ABC News | 2016-08-26

Philippine troops have killed 11 Abu Sayyaf militants, including an influential commander, in an assault on the extremists following their beheading of a


Business Insider | 2016-08-26

GENEVA (AP) — The top diplomats of Russia and the United States are meeting in Geneva to discuss the Syria civil war, the Ukraine crisis and other issues. U.S.


Boston Herald | 2016-08-26

AKRON, OhioDean Green supports Donald Trump partly because of the GOP presidential nominee’s tough, deport-them-all stance on illegal immigration. But the


BBC News | 2016-08-26

When Ethiopian marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa crossed the line to take a silver medal in Rio, it should have been the defining moment of his career. His previous


Daily Herald | 2016-08-26

Apple issues security update after powerful espionage software found targeting an activist’s iPhone in Middle East


US News | 2016-08-26

Czech tourist Pavlina Pizova has described the death of her partner and the month she spent in the New Zealand wilderness after the couple set out on an


Voa News | 2016-08-26

Somali security forces say they have ended a deadly siege of a beach-front restaurant in the capital, with at least seven people killed in the attack along with


Fox News | 2016-08-25

Two central Florida hospitals will not charge survivors of the Pulsenightclub terror attack for out-of-pocket medical expenses, officials said Wednesday. ...


Sputnik | 2016-08-25

Julian Assange promised to publish a new batch of documents fromHillary Clinton’s campaign before the November election. ...


One India | 2016-08-25

Washington, Aug 25: The US on Thursday (Aug 25) nominated Jim Yong Kim to be the World Bank President for a second term, saying he has “ably led” the global


Denver Post | 2016-08-25

Doctors have long known that many early-stage breast cancer patients who get chemotherapy don’t actually need it to prevent recurrence of the disease


BBC News | 2016-08-25

The Indian government has unveiled a draft law which would ban commercial surrogacy. If approved by parliament, the law will also ban people who do not hold an | 2016-08-25

A team sent by the U.N. Security Council to identify who was responsible for chemical attacks while the country suffers through a drastic civil war in 2014 and


Voa News | 2016-08-25

Four Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels sped close to a U.S. guided missile destroyer in international waters Tuesday in an “unsafe and unprofessional”



The Guardian | 2016-08-24

Political rivals Hamas and Fatah are locked in a battle of words and images over conditions in the Hamas-ruled coastal strip


Business Insider | 2016-08-24

FILE – This Jan. 21, 2016 file photo shows tourists looking out on the horizon as their boat searches for dolphins in waters off Waianae, Hawaii.Federal


Business Insider | 2016-08-24

Twitter As the self-declared Islamic State (ISIS) has lost stretches of territory in Iraq and Syria and tens of thousands of fighters, it is relying more on | 2016-08-24

EpiPens are injection devices that help avoid potentially fatal allergic reactions and while their use in the United States has increased as more children


CNN | 2016-08-24

(CNN)It is a slow and cumbersome descent hindered by head-to-toe protective suits. A wooden ladder dips down the side, as two researchers in white suits and | 2016-08-24

Florida has another possible outbreak of the Zika virus on the Gulf Coastin Pinellas County according to NBC News. At least one person has been infected | 2016-08-24

Donald Trump is paying Donald Trump quite a bit of money and is gathering criticism of how much of an increase the rental cost for the office space at Trump

Voa News | 2016-08-23

President Nicolas Maduro has set a 48-hour deadline for ministers to dismiss some public workers who requested a recall referendum against him, a Socialist


Alternet | 2016-08-23

Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama help Chomsky uncover pesticide industry corruption. Did you know that American companies are legally permitted to manufacture


CNN | 2016-08-23

Mexico City (CNN)Jesus Alfredo Guzman, the 29-year-old son of jailedMexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, has been freed after he was kidnapped a week | 2016-08-23

Within one day, four sponsorship deals that Ryan Lochte had were gone according to The Associated Press. Even though Locthe has tried to do damage control as he | 2016-08-23

Even though the investigation is still ongoing and authorities have been tight lipped, they did disclose that some pills found at Prince’s Paisley Parkwere


France24 | 2016-08-23

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday defended individual rights and freedoms while touting cultural diversity and tolerance when asked about a | 2016-08-23

The U.N. children’s agency released a report detailing how nearly 26,000unaccompanied children were apprehended at the U.S. border as well as almost 30,000 who

China launches quantum satellite for ‘hack-proof’ communications

Beijing hopes satellite will create communications system with significant military and commercial applications

China's quantum satellite - nicknamed Micius after a 5th century BC Chinese scientist - blasts off from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre.
China’s quantum satellite – nicknamed Micius after a 5th century BC Chinese scientist – blasts off from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre. Photograph:

China says it has launched the world’s first quantum satellite, a project Beijing hopes will enable it to build a coveted “hack-proof” communications system with potentially significant military and commercial applications.

Xinhua, Beijing’s official news service, said Micius, a 600kg satellite that is nicknamed after an ancient Chinese philosopher, “roared into the dark sky” over the Gobi desert at 1.40am local time on Tuesday, carried by a Long March-2D rocket.

“The satellite’s two-year mission will be to develop ‘hack-proof’ quantum communications, allowing users to send messages securely and at speeds faster than light,” Xinhua reported.

The Quantum Experiments at Space Scale, or Quess, satellite programme is part ofan ambitious space programme that has accelerated since Xi Jinping became Communist party chief in late 2012.

“There’s been a race to produce a quantum satellite, and it is very likely that China is going to win that race,” Nicolas Gisin, a professor and quantum physicist at the University of Geneva, told the Wall Street Journal. “It shows again China’s ability to commit to large and ambitious projects and to realise them.”

