Raw Story | 2019-06-22

UN High Commissioner for Human RightsMichelle Bachelet called on Venezuela to release jailed dissidents Friday and said the crisis-wracked country faced a


Voa News | 2019-06-22

For the first time since Mauritania‘s independence, its citizens voted on Saturday for a successor to a democratically-elected president, though a government


Music News | 2019-06-22

Elton John urged world leaders to dig deeper to fund AIDS research as he collected France‘s highest civilian honour on Friday. The rocker was awarded the Legion


BBC News | 2019-06-22

Ms Cheng ruled out an inquiry into the police’s use of force, despite protests by human rights groups over the use of rubber bullets and tear gas. At least 72

Independent Online | 2019-06-22

Nine people on board a twin engine aircraft died Friday night in a crash on Oahu’s North Shore, officials said. There were no survivors in the crash of the King


RTE | 2019-06-22

At least three people died when an under-construction building collapsed at a Cambodian beach resort today, officials said, with fears that an unknown number of


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-21

The government is making little headway in fighting child malnutrition in Pakistan, where one in every three children is underweight, according to a recent

WorldNews.com | 2019-06-20

Almost half of the single people in Japan who want to get married are unable to find a suitable partner, according to a government survey, The Independent


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-20

The U.S. point man on North Korea said Wednesday there were no preconditions to resuming talks with Pyongyang, but he urged greater action on denuclearization,


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-19

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz accused the European Union of maintaining a double standard in its sanctioning procedures following his Law and


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-19

The first images from a trial of EmmanuelMacron’s compulsory national service for Frenchteenagers have sparked criticism on the left that youngsters are made


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-19

Cuba’s state security is pressuring dissidents to go into exile in its attempt to weaken opposition on the Communist-run island, according to a new report by a


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-19

Residents of a small northern island in Norwayare trying to become the first “time-free” zome in the world on Wednesday since the sun doesn’t set in their


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-19

Three men have been convicted for supporting the 2015 Garissa University terrorist attack in Kenya. Though they were not among the gunmen, the trio knew the

‘You can’t turn rice into nuclear weapons’: South Korea to send 50,000 tonnes of rice …

South China Morning Post | 2019-06-19

South Korea said on Wednesday it would send 50,000 tonnes of rice to the North through the UN’s World Food Programme – the second such aid package

Adidas loses EU court battle over ‘three stripe’ design

The Siasat Daily | 2019-06-19

LuxembourgGerman sportswear giant Adidas on Wednesday lost a legal battle to trademark its “three stripe” motif in the EU, as a court ruled the


Bernie Sanders Calls for ‘Political Revolution’ in America, Lays Out His Democratic Socialist Vision: ‘This Is Not Utopian’

Newsweek | 2019-06-19

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent, called on millions of Americans to make a “political revolution” in America as he laid out his vision for a


Polar bear wanders through Russian city of Norilsk

Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-19

An exhausted-looking she-bear has been spotted wandering through the industrial zone of the Siberian city of Norilsk, far away from its natural home.


MH17 Crash Investigators Name 4 Suspects – Victim’s Relatives

Sputnik | 2019-06-19

The MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near the city of Donetsk on 17 July 2014. All 298 passengers, mostly Dutchnationals, and crew members,


US fines companies exporting goods via Cambodia to dodge Trump’s trade war tariffs on China

South China Morning Post | 2019-06-19

The United States has fined several companies for exporting goods via a Chinese-owned special economic zone in Cambodia in a bid to dodge President Donald


Teenagers murdered friend after man on internet offered them millions to film killing for him, …

The Independent | 2019-06-19

A teenager masterminded the murder of her best friend after a stranger she met online promised her £7m to carry out the act, police say. DenaliBrehmer, 18,

Raw Story | 2019-06-18

Dominican authorities Monday identified the man they say paid for the attempted hit on former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz. In a statement, the attorney


Raw Story | 2019-06-18

China on Tuesday warned against opening a “Pandora’s box” in the Middle East after the United States announced the deployment of 1,000


Middle East Online | 2019-06-18

CAIRO – Egypt‘s first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi was buried in Cairo on Tuesday, his lawyer said, a day after he collapsed in court and


South China Morning Post | 2019-06-18

Pakistan’s military will embark on two operations seeking to rescue four Italian climbers hit by an avalanche and to locate two Chinese climbers missing in


The Independent | 2019-06-18

Donald Trump has promised to begin deporting “millions” of people living in the US illegally, on the eve of the formal announcement of his 2020 presidential


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-18

Dozens of cities, including Berlin and Rottenburg, have offered to take in migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. But German authorities have said resettling 53


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-18

The ECJ has rejected the fees known as “vignettes” after Austria, with support from the Netherlands, had lodged a complaint. The EU has said the tolls are in

