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China Expands Scope of State Secrets Law in Push for National Security

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With the Meter Running, Remedies to Stanch Declining Farm Income Idle in Stalled Farm Bill

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IN-DEPTH: Beijing Exploited Recent Incidents in Taiwan Straits for Propaganda Purposes, Says China Expert

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New Israeli West Bank Settlement Plans Move Forward Despite Biden Admin Pushback

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Supreme Court Will Hear Trump’s Presidential Immunity Appeal, Further Delaying Trial

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FDA Notice: Supplement Pills Sold Nationwide Contain Poisonous Plant

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Koch Network Withdraws Financial Support for Nikki Haley


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Trump Wins 6th Straight Primary With Triumph in Michigan

Fresh off his win in South Carolina, Trump has again defeated Haley as he marches toward the GOP nomination.
20 hours



IN-DEPTH: Beijing Exploited Recent Incidents in Taiwan Straits for Propaganda Purposes, Says China Expert

Fishing boat incident was a ‘godsend’ for China, allowing it to spin a propaganda yarn as it steps up its military presence in Taiwanese waters.
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Jack Smith Wants to Block FBI Interviews in Trump Case

A new motion was filed in a Florida court in the classified documents case.
2 hours


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[PREMIERING MAR 8, 8:30PM ET] Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry | Documentary


Federal Judge Rules That Congress Violated Constitution Passing $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill

A federal judge has delivered a major win to Texas in a lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of unconstitutionally passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill.
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Supreme Court Seems Divided Over ATF Bump Stock Regulation

During oral argument, debate focused on whether bump stocks allowed a single trigger pull to initiate a process by which bullets were rapidly released.
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Study Finds Majority of Patients With Long COVID Were Vaccinated

Mass vaccination and available antiviral treatments have not prevented vaccinated individuals from experiencing lingering COVID-19 symptoms.
3 hours


McConnell to Step Down as Senate GOP Leader

This move comes as Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), 82, is the only member of GOP congressional leadership to not endorse former President Donald Trump.
5 hours


‘This Is Over’: Newt Gingrich Calls on Haley to Drop Out After Her Loss in Michigan GOP Primary

‘This Is Over’: Newt Gingrich Calls on Haley to Drop Out After Her Loss in Michigan GOP Primary



What Is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? 

What Is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?


Hunter Biden Testifies That Father Not Involved in Business in Closed-Door Deposition

The younger Biden’s closed-door testimony comes as the impeachment inquiry enters its wind-down phase.
12 hours


Witness Confronted With Texts, Key Details He Shared About Wade-Willis Relationship

Witness Confronted With Texts, Key Details He Shared About Wade-Willis Relationship

Feb 27

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Supreme Court Struggles With Regulation of Social Media

Supreme Court Struggles With Regulation of Social Media

Ronna McDaniel Officially Announces Resignation as RNC Chair

Ronna McDaniel Officially Announces Resignation as RNC Chair

Koch Network Withdraws Financial Support for Nikki Haley

Koch Network Withdraws Financial Support for Nikki Haley

Fani Willis Demands Judge Reject Cellphone Evidence Suggesting Relationship With Fellow Prosecutor

Fani Willis Demands Judge Reject Cellphone Evidence Suggesting Relationship With Fellow Prosecutor

Judge Rules Pete Hoekstra Officially Replaces Kristina Karamo as Michigan GOP Chair

Any actions Karamo has taken since she was ousted on Jan. 6 this year have been declared void.
16 hours


Trouble in Monetary Paradise? Fed, Central Banks Losing Billions Every Year

Federal Reserve’s mounting losses mean less money to plug the U.S. government budget deficit.
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Biden Admin Waives Some ‘Buy America’ Requirements for $42 Billion Broadband Internet Project

This development follows a year or so of engagement with stakeholders, including U.S. manufacturers and internet providers, who could be impacted by the waiver.
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‘Cabrini’: Portrait of a Saint

‘Cabrini’: Portrait of a Saint

This biography of Francesca Cabrini is the finest feature yet from Angel Studios.
6 hours

The Most Dangerous Indictment in History | Opinion

For the first time in American history, the leading candidate to defeat the incumbent president has been indicted by the incumbent’s Justice Department. Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a federal grand jury for illegally retaining classified government documents and obstructing justice.

This is a momentous occasion, and not only for President Trump. This moment portends a massive change in the norms of this nation that all Americans who care about the neutral rule of law should pay close attention to, for it raises the specter of the partisan weaponization of the criminal justice system—not just by the Democrats targeting Trump but by Republicans who will certainly retaliate when they regain control of the criminal charging process.

How do we know this is about political retribution, not the rule of law? Look at the case. One would expect that such an unprecedented criminal prosecution would be the strongest one in political history. And yet, what information we do have suggests a weak case that would never have been brought if it wasn’t being brought against Donald Trump.