The satellite will be tasked with sending secure messages between Beijing and Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, a sprawling region of deserts and snow-capped mountains in China’s extreme west.

Highly complex attempts to build such a “hack-proof” communications network are based on the scientific principle of entanglement.

According to this theory, two particles become “entangled” when they interact. However, any subsequent interaction impacts on both particles. “It is hence impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information transmitted through it,”Xinhua reported after Tuesday’s launch.


Sputnik | 2016-08-20

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization called on the German Federal Intelligence Service to assist in hunting for supporters of US-based dissident cleric


The Guardian | 2016-08-20

The country’s unusual open policy gives refugees land, education and a chance to work – but instability in neighbouring nations is putting pressure on resources


Atlanta Journal | 2016-08-20

When news spread in early July that Indian troops had killed a charismatic commander of Indian-controlled Kashmir‘s biggest rebel group, the public response was


Review Journal | 2016-08-20

Usain Bolt kneeled down and gave the track one final kiss, then flattened his hand, reached down and slapped the white number “3” painted at the starting line. | 2016-08-19

Two spacewalkers attached a new docking port to the International Space Station Friday, clearing the way for U.S. crew ferry ships being built by Boeing and | 2016-08-19

The first services on London’s new 24-hour tube are running this weekend, likely laden with revelers and bleary-eyed shift workers, as businesses hope for a


Omaha World-Herald | 2016-08-19

PARIS (AP) — The Bastille Day truck attack in the Riviera city of Nice has claimed an 86th victim. ...

DEATH DRONES China building cruise missiles powered by killer artificial intelligence

Terrifying new ‘fire and forget’ weapons will use robotic technology to steer themselves toward a target

China is developing a new range of killer cruise missiles fitted with technology which will effectively turn them into killer robots.

Dubbed “death drones”, the missiles will use artificial intelligence (AI) to guide themselves in flight and potentially even choose new targets.

Wang Changqing, director of the General Design Department of the Third Academy of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, told China Daily that his country was leading the world in the development of AI weapons.

A missile is launched from a guided-missile destroyer during a live ammunition drill in the East China Sea

A missile is launched from a guided-missile destroyer during a live ammunition drill in the East China Sea

He said: “We plan to adopt a ‘plug and play’ approach in the development of new cruise missiles, which will enable our military commanders to tailor-make missiles in accordance with combat conditions and their specific requirements.

“Moreover, our future cruise missiles will have a very high level of artificial intelligence and automation.

“They will allow commanders to control them in a real-time manner, or to use a fire-and-forget mode, or even to add more tasks to in-flight missiles.”

The new missiles will be modular, which means engineers can quickly change the payload to ramp up the weapon’s destructiveness or pack it with more fuel so it can strike distant targets.

These AI cruise missiles are a type of killer robot, the name given to weapons which can guide themselves into battle and choose targets.

Tampa Bay Times | 2016-08-19

Pressed by the FBI about her email practices at the State Department,Hillary Clinton told investigators that former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell had


Inquisitr | 2016-08-19

With global attention heavily focused on Zika epicenter Rio, Brazil, Miamiofficials have confirmed another clustered outbreak of the virus. On Wednesday,


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-08-19

Well, why should Virtual Reality stay on Earth alone? SpaceVR, a company founded by Ryan Holmes in 2015, is the world’s first virtual-reality platform


BBC News | 2016-08-19

Usain Bolt won the men’s 200m to claim his second gold medal at Rio 2016, his eighth at an Olympics, and keep alive his hopes of a ‘treble treble’. Bolt, 29, | 2016-08-19

The United Nations obtained a document which details strategies bySouth Sudan‘s government in recruiting child soldiers this past week to prepare for an | 2016-08-19

Almost 300 have been arrested in a human trafficking sweep in L.A. when authorities discovered ten victims that were forced into prostitution with only two | 2016-08-19

Superintendent Eddie Johnson sent an email recommending seven officers be fired for making false statements over the shooting of Laquan McDonald, as well as..


Amnesty report estimates 17,723 have died in Syrian prisons since 2011

Posted, 2016-08-18

(CNN)The beatings would begin as soon as they were arrested, and they continued at a “welcome party” at the detention center.

That’s the term dozens of Syrian detainees used to describe severe beatings at the hands of government forces

In Saydnaya, the architecture of the prison emerges not only as a location of torture, but itself as an instrument of perpetration,





Time Magazine | 2016-08-18

China’s “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) intercontinental trade and infrastructure project must bring real benefits to participant nations,Chinese


Business Insider | 2016-08-18

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A Turkish official says a car bomb attack on a police station in the eastern Turkey has killed a police officer and two civilians. Gov. | 2016-08-18

Within 60 minutes Wednesday night at the Rio Games, American athletes hauled in a large number of medals across different track and field events according to | 2016-08-18

Detroit has 597 lawsuits they are filing in a plan to recoup $12.2 million owed by banks, investment firms, and other companies that own over 1,500 parcels of | 2016-08-18

Residents of the Alaskan village of Shishmaref, perched precariously on an island in the Chukchi Sea, voted Tuesday on whether to relocate due to global | 2016-08-18

Pregnant women on antipsychotic drugs will not have increased changes of their newborns having birth defects if they take their medications through the | 2016-08-18

The 302-foot Airlander 10, a bulbous-nosed, helium-filled airship billed as the world’s largest aircraft, left Cardington airfield, 45 miles north ofLondon, on


NME | 2016-08-17

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have announced that they have settled their divorce as well as Heard’s domestic abuse case against Depp. Heard filed for divorce


Daily Herald | 2016-08-17

Republican Donald Trump is overhauling his campaign again, bringing in Breitbart NewsStephen Bannon as campaign CEO and promoting pollster Kellyanne Conway to


