The Independent | 2019-07-31

A pilot was arrested on suspicion of being drunk while onboard a full plane ready to take off. The pilot, who works for Delta, was arrested


Modern Ghana | 2019-07-31

European aerospace giant Airbus more than doubled its profits in the first half of the year, which it attributed to increased production of its A320 aircraft,


Modern Ghana | 2019-07-31

Langton Chiwocha chose Emmerson Mnangagwaamong 23 candidates in Zimbabwe‘s presidential elections a year ago. Today he says he deeply regrets his choice. We


The Guardian | 2019-07-31

Senator says bill aims to tackle features that ‘capture attention by using psychological tricks’ Autoplaying videos on YouTube, Facebook’s infinite newsfeed and


Russia Today | 2019-07-31

The public prosecutor’s office in Munich said on Wednesday that it had filed charges against former Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler. He is being


The Independent | 2019-07-31

A man has died after dancing in an amusement park’s mascot costume during a heatwave. Yohei Yamaguchi died from heatstroke on Sunday in Osaka, Japan. He


Suryaa | 2019-07-31

Warsaw, July 31 (IANSUS President Donald Trump will come to Warsaw on September 1 for the 80th commemoration of the start of the World War-II, a

Police in Thessaloniki have arrested 61 migrants for illegal residence in the country, in a crackdown following a string of violent incidents near the northern


The Guardian | 2019-07-30

Ofcom investigation finds billing error led to network overcharging 2.6 million users Giffgaff has been fined £1.4m for overcharging 2.6 million mobile phone


The Himalayan | 2019-07-30

SYDNEY: The United States is planning to build additional military infrastructure in Australia once Congress gives approval to the US Navy for $211.5 million,


Hamodia | 2019-07-30

In what he may be hoping will be a “September surprise” to help him clinch the elections – and pull the electoral rug out from under Avigdor


The Irish Times | 2019-07-30

Sterling fell to a new two-year low versus the dollar on Tuesday amid growing speculation that Britain is headed for a messy no-deal Brexit from the European


BBC News | 2019-07-30

The US raised the stakes in its tensions with Chinain May, when the US Commerce Departmentadded Huawei to its “entity list”. The move bans the company from


Sputnik | 2019-07-30

The statement comes after US Secretary of StateMike Pompeo tweeted on Monday that Iran had rejected his proposal to visit Tehran to address the Iranian people.

Dawn | 2019-07-29

Chinese official said on Monday that some Western politicians are stirring unrest in Hong Kong in hopes of creating difficulties that will impede China’s


Russia Today | 2019-07-29

Julian Assange will most likely be subjected to torture if he is extradited to the US, the UN special rapporteur on torture warned, revealing Assange’s current


The Observer | 2019-07-29

Thunderstorms are expected to hit parts of the UK this week with a risk of more flooding following a weekend of heavy downpours. Commuters woke up to road


Hong Kong Standard | 2019-07-29

China is holding military exercises in the East China Sea and the South China Sea near Taiwanthis week, days after a defense


Deccan Herald | 2019-07-29

India is currently home to nearly 3000 tigers marking a 33% jump in their number from the last count four years ago. According to the fourth round of tiger


The Observer | 2019-07-29

More than 125kg of smuggled rhino horns have been seized in Vietnam in one of the biggest wildlife trafficking cases ever seen in south-east AsiaThe horns,


The Times of India | 2019-07-28

TEHRAN: Iran on Sunday slammed as “provocative” a British proposal for a European-led naval mission to escort tankers in the Gulf, amid soaring

After Mueller Debacle, Where Do Democrats Go?