Indeed, in my book Get Trump, I predicted that Trump would be indicted. But even writing a book about the massive attacks President Trump sustained from his political adversaries, I could not have imagined that the DOJ would suffice with a charge as meager as the mere possession of classified documents. I thought they would go after Trump over some process crime growing out of the investigation. I assumed that before proceeding, they would develop a far stronger case—certainly stronger than the extraordinarily weak case put forward by District Attorney Alvin Bragg in Manhattan.

Former President Donald Trump greets supporters at a Team Trump volunteer leadership training event held at the Grimes Community Complex on June 01, 2023 in Grimes, Iowa. Trump delivered an unscripted speech to the crowd at the event before taking several questions from his supporters.SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES

It appears that I was wrong. I gave them too much credit.

The indictment has yet to be unsealed, and there is still a slim possibility that there is a smoking gun, as there was in the obstruction cases against Richard Nixon that led his Republican colleagues to demand his resignation. We will know better when the seven-count indictment is made public, presumably on Tuesday. But based on what we know now, this does not seem like a strong case, especially if it is based on the Espionage Act of 1917, as a charge of illegally retaining documents is.

Ironically, the Espionage Act has been condemned by liberals, progressives, and Democrats since it became the open-ended weapon of choice aimed at political dissidents such as Eugene v. Debbs and other anti-war icons. It is vague and capable of being stretched to cover political enemies. So are the other two charges that have been referenced: conspiracy to obstruct Justice and lying to law enforcement officials.

Contrast these flimsy accusations with those made against Richard Nixon, which included bribing witnesses, destroying evidence, and other concrete crimes.

At the moment, there is no suggestion of such open and shut accusations. Instead, they seem closer to the accusations made against presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, which never resulted in an indictment.

In order for the public to believe that the soon to be disclosed indictment is not politically motivated, it must be far stronger than the cases that were not brought against other political figures and at least as strong as that against Nixon. That is a high bar, but it must be reached if our Justice Department is to maintain any semblance of impartiality.

It will not be enough to show technical violations that are sometimes prosecuted but often not. It is unlikely that the recoding of Trump showing classified material to a writer will suffice, unless prosecutors can establish the contents of these documents and that they were actually read by an unauthorized person. There must be evidence of willful conduct that violates clear and unambiguous laws and that gives honest prosecutors no choice but to indict.

I doubt that these rigorous but necessary criteria have been met in the current indictment against Trump, but I have an open if skeptical mind. As matters stand now, this “momentous” political case threatens to be a momentous challenge to our system of impartial justice.

Follow Alan Dershowitz on Twitter @AlanDersh and Facebook @AlanMDershowitz.
His new podcast, “The Dershow,” is on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube
Dersh.Substack.com. He is the author of Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own.





UN / Hamid Abdulsalam

Sudan conflict adds to Africa’s ‘arc of misery’

UN / Loey Felipe

US criticizes Arab League readmission of Assad’s Syria

AP / Oren Ziv, File

EU cancels Israel reception over Ben-Gvir’s attendance

AP / Ludovic Marin

Macron to make rare Germany state visit amid friction

AP / Vahid Salemi

Iran hangs 2 in rare blasphemy case as executions surge

AP / LM Otero

New details emerge about Texas outlet mall shooter as investigators continue to probe for motive

AP / Inna Varenytsia

Kissinger Predicts China Involvement Will Lead to Ukraine Peace Talks

AP / Charlie Riedel, File

Phasing out fossil fuels hasn’t worked, Europe has a new idea for COP28

During his first term in the White House, in the face of constant attacks from the left and his own party, Donald Trump achieved gasoline prices under $2 a gallon, record low unemployment, inflation at 2%, rising real wages for working-class Americans, a dramatic reduction in illegal immigration, the end of NAFTA, better trade agreements with Mexico and Canada,
Higher tariffs on products from Communist China, lower taxes on corporations and small businesses, reduced regulation of American manufacturing and energy production, withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, American energy independence, a significant increase in American military spending, the creation of the United States Space Force, a significant increase in military spending by the other NATO allies, no new wars, a ban on openly transgender people from serving in the military, reduced missile testing by North Korea, cancellation of the Obama nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the brokering of historic trade agreements between Israel and its Arab neighbors, restoration of quality medical care for veterans at the VA, elimination of the Obamacare mandate to buy health insurance, the right of terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs, a ban on critical race theory in the federal government, the appointment of more than 240 federal judges who believe in following the Constitution, the appointment of three Supreme Court justices who believe in following the Constitution, and a welcoming environment in the Republican Party for good and decent Americans of all races and classes. Seventeen months after Trump left office, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade with a 6-3 vote. Go Trump.


MOABS! Are There Really Two Trumps?! This Video Presents Evidence That Will Leave You Truly Speechless! Plus Information About Robert J Gould!

