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Eric Bolling, Father of Overdose Victim, Warns Against ‘Not My Kid Syndrome’


Eric Bolling, the former Fox News personality who lost his son to an opioid overdose in September, discussed the crisis that claimed his son’s life on the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) main stage Thursday.

Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer interviewed Bolling, asking him what his son, Eric Chase Bolling’s, unexpected death as a University of Colorado sophomore impressed upon him.

“I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t think I’d be standing on this stage talking to you about this; I thought I’d be standing on stage talking to you about President Trump or something,” Bolling said, later claiming to have assembled 200,000 stories of the bereaved from the opioid crisis on his Twitter page.

Bolling called himself an “accidental expert” on the tidal wave of drug addiction and overdose that killed more Americans than automobile accidents in 2016. Number one for Bolling was knocking out what he called “not my kid syndrome.”

Voice of Reason vs. Voice of Treason

#Trump #MAGA #AmericaFirst vs #Obama
#Constitution vs. #GlobalismObama was installed into the office by the Deep State globalists and he happily did their bidding.Obamacare was a disaster.
Obama worsened race relations rather than repair them.
Obama pushed for more gun control and used false flags to bolster his case.
Obama apologized, bowed and scraped to foreigners and gave Iran billions of dollars illegally.
Obama often put his dirty shoes up on the Oval Office desk as a sign of disrespect.
Obama purged the military of those who weren’t willing to fire upon Americans.
Obama knew about Hillary’s private server and was in league with her to use the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.
Obama wanted open borders and encouraged the countless millions of illegals to vote for Hillary.
Obama helped to rig the election in her favor because she was going to continue the work that Obama had done. That is, the breaking of America in order to usher in more Deep State tyranny.

Despite having everything rigged in her favor, Hillary still lost.

Our country dodged a bullet. President Trump immediately began dismantling Obama’s ‘accomplishments.’ Trump replaced treason with reason. It’s still a work in progress because the Deep State expected ‘their’ candidate, an outright criminal, to win. Now they’re doing their best to impeach Trump because he’s not one of them. Their coup must not be allowed to succeed.

The Bushes and Clintons and then Obama allowed the bubbling swamp to grow vast, deep and powerful. It will take time to drain it, but we have a president who is capable of doing it. He can start by waking up Jeff Sessions.

—Ben Garrison

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South Korea to announce joint military drill plan with US before April


SEOULSouth Korea and the United States will announce plans before April for a postponed joint military drill, South Korea’s defence minister said on Tuesday.

Seoul and Washington had agreed to postpone the regular joint military exercise until after the Winter Olympics and Paralympicsbeing hosted in South Korea, which

The exercise was postponed according to the spirit of the Olympics,

Donald Trump Fuels Viral ‘Loser CNN’ Meme

Trump Torches ‘Loser CNN’ with Meme…

Trump: FBI Missed Florida Shooter Because Wasting Time on Russia

Nikolas Cruz

President Donald Trump expressed disappointment that the FBI failed to stop the Florida shooter, despite being informed about his dangerous behavior.

Judge Jeanine: ‘The FBI Needs a Complete Overhaul, a Complete Cleansing’

Image result for photos judge jeanie pierro

Fox News Channel “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro took aim at the FBI in response to their failure to act on two different tips they received regarding Parkland, FL, shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“The FBI needs a complete overhaul, a complete cleansing,” Pirro began her Saturday opening statement.

She continued, “In any company or organization that runs afoul of its mission or is tainted by corruption and politics, the CEO and the board of directors would go. Likewise, the utter failure of the FBI in September and January regarding shooter Nikolas Cruz is so monumental that the same rule must apply. The killing of young innocence. teachers and coaches, gunned down in a school — a place that should be a haven in a heartless world, lays at the hands of the FBI.”

Pirro added that had the shooting could have been prevented had the FBI “bothered to lift a finger.”