BBC News | 2019-06-17

Ecuador has agreed to allow US military planes to operate from an airport on the Galapagos


Amnesty | 2019-06-17

The Russian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release three youth activists falsely accused of “preparing mass riots”, Amnesty International said


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-17

The French government is to declare a natural emergency for farming areas in the southeast blasted by a fierce storm at the weekend. A German tourist was one of


BBC News | 2019-06-17

Washington’s clampdown on Huawei is part of a broader push-back against the company, over worries


Daily Star Lebanon | 2019-06-17

The wife of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn urged U.S. President Donald Trump to raise her husband’s case with Japan‘s prime minister at a summit of


CNBC | 2019-06-17

Huawei’s American chip suppliers, including Qualcomm and Intel, are quietly pressing the U.S. government to ease its ban on sales to the Chinese tech giant,


The Guardian | 2019-06-17

Last year there were a record number of cases of the mosquito-borne illness, which can be fatal At this time of year wildfires and strikes are usually uppermost

Joy Online | 2019-06-16

At least eight Kenyan police officers have died after their car hit a roadside bomb near the Somali border. Eleven people were in the car when it hit the device


The National | 2019-06-16

Algeria‘s former finance minister Karim Djoudi appeared before the Supreme Court on Sunday to face questions about corruption accusations, state television


This is Money | 2019-06-16

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband has admitted he “resented” Boris Johnson’s handling of her case during his tenure as Foreign SecretaryRichard Ratcliffe


The Observer | 2019-06-16

Six years on, the violent scene remains imprinted in the minds of Georgia’s LGBT community: dozens of gay rights demonstrators being beaten in the streets of


DNA India | 2019-06-16

Pakistan on Sunday extended the ban on its airspace for all Indian flights till June 28, authorities have said. Towards the end of May, Pakistan had extended


China.dot.org | 2019-06-16

Jimmy Carter, the former U.S. president who helped set the China-U.S. diplomatic relationship in motion forty years ago, was recognized for his crucial role in

WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

A new study says spending two hours a week in nature helps boost one’s overall health and well-being, according to CNNEven if one is just enjoying the sunset


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

A record number of almost seven million people are facing severe hunger in South Sudan, despite a peace agreement which has largely stopped fighting after more


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Pope Francis has declared a global “climate emergency,” warning of the dangers of global heating and that a failure to act urgently to reduce greenhouse gases


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been urged to stop the deportation of an orphaned 11-year-old boy, who has lived in Scotland for almost all his life, The


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

A politician who confessed to being in a sex video that implicated a Malaysian minister was arrested Friday at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the

WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Two Berlin Wall slabs gifted to Christchurch, New Zealand, have sparked division, Germany’s Deutsche Welle news service reports. Some city councilors don’t want


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Lawyers for several countries and municipalities suing pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors released their plan on Friday to bring the 24,500

LONDON, June 14 (Reuters) – The full extradition hearing to decide whether Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be sent to the United States will take place in February next year, Westminster Magistrates Court in London ruled on Friday.

The Times of India | 2019-06-14

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) should and is likely to declare an international emergency over the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of


The Independent | 2019-06-14

The chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forumhas compared Boris Johnson to Adolf Hitler and said he will end his 36-year membership of the party if he becomes


Quartz | 2019-06-14

Business courses are the favourite by a long shot among Indians studying in the UK. Of the over 17,000 Indian students who enrolled in British universities in


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Carnival Cruise Line is being sued by the family of a passenger who had a “major heart attack” on board and died after crew members would not let him off the


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro has fired one of the most prominent moderates in his administration for reportedly failing to ideologically align


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-14

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is eyeing a possible exit from the Senate, and his decision could be a significant factor in which party controls the majority in

The National | 2019-06-13

Deployment of National Guard forces to Mexico‘s southern border will advance quickly under a migration control deal signed last week with the United States,


Springfield News-Sun | 2019-06-13

Authorities say that about 20 people have been injured in eastern Germany by gusty winds and thunderstorms. ...


While carrying out searches at multiple locations in Coimbatore, the National Investigation Agency(NIA) nabbed a man, who is allegedly the mastermind of ISIS


The Guardian | 2019-06-13

DNA tests have been used in Israel to verify a person’s Jewishness. This brings a bigger question: what does it mean to be genetically Jewish? And can you prove


News18 | 2019-06-13

WashingtonUS President Donald Trump declined to set a deadline on Wednesday for levying


Deccan Chronicle | 2019-06-13

WashingtonUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, scheduled to visit India this month, has put his own spin on the popular BJP election slogan–“Modi hai toh


WorldNews.com | 2019-06-13

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obradorhas promised to fund a crackdown on migrants to Mexico from Central America with proceeds from the sale of his

Gulf News | 2019-06-12

Dubai – The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen said 26 people have been wounded as Yemen’s Houthi rebels targeted an airport in kingdom’s southwestern town of