The Times of India | 2016-08-17

ANKARA: Turkey has issued a decree that will pave the way for the conditional release of some 38,000 prisoners in an apparent move to reduce its prison


Sowetan Live | 2016-08-17

Zambian police have arrested 133 people protesting against the re-election of President Edgar Lungu after his main opponent Hakainde Hichilema said the vote was


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-08-17

Cisco Systems Inc is laying off about 14,000 employees, representing nearly 20 per cent of the network equipment maker’s global workforce, technology news | 2016-08-17

It was a chaotic scene in the otherwise posh restaurant in the tourist friendly Puerto Vallarta where the son of a jailed kingpin Joaquin “ElChapo” Guzman was | 2016-08-17

Deepwater Wind LLC is almost ready to declare their five 589-foot turbines at their site site off the coast of Rhode Island complete in just a few days time | 2016-08-16

Iranian prosecutors arrested a dual national last week in Tehran linked to Britain’s intelligence service as part of a crackdown against what officials have


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-08-16

London: A woman in Britain was jailed on Monday for subjecting her children to unnecessary medical procedures so that she could claim hundreds of thousands of


DNA India | 2016-08-16

–> Tue, 16 Aug 2016-10:29am , Beijing , Reuters China’s foreign ministry in a statement, cited a British envoy as telling Foreign Minister Wang Yithat


NDTV | 2016-08-16

Shadow Brokers promised the material would contain “cyber weapons” developed by the Equation Group, said to be linked to the NSA.


Deseret News | 2016-08-16

NEW YORKPolice arrested and charged a man with murder late Monday night in the brazen daytime shooting deaths of an imam and his friend as they left a | 2016-08-16

The rebel group, Allied Democratic Forces, is likely behind a lethal attack in northeastern Congo, which has brought residents into the streets to protest the | 2016-08-16

The IAAF has begun an exploration into creating stricter rules on allowing athletes to switch the country they represent in track and field according to The

Arizona Daily Star | 2016-08-15

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Ryan Lochte and three other Americanswimmers were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday by thieves posing as police officers who stopped their


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-08-15

Montreal: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched with thousands of people in Montreal’s annual Gay Pride parade, his third such appearance of the


New York Times | 2016-08-15

Tesla removed the word “autopilot” and a Chinese term for “self-driving” from its China website after a driver in Beijing who crashed in “autopilot” mode


The Miami Herald | 2016-08-15

Chinese officials say Beijing will propose a joint initiative to boost global growth at next month’s meeting of Group of


The Miami Herald | 2016-08-15

The jihadi employment form asked the recruits, on a scale of 1 to 3, to rate their knowledge of Islam. And the Islamic State applicants, herded into a hangar


NDTV | 2016-08-15

The nation celebrates its 70th independence day with full gusto. One of the highlights of the celebration is the Prime Minister‘s address to the nation from Red


The Guardian | 2016-08-15

Most likely the remains of the Sally, which ran aground with its cargo of port in 1769, the wreck will be visible at low tide


CBC | 2016-08-14

A crowd of protesters skirmished with police Saturday night in aMilwaukee neighbourhood where an officer shot and killed a man after a traffic stop and foot


The Guardian | 2016-08-14

Stephen Conroy says scandals in Nauru and Manus Island detention centres could have been avoided under proposal


Deutsche Welle | 2016-08-14

US fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad went to the Rio Games determined to show the world that sports is a place where Muslim-American women can excel. She succeeded. ...


Topix | 2016-08-14

Prosecutors indicted the former chief executive of the South Korean unit of Novartis and five other former and current managers over allegations they illegally


The Times of India | 2016-08-13

Agra: Nine persons were killed and over 20 injured in three road accidents across Mathura district early on Saturday. The first accident took place on the..

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden‘s minister for higher education says she’s resigning immediately from the center-left minority coalition after being caught


The Times of India | 2016-08-13

RIO DE JANEIRO: No means no. No amount of cajoling, arm-twisting and pleading by his teammates and swimming fans around the world will makeMichael Phelps


The National | 2016-08-13

Singapore upstart Joseph Schooling stunned swimming legend Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics as sprint great Usain Bolt set out to write his own new chapter of


One India | 2016-08-13

Havana, Aug 13: Famous Cuban cigar roller, Jose Castelar, has finished off his quest to break his own Guinness Record and rolled a 90-metre cigar dedicated to


The Times of India | 2016-08-13

NEW DELHI: Warning of the threat of younger generation in Kashmirincreasingly getting influenced by IS (Islamic State), PDP, a coalition partner of BJP in the


CBS News | 2016-08-12

Drone strike on July 26 killed Hafiz Saeed Khan, the ISIS leader inAfghanistan and Pakistan, an official says | 2016-08-12

A calligraphy scroll 267 meters (876 feet) long and 86 centimeters (34 inches) wide, containing 190 traditional fonts and more than 40 portraits of well-known

Reuters | 2016-08-12

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan government chief executive Abdullah Abdullahhas sharply criticized President Ashraf Ghani, a dramatic public break that exposed


The Washington Times | 2016-08-12

HAVANA (AP) – Fidel Castro greeted his 80th birthday from his sickbed, gripping a newspaper to show he was alive two weeks after stepping down as president. For


BBC News | 2016-08-12

The Yorkshire Ripper is expected to move out of Broadmoor psychiatric hospital and into a prison after medical experts ruled him mentally fit, BBCNews | 2016-08-12

The Daily Beast has taken down a story after many readers and fellow journalists pointed out the likelihood of that post outing gay athletes at the Rio Games


CNN | 2016-08-12

(CNN)A Syrian volunteer rescuer who famously helped save a baby from the rubble of a bombed-out home in 2014 has died during an airstrike, a spokesman for the | 2016-08-12

The two South Americans countries have decided to open their borders one year after the Venezuelan government closed the crossings in a crackdown on smuggling | 2016-08-12

Officials from The World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of Arbitration for Sport said that they were a target of a cyberattack when hackers tried to obtain access

Belfast Telegraph | 2016-08-11

Ryanair has warned customers that they will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour after two women were arrested on suspicion of endangering an


BBC News | 2016-08-11

Russian forces are due to suspend military action in the northern Syriancity of Aleppo shortly to allow in desperately needed humanitarian aid. It is not clear


BBC News | 2016-08-11

Italy‘s 2008 Olympic 50km walk champion Alex Schwazer is banned for eight years after losing an appeal in a second doping case. ...