Salmon caught near Seattle overloaded with antidepressants, cocaine and more


Tucker Carlson: ‘They Call It Gun Control But It’s Not — It’s People Control’

Tucker Carlson: ‘They Call It Gun Control But It’s Not — It’s People Control’

Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson responded to calls from the left for gun control in the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Parkland, FL.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host theorized some Democratic politicians and “blustery charlatans in the media” had much darker aims with their calls for gun control, which he argued had little to do with public safety.

“Let’s stop lying about this,” he said. “The calls we are hearing today for gun control have nothing to do with protecting Americans from violence. What you’re witnessing is a kind of class war. The left hates rural America, red America, gun-owning America, the America that elected Donald Trump. They hate them. Progressives are still in charge of most of the major institutions in this country, and they despise the autonomy of an armed population. They want collective punishment for the sins of a few. They seek to obliterate a core constitutional right rather than trying to mitigate its downsides. They call it gun control, but it’s not. It’s people control. For the left, voters who can’t be controlled, can’t be trusted.”

The coup d’etet has failed and the Republic wins. Now the hard reality of setting up military tribunals lies before us. Betsy and Thomas are calling on all first-tier alternative media creators to begin preparing their audiences.






Millions of bees turning up dead around GMO corn fields soaked with neonicotinoid pesticides


(NaturalNews) As the European Union considers whether to lift restrictions on three pesticides in the neonicotinoid family, it would do well to consider the phenomenon, known to Canadian beekeepers, in which bees start dying in droves shortly after corn planting season.

“Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” said beekeeper Dave Schuit in summer 2013, as reported by Eat Local Grown.

That spring, Schuit lost 600 hives containing 37 million bees. The same year, Canadian farmer Gary Kenny said that eight of the 10 beehives that he kept on his property died shortly after his neighbors planted corn in their fields.

Genetically modified (GM) corn is widely planted in Canada, but because the bee deaths occurred just after planting, the corn plants are not likely to blame for this particular die-off. Instead, beekeepers believe the cause is that the corn seeds were pre-treated with neonicotinoids. Air seeding causes neonicotinoid dust to fly off the seeds and into the air, drifting across the landscape.

Yale Researchers Accidentally Expose Facebook’s Bias Against Conservative Media

Yale Researchers Accidentally Expose Facebook’s Bias Against Conservative Media


BI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy”

  • Undercover FBI informant William Campbell has given written testimony to Congressional investigators after an “iron clad” gag order was lifted in October
  • Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI
  • Campbell was required by the Russians, under threat, to launder large sums of money – which allowed the FBI to uncover a massive Russian “nuclear money laundering apparatus
  • He collected over 5,000 documents and briefs over a six year period, some of which detail efforts by Moscow to route money to the Clinton Foundation
  • Campbell claims to have video evidence of bribe money related to the Uranium One deal being stuffed into suitcases.
  • The Obama FBI knew about the bribery scheme, yet the administration still approved the Uranium One deal.
  • To thank him for his service, Campbell was paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a 2016 celebration dinner in Chrystal City
  • When it emerged that Campbell had evidence against the Clinton Foundation, a Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff (of FISA warrant application fame) slammed Campbell as a “disaster” potential witness

An undercover FBI informant embedded in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has finally given his testimony to three Congressional committees.  

William D. Campbell became an FBI counterintelligence asset after spending several years as a CIA operative who developed working relationships in the nuclear industry in Kazakhstan and Russia.

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Hatchet Man

Government Source: Clinton Insider Peddled Trump Dirt Sooner Than We Thought

Cody Shearer, a longtime Clinton insider, was peddling dirt on President Donald Trump as early as Aug. 2016. (Screenshot/YouTube/merrywriter B)

Ann Coulter: Carter Page: Agent 000

Ann Coulter: Carter Page: Agent 000

Fake News Flashback: CNN Declared Trump ‘Bonkers’ for Saying Clinton, Dems Behind Dossier

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 01: President Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Committee winter meeting at the Trump International Hotel on February 1, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

Writing for the far-left CNN back in October, Chris Cillizza declared President Donald Trump “bonkers” and “crazy” for suggesting what turned out to be 100 percent true: that the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, 