The Irish Times | 2019-06-12

Hong Kong police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who threw plastic bottles in running battles outside the city’s legislature, angry at an


The Siasat Daily | 2019-06-12

BangkokAround 65 ethnic Rohingya Muslim refugees were found stranded in southern ThailandThai officials said on Wednesday. An official told Dawn that the


The Siasat Daily | 2019-06-12

Washington: President Donald Trump here on Tuesday (local time) said that he was looking into the possibility of granting temporary asylum to thousands of


Middle East Online | 2019-06-12

KHARTOUM – Protest leaders have agreed to end a campaign of civil disobedience launched after a deadly crackdown on demonstrators and to resume talks with


The Royal Courts of Justice in London will be delivering its final verdict on diamond merchant Nirav Modi‘s petition for granting bail in the extradition case


CNN | 2019-06-12

(CNN)The man who drove former Boston Red Soxslugger David Ortiz to the hospital after he was shot in the Dominican Republic described holding his hand in the

The Independent | 2019-06-11

A new prime minister in the UK will not be able to change the Brexit deal negotiated by Theresa May, the EU Commission has confirmed. The intervention by


BBC News | 2019-06-11

At least five people have been killed and thousands more have been left stranded after record


The News International | 2019-06-11

NEW DEHLI: Pakistan has ‘decided in principle’ to let Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aircraft fly over its airspace to Bishkek in


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-11

In a landmark case, the court of appeal ruled New Zealand&aposs justice minister must address the evidence of torture in China. The ruling would &aposresonate


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-11

Nicaragua&aposs government has released 50 people arrested during a year of anti-regime protests. However, the new amnesty law also protects police and


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-11

The number of applications for asylum in the EU is back up. While Syrians and Afghans formerly topped the list, the EU has seen a surge in the number of


The Manila Times | 2019-06-11

WASHINGTON, D.C.US President Donald Trumpon Monday lashed out at France for unfair tariffs on “great” American wine. Trump, who famously does not drink

The Independent | 2019-06-10

A security guard was trampled to death by an elephant as he kept watch for roaming lions in South AfricaEric Kgatla, 45, had been on patrol


The Star | 2019-06-10

TIRANA (Reuters) – Albanian President Ilir Metacalled off local elections set for June 30, but the government accused him of breaking the law and declared he


RTE | 2019-06-10

Six men have been convicted over the 2018 gang rape and murder in India of an eight-year-old girl from a Muslim nomadic tribe that provoked horror and stoked


The Guardian | 2019-06-10

Campaigners call on firm to abandon plans for new oil wells in face of climate emergency Greenpeace activists have boarded an oil rig in the Cromarty Firth in


The Himalayan | 2019-06-10

TEHRAN: Iran’s Foreign Ministry says nothing else but the country’s landmark 2015 nuclear deal with world powers will be discussed during


The Times of India | 2019-06-10

NUR-SULTAN/ALMATY: Kazakhstan‘s interim president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, chosen successor of veteran ruler Nursultan Nazarbayevwho retains sweeping


The Guardian | 2019-06-10

MPs will block no-deal Brexit pledge and trigger vote, says work and pensions secretary Follow the day’s political developments – live Selecting Boris Johnson

Chase Refused Services to Conservative Business One Day After Slate Reporter Asked About It

June 9, 2019

Chase bank denied services to a business of a conservative man a day after a journalist with the left-leaning Slate media inquired with Chase about the business and linked it to “a hate group,” a leaked email shows.

On Jan. 31, Slate reporter April Glaser sent an email to several Chase representatives asking whether Chase is aware that an online store—1776.shop—linked to the right-wing group Proud Boys is using Chase as a payment processor, according to an email obtained by independent journalist and commentator Tim Pool.

“Is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against Chase’s policy? On a deadline,” reads the email, which Chase confirmed as authentic, Pool said in a June 7 Youtube video.

Slate spokeswoman Katie Rayford confirmed in a statement that Glaser reached out to “banks providing financial services for 1776.shop.”

”We stand by her reporting on this newsworthy topic,” she said.

On Feb. 1, Enrique Tarrio, the owner of the store, was notified that Chase decided to stop processing payments for his store. He then received a letter from Chase dated Feb. 4, which said his account would be shut down on April 1.