The Guardian | 2016-08-11

Swedish prosecutors investigating rape allegation will meet WikiLeaks founder in London embassy | 2016-08-11

An announcement will come on Thursday from the Drug Enforcement Administration in response to a petition started by two former state governors who were seeking | 2016-08-11

Zeid Raad Al Hussein, who serves as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that the allegations over excessive and fatal use of force across Oromia and | 2016-08-11

A fresh patch of oil leaking from the four-decades-old pipeline in thePeruvian Amazon was detected by operator Petroperu according to Reuters. This was the

BBC News | 2016-08-10

Apple has rejected accusations from Russia‘s state competition watchdog that it fixed iPhone prices. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) said it was


One India | 2016-08-10

Rio de Janeiro, Aug 10: An Olympic media shuttle bus was attacked on the way back to Barra Olympic park here on Tuesday as one of its windows was broken. | 2016-08-10

Current House Speaker Paul Ryan was able to retain his position after a longshot Republican primary challenger who had been praised by Trump vied for the | 2016-08-10

Many were finding it harder to ignore what was going on in the pool as the week wore on in Rio for the diving arena according to CBS News. Just the previous day | 2016-08-10

Los Angeles has put in a bid to host the upcoming 2024 Olympicshighlighting a lack of heavy construction projects and even a potential financial surplus | 2016-08-10

Australia has had their first attempt to conduct an online census thwarted by several cyberattacks that came from overseas according to ABC News.The Australian | 2016-08-10

The U.S. Justice Department will officially announce on Wednesday that after their initial probe in 2015 after the death of black detainee FreddieGray, they’ve

The Petrodollars, Not Corruption Is the Reason for US-Backed Brazilian Coup

The Petrodollars, Not Corruption Is the Reason for US-Backed Brazilian Coup

The undercurrents of the coup flow directly from Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil enterprise, currently under fire after Operation Car Wash unearthed several…..Read rest of story  here




Calls to Leave United Nations Get Louder in the USA

Brain Cancer in Children Linked to Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Image: Brain Cancer in Children Linked to Monsanto’s Glyphosate


The Irish Times | 2016-08-01

The Russian Defence Ministry said on Monday that one of its helicopters had been shot down in Idlib Province in Syria with five people on board, the Interfax


Press TV | 2016-08-01

In a new propaganda video, the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group has threatened to carry out attacks in Russia and pledged to kill PresidentVladimir Putin.


BBC News | 2016-08-01

A group of soldiers suspected of trying to seize the president duringTurkey‘s failed coup attempt two weeks ago have been captured nearMarmaris. Recep Tayyip


Bloomberg | 2016-08-01

Sign up to receive the Brexit Bulletin in your inbox.Bank of EnglandGovernor Mark Carney takes another run at battling the Brexit fallout this week. After


Radio Free Europe | 2016-08-01

The Republican candidate for U.S. president, Donald Trump, has suggested that the United States should accept Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s


Press TV | 2016-08-01

Pope Francis has criticized anti-Islam propaganda in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Europe claimed by Daesh, saying it is “unfair” and


Wall Street Journal | 2016-08-01

The kidnapped mother-in-law of billionaire Formula One chief executiveBernie Ecclestone was found unharmed Sunday by São Paulopolice, after she

Rio 2016: Athletes warned to keep mouths closed while in faeces-infested water

All efforts by the government to clean the Rio waters seem to have failed

Athletes competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil have been warned by doctors, engineers, and scientists to keep their mouths shut while participating in activities in the water.

Researchers found that many of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro have been long contaminated with raw sewage, household garbage, and even dead bodies, creating hazardous swimming conditions for the 500,000 people expected to descend on the city in August.

“Foreign athletes will literally be swimming in human crap, and they risk getting sick from all those microorganisms,” Rio paediatrician Dr Daniel Becker told the New York Times. “It’s sad but also worrisome.”

The Brazilian government had promised to clean the pathogen-infested Guanabara Bay in 2014, but those efforts failed. 



Press TV | 2016-07-31

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid has been voted out of office by the country’s parliament. On late Saturday, 118 lawmakers voted in favor of a


Indonesia News | 2016-07-31

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Now that both the extravagant Republican National Convention and the equally grandiose Democratic National Convention have come to a close,


Xinhua | 2016-07-31

LJUBLJANA, July 30 (Xinhua) — Both Slovenian President Borut Pahorand his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Saturday evening expressed the wish to find


The Roanoke Times | 2016-07-30

ISTANBUL (AP) — Authorities say fighting between Turkish forces andKurdish rebels in the restive southeast of the country has killed eight Turkish soldiers and


Newsweek | 2016-07-30

Bavaria‘s premier, whose state bore the brunt of recent attacks inGermany, took aim at Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s open-door refugee policy on


Daily Star Lebanon | 2016-07-30

Air France Saturday cancelled around 20 percent of its flights on the fourth day of a strike by flight attendants during the peak summer travel season, the


Fox News | 2016-07-30

Yemen‘s government delegation has quit talks in Kuwait with ShiiteHouthi rebels despite resuming them earlier this month. ...