Police in Hong Kong fire tear gas at protesters defying authorities’ warnings not to march through a neighbourhood where a mob had brutally attacked people in a

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday said Brexit was a “massive economic opportunity” but had been treated under his predecessor Theresa


WPXI | 2019-07-27

GWANGJU, South Korea – Two people were killed and more than 17 were injured — including three American athletes — after an internal balcony collapsed at a


Press TV | 2019-07-27

Bahrain has executed two pro-democracy activists, defying widespread calls to commute the death sentences handed to the prisoners in an “unfair”


The Times of India | 2019-07-27

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration signed an agreement with Guatemala Friday that will restrict asylum applications to the US from Central America. The | 2019-07-26

The United States Internal Revenue Serviceannounced it was sending thousands of taxpayers a letter to alert them how they failed to report virtual currency | 2019-07-26

The new leader of Britain’s House of CommonsJacob Rees-Mogg has issued a set of rules for staff members in his office to follow, including a list of banned

The Hill | 2019-07-26

Human rights and anti-death penalty groups are vowing to challenge the Justice Department’s decision to resume the federal death penalty after a 15-year hiatus.


The Independent | 2019-07-26

British Airways has been named the worst airline for handling complaints when a flight is delayed or cancelled. A Which? survey collected more 2,600 experiences


The National | 2019-07-26

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said his government will stop implementing agreements with Israel in response to the demolition of newly built


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-26

A man has been acquitted after serving 12 years for being the getaway driver in a Melbourne mob murder. His defense barrister at trial was also acting as a


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-26

The far-right party was forced to reduce its number of candidates for an upcoming regional election in eastern Germany. A state constitutional court said part


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-26

PARIS (Reuters) – French President EmmanuelMacron will discuss Brexit with Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he has invited to visit in the next


The Times of India | 2019-07-26

SYDNEY: Australia‘s competition watchdog on Friday recommended tighter controls on the use of personal data and measures to ease Facebook and Google‘s


The Guardian | 2019-07-25

Barak forms pact with Meretz – with goal of ousting Benjamin Netanyahu in September Israel’s former centre-left prime minister Ehud Barak has made an election


Star Tribune | 2019-07-25

European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen is meeting Poland‘s prime minister to discuss the executive body’s agenda for when she takes the helm


The Guardian | 2019-07-25

Dubai government legal department is challenging payments made to company chaired by Lord Stevens Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner, has


The Independent | 2019-07-25

Tunisia’s 92-year-old president, Beji Caid Essebsi, has died, the presidency said in a statement on Thursday. Mr Essebsi was taken to a military hospital on


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-25

A bipartisan effort to restrict US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia has been vetoed by the White HousePresident Donald Trump said Saudi Arabia and the UAE served


Press TV | 2019-07-25

A daredevil French inventor on Thursday failed in his attempt to fly across the Channel from


The Star | 2019-07-25

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani Prime MinisterImran Khan returned home from Washington on Thursday after a visit seen by supporters as a major diplomatic

The Daily Beast | 2019-07-24

By Emmarie Huetteman | Kaiser Health NewsWhen Washington returned from its winter holiday break in January, it seemed everyone was talking about lowering drug


Deccan Herald | 2019-07-24

In a video on his Instagram account, the anti-corruption campaigner said he was detained as he was leaving his Moscow home to go jogging and buy flowers for his


Deccan Chronicle | 2019-07-24

RomeItalian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday said that Italy will work with newly elected Boris Johnson on ensuring orderly Brexit and to assure that


The Independent | 2019-07-24

Right-wing politicians in France mocked the 16-year-old climate change campaigner GretaThunberg as a “guru of the apocalypse” before boycotting her


WPXI | 2019-07-24

BEIJING (AP) – Asian stock markets rose Wednesday following a report that U.S. and Chinese trade envoys will meet for talks next week. Benchmarks in


Atlanta Journal | 2019-07-24

BEIJING — China on Wednesday accused the U.S.of undermining global stability with unilateral policies and “power politics” in the Chinese

Irish Independent | 2019-07-23

Moira Warburton July 23 2019 11:41 AM 0 Comments Case of missing teens could be linked to three tourists found murdered, Canadianpolice say


The Independent | 2019-07-23

Mike Pence abruptly cancelled a trip to New Hampshire to avoid shaking hands with a former New York Giants star under investigation for drug trafficking, it has


Hong Kong Standard | 2019-07-23

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt enters 10 Downing Street for Theresa May‘s final cabinet meeting. The outcome of the ballot of about 160,000 UK Conservative