Wtop | 2019-06-08

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt says security forces have killed 4 militants in the restive northern part of Sinai PeninsulaThe Interior Ministry says the four were killed


The Irish Times | 2019-06-08

A fifth arrest has been made in connection with the homophobic attack of a couple on a London bus. Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend, Chris, had been


BBC News | 2019-06-08

Mr Golunov was officially charged on Saturday morning, Mr Chikov said. He added that a doctor examined the reporter and found he had “a suspected rib fracture,


The National | 2019-06-08

The rise in financial technology, or FinTech, has the power to significantly disrupt the global financial system because of the increasing presence of tech


The Japan News | 2019-06-08

AFP-JijiTEHRAN (AFP-Jiji) — Iran said Saturday that new U.S. sanctions on its petrochemical industry show the hollowness of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims


RTE | 2019-06-08

One of the leading contenders to replace Theresa May as Britain’s next prime minister has admitted to using cocaine two decades ago. Environment Secretary


Suryaa | 2019-06-08

San Francisco, June 8 (IANSUS President Donald Trump has left people astonished with his knowledge of space and the universe and has become a laughing

France24 | 2019-06-07

The president of the Confederation of African FootballAhmad Ahmad, was released without charge in France on Friday, a day after being arrested for questioning


France24 | 2019-06-07

Italy’s Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio blamed the French state for derailing merger talks between Fiat Chrysler and rival Renault saying Paris had come out


The Himalayan | 2019-06-07

GENEVA: Roughly a quarter of Ebola infections in eastern Congo are estimated to be going undetected or found too late, a World Health Organization (WHO) expert


This is Money | 2019-06-07

By Anton Zverev and Andrew Osborn MOSCOW, June 7 (Reuters) – A Russian journalist known for investigating corruption among Moscow city officials has been


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-07

Amnesty has awarded Swedish student activist Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Futuremovement a human rights award. The movement has seen tens of thousands of


Indian Express | 2019-06-07

In talks with the United StatesMexico has offered to send up to 6,000 members of its national guard to secure its southern border with Guatemala in order to


Khaleej Times | 2019-06-07

A total of 12 Indians were killed in the horrific bus crash in Al Rashidiya that claimed 17 lives on Thursday, June 6. Four Indians were discharged after

Atlanta Journal | 2019-06-06

BARCELONA, SPAIN — Shakira‘s public relations firm says the Colombian pop musician has denied any wrongdoing when she testified before a judge


The Guardian | 2019-06-06

Major blow to UK car industry as US company confirms closure with loss of 1,700 jobs Ford will close its Bridgend engine plant by September 2020 with a loss of


The Guardian | 2019-06-06

Niels Högel, who used drugs to cause cardiac arrests, confirmed as country’s worst postwar serial killer A nurse has been handed a second life sentence for the


The Times of India | 2019-06-06

MAIDENHEAD, EnglandStepping over long-dead bodies of frozen climbers as he sought to reach the summit of Everest was something for which Nick Hollis was


The Independent | 2019-06-06

A doctor in Ohio has been charged with murdering 25 patients who authorities say were killed with deliberate overdoses of painkillers. William Husel is


This is Money | 2019-06-06

Thailand‘s transgender community enjoys a high profile, but still faces major hurdles in the conservative Buddhist-majority kingdom Smilingbroadly, Tanwarin


DNA India | 2019-06-06

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday tapped Amir Ohana as acting justice minister, the first openly gay minister in the country’s

Business Day | 2019-06-05

Cairo — Militants killed eight Egyptian police officers on Wednesday at a checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula, the centre of a long-running jihadist insurgency,


The Independent | 2019-06-05

The theft of a 56-tonne, 23-metre bridge structure has prompted a criminal investigation in Russia‘s Arctic regionAerial footage circulated on Russian


CNTV | 2019-06-05

MOSCOW, June 5 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here on Wednesday for a state visit to Russia as the two countries are expected to bring their

Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-05

Several people were injured in a Swiss resort town when a gondola cable snapped during maintenance work. Swiss emergency workers deployed four helicopters to


BBC News | 2019-06-05

There is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that’s for sure,” said Senate majority leaderMitch McConnell. But he declined to confirm whether his


Sputnik | 2019-06-05

In May, Venezuela reportedly sold 15 tonnes of gold worth $570 million from its central bank reserves, skirting US Treasury sanctions. This brought the South


The Guardian | 2019-06-04

James McMullan was attacked with such force that the knife pierced his breastbone, inquest hears One of the victims of the London Bridgeattack died after being


South China Morning Post | 2019-06-04

It was long the seat of Saddam Hussein’s iron-fisted rule, then a sealed-off symbol of US occupation and, more recently, out-of-touch politicians. On


Hindustan Times | 2019-06-04

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang called Pompeo statement as an attack on China’s political system and human rights. world Updated: Jun 04, 2019 16:00 IST


South China Morning Post | 2019-06-04

A woman was injured by a syringe on board a bus on Lantau Island on Tuesday, prompting Hong Kong police to launch a criminal investigation.The 30-year-old


This is Money | 2019-06-04

Medics wearing protective suits check patients for the Nipah virus in 2018 when 17 people died from the disease An Indian student has been infected by a virus