Denver Post | 2016-07-30

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks ended slightly higher on Friday, helped by better-than-expected quarterly results from Google’s parent Alphabetand retailer Amazon


Al Jazeera | 2016-07-30

The UN Security Council has authorised the deployment of up to 228 UN police personnel to Burundi to monitor the security and human rights situation in the East


CNN | 2016-07-30

(CNN)A large wing part recently found on a Tanzanian island “highly likely” came from missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, according toAustralia’s transport


Omaha World-Herald | 2016-07-29

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Mosquitoes have apparently begun spreading theZika virus on the U.S. mainland for the first time, health officials said Friday in a | 2016-07-29

Residents of densely populated sections of Bengaluru, India, woke up to find their homes marooned on Friday, the Times of India reported. The heaviest rain in | 2016-07-29

Stephen Hawking has penned a thoughtful appeal for post-Brexit Britain to reconsider the role that wealth plays in society, warning that isolationism and envy | 2016-07-29

Norway is considering giving its neighbor Finland an unusual gift for its100th birthday next year: a mountain summit, CNN reports. NorwegianPrime Minister

Anonymous Hackers Take 9 Rothschild Central Banks Offline

The Anonymous campaign against the global banking cartel, OpIcarus: Shut Down The Banks, is gaining momentum as nine Rothschild owned central banks were taken offline after the hacking collective identified the global financial system as the
The Anonymous campaign against the global banking cartel, OpIcarus: Shut Down The Banks, is gaining momentum as nine Rothschild owned central banks were taken offline after the hacking collective identified the global financial system as the “power behind the throne” of the New World Order, and issued a global call to arms to fight the financial system that is enslaving us.





Belfast Telegraph | 2016-07-29

Police are searching a disused brewery after a man carrying what is believed to be a gun was seen


Arabnews | 2016-07-29

Attached Files: ID: 1469755904756443100 Publication Date: Friday, July 29, 2016 PARIS: French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his

The Oklahoman | 2016-07-29

CILACAP, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia executed four people convicted of drug crimes on Friday despite international protests and said it would decide later when


BBC News | 2016-07-29

The US Navy is set to name a ship after gay rights activist and politicianHarvey Milk, according to a report by the US Naval Institute News. The tanker, which


The Himalayan | 2016-07-29

ANKARA/ISTANBUL: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan wants the armed forces and national intelligence agency brought under the control of the presidency, a | 2016-07-29

The daughter of Hillary Clinton took the stage on Thursday night to introduce her mother, emphasizing the compassion and servitude that has defined her career


BBC News | 2016-07-29

Strong earnings from Amazon and a boost to the company’s stock have made its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world’s third richest man, according toForbes. Mr Bezos’s

The Times of India | 2016-07-28

LONDON: Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group said Thursday it plans to eliminate 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches — the first big cuts announced since Britain voted


Voa News | 2016-07-28

Police in France have formally identified the second man involved in the brutal church attack earlier this week that left a priest dead.  Nineteenyear old


Al Jazeera | 2016-07-28

Imran Khan, the Pakistani politician and former cricket sensation, considers the Taliban a “terrorist” group and believes that it is “absolute nonsense” to


BBC News | 2016-07-28

The Japanese city of Hiroshima asks Pokemon Go’s creators to keep its virtual monsters out of its memorials to nuclear bomb victims. ...


The Jakarta Post | 2016-07-28

Indonesia quickly rebuffed appeals from the UN human rights chief and the European Union to abandon plans to execute 14 people for drug crimes as preparations


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-07-28

Data recovered from a home flight simulator owned by the captain ofMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed that someone used the device to plot a course to the


Antiwar | 2016-07-28

Colonel Chris Garver, the U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, reported on the deployment of a floating bridge on the Tigris River near Qayara. Ten U.S. soldiers..




KRAKOW, Poland (AP) – Security was high Wednesday as groups of cheerful young pilgrims from around the globe gathered


CNN | 2016-07-27

(CNN)Throwback to 2014, the year of the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie,Pharrell‘s giant hat, and the Ice Bucket Challenge. These fads “broke the internet” (a


Al Jazeera | 2016-07-27

Once again in recent weeks, the world has witnessed what has become a sad recurring phenomenon: Arab and foreign countries meet to discuss how to increase their


Business Insider | 2016-07-27

Gonzalo Higuain, playing for Napoli. Arsenal and Atletico Madrid were also reportedly interested before Juventus made the deal. Gonzalo Higuain has signed a


Newsweek | 2016-07-27

Doping controversies in sport are turning people off the Olympic Games, according to a poll for the BBC World Service. The upcoming summerOlympics in Rio de


The Roanoke Times | 2016-07-27

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bernie Sanders loyalists believe the Democratic Party could rupture over Hillary Clinton‘s nomination after a


Time Magazine | 2016-07-27

Brazil’s previous two leaders, both facing allegations of financial impropriety, are set to boycott the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympicsnext week,



BBC News | 2016-07-26

A baby has died and another is in critical condition after both were administered “laughing gas” instead of oxygen at a hospital in Sydney. Theerror was the


NDTV | 2016-07-26

Amid America‘s move to deploy THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea, China has released footage of its first-ever test of ballistic missile interception


Zeenews | 2016-07-26

In the image, which was released on Monday, Saturn‘s A and F rings appear bizarrely warped where they intersect the planet’s limb, whose atmosphere acts here


Time Magazine | 2016-07-26

A woman in Spain infected with the Zika virus gave birth to a baby diagnosed with the brain disease microcephaly, her hospital announced Monday. This is