The Daily Beast | 2019-07-23

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and House JudiciaryChairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) are teaming up on sweeping legislation aimed at decriminalizing marijuana at the


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-23

A 26-year-old Eritrean was apparently shot from a car by a man who later died, German authorities have said, citing preliminary information. The police are


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-23

A search of the van found 273 kilograms of methylamphetamine with a street value of well in excess of $100 millionSydney police called it “one of the easiest


The Guardian | 2019-07-23

Foreign minister says Iran wants ‘normal relations based on mutual respect’ as tanker crisis continues Iran does not seek confrontation with Britain amid a row

Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-22

Paris, July 22: A private search vessel has located a French submarine that went missing in the western Mediterranean more than 50 years ago, officials said


New Statesman | 2019-07-22

Cabinet MPs are making plans to jump before they’re pushed, but Johnson should be more worried about his working majority. ” data-adaptive-image-768-img=” “


The Independent | 2019-07-22

India has launched its mission to the Moon. Space agency Isro successfully shot its Chandrayaan-2 into space and off to the lunar surface, where


Kyodo | 2019-07-22

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he will seek “flexible” discussions on revising Japan‘s Constitution after pro-amendment forces in the upper house


Kyodo | 2019-07-22

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton held a series of meetings with top Japanese officials Monday in which they were expected to discuss Washington’s plan


Arkansas Online | 2019-07-22

MEXICO CITY — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday told his Mexican counterpart that Mexico has made significant progress on migration enforcement.


Hamodia | 2019-07-22

Security forces on Monday morning were demolishing 13 structures in the Arab village of Wadi Hummus, located outside Yerushalayimadjacent to the village of Sur

South China Morning Post | 2019-07-21

A female suicide bomber struck outside a hospital in Pakistan on Sunday as the wounded were being brought in from an earlier shooting against police, in a

Independent online (SA) | 2019-07-21

While the law clearly prohibits any alcohol consumption for children under the age of 18, some parents have admitted to allowing their children to drink –


Khaleej Times | 2019-07-21

British Airways and German airline Lufthansa, two of Europe‘s largest airlines, have suspended flights to Cairo for unspecified security reasons. British

The National | 2019-07-20

Saudi Arabia‘s King Salman has approved the stationing of American troops in the country in order to boost security in the region and ensure stability in the


Hindustan Times | 2019-07-20

BJP Govt fails to prevent Sonbhadra Massacre! BJP Govt fails to act against guilty! BJP Govt illegally arrests Priyankaji for wanting to meet families! BJP


Raw Story | 2019-07-19

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday there was no hunger in the country, citing the lack of “poor people in the street with a skeletal


The Times of India | 2019-07-19

GUAYAQUIL: Alexandra Chavez and MichelleAviles have made history in conservative Ecuadorby becoming the first couple to take advantage of a new law allowing | 2019-07-19

Article By Guest WriterCaleb TisdaleMarrakech, MoroccoAttracting young people to radical, extremist ideas is not hard. Just ask the ISIS recruiters

The Hindu | 2019-07-18

Pakistan’s anti-graft body on July 18 arrested former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in a multi-billion-rupee case related to the award of a liquefied


Voa News | 2019-07-18

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is heading to Latin America to meet face to face with leaders there, amid difficult negotiations with Mexico and Central American


RTE | 2019-07-18

G7 finance ministers meeting in France have today agreed a plan for taxing digital companies such as Facebook and Google that will set a minimum level of


Sputnik | 2019-07-18

An Indian court has convicted one of the two accused, a worker at a beach shack in Goa, for the rape and murder of a British teenage tourist in 2008, and


Russia Today | 2019-07-18

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have seized a “foreign vessel,” saying it was “smuggling” one million barrels of fuel, the Islamic Republic’s media reported. It


RTE | 2019-07-18

The EU hit US chipmaking giant Qualcomm with a competition fine of €242m today, in another blow against a tech titan that is fighting competition battles


The Independent | 2019-07-18 has billed a disruptive passenger £85,000 after a flight was forced to divert accompanied by two RAF Typhoon fighter jets. Chloe Haines, 25, tried to

The Independent | 2019-07-17

Support for Donald Trump among Republicansrose after his racist tweets attacking Democraticcongresswomen of colour, a poll has revealed. The


Sputnik | 2019-07-17

Twitter’s yet unexplained suspension of one of the biggest accounts supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Unity4J, may be symptomatic of a broader


The Independent | 2019-07-17

Train operator Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) has been fined £1 million after a railway enthusiast was killed when he put his head out of a carriage window.