The Independent | 2019-06-04

An imam has been sentenced to two years in prison in France for selling inflatable boats to people smugglers to take refugees across the English Channel. The

The Independent | 2019-06-03

A former top Japanese government official has been arrested in his son’s killing, police said on Monday, though they declined to comment on local media reports


Deutsche Welle | 2019-06-03

A group of lawyers are asking the ICC to investigate the European Union for crimes against humanity, arguing that the bloc&aposs policies are responsible for


This is Money | 2019-06-03

The vehicle was taking workers home ahead of the Eid holidays marking the end of Ramadan when the bomb exploded At least four people were killed Monday when a


Business Line | 2019-06-03

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to be Britain’s next prime minister, promised on Monday to lead the country out of the European Union on Oct. 31 with or without


Aerial search teams spot what they believe to be five bodies and bags where eight climbers, including an Australian woman, went missing in the Indian Himalayas.


AOL | 2019-06-03

Donald Trump arrived in the UK and immediately launched a Twitter tirade at Sadiq Khan, branding the London Mayor a “stone cold loser”. In return


The Siasat Daily | 2019-06-03

Ottawa [Canada]: Canada temporarily suspended operations at its embassy in Venezuela on Sunday, as per the Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland.


Wtop | 2019-06-02

Queen Elizabeth II has met with nearly every American President since Dwight Eisenhowerduring her more than 67 years on the throne. Next week, she’ll


Xinhua | 2019-06-02

ALGIERS, June 2 (Xinhua) — The Algerian Constitutional Council announced on Sunday that the country will not hold the presidential elections on July 4 as


Irish Independent | 2019-06-02

By Associated Press Reporters June 2 2019 11:34 AM 0 Comments US would talk to Iran with no preconditions, Pompeo says Independent.ie US Secretary of State Mike


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-06-02

More BEIRUT/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Israeli military said its aircraft struck Syrian army targets on Sunday after rockets were fired at the Golan Heights, and


WPXI | 2019-06-02

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Sunday that so far he sees no need to restore large-scale military exercises with


WPXI | 2019-06-02

VENICE, Italy (AP) – A towering, out-of-control cruise ship rammed into a dock and a tourist river boat on a busy Venice canal on Sunday morningItalian


The Irish Times | 2019-06-02

Germany’s oldest party, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), is in disarray after leader Andrea Nahles announced her resignation on Sunday after just 400 days in


BBC News | 2019-05-31

The UN‘s special rapporteur on torture said that Assange had been subjected to sustained collective persecution – including threatening statements and


Arab News | 2019-05-31

Fri, 2019-05-31 11:48 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Germany to also ban the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah during his state visit on Friday,


The Times of India | 2019-05-31

JAKARTA: A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali erupted Friday, spewing a plume of ash and smoke more than 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) into the sky. Mount


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-05-31

The man tipped to replace the outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has suggested a hard border on the island of Irelandcould lead to a


Kyodo | 2019-05-31

Japanese and Russian leaders will meet on June 29 on the fringes of the upcoming Group of 20summit in JapanRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday


New York Times | 2019-05-31

Germany’s big political parties are imploding, but no one knows what will come next. .....


Springfield News-Sun | 2019-05-31

Pope Francis is heading to Romania for a three-day, cross-country pilgrimage that in many ways is completing the 1999 trip by St. John Paul II that marked the

The Independent | 2019-05-30

Frequent fliers know how frustrating it is when a flight is delayed because of bad weather. A passenger in China decided to take his frustration with a


Deutsche Welle | 2019-05-30

Thousands of air, sea, and land troops took part in the exercises across the entire island. The drillstook place amidst what Taiwan says is increasing military


Arabian Business | 2019-05-30

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday sought to rally support among Islamic nations against arch-rival Iran, demanding “firmness” over attacks on Gulf oil facilities ahead..


Deutsche Welle | 2019-05-30

Flights, trains and buses across Argentina came to a halt as labor unions protested the policies of Mauricio Macri. The president&aposs popularity has


WorldNews.com | 2019-05-30

Baby Saybie was born weighing 8.6 ounces and was finally able to head home on Wednesday after spending five months at the hospital in San Diego, making her the


WorldNews.com | 2019-05-30

A boat carrying 20 Sri Lankan asylum seekers has been intercepted on its way to AustraliaThe Guardian reports. The Department of Home Affairs and deputy prime..