Do Be Evil

Tucker Exposes Google’s INSANELY Creepy Plan To Spy On You And Parent Your Kids

Tucker Carlson Fox News screenshot

Stay alert everyone…..You tube doing massive censorship on videos of government corruption evidence



Their alleged treason should be decided by jury with power over life and death

Carter page insurance


Dead. Market. Walking…

“Liquidity has flatlined… just incredible…”

  • FEB 6, 2018 8:26 AM


Rep. Devin Nunes Reveals House Intel Dems Have Been Caught Leaking Nearly 100 TIMES! (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes Reveals House Intel Dems Have Been Caught Leaking Nearly 100 TIMES! 



BREAKING: Second Source Comes Forward=> Claims Rosenstein Threatened Nunes and House Intel if They Didn’t Stop Investigation!




MEMO RELEASED: FBI Officials Knew Political Origins of Dossier, But Used It Anyway


Revealed: FBI, DOJ Lied to Fisa Court, Withheld Key Info

Bureau Knew Dossier Funded by Clinton/DNC, Relied on It Anyway



Trump_state_of_the_union Garrison

Winning: Wages Rise at Fastest Rate in More Than Eight Years

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers added a robust 200,000 jobs in January, and wages rose at the fastest pace in more than eight years, evidence of a consistently healthy job market.




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Trump rocked last night!! Dems wearing their long faces. Defeated?? Clearly shows the Democrats are NOT for the American Taxpayers, NOT for the Military, NOT for Border Security and NOT for Education and NOT for Healthcare. Very powerful video showcasing how the Democrats hate US.

Scandalous CDC director RESIGNS after caught buying shares of vaccine maker Merck while heading the CDC

Image: Scandalous CDC director RESIGNS after caught buying shares of vaccine maker Merck while heading the CDC

(Natural News) As yet more proof that the CDC functions as little more than an extension of the corrupt vaccine industry, CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald was forced to resign yesterday following a scandalous Politico report that exposed her ownership of shares of Big Tobacco companies as well as Merck, a prominent vaccine manufacturer whose products are promoted by the CDC.

The gross conflict of interest didn’t stop there, either: Fitzgerald also purchased shares of junk food companies and a tobacco corporation, according to media reports, all while she was serving as director of the CDC. “Documents revealed Fitzgerald had holdings in Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Philip Morris International, and Altria Group,” reports CNBC.

“Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald had also invested money in food and pharmaceutical companies just one month after taking over the job,” reports the UK Daily Mail.

Yes, the head of the CDC bought tobacco stocks and Big Pharma stocks, even when her own decisions at the CDC were neck-deep in gross conflicts of interest related to public health. (The CDC studies and reports on death and disease related to smoking. The corrupt agency also promotes pro-vaccine propaganda while burying all science that reveals vaccine injuries or adverse events.)

The CDC is in bed with junk food companies, vaccine manufacturers and Big Tobacco

House Intelligence Committee Votes to Release the FBI Memo

House Intelligence Committee Votes to Release the FBI Memo

GE just signaled the next crisis and nobody’s paying attention


Vaccine industry in PANIC MODE as *vaccinated* children keep dying from the flu all across America

Children are dying from the flu all across America, according to media reports. What the media isn’treporting, however, is how many of the children who died were also vaccine recipients. Make no mistake: If only unvaccinated children were dying from the flu, that would be the headline everywhere: “Unvaccinated Children Dying Across America” or even “Flu Shot Saves Children from Deadly Influenza.” But of course you’re not seeing those headlines for the simple reason that vaccinated children are among those who are being killed by this year’s flu.”The dominant Influenza strain this year is H3N2. This particular strain has a history of causing more hospitalizations and more deaths,” reports The Organic Prepper. “In addition to H3N2 producing a more serious infection in general, this year’s particular H3N2 influenza virus is particularly virulent.”…….. CALL IVANKA  @WH

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Documents Reveal The NSA Is An Agency Gone Rogue As FISA 702 Is Reauthorized

Disobedient Media previously reported on the Senate’s passage of legislation that reauthorized a section of controversial FISA law. Since publishing that article, President Trump tweeted that he had signed off on the legislation, despite widespread calls to veto the bill. On the same day, Suzie Dawson and this author discussed an important Snowden file that sheds light on NSA resistance to Congressional oversight and raises concern regarding issues like FISA.