Dawn | 2019-07-17

Sudan‘s protesters and ruling generals on Wednesday inked a power sharing deal that aims to install a civilian administration, a key demand of demonstrators


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-17

The family of a jailed British-Iranian woman says she has been taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Tehran. The case has fueled tensions between Iran


Gulf News | 2019-07-17

Canberra, Australia: A fisherman said on Wednesday he was looking for the author of a message in a bottle found off the southern Australian coast 50 years after


This is Money | 2019-07-17

ROME, July 17 (Reuters) – Andrea Camilleri, one of Italy‘s most famous writers who penned the acclaimed

The Independent | 2019-07-16

US lawmakers have voted to demand the Pentagon discloses whether it conducted experiments to “weaponise” disease-carrying ticks – and whether any such


The Independent | 2019-07-16

Airline Garuda Indonesia is urging passengers not to take any pictures or videos onboard its flights. The Indonesian national carrier circulated an internal


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-16

More Passengers face a cut in cheap flights available to them as Ryanair (RYA.L) has just announced that it has been forced to revise its Summer 2020


The Times of India | 2019-07-16

SEOUL: North Korea on Tuesday warned that US-South Korea military drills to be held next month “will affect” proposed working-level nuclear talks


Irish Independent | 2019-07-16

By Raf Casert July 16 2019 8:20 AM 0 Comments EU top job candidate ‘would grant further Brexit extension if necessary’ The candidate to succeed | 2019-07-16

MANILA, July 16 (Xinhua) — The Philippines wants to buy 74,000 pieces of M-16 assault rifles with corresponding accessories from the United StatesPhilippine


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-16

Commercial and cargo flights can now fully access Pakistani airspace for the first time since a skirmish with India in February. The airspace closure had caused

South China Morning Post | 2019-07-15

China confirmed on Monday that a Canadian has been detained on suspicion of drug offences in the east coast city of Yantai.Foreign Ministryspokesman Geng


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-15

Police in Australia say DNA testing has identified the remains of missing French backpacker Erwan Ferrieux. Fears were raised after his rental car was found



The Times of India | 2019-07-15

India’s worst ever water crisis might cripple the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad — in the next 48 days. A sluggish monsoon that brought little


Wtop | 2019-07-15

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Four children aged 10 to 14 packed fishing rods in a parent’s SUV, left a farewell note then drove more than 1,000kilometers


Even though Tropical Depression Barry did not unleash catastrophic flooding in Louisiana, many across the Gulf Coast were urged to take heed of tornado and

Reuters | 2019-07-13

Two members of Venezuelan National Assemblychief Juan Guaido’s security detail were detained on Friday, both the opposition leader and government officials


Taipei Times | 2019-07-13

Twenty-five people were injured and several homes, churches and other buildings were damaged yesterday when an earthquake sent residents of the southern


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-07-13

Britain could help secure the release of a supertanker seized off the coast of Gibraltar if Iran provides “sufficient guarantees” that the cargo is not bound


Modern Ghana | 2019-07-13

At least 26 people, including many foreigners, have been killed and 56 injured in a suicide bomb and gun attack on a hotel in Kismayo where a political


Sputnik | 2019-07-13

In June authorities temporarily closed three Costa Blanca beaches in Spain’s Benidorm resort after several people were stung by Portuguese Men O’War, although


Sputnik | 2019-07-13

Almost 60 corella parrots were found dead or dying near the One Tree Hill Primary School in Adelaide according to the Daily Mail. On Wednesday, 10 July, Corella

Sputnik | 2019-07-13

As the woman herself has explained, the decision to marry her cousin was forced upon her by her family when they all were on vacation in Pakistanback when she


