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China Says US “Militarization” Of South China Sea Shows Washington “Wants Nothing Better Than Chaos”

“China is extremely concerned at the United States’ pushing of the militarization of the South China Sea region. “What they are doing can’t help but make people wonder whether they want nothing better than chaos.”







Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation

“He is going to pay me back in some sort of product when he is able to, maybe in cheese.”


Meanwhile, In Ethiopia

China crashing, commodities plunging, emerging currencies imploding to levels last seen when LTCM blew up, Greece on the verge of deposit confiscations, the Apple Sachs Industrial average well in the red for the year, the US economy on the verge of an industrial recession, junk bonds bloodbathing, Donald Trump pulling ahead of Hillary… Meanwhile the president is in China’s African slave colony of Ethiopia… prioritizing.


Chinese President Xi Jinping


Welcome To Qamishli, The Phantom Capital Of Syrian Kurdistan

KAMISHLI — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s smiling face beams down from a large billboard on the central artery of Kamishli, a city in northe…

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The Ebb And Flow Of Russia’s Ultra-Nationalist Novorossiya Project

MOSCOW — Alexander Prokhanov loves to play the bad guy. But he’s no character actor. He is editor-in-chief, since its founding in 1993, of Zavtr…

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World Tour Of Technology Companies Bowing To State Power

From Facebook to Google, Baidu to VKontakte, the world’s biggest technology companies talk about their singular dedication to their users. Yet the…

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Greek Crisis: A Perfect Case Of Pathological, Collective Denial

-Analysis- PARIS — As the Greek sovereign debt crisis escalates further, one man found the right words earlier this week to describe the situatio…

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Eight Reasons Why Turkey Will Not Cross The Syrian Border

ANKARA — Turkey is still struggling to form a coalition government weeks after the Parliamentary elections that denied an outright majority to the…

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New Evidence Of Russian Agents In Eastern Ukraine

KIEV — Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly reported arrests they say they’ve made of…



Drug Lord El Chapo Busts Out Of Maximum Security Prison..For The Second Time.. Head Of The Sinaloa Cartel On The Run..Escaped Through Elaborate Tunnel



Government’s Efforts To Stabilize Don’t Work… How To Understand China’s Crisis… The Bursting Of A Bubble…


When you shred democracy and the central tenants of a legal system in order to benefit the very few, it’s only a matter of time before the whole system collapses.


Greek PM Looks For Last-Minute Loan At Emergency Euro Meeting… Lenders Tighten Noose… Country Down To Last Few Days Of Cash… Germany Won’t Budge… Others Soften… U.S.: Make A Deal!… Greek Exit Called ‘A High Probability,’ ‘More Likely Than Not’… German Power Polarizes Europe…



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