The Times of India | 2016-07-26

ABU DHABI: The world‘s first round-the-world flight to be powered solely by the sun’s energy made history on Tuesday as it landed in Abu Dhabi, where it first


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-07-26

Philadelphia: First Lady Michelle Obama offered an emotional endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Monday, hailing the power that having a first female president..



 | 2016-07-21

Humanity has reached an all-time low as the video of Syrian rebels ‘mistakenly’ beheading a 12-year-old boy identified as ‘Abdullah Issa’ has surfaced on the


BBC News | 2016-07-21

Donald Trump has said that if he is elected president he may abandon a guarantee of protection to fellow Nato countries. Speaking to the New York Times, Mr


The Miami Herald | 2016-07-21

When a 23-year-old autistic man carrying a toy truck wandered from a mental health center out into the street Monday, a worker there namedCharles Kinsey went


CNN | 2016-07-21

(CNN)Brazil‘s intelligence agency said it was reviewing all threats against the Rio 2016 Games after a jihadi messaging channel called for its followers to


Reuters | 2016-07-21

BEIJING, July 21 (Reuters) – Up to eight Chinese ships will offer cruises to the South China Sea over the next five years, a state-run newspaper said on


Al Jazeera | 2016-07-21

Rows of empty caravans line the dusty roads of Jordan‘s newest refugee camp. There is no shortage of desperate refugees at the border who would be happy to fill | 2016-07-21

U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson urged the State Department to allow a gender neutral passport to a Colorado Navy veteran who would be the first to receive










DNA India | 2016-07-14

–> Reports of Japanese Emperor Akihito intention to abdicate within a few years could re-open debate about female succession. Reports that Japanese Emperor


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-07-14

Commuters are facing disruption after trains between London andClapham Junction were cancelled because of a large fire next to the railway track. Around 100


BBC News | 2016-07-14

A Zimbabwean pastor who was briefly detained after organising a nationwide strike last week has called on people to keep protesting. Evan Mawarire told the BBC | 2016-07-14

Hashim Nzinga, the chairman of the New Black Panther Party, issued a statement clarifying that the organization was not instructing its members to carry weapons


Yahoo Daily News | 2016-07-14

Facebook banned the sale of guns and ammunition through the site and its Instagram photo-sharing platform in January. Sales have persisted, however, with many | 2016-07-14

Scientists say that being both overweight or obese puts men at a higher risk of dying prematurely than women according to BBC News. The researchers culled data | 2016-07-14

After a federal appeals court ruled that General Motors can’t fend off impending lawsuits using its 2009 bankruptcy filing, the automotive giant is now open to




Sputnik | 2016-07-13

The US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay will not be closed in case of the Republicans win this year’s presidential election, presumptive party candidate


The Associated Press | 2016-07-13

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The U.S. military in Africa says it has sent 40 additional soldiers to South Sudan&aposs capital, Juba, to help secureAmerican


The Miami Herald | 2016-07-13

A member of a Canadian singing quartet changed a lyric in his country’s national anthem and held up a sign proclaiming “All Lives Matter” during a


CNN | 2016-07-13

(CNN)Manny PacquiaoFilipino senator and former boxing star — may be returning to the ring. The former world champion was believed to have hung up his


Business Insider | 2016-07-13

FILE – In this Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, file photo, the American flag flies above the Wall Street entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. Stocks are opening | 2016-07-13

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been quite open about her opinions of distrust over Donald Trump the last two days, first calling the candidate a | 2016-07-13

Though one suspect remains at large, officers made a statement over how they uncovered a plot to kill police officers after the fatal police shooting of Alton


 | 2016-07-12

A terrified child was nearly abducted by a wedge-tailed eagle at a popular wildlife show in central Australia, media reports said. On July 6, a crowd of stunned


The Times of India | 2016-07-12

UNITED NATIONS: Expressing regret over the loss of lives and injuries in the clashes in Kashmir, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called on all parties to exercise


Reuters | 2016-07-12

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian court on Tuesday convicted Sydneyman Hamdi Al Qudsi of recruiting six young men to travel overseas and fight alongside Islamic


The Times of India | 2016-07-12

JERUSALEM: Israeli and American families of victims of Palestinianattacks have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Facebook , claiming the social network is


Bloomberg | 2016-07-12

Emerging-market stocks rose to the highest level in almost three months, tracking a global rally that sent the S&P 500 Index to a record. China Shenhua | 2016-07-12

China’s only museum which commemorates the 1989 protests in Beijing‘s Tinanmen Square will temporarily close after an extensive legal battle with the management


CLEVELAND (AP) — Republican officials have rejected a plea to back off the GOP‘s opposition to same-sex marriage,




Springfield News-Sun | 2016-07-11

President Vladimir Putin has visited a famed Russian monastery to pray for Russian servicemen killed in


The Times of India | 2016-07-11

BAGHDAD: Pentagon chief Ashton Carter arrived in Baghdad on Monday for talks with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on


CNN | 2016-07-11

Phnom Penh (CNN)Cambodians have taken to the streets to mourn the death of a high-profile political commentator and government critic after he was fatally shot


DNA India | 2016-07-11

–> The unit would attain maximum capacity of 100% power generation within 3 months. The second unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Planton Sunday night


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-07-11

Japan‘s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe strengthened his grip on power as his ruling coalition scored a stronger-than-expected victory in parliamentary elections.


Zeenews | 2016-07-11

The stunning image of the light shows originally photographed byExpedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams of NASA on June 24, 2016. ...