This Video Presents EVIDENCE That Will Leave You TRULY SPEECHLESS! In our new world of clones and doubles, could there really be TWO TRUMPS? Some believe there is one when Trump who gives his speeches, wears a tie and other doesn’t. I thought the older guy in the audience #3 and #4 was JFK senior. We all know the Dallas incident was a hoax.
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NEXT VIDEO: Derek Johnson Decodes It All! MOABS! “The Most Biblical, Monumental, Historic Covert White Hat Operations In Our Nation’s History Commenced & They’re Happening Right Before Our Very Eyes!” Mind Officially Blown!

MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN! DEREK JOHNSON KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK IN THIS ONE, PATRIOTS – and he give us ALL what we’ve been craving FOR SO long now: Hard EVIDENCE & irrefutable FACTS! FINALLY some PROOF to back up the wild claims! BOOM! This MASSIVE DECODE by the SUPER VIRAL Army Veteran, Derek Johnson, drops TRUTH BOMB after TRUTH BOMB, while deciphering the recent past and current events. Diving DEEP down the Rabbit Hole with every heart-pounding revelation, Derek shows you the BLUEPRINT that makes up the most “…BIBLICAL, MOMUMENTAL and HISTORIC COVERT set of OPERATIONS in our country’s history…” happening right under our noses this very moment! Perhaps the MAIN take-away you’ll get from watching is that the military is in FULL CONTROL and you will KNOW THAT for a FACT, because this video is JAM PACKED FULL of BRILLIANT DECODES that will literally have you on the edge of your seat the entire time – shouting “I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!”. It will be at THAT VERY MOMENT when you realize that it’s ALL starting to make perfect sense! I mean, WOW, Patriots!

Among other BRILLIANT DECODES in this video, Derek Johnson breaks down the following for us:
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DECODED: Why there are fences around the Capital Building and White House.
DECODED: EACH Executive Order POTUS Trump put into place that PROVES he is still President!
DECODED: Why over 1300 CEO’s have stepped down in the last 3 years. How woulda thought?!
DECODED: What’s REALLY going on with our National Guard. Things make PERFECT sense once you know!
DECODED: Why the White House is literally a Ghost Town. The lights are on but nobody’s home!
DECODED: Why Biden had a duplicate Press Room built.
DECODED: How we know for a FACT that the current ‘Biden’ is really an actor. WHAAAAT?!
DECODED: Why POTUS Trump’s ‘Alamo Speech’ was so important – and relevant – TODAY.
DECODED: Why the countless specialty military planes are flying over Wachington, DC
DECODED: How these MASSIVE COVERT Military Operations have been carried out in near TOTAL SECRECY.
DECODED: Joe Biden received a Military Grade Funeral – NOT an inauguration – on January 7, 2021, Huuuh?!
DECODED: Who was OFICIALLY INAUGURATED on January 7, 2021. How could we miss THIS?!

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Date: Saturday, 8-Oct-2022 22:38:24






Will The United States Exist After November?

Posted By: SpaceCommando
Date: Saturday, 13-Aug-2022


By Paul Craig Roberts – August 12, 2022

The Nazi serving as US Attorney General says he is going to get the warrant unsealed that he used as the justification for the aggressive invasion of President Trump’s home by a weaponized and politicized FBI, essentially frame up artists for the corrupt Democrat party.

The question the Nazi attorney general doesn’t answer, and the question the presstitutes studiously avoid asking, is why was the warrant containing the probable cause for the unprecedented invasion of an American president’s home sealed in the first place?

Little doubt the official explanation will be a lie, one that the presstitutes will repeat endlessly in their attempt to turn the lie into truth via repetition, just as they did with “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” ad infinitum.

My take on the situation is that there is no probable cause. Here is a scenario that can unfold. The FBI has carried off some boxes of documents to which they had prior access but no interest. Once they decide on the nature of Trump’s frame up, they will insert the document that they will use to incriminate Trump into one of the boxes. Then they will insert into the warrant the “probable cause” that justifies the home invasion.

Nonsense you say. The federal magistrate who provided the warrant would never go along with a frame up. How do you know? The magistrate is the same one who, apparently following orders, let pedophile Epstein off the first time he was arrested. Just as Democrats grasping for revolutionary power have weaponized US security agencies and the media into armies against their political opponents, they have also weaponized the courts by their appointments of judges. Just as the FBI was engaged in trying to frame President Trump with Russiagate and with a “Jan. 6 insurrection,” so are DOJ attorneys general, prosecutors and federal judges. The US justice system is as corrupt as they get.

