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Queensland researchers say the current population of humpback whales is the highest ever recorded and they are concerned at the rapid rate at which the species


The Guardian | 2016-09-23

Pontiff says journalists must go the extra mile to seek the truth and ensure they don’t spread rumours which can ‘kill a person with your tongue’


CNN | 2016-09-23

(CNN)Intense and ongoing airstrikes targeting rebel-held eastern Aleppoon Thursday killed 20 people and destroyed the Syrian city’s main water pumping station, | 2016-09-22

Despite stringent objections from both Israel and the Sri Lankan government, the European Union’s top court took a step Thursday toward confirming the removal | 2016-09-22

President Barack Obama awarded 24 American giants of the arts and humanities with medals on Thursday, lauding their accomplishments — and sharing some laughs, | 2016-09-22

Article by Correspondent Amelevi Elaine Affo The President ofSierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, has called for urgent reform of theUnited Nations



Independent Online | 2016-09-22

New revelations published by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and news organizations


Indian will acquire 36 Rafale jets and lethal arsenal for a reduced cost of €7.8 billion. ...


The Guardian | 2016-09-22

Exclusive: Bleaching may be standard by 2020s says leading reef researcher as new images show the damage to areas around Japanese islands of Okinawa


Bloomberg | 2016-09-22

For the first time in years, Iran is not the center of controversy at theUnited Nations. For President Hassan Rouhani, that counts as a win. The annual


The Himalayan | 2016-09-22

In her first address to the UN General Assembly as national leader,Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi defended her government’s efforts to resolve a crisis


CNN | 2016-09-22

(CNN)Puerto Rico has gone dark. A power outage on the island has left nearly 1.5 million people without power, according to a statement from the government-run


China Daily | 2016-09-22

ROMERome mayor Virginia Raggi on Wednesday announced the Italian capital was withdrawing its bid to host the 2024 Olympic games. The decision was mainly



Deccan Chronicle | 2016-09-21

Maiduguri: Doctors crowded around Abdullahi. One squeezed a drip and another prepared a plastic syringe. The young boy didn’t move. Only the shallow rise


CNN | 2016-09-21

(CNN)Lee Parker needs a backpack. He’s homeless and he uses a blue garbage bag to carry his belongings. So when he and his friend saw a backpack in a garbage | 2016-09-21

Donald Trump used his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved his businesses, spending more than $250,000 from the TrumpFoundation over the last | 2016-09-20

The remains of one of the ill-fated passengers aboard an ancient Greekship that sank in the Aegean Sea more than 2,000 years ago have been discovered among the | 2016-09-20

U2 lead singer and human rights activist Bono isn’t shy about the race for the White House nor is he unafraid to stand up for human rights and fight for | 2016-09-20

A mistakenly pressed hijack warning button by a flight crew member aboard a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane as it approached Manila caused airport officials to


CNN | 2016-09-20

(CNN)The large bull rhino was about a hundred meters away. The jeep carrying the darting team moved closer, there was a popping sound and the bull twitched and | 2016-09-20

A mistakenly pressed hijack warning button by a flight crew member aboard a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane as it approached Manila caused airport officials to


CNN | 2016-09-20

(CNN)The large bull rhino was about a hundred meters away. The jeep carrying the darting team moved closer, there was a popping sound and the bull twitched and


The Guardian | 2016-09-20

Rats spread disease, decimate crops and very occasionally eat people alive. For centuries, we have struggled to find an effective way of controlling their


BBC News | 2016-09-20

The daughter of a late British baron, Maria Aurora Moynihan, is shot dead in Manila, where authorities are fighting a deadly war on drugs. ...