Middle East Monitor | 2019-07-13

Egypt is to establish a “Ministry of Happiness” in light of the country’s soaring prices of basic commodities and the continued repression and imprisonment of


Irish Independent | 2019-07-13 Newsdesk Twitter Email July 13 2019 10:57 AM 0 Comments New Zealand holds first gun buyback event in wake of Christchurchshooting


TVNZ | 2019-07-13

US Vice President Mike Pence has toured two detention facilities on the Texas border, including a Border Patrol station where hundreds of men were crowded


The Guardian | 2019-07-13

Red Cross says those hurt after running of the bulls at San Fermín were taken to hospital Five people have been taken to hospital after being injured during the


Indian Express | 2019-07-13

Over 5,00,000 people have signed on to a Facebook event pledging to raid Nevada’s


Press TV | 2019-07-13

Does Merkel travel too much?” asked mass-selling daily Bild on Friday as Germans fret about the health of their chancellor, who sat rather than

The Independent | 2019-07-12

Britain is sending another warship to the Persian Gulf in the wake of threats to commercial shipping from Iran. The Type 45 frigate HMS Duncan is to sail to the


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-12

Ukraine, July 12: Ukraine is all set to introduce chemical castration for men in the age group of 18 and 65 if found guilty of raping or sexually abusing


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-12

A council of economic experts advising the government says the German government should put a price on CO2 emissions. It would be &aposeconomically


South China Morning Post | 2019-07-12

South Korea said on Friday it has proposed to Japan that the two countries ask an international organisation to investigate claims that Seoul was not faithfully


Asiatimes | 2019-07-12

China’s economy grew at its slowest rate in nearly three decades in the second quarter, according to an AFP survey of analysts, hit by the US-China trade


The Independent | 2019-07-12

Donald Trump has attacked the former Republican House speaker Paul Ryan in a series of late-night tweets in which he accused him of being a “lame duck failure”.


Metro UK | 2019-07-12

Theresa May says her successor will be unable to negotiate further concessions from the EU (Picture: Getty) Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May says she ‘did

The Guardian | 2019-07-11

Donald Trump threatens trade war over planned levy on firms such as Amazon and Facebook France has hit back against US plans to investigate a planned tax on big


France24 | 2019-07-11

Vincent Lambert, the severely brain-damaged Frenchman at the heart of a right-to-die case, died Thursday morning, more than a week after life support was ended.


TVNZ | 2019-07-11

A man‘s been arrested on suspicion of trespass after scaling Buckingham Palace‘s gates. Scotland Yard said the man


Business Day | 2019-07-11

Thessaloniki — Tornadoes and violent hailstorms killed six tourists in northern Greece late on Wednesday, police said. Dozens more were injured when strong


The Independent | 2019-07-11

The Trump administration is to begin rounding up and deporting thousands of migrants living in the US illegally this weekend, according to a report. Immigration


The Guardian | 2019-07-11

Politicians, academics and writers have fled a climate of death threats and hostility reminiscent of the military dictatorship At times, the solitude and

Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-10

The German chancellor was seen slightly shaking while greeting Finland&aposs prime minister in Berlin. It&aposs the third time in recent weeks that this has


The Independent | 2019-07-10

Sri Lanka has agreed a move to reduce airline charges in order to stimulate tourism growth following the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks. The


CNN | 2019-07-10

(CNN)A technician for Indian airline SpiceJet died in a freak accident in Kolkata on Wednesday morning, after accidentally getting trapped in a plane door.


South China Morning Post | 2019-07-10

Chinese anti-corruption activist who urged officials to disclose their wealth has been arrested for allegedly “promoting terrorism”, as Beijing


The Guardian | 2019-07-10

His lawyer will argue the racial vilification conviction is at odds with Victoria’s charter of human rights The far-right extremist Blair Cottrell has made a


Indian Express | 2019-07-10

US President Donald Trump’s administration on Tuesday threatened he would veto a massive defense bill being considered by the House of Representatives,


Indian Express | 2019-07-10

Gunmen have massacred as many as 18 people including women and children in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, apparently the latest victims of a tribal feud,