The awake part of the population, the Americans with sufficient intelligence to be able to think independently of what CNN, NPR, NBC, the NYTimes and the rest of the presstitutes stick in their heads, are furious with Biden’s rampart anti-Americanisms. To name just a few: open borders flooding the country with immigrant-invaders and the associated welfare burdens, crime, and illegal voting; political prosecution of opponents; gratuitous conflict with Russia, China, and Iran; demonization of white Americans as racists; illegal lockdowns and vaccination mandates; the green light given to sexual perversion; the imposition of sensitivity training and Critical Race Theory on white kids in public schools and white members of the military and civil service and the imposition of quotas on their promotion. The corrupt Biden regime has done all it can to destroy equal treatment. In place of an opportunity society America now has a society of special privileges for “oppressed minorities.”

People have finally had enough and polls show it. Wipeout awaits the corrupt anti-American Democrats in November, and the Democrats with their FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and media armies are not going to let it happen.

Trump must be falsely indicted and disposed of. This has been obvious for six years–Russiagate, impeach gate, January 6 Insurrection, and now the latest from the Gestapo invasion of President Trump’s home, which the media will soon give a name.

We are confronted with desperate Democrats. The crimes committed by Hillary, Justice Department officials, FBI, CIA, and Democrat congressional committees amount to no less than high treason against the United States. The evidence is so abundant that not even the wimp Republicans could avoid using it and reestablishing integrity in the US Government and the rue of law in the United States.

If the planned frame up of Trump fails, the Biden regime will uncover a white supremacy plot by “Trump Deplorables” to steal the November election, necessitating federal takeover of the election to prevent its theft by white supremacists. In this way the Democrats will again steal the election, and the persecution of their political enemies will have the tone of Hitler’s elimination of the Brown Shirts and Stalin’s elimination of the Bolsheviks.

The Democrats, sitting on their army of federal prosecutors, FBI, CIA, and NSA spies and hit men, and an effective propaganda ministry masquerading as a media, have not come so close to total power that they are going to back off and suffer the consequences of their many crimes. The question is: can the weak-kneed, intimidated Republican Party of Mitch McConnell and John Durham do anything about it?

In order for freedom, accountable government, and the rule of law to survive in the United States, will the American people have to take up arms against Washington just as the Donbass Russians had to do against Kiev?

If the Democrats can be prevented from again stealing the November election, perhaps more Republicans with backbone can get into office, people like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis has said outright that he will not permit woke prosecutors to defend criminals from justice as is the practice in many Democrat jurisdictions. DeSantis understands that the Democrats’ policy of normalizing crime, sexual perversion, and open borders means the death of America.

Although it took forever, finally many Americans have also come to this realization. If the sentient Americans who remain can reject being put in a defensive position by the Democrat and media enemies of America, people far more dangerous than Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, and turn aggressive like Antifa and BLM, the republic has a chance of being restored.

Otherwise, it is good-bye America.

Permission to reprint Dr. Roberts’ columns does not imply that Dr. Roberts endorses the websites or media organizations that republish his columns or that he approves of the content of the websites, media outlets or books that republish his columns.





gina haspel treason spy


BREAKING: Fire and Police Respond to Reports of Documents Being Burned at Consulate General of China in Texas



Stanford Researcher Charged With Visa Fraud After Concealing Her Background as Chinese Military Officer





CABAL ARRESTS & EXECUTIONS (Video) ‘See Before Gone’

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Date: Thursday, 16-Jul-2020 22:41:44

CABAL ARRESTS & EXECUTIONS (Video) ‘See Before Gone’

July 14, 2020

I truly believe in all of the arrests, not quite sure about all of the executions, but will know soon no doubt.


These are the results of the military operations to take down the deep state, blood drinkers, elites and politicians.

If you see them on the media, they are clones or CGI animations.

This is being done to calm the sheeple who are still in the mind programming mode of the media, CIA and evil beings.

Share on Social Media and Make Viral !!!



2 HUGE Lists of Deep State Cabal Swamp Rats in DC going to GITMO for 20 Years (Names – Photos and Charges)

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Date: Friday, 17-Jul-2020 04:30:20

2 HUGE Lists of Deep State Cabal Swamp Rats in DC going to GITMO for 20 Years (Names – Photos and Charges)

The Coup D’état.

18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy


Link #1

Thread by @WarNuse: “If The American People Ever Find Out What We Have Done, They Will Chase Us Down The Streets And Lynch Us.” – George H.W. Bush From A 1992 P…


Link #2

Thread by @WarNuse: The Coup D’état. 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy ‘TWENTY YEARS.’ John Brennan. 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy James R…


* Find more links at bottom of each page





NBA Fans Can Now Buy ‘Free Hong Kong’ Jerseys




Venezuelan, Cuban Refugees Call on Trump to Help Free Their Countries From Communism

China In Focus (July 10): Dam Makes Flood Power 25 Times Stronger


Hong Kong Leader Refuses to Guarantee Press Freedom Under Beijing’s National Security Law

BY FRANK FANG        Updated: July 7, 2020





UK Minister Says Huawei Must Meet Conditions for Involvement in 5G Network

US Sends Carriers to South China Sea During Chinese Drills


Police in Hong Kong Make First Arrests of Pro-Democracy Protesters Under New Pro China Law


China in Focus: China-Sanctions Bill Heads to Trump’s Desk

July 2, 2020 Updated: July 2, 2020

US House Passes Bill to Sanction Chinese Banks over Hong Kong National Security Law





China Is Behind and Beside Leading Liberal Media Efforts to Destroy President Trump and America

China, the same country that gave us the China coronavirus, costing over 100,000 American lives, is also behind much of the bad press related to President Trump and the USA.