BBC News | 2016-09-20

Three Australian men stranded on the landmark Uluru have been rescued after an 11-hour operation. Rescue volunteers reached the men via helicopter and abseiled | 2016-09-20

France has become the first country in the world to ban disposable plastic cups and plates, CNN reports. A new French law will require all disposable tableware | 2016-09-20

The family of former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower has lifted its longstanding opposition to the design of a memorial to him, the commission overseeing the



Gulf News | 2016-09-17

Five hundred nuns from the Buddhist sect known Drukpa Order complete 4,000km bicycle trek


Press TV | 2016-09-17

At least three Turkish soldiers and four members of the KurdistanWorkers’ Party (PKK) militant group have been killed during fresh clashes in the restive






 | 2016-09-13

A new 55-meter-long naval ship was launched Tuesday by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard capable of transporting a helicopter and up to 100men, according to the


Zeenews | 2016-09-13

The meteorite weighing over 30 tonnes was found in the town ofGancedo, 1,085 km north of capital Buenos Aires, Mario Vesconi, president of the Astronomy


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-09-13

Lahore: Needling India yet again, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday dedicated Ei-dul Azha to the “supreme sacrifices” of Kashmiris and said


BBC News | 2016-09-13

Health warnings have been made ahead of what could be the hottest September day in the UK for more than 50 years. Temperatures in the upper 20Cs have been | 2016-09-13

A thousand new culturally important words and phrases were included in the most recent edition of the Oxford English Dictionary on Monday, according to The New | 2016-09-13

The United States working with ally South Korea flew their nuclear-capable supersonic bombers close to the shared border of North Korea on Tuesday as a show of | 2016-09-13

On early Monday, firefighters responded to a blaze at the mosque whereOrlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen attended, according to The Japan Times. The mosque

Edward Snowden: Governments Want to Own Your Phone Instead of You

Edward Snowden: Governments Want to Own Your Phone Instead of You

NSA whistleblower and American fugitive Edward Snowden has revealed information on the scope and capabilities of the United Kingdom’s GCHQ intelligence agency. He has found that this British version of the NSA, “a subsidiary of the NSA,” according to Snowden, can hack into and control British citizen’s phones without a warrant, or without the owner even noticing.

Government’s turning smartphones into smart tracking devices


 | 2016-09-12

Information gleaned from a short-lived Japanese satellite has given scientists worldwide vital new information on black holes and supernovas,VOA News reported


BBC News | 2016-09-12

Five new pieces of debris that could belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been found in Madagascar. They include fragments thought to be of


BBC News | 2016-09-12

An Indian woman has alleged she was gang raped in northern Haryanastate, after her attackers accused her of eating beef because she was Muslim. The woman, 20,


The News & Observer | 2016-09-12

The Palestinian president is accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” days after Israel’s leader lobbed that same allegation at the Palestinians. ...


The Associated Press | 2016-09-12

HONG KONG (AP) — Asian stocks tumbled Monday, as investors reacted to comments last week from a Fed official, who caught markets off guard by saying that


The State | 2016-09-12

China says it intends for the death penalty to be used only on “a very small number of extremely serious criminal offenders.” ...


The Hindu | 2016-09-12

Savvy Shields had only been Miss America for less than an hour, but she already had a clear vision of what she hopes America will look like at the end of her






CNN | 2016-09-11

(CNN)The SWAT team was just finishing up a “active-shooter” training exercise when they got the call that a real-life massacre was taking place at a San


The Guardian | 2016-09-10

Tensions flare between the CIA and the Senate in the fight to release the report on torture – leading the agency to spy on its own legislative overseers

The Independent | 2016-09-10

Chelsea Manning has announced her decision to go on hunger strike in theKansas military prison where she is


The Arizona Republic | 2016-09-10

Donald Trump described Hillary Clinton as corrupt and untouchable during in front of a near capacity crowd at Pensacola Bay Center on Friday night. ...