WorldNews.com | 2019-05-30

Singapore and China have agreed to a “substantial program” to deepen military ties after a Wednesday meeting between the two countries’ defense chiefs, the

Metro UK | 2019-05-29

Niki Lauda’s helmet sits on his coffin during a Memorial Service today (Picture: Getty) F1 legend Niki Lauda’s widow placed his racing helmet on top of his


The Journal | 2019-05-29

JERUSALEM (AP) ? Israel‘s raucous political world was on edge Wednesday, counting down the hours to a midnight deadline to see whether a new government will be


Press TV | 2019-05-29

Iran has rejected “ridiculous” claims by US National Security Adviser John Bolton blaming Tehran for the recent mysterious attacks on commercial


The Irish Times | 2019-05-29

British politician Boris Johnson will be summonsed to court to face accusations of misconduct in public office for comments made in the run-up to the EU


The Independent | 2019-05-29

A father who used a stun gun to discipline his three children has been arrested in Japan. The 45-year-old man, who was arrested on Wednesday, said he used the


The Guardian | 2019-05-29

Among accused is headteacher of Islamic seminary attended by victim Nusrat Jahan Rafi Bangladeshi police are set to charge 16 people, including the headteacher


The National | 2019-05-29

Japanese police on Wednesday searched the home of the man behind a stabbing rampage in the town of Kawasaki a day earlier that killed two people, including a

Arabian Business | 2019-05-28

European leaders descended on Brussels on Tuesday to begin the hunt for a new generation of top EU officials in the wake of elections that shook up traditional


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-28

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Sudan’s protest leaders launched a two-day general strike on Tuesday to press the ruling military to hand over power to a civilian-led


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-28

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union on Tuesday named Spanish-Uruguayan former banker and diplomat Enrique Iglesias as its pointman to help end the crisis


China.dot.org | 2019-05-28

The Spanish National police force have confirmed the arrest of several footballers who either play or have played in the Liga Santander or


Newsweek | 2019-05-28

Countries in south-east Asia are increasingly determined to return tons of plastic rubbish back to North America and Europe. On Tuesday, Malaysia’s environment


AOL | 2019-05-28

Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt has warned that triggering a general election before delivering Brexit would be “catastrophic” for his party,


The Guardian | 2019-05-28

Cairns man Marcus Allyn Keith Martin forced the woman from Liverpool to go on a road trip across outback Queensland A Cairns man who raped and kidnapped a

This is Money | 2019-05-27

PARIS, May 27 (Reuters) – French police have arrested three people, including a 24-year-old computer science student of Algerian nationality, in connection with..


Boston Herald | 2019-05-27

WORCESTER — U.S. Rep. John Lewis urged graduates of Framingham State University in Massachusetts on Sunday to “get in trouble” and to build “bridges, not


The Independent | 2019-05-27

Rivers around the world are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics, according to a major new study. Concentrations of antibiotics in some


This is Money | 2019-05-27

By Kirsti Knolle and Francois Murphy VIENNA, May 27 (Reuters) – Austria‘s parliament appeared all but certain to sack Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Monday after


This is Money | 2019-05-27

This photo by the head of the Project Possible charity aiming to climb the 14 8,000 metre-plus peaks in the world in seven months has gone viral from his


The Observer | 2019-05-27

A message that prioritised action on the climate crisis and rejected Brexit was credited by Caroline Lucas with delivering the Green party’s best result in


Indian Express | 2019-05-27

US President Donald Trump pressed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday to even out a trade imbalance with the United States and expressed confidence,

The Observer | 2019-05-26

An Iraqi court has sentenced three French citizensto death after they were found guilty of joining Islamic State, a court official said. Captured in Syria by a..


Middle East Online | 2019-05-26

BAGHDAD – Iranian will defend itself against any military or economic aggression, Foreign MinisterMohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday, calling on European


The Independent | 2019-05-26

At least two people have died and many more have been injured after a tornado tore through a town in Oklahoma, destroying a motel and mobile home park. The


The Oklahoman | 2019-05-26

BANGKOK (AP) — Prem Tinsulanonda, who as an army commander, prime minister and adviser to the royal palace was one of Thailand‘s most influential political


This is Money | 2019-05-26

Protesters insist that a vote held under Algeria‘s current authorities would not be legitimate A deadline to register for Algeria’s controversial presidential


Deccan Herald | 2019-05-26

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has assured Yemen‘s leader that the world body will remain impartial in efforts to resolve the country’s conflict,


Asahi News | 2019-05-26

SYDNEY–Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced his resignation on Sunday after seven years in the top job following weeks of high-level

This is Money | 2019-05-25

By Nqobile Dludla PRETORIA, May 25 (Reuters) – Trade unionist-turned-businessman Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as South Africa’spresident on Saturday, vowing to


RTE | 2019-05-25

The Tory leadership race has exploded into life, with Cabinet minister Rory Stewart launching an attack on Boris Johnson and Health SecretaryMatt Hancock


Manila Standard Today | 2019-05-25

Caracas, Venezuela—At least 29 prisoners were killed and 19 police wounded in clashes at a jail in western Venezuela Friday, authorities said. The


Press TV | 2019-05-25

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarifsays the US decision to deploy additional troops to the Middle East is “extremely


Irish Independent | 2019-05-25

By Associated Press Reporters May 25 2019 9:33 AM 0 Comments Police hunt suspect after 13 injured in Lyon explosion Independent.ie French police are hunting a..