China’s CCP (Communist Party) created an entity labeled the “United Front” directed to ensure the media in the US is flattering towards China and policies beneficial to China.  The United Front also supports Democrat policies that benefit China and pushes the promotion of these policies.






7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico, Tsunami Warning Issued

June 23, 2020 Updated: June 23, 2020


Following Deadly India-China Border Clash, Indian Officials and Locals Call for Boycotting Chinese Goods

June 22, 2020

Beijing Is ‘State-Based Cyber Actor’ Behind Cyber-Attacks on Australia: Defence Expert




China Drops Landmark WTO Dispute Against EU

Pentagon Releases ‘Defense Space Strategy’ for US Superiority in Weaponized Space



President Trump Wants to Pull 9,500 Troops from Germany — The American People Agree, But Republican Lawmakers Oppose Him Citing Russia!

54 Scientists Lose Jobs Amid NIH Probe Into Foreign Ties

June 15, 2020 Updated



MUST WATCH! Prefilled Covid-19 Vaccine Syringes With RFID Microchip Tracking System!



Political Infighting on Display as Chinese Leader and Premier Give Conflicting Comments on State of Economy

June 11, 2020 Updated: June 13, 2020

During a recent inspection tour of villages in the region of Ningxia, Chinese leader Xi Jinping emphasized his goal for China to become “a moderately prosperous society.” This catchphrase was coined soon after he took power in 2012, and is his flagship economic policy.

Xi also penned a May 31 article in Qiushi, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s official magazine, that China is advancing toward achieving that goal, with “400 million people in the middle class.”

His standard for middle class was: an annual household income of 100,000 to 500,000 yuan ($14,160-$70,810). But in China, multi-generational households living under one roof are not uncommon.

Meanwhile, Chinese premier Li Keqiang has recently highlighted the unemployment and poverty crisis in the country, which have been exacerbated by the CCP virus pandemic.

Li said during a meeting of China’s rubber-stamp legislature on May 28 that 600 million Chinese only earn 1,000 yuan ($140) per month, which is not enough to pay for monthly rent on a one-bedroom apartment in a mid-sized Chinese city.

Li then promoted the idea of setting up a “street vendor economy” to alleviate the rising unemployment as a result of the pandemic.

On June 1, Li again said at an economic seminar in Qingdao city: “The challenges that [China] is facing is unprecedentedly difficult.” Li emphasized that hundreds of millions of Chinese people need financial support.

After Li’s speeches, state-run media first promoted the street vendor economy, but began running articles criticizing the idea on June 5.

Since then, each provincial and city government delivered conflicting information on whether or not street vendors would be allowed to sell their wares.

Observers have interpreted the openly contradictory messaging of late as an indication of the power struggle between Xi’s political faction and Li’s.

“Xi and Li fighting with each other in public certainly made it difficult for lower-ranking officials to position themselves,” said U.S.-based China affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan.

Infighting Goes Public

Frank Tian Xie, business professor at the University of South Carolina Aiken, also read Li’s comments as a direct rebuke of Xi. “It shows that Chinese Communist Party senior officials hold different opinions and struggle with each other,” Xie said in an interview.

U.S.-based commentator Jiang Feng said on his YouTube show that Li’s comment about 600 million people living on a monthly income of less than 1,000 yuan was “a slap in the face of Xi Jinping. Xi said China would realize a moderately prosperous society in 2020.”

Tang analyzed that because Li is the Party’s top official on economic policy, he would take the blame for the country’s economic woes.

As China’s economy continues to go downhill, Tang said Li had no choice but to admit to Chinese citizens that the situation was serious.

“Obviously, Li doesn’t want to take the responsibility of lying to the public. This is the key reason why Li announced the existence of such a large number of poor people in China,” Tang said.

Chinese Economy

He Junjiao, a Chinese economist based in Hunan Province, told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that Chinese economy is in a critical situation, and even the street vendor economy can’t save it.

“If a country relies on the ‘street vendor economy’ to support people’s livelihood, the country is on the edge of bankruptcy… Behind Li’s street vendor economy is mass unemployment,” He said.

The Chinese regime, in desperation, is calling on people to become small-time entrepreneurs. “Otherwise they will starve, or even riot if they have nothing to eat,” He said.

Beijing Normal University conducted a recent survey that shed more light on Chinese people’s average incomes.