The Independent | 2019-07-09

Tens of thousands of commuters using Britain’s second-busiest railway station have faced severe disruption after another delay involving a derailment. A Network


The Independent | 2019-07-09

A woman was killed when she fell onto a metal drinking straw that pierced her eye socket and entered her brain, an inquest heard. ElenaStruthers-Gardner, 60,


The Guardian | 2019-07-09

Move clears way for papal nuncio Luigi Ventura to face criminal charges The Vatican has waived diplomatic immunity for its envoy to France who is under


The Guardian | 2019-07-09

World leaders only respond when headlines on Congo cases reveal ‘fear and panic’, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tells Guardian The head of the World Health


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-09

By Elizabeth Piper and Andrew MacAskill DARLINGTON/YORKEngland (Reuters) – With a string of sausages round his neck and holding packs of “Boris bangers”,


Metro UK | 2019-07-09

The ex-F1 CEO said he would die for his friend Vladimir Putin (Picture: Getty/AP) Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone would ‘stand in front of a machine gun’ to


Springfield News-Sun | 2019-07-09

Japan said Tuesday it did not plan to retract or negotiate its tightened controls on high-tech exports to South Korea, a day after the South Korean president

The Independent | 2019-07-06

Babylon has been designated a Unesco world heritage site following decades of lobbying by Iraq. The legendary city, first referenced on a clay tablet more than


The National | 2019-07-06

A fresh standoff brewed Saturday between charity rescue vessels and Italy‘s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini after two boats carrying shipwrecked


The Independent | 2019-07-06

There’s a general election in Greece on Sunday but, aside from a few roadside posters, it would be easy for visitors to pass through without realising. In


BBC News | 2019-07-06

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has fired the governor of the central bank and replaced him with his


The Independent | 2019-07-06

US prosecutors are seeking to recover $12.7bn (£10.1bn) from the Mexican drug lord El Chapo following his conviction for racketeering and drug trafficking | 2019-07-05

Police said the person seen licking an ice cream container before putting it back in a TexasWalmart’s freezer was identified as a juvenile, and the case has | 2019-07-05

A group of British soldiers filmed using a picture of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for target practice have been allowed to remain in the army, the

Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-05

7-Eleven convenience store customers in Japanusing the “7pay” payment app lost hundreds of thousands of euros after a security breach. Seven Pay officials said


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-05

Retiring European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has expressed regret for the lack of transparency in the process to nominate his successor. His own


The Independent | 2019-07-05

There were no queues, no litter and no bodies to solemnly mark the route. It was quiet save for the sharp crunch of snow as two figures climbed along an


The National | 2019-07-05

Sudan’s ruling military council and a coalition of opposition groups have reached an agreement to share power during a transition period until elections. The


AOL | 2019-07-05

Boris Johnson was kept in the dark over some sensitive secret intelligence by Downing Streetwhen he became foreign secretary, according to reports. The BBC and


The Siasat Daily | 2019-07-05

WashingtonRiza Aziz, stepson of former Malaysian PM Najib Razak, who produced Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was arrested in


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-07-05

Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet to her successor, saying that whoever replaces her in Downing Street must deliver on both a “seamless border” in

Dutch gangland boss ‘De Neus’ jailed for life on five counts of murder

The Guardian | 2019-07-04

Willem Holleeder, famed for kidnap of Heineken boss, failed to undermine his sisters’ witness statements A Dutch gangland boss who gained notoriety after the


Pakistan PM to visit Washington, meet Trump on July 22

Scottsbluff StarHerald | 2019-07-04

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s Prime MinisterImran Khan will travel to Washington later this month for a meeting with President Donald Trump It will be Khan‘s


Rep. Justin Amash Quits Republican Party

Yahoo Daily News | 2019-07-04

More Rep. Justin Amash is celebrating this Fourth of July in a manner years in the making: by declaring his independence from the Republican


Putin, After Three Days, Says Fire-Hit Russian Submarine Was Nuclear-Powered

Hamodia | 2019-07-04

Russian President Vladimir Putin disclosed on Thursday for the first time that a secret military submarine hit by a fatal fire three days ago was