‘We’re treated like drug addicts’: As America fights opioid addiction, the healthcare system is failing people who live with chronic pain

President Trump: Amnesty Offer Intended to Expose Democratic Cynicism

President Donald Trump carefully distanced himself from his unpopular amnesty proposal late Saturday night, saying that it is intended to show the GOP’s sincerity and the Democrats’ cynicism and obstructionism.


Europe’s central banks are starting to replace dollar reserves with the yuan


White House Proposal Extends Amnesty for 1.8 Million Illegals in Exchange for 25 Billion for Wall, End of Chain Migration, Visa Lottery


President Donald Trump says he’s bringing a message of “peace and prosperity” to an annual economic summit in the Swiss Alps

President Donald Trump says he’s bringing a message of ‘peace and prosperity’ to an annual economic summit in the Swiss Alps

  • President Donald Trump has arrived to Switzerland to participate in the Davos economic conference 
  • Members of his cabinet arrived in advance and joined in panels and interviews 
  • He will push his ‘America First’ agenda and seek more fair, reciprocal trade between the US and its allies
  • ‘America first is not America alone,’ said White House senior economic adviser Gary Cohn
  • Trump met the British Prime Minister Theresa May after canceling a visit to the UK earlier this month
  • The president and Prime Minster shook hands after reaffirming the ‘Special Relationship’ between the nations
  • Trump said that he would ‘fight’ for Britain and said that any rumors of a fracture in relations were false 
  • Met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who thanked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as capital
  • He will also attend a reception the White House has said will be held in his honor and meets with CEOs
  • Trump said before departing that he was ‘looking forward’ to speaking to special counsel Robert Mueller
  • Trump, never invited as a businessman, will be the first president to attend Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000

Missing texts, a mysterious memo, and a ‘secret society’ — Republicans are going on an all-out assault against the FBI


Steven Mnuchin is trying to fix ‘the first serious economic misstep by the Trump administration’

Matt Drudge Fires Off Ominous Tweet of Obama, Comey & Mueller After Recovery of “Missing” FBI Texts Begins



Amid the firestorm surrounding the “missing” FBI texts, “shocking,” FISA memo and President Trump revealing he plans to sit down with special Robert Mueller under oath, media icon Matt Durdge fired off an ominous tweet with a picture of Barack Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Conservative Heritage Foundation Rates Trump’s First Year Better Than Reagan’s

Conservative Heritage Foundation Rates Trump’s First Year Better Than Reagan’s

The head of the US Coast Guard describes countering drug smugglers’ ‘free pass,’ facing Russia in the Arctic, and how to ‘think beyond the tyranny of the present’

Irrefutable, undeniable proof that mercury is still used in vaccines injected into children

Image: Irrefutable, undeniable proof that mercury is still used in vaccines injected into children

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Tucker Carlson Producer: Lindsey Graham ‘Denied Our Invitation’ to Debate Stephen Miller on Immigration

Stephen Miller-Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has denied an invitation to debate White House senior adviser Stephen Miller on the issue of immigration on Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News show, an associate producer says.





The rise and fall of CNN, the most busted name in





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Donald Trump Celebrates Democrat Cave: No DACA Deal Unless ‘Good for Our Country’

…Trump Winning: No DACA Unless ‘Good for Country’…

‘We Are Outraged:’ Illegal Alien Activists Turn on Democrats After Amnesty-or-Shutdown Fail

We Are Outraged!’ Illegal Alien Activists Turn on Democrats After Amnesty-or-Shutdown Fail…

Democrats Whine After Shutdown Loss: ‘They Caved, They Blinked, That’s What They Do’

…Snowflakes Melt: Dems ‘Caved, Blinked’…

BREAKING: Thousands of New Strzok-Page Text Messages Reference “SECRET SOCIETY” Within DOJ and FBI WORKING AGAINST TRUMP (VIDEO)

According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, 50,000 text messages were exchanged between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page. These 50,000 text messages do not include the ‘missing’ texts.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) said after reviewing the new text messages he believes there may have been a “secret society” of folks within the DOJ and FBI working against Trump.