Shanghai-based Chinese magazine Caixin reported on June 3 that the university made estimates after surveying 70,000 people.

“The monthly income of 547 million Chinese people, which is 39.1 percent of the population, is less than 1,000 yuan. 52.5 million Chinese people’s monthly income is between 1,000 to 1,090 yuan ($154). That means 42.85 percent of Chinese population earned less than 1,090 yuan every month,” according to the report.

Among those people, 5.46 million Chinese have no income; 216 million Chinese earn less than 500 yuan ($70) every month; and another 200 million Chinese’s monthly income is lower than 800 yuan ($113).

The chairman of China Fuyao Glass, a multinational auto glass manufacturer, once told Chinese media that China has less than 300 million people who have the luxury to buy non-essential products.

According to the latest data released by China’s National Statistics Bureau, the median disposable income was 26,523 yuan ($3,753) for the year 2019. Chinese media noted that this amount of money could only support basic living costs in China.

Secretary Pompeo, AG Barr, Secretary Esper and NSA O’Brien Hold a Press Conference…

Earlier today President Trump signed an executive order targeting members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) who have engaged in corrupt activity.   The XO bars entry into the U.S. and seizes property belonging to the targets.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Attorney General Bill Barr and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien explain why these measures are needed.

[White House] As part of President Donald J. Trump’s steadfast commitment to protecting American service members and defending our national sovereignty, the President has authorized economic sanctions against International Criminal Court officials directly engaged with any effort to investigate or prosecute United States personnel without the consent of the United States. The President has also authorized the expansion of visa restrictions against International Criminal Court officials and their family members.

The United States is not a State Party to the Rome Statute and has repeatedly rejected the International Criminal Court’s assertions of jurisdiction over United States personnel. The International Criminal Court’s actions are an attack on the rights of the American people and threaten to infringe upon our national sovereignty. The International Criminal Court was established to provide accountability for war crimes, but in practice it has been an unaccountable and ineffective international bureaucracy that targets and threatens United States personnel as well as personnel of our allies and partners.

Despite repeated calls by the United States and our allies to reform, the International Criminal Court has taken no action to reform itself and continues to pursue politically-motivated investigations against us and our allies, including Israel.

We are concerned that adversary nations are manipulating the International Criminal Court by encouraging these allegations against United States personnel. Further, we have strong reason to believe there is corruption and misconduct at the highest levels of the International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor, calling into question the integrity of its investigation into American service members.

As the President’s Executive Order makes clear, the United States will continue to use any means necessary to protect our citizens and our allies from unjust prosecution by the International Criminal Court. (read more)



Russia and US to Hold Nuclear Disarmament Talks This Month, China Declines to Join

June 11, 2020

Weimar 2020

History teaches us that Fascism always wins when the conditions for a Marxist revolution are perfect… be careful what you wish for…

The American reality,  however, suggests the opposite. Instead of uniting us in a fierce battle against Wall Street and its broad daylight robbery of what is left of American wealth, the American Left is investing its last drops of  political energy in a ‘race war.’ Instead of committing to the Left’s key ideological values, namely: class struggle that unites us into one angry fist of resistance against this theft and discrimination, and without regard to our race, gender, or sexual orientation, the American Left makes us fight each other.

The  silence of the Left on the current Wall Street “wealth transfers” is hardly an accident.  American Left and Progressive institutions are supported financially and by Wall Street and global financiers. This funding means that, in practice, the American Left  operates as a controlled opposition. It maintains its relevance by sustaining social and racial tensions that draw attention away from Wall Street and its crimes. The so called ‘Left’ is also reluctant to point at  Wall Street and its current theft,  as such criticism, however legitimate,  would immediately be censured as ‘antisemitic’ by the Jewish institutions that have appointed themselves to police Western public discourse.

There is plenty of  history of such divisive politics from the Left and the way it often ends up betraying the Working Class. The collapse of the German Left in the early 1930s is probably the most interesting case-study of this…….Read rest of the story




North Korea Assumes ‘Warlike’ Posture, Cuts Off All Contact With South   

“…the work towards the South should thoroughly turn into the one against an enemy…”




INFOGRAPHIC: How the Chinese Regime Colluded With WHO During the Pandemic

Updated: June 5, 2020





US Needs to Defend Its ‘Vacuums’ and Exploit Beijing’s


Thousands of Hongkongers Defy Police Ban to Commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre

June 4, 2020 Updated: June 4, 2020


This article has been updated with the latest information.

Thousands of Hongkongers ignored a police ban and staged a candlelight vigil at Victoria Park to commemorate the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4 evening.

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, the organizer of the annual rally since 1990, lit the first candles at around 6:30 p.m. local time near a water fountain at the park, before entering the park’s football pitches despite barricades set up by local authorities.

Police had banned the event, citing concerns about the spread of the CCP virus.

