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Piers Morgan: ‘On Almost Every Level’ Trump Is Failing the American People on Coronavirus

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” co-host of “Good Morning Britain,” and Daily Mail editor-at-large Piers Morgan said President Donald Trump was failing the American people with his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Morgan said, “You have two populous leaders in Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. All the tricks that they used to become popular and to win elections, to lead their countries are now being tested in a very different way. It’s not about partisan politics anymore, it’s about plain war crisis leadership. It’s a very different thing. What I’ve noticed with Boris Johnson and with Donald Trump is an apparent inability to segue into being war leaders. They’re still playing the old games of party politics. Donald Trump, in particular, I’ve known him a long time. I consider him to be a friend, but I’ve been watching these daily briefings with mounting horror, frankly, because this is not what the president should be doing. You won’t like me saying this, but the president of the united states is an incredibly important person in the world. Not least to Americans who are dying in the tens of thousands from a disease that we don’t know much about yet. And all that is required from the president in those moments and any world leader, frankly, they have to be calm, show authority, they have to be honest, they have to be accurate, entirely factual with what they’re telling the people and they have to have an ability to show empathy. On almost every level of that, Donald Trump, at the moment, is failing the American people

He continued, “He’s turning these briefings into a self-aggrandizing,

self-justifying, overly defensive politically partisan almost like a rally to him. Almost like what’s more important is winning the election in November. No, it’s not, Donald Trump. What’s important now is saving American lives. I believe that the complacency that the American and British administrations have shown in the first few weeks of this crisis has been extremely damaging to both countries ability to deal with coronavirus, but it’s not too late for them to get a grip and actually make the attack on the virus their number one priority — not pumping themselves up, not telling us all day what a great job they’re doing. But actually focusing on what matters. And that is human life.”

Morgan added, “I don’t care about the election. Nobody should care about the election. Donald Trump, if he’s listening to this or watching, you will win the election in November if you get this right. If you stop making it about yourself and make it about the American people and show that you care about them over yourself, you will win. Conversely, you will lose the election in November if you continue to make it about yourself, continue playing silly politics, continue targeting Democrat governors because that suits you for your electoral purposes. None of that matters. Until Donald Trump realizes that, and again, he doesn’t want to hear it, but he may as well hear it from me – until you realize that, Mr. President, you will not get this right. If you don’t get it right, more Americans will die.”

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