This is Money | 2019-05-25

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani stands near the bodies of students who died in the fire in Surat Indian police on Saturday charged the owners of a


Times Free Press | 2019-05-25

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge on Friday blocked President Donald Trump from building key sections of his border wall with money secured under his

Independent online (SA) | 2019-05-24

Brussels – The European Union said Friday that Prime Minister Theresa May‘s resignation does nothing to change its position on the Brexit withdrawal deal that


Republican American | 2019-05-24

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Iran’s foreign minister was in Pakistan on Friday, a critically timed visit amid a simmering crisis between Tehran and Washingtonand


CNN | 2019-05-24

(CNN)Hundreds of thousands of school students around the world walked out of class on Friday to urge their governments to take greater action in slashing


Wtop | 2019-05-24

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan policeofficial says a bomb exploded at a mosque in a western part of Kabul, killing two people, including the prayer


Independent online (SA) | 2019-05-24

Beijing – China on Friday denounced US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for fabricating rumours after he said the chief executive of China’sHuawei Technologies


The Independent | 2019-05-24

Defeated Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto is set to lodge a challenge to the result of the 17 April election in the Constitutional

Federal News Radio | 2019-05-23

BERLIN (AP) — A senior German diplomat is in Tehran to press Iran to continue to respect the landmark nuclear deal, despite the unilateral withdrawal of the


The Manila Times | 2019-05-23

JEFFERSON CITY: A “violent tornado” touched down in Jefferson City, Missouri, causing heavy damage, according to the National Weather Service, but there were no


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-23

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Two men detained by Indonesian police for rioting this week were part of a group that had pledged support to


The Times of India | 2019-05-23

Allies of prime minister Theresa May expect her to resign by the end of the week. The prime minister will meet with the chair of the 1922 Committee of


Deccan Chronicle | 2019-05-23

BrasiliaBrazilian President Jair Bolsonaro surmounted a crucial hurdle for his young government on Wednesday by winning approval from disgruntled lower house


CNN | 2019-05-23

(CNN)Botswana has scrapped its ban on elephant hunting, citing an increase in conflicts between the animals and humans during the five years the rule was in

New York Times | 2019-05-23

The celebrity chef faces a criminal assault charge related to an allegation that he groped and kissed a woman. His lawyer said he denies the allegation. ...

The National | 2019-05-22

Plastic straws, drink stirrers, and plastic-stemmed cotton buds will be banned in England from next April. It follows a government consultation into the


This is Money | 2019-05-22

President Donald Trump has effectively banned US companies from supplying Huawei and affiliates with the critical components that have helped it grow into the


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-22

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s nationalist ruling party leader said political groupings in some European Union states, including Marine Le Pen‘s party in


The Guardian | 2019-05-22

One of Africa’s best-known authors and gay rights activists died on Tuesday after an illness One of Africa’s best-known authors and gay rights activists,


The Oklahoman | 2019-05-22

PARIS (AP) — Libyan commander Khalifa Hifter is in Paris for meetings with French PresidentEmmanuel Macron amid growing international concern about his

ABC7 | 2019-05-22

WASHINGTON — More Democrats are calling – and more loudly – for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after his latest defiance of Congress by

The Guardian | 2019-05-22

Europol says group was involved in drug and cigarette trafficking and assassinations Policehave arrested 22 suspects in an operation across five countries that


The Independent | 2019-05-20

The Queen expressed support for EU integrationat a historic meeting with German diplomats, a declassified account of a meeting shows. A diplomatic cable


This is Money | 2019-05-20

JOHANNESBURG, May 20 (Reuters) – Jacob Zuma‘s lawyers argued on Monday that the former South African president had been treated unfairly by prosecutors in his


Arabian Business | 2019-05-20

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s party said Monday that exit polls from the country’s marathon election showed an “overwhelming” vote in favour of a second


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-05-20

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harrisis unveiling a pay inequity proposal that aims to close the gender pay gap by holding corporations accountable


Gulf News | 2019-05-20

Berlin: They deny global warming, oppose wind farms, defend diesel engines and coal mines, and mock teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as a green “cult”


Yahoo Daily News | 2019-05-20

MADRID (Reuters) – Five jailed Catalan separatists elected to parliament last month picked up their credentials as lawmakers on Monday amid high security after


This is Money | 2019-05-20

By Omar Rajarathnam and Shihar Aneez COLOMBO, May 20 (Reuters) – After coming under fire for not acting on warnings about Easterbombings that killed more than



This is Money | 2019-05-19

Two of Madonna‘s dancers are seen side-by-side with Israeli and Palestinian flags on their backs during her performance at Eurovision Israeli Culture Minister


The Independent | 2019-05-19

Elizabeth Warren seems to have a plan for everything, and she wants everyone to know it. Speaking to a crowd of teachers and students at a recent campaign


Federal News Radio | 2019-05-19

LILONGWE, Malawi (AP) — Corruption and the need for economic growth are the main campaign issues as Malawi goes to the polls on Tuesday for a presidential..