Yahoo Daily News | 2016-09-10

By Rodrigo Campos NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks across the globe fell the most since June on Friday, dragged lower by expectations that theFederal Reserve could | 2016-09-09

Article by Correspondent Amelevi Elaine Affo The Japanese Government has made a US$21.6 million cash contribution to the United Nations World Food | 2016-09-09

Miracle Mattress will close “indefinitely” after the San Antonio store’s advertisement for a 9/11-themed “Twin Tower Sale” received heavy social media backlash


CNN | 2016-09-09

(CNN)Moscow is putting on a huge show of force in Crimea, a little over two years after Russia annexed the territory. It is staging war games on land, air and | 2016-09-09

A federal judge based in Los Angeles has dismissed a lawsuit claiming coffee company Starbucks defrauded customers by adding as much as half a cup of ice to its

Deccan Chronicle | 2016-09-09

Mecca: Saudi Arabia has begun issuing hajj pilgrims with identification bracelets one year after a stampede killed around 2,300 people. The bracelets are a


The Guardian | 2016-09-09

For the 15th anniversary, we partnered with WNYC to look back atClinton at Ground Zero – a far cry from the controlled figure now a step away from the


The Irish Times | 2016-09-09

Norway’s largest newspaper has published a front-page open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, lambasting the company’s decision to censor a historic


The Guardian | 2016-09-09

For almost a quarter of a century, UN deputy secretary general Jan Eliasson has been an indefatigable champion of the right to water and sanitation for all


The Times of India | 2016-09-09

BRUSSELS: The European Union is set to extend some security rules currently only applicable to telecom operators to web services such as WhatsApp, Skype and


Jamaica Observer | 2016-09-09

Prince Buster, who died yesterday in Hollywood, Florida, was among a handful of people in the annals of Jamaican popular music who had success as an artiste and



The Hindu | 2016-09-08

Move over, Nessie! A fierce predator — named the Storr Lochs Monster — that lived 170 million years ago has been unveiled for the first time, half a


CNN | 2016-09-08

(CNN)A Russian river located by the Arctic town of Norilsk turned bright red Tuesday, looking more like an enormous blood vessel than a body of water. Stunned


Denver Post | 2016-09-08

LONDON — Air China has come under fire in Britain for an article in its in-flight magazine that tells visitors to take precautions in


Khaama Press | 2016-09-08

The anti-government armed militant groups will likely plot attacks in capital Kabul as Afghanistan will observe the Martyrs Week, the security officials said | 2016-09-08

Oakland Police Department announced on Wednesday that they began disciplinary actions against the dozen officers involved in the teenage prostitute sex scandal | 2016-09-08

Protest leader Darren Seals, 29, was found shot inside of a burning car just five miles east of Ferguson in Riverview, MO by St. Louis County Police, according | 2016-09-08

Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, was charged with misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and criminal mischief on Wednesday, according to

Damning Emails Against Monsanto-Bayer

234234234234Damning email evidence against the explicit role of Monsanto in sabotaging the most important scientific study of the health effects of a Monsanto GMO diet has come to light in a US court case. Were the mainstream media and government health authorities to look at the implications seriously, it could well sound the long-overdue death knell for the grotesque experiment known as Genetically Manipulated Organisms or GMO. To make it easier for them to grasp what the implications are we elaborate the following.

UK to Build Border Wall

Keep Calais Migrants Out!


Just two months after voting leave the globalist European Union, the UK has announced the construction of a “great wall” near its most porous border in Calais, to keep illegal migrants out.



The Verge | 2016-09-07

The Cuban government is blocking text messages that contain words such as “democracy,” “human rights,” and


Voa News | 2016-09-07

Once seen as a “natural” Republican constituency, Muslim-Americans are increasingly leaning Democratic, and they are expected to vote in record numbers for


The Hindu | 2016-09-07

Almost 50 million children throughout the world are “uprooted,” forcibly displaced from their home countries by war, violence or persecution, the

Isabelle Dinoire received the world’s first face transplant in 2005 Lille (France) (AFP) – The world‘s first recipient of a face transplant,Frenchwoman | 2016-09-07

Article by Correspondent Amelevi Elain Affo Gabonese President Ali Bongo has dismissed calls for a recount of votes in the recently contested

The Independent | 2016-09-07

When he was a child, Joe Hosteen Kellwood was punished at his school on an Apache reservation for speaking in his

Huffington Post | 2016-09-07

A Chinese airline has been criticised after reportedly warning passengers that “precautions are needed” when entering ethnic minority areas of.. | 2016-09-07

A report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) Wednesday says pilot error led to a flight to Malaysia from Sydney resulting in the plane landing in