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-07-11

South Sudan‘s capital was rocked by heavy arms fire between forces loyal to the president and those of the vice president, causing widespread casualties and




Barroso served as president of the commission, the EU’s executive arm, from 2004 to 2014 and was prime minister of Portugal from 2002 to 2004. ...


NDTV | 2016-07-09

North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile on Saturday but the launch appears to have failed in the early stages of flight, South Korea‘s military


The Himalayan | 2016-07-09

Air strikes killed 23 people at a holiday spot in Syria’s Idlib province while at least 25 died when rebels shelled government-held areas of Aleppocity


The Street | 2016-07-09

Wall Street closed out the week on a high, clinching its best levels of the year as confidence in the U.S. economy spiked. A blowout jobs report calmed fears of


Press TV | 2016-07-08

The United States has expelled two Russian officials following an attack on an American diplomat outside the US Embassy in Moscow last month, theState | 2016-07-08

Pakistan’s legendary philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, known as the “Angel of Mercy‘ who devoted his life to the poor and the destitute, died on Friday at a | 2016-07-08

Reports of hate crimes surged in the days surrounding the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, and on Friday, police explained just how ugly things got, CNN reports.




Business Insider | 2016-07-08

Gawker Media founder Nick Denton attends Hulk Hogan‘s trial against Gawker Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in St. Petersburg, Fla. NEW YORK(Reuters) – Gawker Media


Sydney Morning Herald | 2016-07-08

Malcolm Turnbull is certain to form government, but it will be days before it is clear if the Prime Minister will have to rely on the crossbench to prop up the


Chicago Tribune | 2016-07-08

Donald Trump battles with GOP lawmakers in Washington July 7, 2016, 10:46 p.m. Director James B. Comey defends the FBI‘s investigation ofHillary Clinton‘s


BBC News | 2016-07-08

The US and South Korea have agreed to deploy a controversial missile defence system, in the wake of intensifying threats from North Korea. The Terminal High


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-07-08

Seoul, South Korea: North Korea said on Friday that the new US sanctions targeting its leader Kim Jong-Un amounted to a “declaration of a war” and | 2016-07-08

Lake Erie has been experiencing the same problem for the last few years as a potentially toxic algae will return this summer but thankfully on a smaller scale | 2016-07-08

Police suspect that the blast that rocked a train car and set it on fire was caused by an explosive as the injury toll rises to 24 according to The Japan Times. | 2016-07-07

Former NFL player Ricky Williams has teamed up with an advocate for athlete marijuana use to open a gym in San Francisco they say will be the first in the world


Radio Free Europe | 2016-07-07

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Russia’s actions in Ukraine has eroded mutual trust with the West and unsettled NATO’s Eastern European member


DNA India | 2016-07-07

–> Researchers from Rice University claim that Venus could have became like Earth. Turns out, if conditions had been just a little different an eon ago, Venus,


Deccan Chronicle | 2016-07-07

Seeing a pornographic content may be a warm and exciting welcome for a few, but definitely not when it is cited on an official site of a brand as big asNASA.


A Perth primary school teacher pleads guilty to installing a camera in a disabled toilet and recording his students while they were getting changed. ... | 2016-07-07

The fourth San Diego homeless man was seriously injured and set on fire by an attacker police are currently seeking of four transients being targeted according | 2016-07-07

Civil liberty advocate groups said that they expected the use of body cameras recently added to be

The Guardian | 2016-07-06

Long-awaited report says UK chose to join invasion before peaceful options for disarming Saddam had been exhausted


Zeenews | 2016-07-06

US President Barack Obama has thrown his weight behind Hillary Clintonas he likened the presidential race between the former secretary of state and real estate


China Daily | 2016-07-06

The ruling in the arbitration case the Philippines unilaterally initiated against China is to be announced on July 12, 2016. China insists the tribunal


The Jakarta Post | 2016-07-06

The official inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq War is releasing its findings Wednesday, more than seven years after hearings began and 13 years on


The Irish Times | 2016-07-06

President Barack Obama delivered a passionate endorsement ofDemocratic candidate Hillary Clinton at their first campaign event together. But he sidestepped any | 2016-07-06

Local commuters were left waiting and frustrated after a third of the regional rail cars were declared out of service after a major defect was noticed according | 2016-07-06

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a statement describing how they have filed a lawsuit over the actions of a McDonald’s restaurant in


The Independent | 2016-07-05

Happy Independence Day. WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website, has released more than 1,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server | 2016-07-05

Reuters reported that U.S. officials decided against providing Afghantroops with 300 additional armored vehicles as the local forces were preparing to face | 2016-07-05

The internet is so woven into the fabric of society that the United Nations Human Rights Council which recently passed a resolution condemning countries that.. | 2016-07-05

Rush University Medical Center of Chicago is beginning to adopt a new virtual reality training regime within their obstetrics and gynecology residents for


Voa News | 2016-07-04

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in Cambodia, destroying not only lives but national morale, dignity, property and development efforts, a road


Voa News | 2016-07-04

A new list of names that possibly links Saudi Arabia to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York and Washington has come to light, even as


The Street | 2016-07-04

European Union state aid referees have called a penalty on Real MadridClub , FC Barcelona and five other Spanish professional soccer clubs while giving a pass




The Irish Times | 2016-07-04

Nigel Farage has stepped down as leader of Ukip following last month’s vote to leave the European Union, saying he had achieved the aim for which he came into


The Times of India | 2016-07-04

JERUSALEM: The Bank of Israel bought “hundreds of millions” of dollars of foreign currency on Monday, dealers said, after the shekel continued to strengthen for


The top aide to former Chinese president Hu Jintao has been sentenced to life in prison on convictions of taking bribes,


CNN | 2016-07-04

Rio de Janeiro (CNN)A month before Rio welcomes thousands of visitors for the 2016 Olympic Games, the city’s major has lashed out at state officials over the