The Independent | 2019-05-18

Austria will hold a snap election at the earliest possible date, Sebastian Kurz has said after his vice chancellor was forced to resign amid a scandal


China.dot.org | 2019-05-18

BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) — Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the United States not to go too far in its damaging moves against Chinese


This is Money | 2019-05-18

By Crispian Balmer MILAN, May 18 (Reuters) – Nationalist and far-right parties from across Europe held a rally on Saturday, led by ItalianDeputy Prime Minister


WPTV | 2019-05-18

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Porn actress Stormy Danielshas agreed to dismiss a lawsuit that accused her former lawyer of colluding with President Donald Trump‘s former



This is Money | 2019-05-18

BUENOS AIRES, May 18 (Reuters) – Argentina‘s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will run as a vice presidential candidate in elections later this year, a surprise


The Manila Times | 2019-05-18

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: US diplomats warned on Saturday that commercial airliners flying over the wider Persian Gulf faced a risk of being “misidentified”


Suryaa | 2019-05-18

Colombo, May 18 (IANS) As Sri Lanka on Saturday marked the 10-year anniversary since its brutal civil war came to an end, the country finds itself again at


Metro UK | 2019-05-18

Brexit Shadow Secretary Sir Keir Starmer has urged Theresa May to hold a second referendum to break the parliamentary deadlock (Picture: PA/Getty) Sir Keir


RTE | 2019-05-18

Just days before key EU electionsAustria‘s coalition government has been plunged into crisis on as far-right party leader and Vice-Chancellor


Wtop | 2019-05-18

MILAN (AP) — The leader of France’s far-right National Rally is predicting that a group of like-minded right-wing populists will achieve “an



The Times of India | 2019-05-17

KHARTOUM: Hundreds of demonstrators worked through the night into Friday clearing away bricks and debris, after military rulers demanded that roadblocks which


Stars and Stripes | 2019-05-17

RABAT, Morocco — The North African kingdom of Morocco is using new tactics to cut into the surge of migrants seeking to use it as a springboard to get to


Wtop | 2019-05-17

PARIS (AP) — The French leader of the 2014 attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels has been transferred to France in relation to the hostage taking of French


This is Money | 2019-05-17

By Katharine Houreld NAIROBI, May 17 (Reuters) – Somali Islamist insurgents are making their own explosives, according to a confidential U.N. report seen by


Wtop | 2019-05-17

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Egypt has deported 33 Sudanese migrants who were trying to reach Libya to head onward to EuropeCairo airport officials said on Friday the


Xinhua | 2019-05-17

TOKYO, May 17 (Xinhua) — Japanese prosecutors will not indict Nissan Motor Co. CEO Hiroto Saikawa for violating Japan‘s financial instruments law following


This is Money | 2019-05-17

ANKARA, May 17 (Reuters) – Turkey‘s government aims to pass an economic legislation package ahead of next month’s renewed Istanbul mayoral election, the



Christ-like figure appears in clouds over Argentina sparking religious frenzy

Monica Aramayo was in San Salvador de Jujuy when she noticed the shining holy figure

THIS amateur photographer’s prayers were answered when she snapped this perfectly-timed picture of what appears to be Jesus Christ with his arms out.

Monica Aramayo was in San Salvador de Jujuy in Argentina when she noticed the holy figure shining through the thick clouds.


The picture which has since gone viral also appeared to show “Jesus” wearing a crown.

Gulf News | 2019-05-16

ManilaThe Philippines has recalled some of its diplomats from Canada amid Ontario’s slow action on the return of containers-load of trash a Canadian firm


The Irish Times | 2019-05-16

Brussels has fined Barclays, RBSCitigroupJPMorgan and MUFG just over €1 billion for participating in cartels to manipulate the foreign exchange market for


Gulf News | 2019-05-16

New DelhiExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Wednesday that Modi government is the first government after Independence to have six women Cabinet


Voa News | 2019-05-16

Sudan&aposs ruling military council has suspended talks with civilian protest leaders on a transitional government after at least eight people were wounded in


The National Herald | 2019-05-16

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president, adding his name to an


Newsweek | 2019-05-16

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right party National Rally, denied knowing that the hand signshe made in a recent photo with a white nationalist


Belfast Telegraph | 2019-05-16

Tommy Robinson is being sued for £100,000 over comments about a Syrian refugee who was filmed being attacked in a school playground, the boy’s lawyer has said.