In a sworn statement, esteemed mathemetician Steven Miller raised red flags about nearly 100,000 Republican-requested absentee ballots in the state of Pennsylvania.

At the moment, the two candidates – President Trump and Joe Biden – are separated by a margin of roughly 82,000 votes.

The whistleblower, Williams College Professor Steven Miller, who is also a Yale University and Princeton University trained math expert, analyzed data from the former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard and thousands of voter interviews.

“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,” Miller said while speaking to Just the News.

Ballots were flagged by Miller for a host of reasons: some appeared to be requested by an individual other than a registered voter while other votes could have been missed during counting.


























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    Twitter, Facebook Censor Trump’s Posts About Election


    “Don’t worry we’re going to win.” – Trump

    Posted By: GeorgeEaton
    Date: Sunday, 8-Nov-2020

    Trump was out golfing and stopped to take photos with a couple that were getting married at the country club. He was in good spirits and told people there: “Don’t worry we’re going to win”. Watch video when you scroll down on site.


    “My Aunt took this picture at Trump National in
    VA. She said she was fighting back tears and yelled over ‘We
    love you, Mr. President. Thank you for everything you’ve
    done for our country.’ She said he stopped, gave her a
    thumbs up and said ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to win.'”











    Steve Bannon: “The FACT Is Donald Trump Won an Overwhelming Victory — President Trump Has Multiple Paths to be Inaugurated!” (VIDEO)

    Former White House chief strategist and Trump Campaign adviser Steve Bannon went on Mornings with Maria on Thursday to provide insight into the 2020 presidential election results. The Trump administration is taking legal action amid mounting controversy over voting practices and thousands of suspect ballots.

    Steve Bannon told Maria, “President Trump has multiple paths to be inaugurated.”

    Bannon went on, “The fact is Donald Trump won an overwhelming victory. You see that in the senate. You see thatin the House. You see that in the state legislatures all down ticket. If we can get a legal vote Donald Trump wins it.”

    Via Mornings with Maria:

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