France24 | 2016-07-04

A suicide bomber blew himself up near the United States consulate inSaudi Arabia‘s Red Sea city of Jeddah early Monday, reported the Sabq online newspaper,


BBC News | 2016-07-04

The US space agency’s (Nasa) Juno probe is rapidly bearing down onJupiter. Getting ever closer, hour by hour, it will endeavour to be captured by the gas


The Times of India | 2016-07-04

Istanbul, July 4, 2016 (AFP) – The tourists are so scarce you can hear their footsteps clattering down the empty shopping street. Nearly a week after the deadly






BBC News | 2016-06-30

Suicide bomber attacks Afghan military convoy outside capital Kabul, killing


BBC News | 2016-06-30

Alvin Toffler, the author of Future Shock and other works predicting social, economic and technological change, has died at the age of 87. Future Shock, which


NME | 2016-06-30

Justin Bieber has delivered a short cover of Taylor Swift hit ‘I Knew You Were Trouble‘. The brief, acoustic rendition of Swift’s track, which featured on her


Newsfactor | 2016-06-30

Two days after reporting that 655,000 healthcare records were found for sale on the dark web, the site DeepDotWeb said today that another insurance database


Al Jazeera | 2016-06-30

There is something very different happening in the US presidential election. Yes, I realise I have said that pretty much every day since it began. This time I


Indiatoday | 2016-06-30

Diego Maradona also ridiculed people who have criticized Lionel Messi for missing his shot as Chile won a penalty shootout to take the title, questioning those


BBC News | 2016-06-30

At 7.30am on 1 July 1916, whistles were blown along a line of British soldiers. Thousands of men then climbed on to what was known as no man’s land. This was..




Bloomberg | 2016-06-29

France’s 2017 presidential election may hinge on a debate about theEuropean Union membership in the aftermath of the U.K. vote to leave the bloc, President


Engadget | 2016-06-29

When the Windows 10 Anniversary update arrives this summer, it will be missing one thing we were expecting: messaging everywhere. The featureMicrosoft has been


Palm Beach Post | 2016-06-29

Republican Donald Trump vowed to tear up the nation’s trade deals, threatened new tariffs and called for a new era of economic “Americanism” in a speech that


CNN | 2016-06-29

(CNN)The deadly assault by three suicide bombers on Istanbul‘s Ataturk Airport once again shows the difficulty in averting terror attacks. Terrorists targeted


NDTV | 2016-06-29

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union might never be implemented and that London is in no hurry to | 2016-06-29

Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced that initiative proponents gained enough signatures to place the question of legalizing recreational marijuana on the | 2016-06-29

One of the less discussed ramifications from the upcoming departure of Britain from the EU is the possibility that English would no longer be an official | 2016-06-28

Children 10 and under living in Indonesia will need to be reinoculated after the government uncovered fake-vaccine manufacturing and distribution businesses,


The Associated Press | 2016-06-28

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in Division Icollege basketball history who uplifted the women&aposs game from obscurity to


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-06-28

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will use “all her strength” to prevent the European Union drifting apart in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave


Deccan Herald | 2016-06-28

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has reportedly been added to a list of hostile foreign forces banned by China’s Communist party after she met with theDalai Lama. The


NDTV | 2016-06-28

“I’m still alive,” quipped the British monarch Queen Elizabeth on Monday when asked about her health, in her first round of public engagements since Britain


DNA India | 2016-06-28

–> Volkswagen is liable to pay compensation to nearly 5 lakh diesel car owners after it admitted to cheating on emission numbers to make its cars seem cleaner | 2016-06-28

U.S. District Jude Carlton Reeves extended his order that overturnedMississippi‘s ban on same-sex marriage citing that clerks can not recuse themselves from

Indian Express | 2016-06-27

Scientists in the UK ran the huge cosmological simulations that can be used to predict the rate at which gravitational waves caused by collisions between the


Daily Star Lebanon | 2016-06-27

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak reshuffled his cabinet Monday, placing party loyalists in top posts in a bid to strengthen the ruling coalition amid


Reuters | 2016-06-27

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand‘s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Monday he would not resign if Thais reject a military-backed draft constitution when


Belfast Telegraph | 2016-06-27

The walkouts from Jeremy Corbyn‘s shadow cabinet look likely to continue on Monday along with the departure of a “large number” of junior ministers, Chris


DNA India | 2016-06-27

–> Francis looked sad when a reporter asked if an apology was made more urgent by the recent killing of 49 people at a gay nighclub in Orlando (US)Pope


The Times of India | 2016-06-27

BRUSSELS: European leaders embark this week on a frantic drive to push Britain into a quick divorce, with top US diplomat John Kerry rushing to join discussions


China Daily | 2016-06-27

June 26 – At least 10 people were injured at a rally outside the California state capitol in Sacramento on Sunday as members of a white supremacist group

Deccan Chronicle | 2016-06-26

New York, United States: Legendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham died on Saturday, according to the paper where he worked for nearly

Al Jazeera | 2016-06-26

Voters in Spain are heading to the polls to pick a new government for the second time in six months, in a closely watched election just days after Britain’s

Newsweek | 2016-06-25

By the year 2020, Louis Marinelli hopes to be the Alex Salmond ofCalifornia. Salmond nearly led Scotland out of the United Kingdom in 2014 through an


Raw Story | 2016-06-25

The hunt for neutrinos — once called “the most tiny quantity of reality ever imagined by a human being” — is one of the most exciting areas of research in


The Times of India | 2016-06-25

The votes are in. And the result is a political earth quake. But what does it mean for the economy? What does Britain leaving the European Unionmean for UK’s