No real change can manifest in the economic prison nation of America until the fake debt owed to the U. S. Federal Reserve is defaulted on after the Fed has been audited and all assets belonging to the United States of America are taken back from this fraudulent scheme to permanently entrap Americans in fake “war” debt.

end the fedIt will take delicate care to investigate, audit, and gain control of the Federal Reserve system (a private corporation) and its central banks throughout the United States.  A complete audit of U. S. gold holdings and the gold holdings of all central banks in the U. S. will need to be coordinated at the same time. Once the Federal Reserve is audited and all its assets frozen by the U.S. Treasury, we recommend that the U.S. default on its debt to this corrupt private corporation.

In our plan, the Fed will declare bankruptcy and the U.S. Treasury will seize all assets of the Federal Reserve System, which includes twelve central banks throughout America. The gold, fiat currencies, and bonds will be given to the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund which already establishes U.S. monetary policy for the Federal Reserve.

The $24.5 trillion owed to the Federal Reserve will either be dropped in the bankruptcy or the Treasury can print useless fiat currency to pay the debt as they recently did for $4.5 trillion to cover the purchase of U. S. bonds being sold by China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in “off book transactions.”

It is important to remember that ending the Federal Reserve will not crash the currency, bond, or stock markets. All three of those are controlled currently by the Exchange Stabilization Fund through back door trading done by the ESF and the U. S. Treasury. It has been proven that the ESF controls all three “free” markets.

As we have seen through the many gold, silver, and interest rate “fixing” lawsuits brought against the major international banks, the U. S. Treasury, U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is aware that the markets are “fixed.” Billions in penalties have been leveled against these major banks for fixing the markets. The U.S. Treasury cannot allow markets to “run wild.”

Eventually, Trump can end U. S. fiat currency and create a new currency with a basket of commodities to back it up, including gold, silver, other precious metals, and commodities. The old “Federal Reserve notes” will become useless after a recall of old currency that weeds out money that has not been taxed – off shore accounts and tax havens.

This action immediately eradicates all off-shore tax-haven money, illegal drug money, stolen and laundered money, and currency held by foreign nations that has left America illegally. The new currency will be established after the hidden C. I. A. gold and assets have been audited and seized by the U. S. Treasury.

No one knows how many thousand tons of stolen war gold the C. I. A. (George H. W. Bush’s Barrick Gold Corporation) has amassed but it is enough to tip the balance of world gold holdings to America. This gold will cushion the radical but simple changes that must take place to eradicate globalism from the current U. S. systems that are controlled by the same shareholders who own the majority of shares in the top defense corporations – who are, by the way, almost all globalists bankers who loan money to, and sell weapons to the very enemies we are fighting



The Anonymous Patriots are impressed with the work Trump has already done in dismantling the New World Order. One mighty presidential action after the next is leaving the globalists crying and trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered plans.





Ruling out causal relationships between vaccination and adverse events reportedly main standard

Note from the WMP Team:  Following is Part One in a seven-part series of Vera Sharav’s in-depth exposé of the complex and widespread corruption that exists in the vaccination program. Her investigation has uncovered decades-long fraudulent activity that has permeated the vaccine industry. Sharav’s research is a must-read by those in our community because it explains the intricate groundwork that has led us to the debacle we are now living with – an epidemic of sick children.




RIP John Coleman – Weather Channel Founder Who Called Climate Change ‘Baloney’

RIP John Coleman, Weather Channel Founder Who Called Climate Change ‘Baloney’


WE’VE GOT A DEAL: Government shutdown looks set to end as Democrats surrender