by Miles Mathis

I got into this one in a weird way, as usual. I was researching famous 19th century author Bret Harte,who wrote about cowboys. You won’t be surprised by what I found first: his grandfather was an Orthodox Jewish immigrant who was one of the founders of the New York Stock Exchange. Searching on the foundations of the NYSE, I tripped over the fact that it had been sold in 2012 to ICE. What is ICE? It is a company started by Jeffrey Sprecher, also Jewish, of course. ICE was backed by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley at its startup in 2000, and we are told by mainstream sources that Sprecher “gave” 80% control to them. I assume the correct verb is “took”. They took it. We aren’t told if they still had 80% control in 2012, when ICE took over the NYSE. But I take this to mean that Goldman Sachs (and perhaps Morgan Stanley) now own the NYSE. Morgan Stanley faded in 2007-8, as everyone knows, so maybe they aren’t part of the mix like they were. Or—since that whole collapse was faked and managed as well—maybe Morgan Stanley just went undercover. Whatever the case may be there, we have to ask who owns Goldman Sachs. you ready? Blackrock is the top investor, and Vanguard and State Street are right behind. Together, they own almost 20% of Goldman Sachs.

And who owns Blackrock? As usual, that information is denied us. We are told that Blackrock is owned by shareholders, and that Fink, the top shareholder, only owns about 1%. If you believe that, you need serious help from Makemake. These investment groups were created to hide ownership, and they do it very well. Any research puts you on a merry-go-round, where one investment group is owned by another investment group, and then back to the first one. As with the Forbes‘ lists, the richest people are permanently hidden: they don’t make any published lists. We may assume the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the other usual suspects are being hidden, and maybe some others we don’t even know about (like Stanleys or Spencer-Churchills).

But I did find some information that is not hidden which is very interesting. At, we get a breakdown of what Blackrock and some of the others actually own. Chew on this to start with:


As you see, almost overnight Blackrock’s value rose about 23 times, from about 80 billion to about 1.8 trillion. What happened in January of 2017? Oh yeah, Trump was sworn in as our newest fake President. Since Obama had been President before that, and since he was already Goldman Sachs lawn boy, what does that make Trump? Trump is 23 times further up Goldman Sachs wazoo than Obama was? How is that possible?

I leave that to you to figure out, since I have more numbers to spring on you. On that same page, we learn that Blackrock’s top holdings are—in this order—Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, Berkshire Hathaway, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Chevron, United Health, Proctor & Gamble, ATT, Verizon, Citigroup, VISA, Intel, Home Depot, Cisco, Comcast, DOW, CocaCola, Pepsi, Boeing, Merck, Oracle, Disney, Philip Morris, Master Card, McDonalds, GE, Walmart, 3M, IBM, Honeywell, TI, Invidia, Amgen,  Union Pacific, Bristol Myers, Abbott, Lockheed martin, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, and about 4800 more major holdings!

Blackrock owns 53 billion of Apple, 45 billion of Microsoft, 40 billion of Google, 36 billion of Amazon, 24 billion of Facebook, 25 billion of JP Morgan Chase, 23 billion of Johnson & Johnson, 20 billion each of ExxonMobil, Berkshire Hathaway, and Bank of America, and so on, for a total of about 2.1 trillion.

Now you know why Apple and Microsoft have never really competed with one another. They are owned by the same people, so competition would be illogical. Two platforms were promoted from the beginning, to give the illusion of competition. Blackstone’s current portfolio is much smaller, about 20 billion, down from 36 billion in 2015. They appear to be shifting assets to Blackrock, closing many positions. But they are still heavily invested in Cheniere, Gates, Hilton, and La Quinta.

What about Vanguard? Curiously, Vanguard’s page is almost identical to Blackrock’s page. They have about 4100 holdings with a total value of 2.3 trillion, with the top holdings being—in this order—Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway, ExxonMobil, Bank of America, etc. Look familiar? The same holdings as Blackrock in the same order. Vanguard owns 59 billion of Apple, 54 billion of Microsoft, 45 billion of Google, 41 billion of Amazon, 28 billion each of JPMorganChase and Facebook, 27 billion of Johnson & Johnson, 25 billion of BerkshireHathaway, 24 billion if ExxonMobil, etc. This indicates tome that Vanguard and Blackrock are owned and run by the same family/families, and are actually connected. As with Blackstone/Blackrock, we are sold a split to make it look like the companies aren’t related, when they are. This immediately raises the percent ownership by a large margin (about doubling it in most cases). For instance, Blackrock/Vanguard own 112 billion of Apple. Since we may assume Apple’s valuation of 500 billion is vastly inflated, Blackrock/Vanguard may own most of it. Or, other investment groups like State Street may also be fronts for the same family, being part of the same consortium. That would be my guess.

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