Members of the alliance were soon joined by hundreds of locals, despite the presence of riot police officers at roads near the park.

The Epoch Times Hong Kong@EpochTimesHK

Hong Kongers flock to Victoria Park to honor anniversary with a candle light vigil – despite government’s cancellation of the annual event for the first time in 31 years.

Embedded video

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The vigil officially began at 8 p.m. local time. A moment of silence was observed for the victims at 8:09 p.m.

Unlike the vigil of past years, people did more than remembering the victims. They also took the opportunity to voice their demands as part of a local pro-democracy movement that began in June last year.

People shouted slogans such as “Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times,” “Vindicate June 4,” “End One-Party Dictatorship,” and “Opposition Against the National Security Law,” referring to new legislation recently imposed by Beijing. Many expressed fears that the security law would enable Beijing to clamp down on dissent.

“Glory to Hong Kong,” the unofficial anthem of the democracy movement, was also played at Victoria Park. Some people waved placards with the words, “The Heavens Will Destroy the Chinese Communist Party.”

Epoch Times Photo

People hold up placards with the words “The Heavens Will Destroy the Chinese Communist Party” at a vigil at Victoria Park, Hong Kong, on June 4, 2020. (Song Bilung/The Epoch Times)

Hongkongers also staged remembrance events in other parts of the city. At around 8 p.m. local time, over 200 gathered near the Sai Ying Pun metro station, where Alan Leong, chairman of the pro-democracy Civic Party, also participated, according to local media HK01.

At a cultural center in Tsim Sha Tsui, about 100 people held candles and laid down flowers to remember the dead, according to local media RTHK. Local district councillor Michael Mo was seen among the group.

There were small gatherings across Hong Kong, including Sai Kung, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tsing Yi, Mong Kok, and Central, according to local media.

At about 8:40 p.m. local time, Lee Cheuk-yan, the alliance’s chairman, announced that the vigil was over and asked people to show up again next year.

At around 9 p.m., after people threw debris on the road following a vigil in Mong Kok, plainclothes police arrived and subdued several individuals, while deploying pepper spray, according to RTHK.


President Trump Addresses Recent Riots In One Of His Greatest Speeches (VIDEO)

President Trump gave a speech about the successful launch of the SpaceX rocket.


Merkel rebuffs Trump invitation to G-7 summit

The president wants a landmark event, but the German chancellor ‘cannot agree’ to travel due to ongoing pandemic.

Angela Merkel

BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rebuffed Donald Trump’s invitation to attend a G-7 summit, which the president is keen to portray as a symbol of a return to normality from the upheaval of the coronavirus crisis.

“The federal chancellor thanks President Trump for his invitation to the G-7 summit at the end of June in Washington. As of today, considering the overall pandemic situation, she cannot agree to her personal participation, to a journey to Washington,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told POLITICO on Friday.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he will not allow students to go back to school until a coronavirus vaccine is available, even as some countries resume in-person classes.

Children were due to return to school at the end of August after classes for more than 25 million primary and secondary students were shut

Unless I am sure that they are really safe it’s useless to be talking about opening of classes,

corona survival






Tear Gas Fired as Hong Kong Protesters Return to Streets Against China’s ‘National-Security’ Law

May 24, 2020 Updated: May 24, 2020


Taiwan President Begins Her Second Term by Rejecting Chinese Rule

 Updated: May 24, 2020



Fears Mount Over 2nd Outbreak Amid Inconsistencies in Chinese Data

May 21, 2020 Updated



Global Demand Seeking Justice, Answers From Beijing Over Pandemic Grows

May 19, 2020








Facts from Victor Davis Hanson: Greater Chance of Death During Elective Surgery than From Cornavirus (VIDEO)

On Friday night Victor Davis Hanson joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle to discuss the tyrannical Democrat governors who are refusing to follow science and instead are putting unrealistic expectations on the situation in their state before they left their lockdowns.


Our Freedom!” – Leaked Jair Bolsonaro Speech Goes Viral and It’s MAGNIFICENT! (Video)

Eduardo Bolsonaro, an attorney, politician and third son of Jair Bolsonaro, tweeted out a monster video of his father on Saturday.

Beijing Takeover of United Nations Presents Existential Threat to US: Experts

May 13, 2020 Updated: May 13, 2020…….Read story here


US Calls for Detained Chinese Human Rights Lawyer to Be Freed

 Updated: May 12, 2020

roads obama garrison


obama spy



China’s Factory Deflation Deepens as Pandemic Hits Demand

May 12, 2020 Updated: May 12, 2020


Stefan Halper spy

If you missed our lessons on Stefan Halper, then type his name in our search bars. Also at Truthbits and Patriots4Truth.