Sudan protesters, generals resume talks over civilian rule

Modern Ghana | 2019-07-04

Sudan‘s protest leaders and ruling generals resumed talks Wednesday over forming a new governing body, the first such negotiations since a deadly crackdown on


Trump administration attempts to legally justify attack on Iran

The Independent | 2019-07-04

As it has contemplated military action against Iran, the Trump administration has opened the door to virtually every legal authority it might use to justify an

Deccan Herald | 2019-07-03

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday formally stepped down as Congress President, accepting responsibility for the Lok Sabha election defeat and pushing for radical


The Irish Times | 2019-07-03

French police searched Renault’s headquarters in the south-west of Paris on Wednesday as part of an investigation into the carmaker’s former boss, Carlos Ghosn.


The Independent | 2019-07-03

Two people have died after they were hit by a train near Port Talbot in south Wales. In a statement, British Transport Police said: “Shortly before 10am today,


The Independent | 2019-07-03

 The Kremlin has said it is not planning to release details about the submarine involved in Monday’s fire that cost the lives of at least 14


The Daily Beast | 2019-07-03

NAPLES, Italy—When Italian anti-Mafia police discovered two precious Van Gogh masterpieces worth $100 million wrapped in a bed sheet under the stairway of a


Middle East Online | 2019-07-03

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration still plans to impose sanctions on Turkey and remove it from a critical fighter jet program if the NATOally acquires


CNBC | 2019-07-03

Samsung Electronics is likely to say second-quarter profit more than halved when it reports preliminary earnings on Friday, data showed, as a drop in memory

The Independent | 2019-07-02

At least 50 people have been killed in Nigeria after a crashed fuel tanker caught fire, a government spokesman has said. “A tanker loaded with fuel fell


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-07-02

Legislators from right-wing parties, Brexiteers and Catalan independence backers have disrupted the formal opening session of the European Parliament. Some


The Times of India | 2019-07-02

CARACAS: A Venezuelan politician accused of an attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Madurousing explosing drones will face trial after a court on Monday


Hong Kong Standard | 2019-07-02

Beijing condemned the ransacking of Hong Kong‘s legislature last night and said it supports Hong Kong authorities to investigate the “criminal


The Independent | 2019-07-02

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs was found dead in his hotel room on Monday night at the age of 27, but authorities have not confirmed the cause of death


The Guardian | 2019-07-02

Mass murders present challenge for search engine to deliver accurate results Misinformation is so common after mass shootings that Googlehas had to tweak its

The Guardian | 2019-07-01

Volunteers suggest moving rough sleepers to shelter is attempt to protect city’s image The clearing of homeless immigrants from a park in Brussels through which

Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-01

The jobless rate in the eurozone has ticked down, despite concerns over global trade disputes. A 7.5% rate was last seen before the 2008 financial crisis. ...


Deutsche Welle | 2019-07-01

Iran is reported to have breached the 300kilograms of low-enriched uranium allowed under the 2015 international nuclear accord. The amount is far short of that


South China Morning Post | 2019-07-01

The US Defence Department has asked Cambodiato explain why it suddenly turned down an offer to repair a naval base, saying the decision had raised speculation


Middle East Online | 2019-07-01

VIENNA – Oil prices jumped Monday after OPECkingpin Saudi Arabia and non-member Russiaagreed to keep daily oil output caps, but Iranwarned the move risks


The Independent | 2019-07-01

A suspected stray missile crashed north of the Cypriot capital, Nicosia early on Monday, Turkish Cypriot officials said. Ersin Tatar, the prime minister of


The Independent | 2019-07-01

Two billionaires on opposite ends of the political spectrum, left-wing financier George Soros and right-wing industrialist Charles Koch, are to finance a new

ABC7 | 2019-06-30

Luis Alvarez, a former New York City policedetective who worked at Ground Zero following the Sept 11 attacks and fought for the 9/11 VictimCompensation Fund,


Korea Times | 2019-06-30

Alek Sigley, the Australian student who is uncontactable in North Korea / Courtesy of the Sigley family via AP The Facebook page of an Australian man missing in


This is Money | 2019-06-30

Global spy agencies are trying to get their hands on Angela Merkel‘s medical records in an effort to discover what caused her recent shaking episodes, it has


The Independent | 2019-06-29

An airline asked a woman to change a revealing top she was wearing after other passengers voiced their concerns about the item of clothing. EasyJet said they


The National | 2019-06-29

The United States has imposed sanctions on the son of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for serving in his father’s “illegitimate regime”. The

Ancient palace revealed after drought drains water from Iraq reservoir

A 3,400-year-old palace has been revealed on the banks of the Tigris river after drought caused water levels in a major reservoir to recede.

