stop the spread of Covid, Pelosi herself paid a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown (ironic, yes?). With reckless abandon, on prime time TV and cable networks, Pelosi enthusiastically invited all the people of the United States to visit San Francisco to shop and dine at the very same time President Trump was in the early stages of trying to shut down airline travel to prevent the spread of Covid. Bright girl.

President Trump was, against his own political self-interests, shutting down the rapidly expanding US economy to prevent the spread of Covid. When his political and government opponents realized he was right, they jumped on the bandwagon and joined President Trump in quickly shutting down what was the fastest growing economy in the history of the United States of America.

But after a short period of time, many lifelong professional politicians, being the liars and hypocritical cowards they are, reversed course and began to condemn President Trump for not acting more quickly. Go figure. This is what actually happened. We don’t need some vacuous fake media mob MORONS giving us their false narrative, their ‘version’ of what happened. All American Patriots witnessed what these spineless cowards did.

President Trump was the first individual of note to tout a very inexpensive and effective treatment for Covid. He suggested that a medicine used successfully for more than 50 years in America and already approved by the FDA, hydroxychloroquine sulfate (HCQ), might be used to treat Covid. Judging by the various ‘pundit’s’ comments condemning his suggestion, you would have thought he suggested arsenic. His suggestion was widely condemned by the Deep State and most of it’s communist politicians and the scientific and medical communities of ‘geniuses’ – including a malicious greedy little elf named Dr. Fauci.

Almost a year after Covid had invaded the USA and after the presidential election was stolen from President Trump by the Deep State, the truth about how to successfully treat Covid finally emerged.

In January of 2021, after all the condemnation from the Deep State’s useful idiots including the main street media mob morons, the communist Democrat party, the greedy pharmaceutical companies and medical communities, had settled down, the American Journal of Medicine finally admitted that President Trump had been right all along. It published, in their prestigious Journal, how HCQ could be used effectively to treat Covid. The American Journal of Medicine, in January of 2021, explained that HCQ, combined with several other inexpensive and widely available substances such as zinc and a relatively inexpensive and FDA approved anti-biotic, was indeed a safe and effective modality for the successful treatment of Covid, especially if used in the early onset of the disease. THAT news has been buried by the same Deep State medical communities, greedy pharmaceutical companies, fake news organizations and the rabid politicians who had condemned President Trump.

Imagine if those same Deep State ‘entities’ back then had listened to President Trump. Think about how many HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of lives would have been saved in the USA and THE WORLD. Also, if HCQ had been embraced, the American economy would have opened up quickly. The USA would be back at work enjoying a booming economy again – without killer masks.

The Deep State and it’s useful idiots should be ashamed of themselves and be held to account for crimes against humanity. Right now, arrangements are being made in the Hague to do just that – the new Covid ‘Nuremburg trials’.

The same medical and scientific communities that had condemned President Trump for suggesting the use of HCQ, had been safely and successfully using HCQ for more than 50 years! Early on in the world’s battle to prevent the spread of Covid, and because the ‘scientific’ community had rejected use of the inexpensive and proven HCQ modality, President Trump initiated the immediate development of Covid ‘vaccines’ as recommended by the WHO. He called it ‘Operation Warp Speed’. After the main street media mob morons falsely declared that President Trump had lost his bid for re-election, Covid vaccines were mysteriously unveiled by several major pharmaceutical companies. What a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe, who was falsely declared winner of the 2020 presidential election (my opinion is at least as good as those of the fake media mob morons), received a Covid vaccine injection LIVE on camera – BEFORE he took office. When he took office however, he promptly declared that when he arrived in office, no vaccines were available to the citizens of the United States. Sleepy Joe was brain dead. Many of us Seagulls, and most of the American people, already knew this.

The Covid ‘plandemic’ ( had been used to make people, world wide, live in fear and wear deadly masks and BEG for a ‘vaccine’. The virus was used, by the Deep State, to destroy what had been the most powerful economic engine in American History. It was used to ‘defeat’ President Trump in his quest for reelection. President Trump managed the plandemic ( as well as any human being could. We all watched that. He was fighting not just Covid, but the Deep State and their useful idiots such as the hypocritical medical community, professional politicians, the fake media mob morons, the CCP and the communist Democrat party.

The American people saw this but they were constantly being told, by the main street media mob morons, that President Trump had caused hundreds of thousands of deaths because of his mishandling of the Covid Plandemic. CODSWALLOP!!. If there was blame to be had for so many Covid deaths, it belongs to those who savaged President Trump’s idea of using the HCQ protocol.

The vast majority of American citizens know that Trump actually excelled in his handing of the Covid invasion. In fact, no vaccine, for any disease, in the history of Planet Earth, had ever been developed for use in less time. However this Seagull will never take any Covid ‘vaccine’. I simply don’t trust the Deep State pharmaceutical companies. As President Trump has said “it is our choice whether or not we want to take the vaccine”.

The American people know they can no longer trust the communist Democrat party, the Congress, the fake news media mob morons, the WHO, social media and the other hypocritical greedy Deep State entities like the pharmaceutical and medical communities. They are right.

Speaking of ‘right’, this Seagull does not have to wear a killer mask anymore, right? I’ve already had the ‘dreaded’ Covid. So what are the rules now… if you’ve already had the dreaded Covid, you don’t need a mask, right? You can’t give Covid to anyone and you can’t get it from anyone, right? And if you’ve had the vaccine, you don’t need a mask because you can’t give Covid to anyone and you can’t get Covid from anyone, right? Hold on now. Maybe I have this backwards. So if you’ve had the dreaded Covid you still have to wear a deadly mask? If you’ve taken the vaccine, you still need to wear a deadly mask? No, that doesn’t make any sense. WHO’s making these rules? Yes. I mean WHO’s making these rules? Yes. Yes, WHO’s making these rules. WHO’s on first? I’m confused. I think it’s time to take a break. I’m gonna relax and have a Coke and try to be less white. I just can’t help it though, all of us Seagulls are well…white.

Jonathan Seagull

Excerpted from “American Reichstad”, by Jonathan Seagull

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