Programming Alert: New Documentary Exploring the Pandemic’s Wall Street Connection to Premiere

May 9, 2020 Updated: May 9, 2020


Beijing Likely Deploying Bot Network on Twitter to Spread Pandemic Disinformation, State Department Finds

May 9, 2020

China’s WeChat Monitors Overseas Users to Bolster Censorship at Home, Report Says…

read story here

May 9, 2020

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized with Infection

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Tuesday with an infection.

Ginsburg underwent non-surgical treatment in Maryland

According to FOX News —

Ginsburg, 87, underwent non-surgical treatment for acute cholecystitis, a benign gallbladder condition, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

The justice underwent outpatient tests at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. on Monday following oral arguments with the court, which confirmed that she had a gallstone blocking her cystic duct, resulting in an infection…..

Read rest  of  the  story

REPORT: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in “Grave Danger” After Surgery

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, 36, is reportedly in “grave danger” after surgery, according to a US intel source.

Reuters reported the 36-year-old North Korean leader is receiving treatment after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure a couple weeks ago.

CNN reported:

The US is monitoring intelligence that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is in grave danger after a surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge.

Kim recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, which raised speculation about his well-being. He had been seen four days before that at a government meeting.

Kim last appeared in North Korean state media on April 11. April 15 — North Korea’s most important holiday, the anniversary of the birth of the country’s founding father, Kim Il Sung — came and went without any official mention of Kim Jong Un’s movements.

Experts are unsure of what to make of Kim’s absence from any festivities celebrating his grandfather. When North Korean leaders have not shown up to these important celebrations in the past, it has portended major developments. But it has also turned out to be nothing.

On Friday, Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson unleashed on the main stream media as he called them out for relaying communist Chinese state media propaganda relating to the coronavirus outbreak.The segment started with Carlson discussing how China has changed their story multiple times on how the coronavirus outbreak began…..continue 

Huawei Faces Mounting Opposition in UK as Distrust in Beijing Grows

April 19, 2020 Updated


US Concerned China May Be Conducting Secret Nuclear Tests

April 16, 2020

Chinese Factories Shut as Export Orders Dry Up Amid Pandemic

April 13, 2020 Updated: April 13, 2020

US Agencies Call on FCC to Bar China Telecom From Operating in US

April 9, 2020

Austria, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic Announce Plans to Reopen at Least Parts of Their Economy — Sweden Remains Open

EU FREEDOMAustria, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic Announce Plans to Reopen at Least Parts of Their Economy — Sweden Remains Open

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky — PRIOR LEAK KILLED RESEARCHER

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky — PRIOR LEAK KILLED RESEARCHER

US Sends Military Ships to Caribbean Sea to Disrupt Drug Cartels and Cut Off Socialist Maduro Regime Transfers of Illegal Drugs

Tension increases in the Caribbean Sea

US military forces expanded their anti-drug operations in the Caribbean.

According to White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien the military mission is to reduce the entry of illegal drugs into the US.

The US sent powerful warships, spy planes, and thousands of US troops to the Sea Caribbean this past week.

In addition, President Trump seeks to reduce the financial support for drug trafficking that provides the corrupt Maduro socialist regime.

TRENDING: Praying For an Easter Miracle – Remember Miracles Do Happen!

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley put drug cartels on notice this past week.

Attorney General William Bar notified the world of the deployment last week saying, “For years, the cartels have used these routes mainly from Colombia, but now also from Venezuela. And these shipping lanes on both coasts have become the primary routes to bring cocaine to the US. “

OUTRAGEOUS!… Top Experts Used by CDC Move Total US Coronavirus Deaths From 2.2 Million to 200,000 to 81,766 in Only 8 Days!

Last TUESDAY Coronavirus Task Force Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx pushed the talking point that by completely locking down the US economy and American public, the US government and Coronavirus task force “experts” were able to cut the total coronavirus deaths in the United States from 1 to 2.2 million deaths to 100,000 to 200,000 deaths.

This is based on “models” by her chosen scientific “experts” — Chris Murray and the IMHE.

Here is the chart Dr. Birx discussed during the daily coronavirus press conference at the White House.

It shows an estimated 2.2 million US deaths.
Again — this was at the press conference 6 days ago!

TRENDING: HUGE! Official IMHE Model for Coronavirus Used by CDC Just Cut Their Numbers by Half!… They’re Making It Up As they Go Along!

There is not a single country in the world today with over 16,000 total coronavirus deaths.

On Sunday night the IMHE cut their numbers in half.

Today the IMHE model used by the CDC and Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci estimate the total US coronavirus deaths to be 81,766 by August 4th.
And 81,000 by May 21st.

WHOA! Dr. Fauci in 2017: President Trump Will Be Challenged By a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” (VIDEO)

WHOA! Dr. Fauci in 2017: President Trump Will Be Challenged By a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” (VIDEO)

“This is the Beginning of the End of the Pandemic” – Dr. Stephen Smith Announces Hydroxy-Choloroquine Study that is “Game Changer” in Battle Against Coronavirus (VIDEO)


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