The Bronze Age site in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, dating to a time when the Mitanni empire held sway over a swathe of the Middle East, has been excavated for the first time.

BBC News | 2019-06-29

In posts on social media, Sir Elton said: “I strongly disagree with your view that pursuing policies that embrace multicultural and sexual diversity are


The Independent | 2019-06-29

The captain of migrant rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 has been arrested after ending a two-week standoff with Italian authorities by docking at the island of


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-06-29

Osaka, June 29: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was confident Saturday there would be no sanctions against Turkey over a controversial Russian


The Guardian | 2019-06-29

Officials say local affiliate Abu Sayyaf was likely behind blast that targeted elite army unit Five people including three soldiers were killed in a bombing | 2019-06-28

The European Union and the South American bloc Mercosur have struck a trade deal after two decades of negotiations, The Independentreports. The two blocs | 2019-06-28

The city of Munich in southern Germany has started allowing women to bathe topless after police scolded female topless sunbathers for exposing their breasts

The Independent | 2019-06-28

Donald Trump tweets could soon be restricted after Twitter announced it would slap warning labels on posts by politicians it deems violate the rules. The new


CNN | 2019-06-28

(CNN)The remains of Genoa‘s Morandi Bridgewere blown up in a controlled explosion on Friday, nearly a year after the structure collapsed in a disaster that


The Times of India | 2019-06-28

LONDON: Footage of British prime ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson calling the French “turds” over their Brexit stance was cut from a BBCdocumentary


CNN | 2019-06-28

Miami (CNN)California Sen. Kamala Harrisdominated the stage on the second night of Democrats‘ first 2020 presidential debates. Harrisopened the debate’s


The Siasat Daily | 2019-06-28

Osaka [Japan]: The situation arising out of US sanctions on buying oil from Iran, 5G technology, defence ties will be among a host of issues on the table during


DNA India | 2019-06-28

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani Thursday discussed peace efforts in the war-torn country and agreed to open a new | 2019-06-28

Witnesses said Sudanese riot police Thursday fired tear gas at scores of students who rallied against the ruling generals near the presidential palace in

Yahoo Daily News | 2019-06-27

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen shaking as she met PresidentFrank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday, her second such bout within two


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-06-27

By Ju-min Park TAESUNG FREEDOM VILLAGE, South Korea (Reuters) – South Korean mobile carrier KT Corp said on Thursday it launched 5G services in one of the


This is Money | 2019-06-27

ISTANBUL, June 27 (Reuters) – U.S. PresidentDonald Trump may visit Turkey in July, Turkey’s President Tayip Erdogan said in an interview in Japan where he will


The Times of India | 2019-06-27

LONDON: Fugitve diamantaire Nirav Modi is set to appear via videolink from prison for a routine remand hearing before Westminster Magistrates‘ Court in


CNN | 2019-06-27

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Oriola Oluwaseyi, 32, makes her way through the busy streets of Ajegunle, a low-income community in Nigeria‘s commercial center, Lagos. The | 2019-06-27

At least 10 people have been infected with measles in a Dutch village where many parents have not vaccinated their children due to religious reasons, The | 2019-06-27

German judge has ruled that the rightful owner of a 13th century castle is the property of the town in which it is located, not a Prussian price, Germany’s


Tracing the Origins of Congressional Democrats’ ‘Obstruction’ Strategy
Efforts by members of Congress to advance the narrative that President Donald Trump “obstructed justice” have now replaced …




Boy Chokes to Death on Hot Dog in Front of Family During San Juan Festivities in Gran Canaria