(Natural News) With all of the hysteria and fear-mongering about measles that’s sweeping mainstream media headlines these days, one might assume that children everywhere are dropping dead from this chickenpox-like infection. But according to official data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not a single person … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Is an unborn human baby the same thing as a deadly parasite or a cancerous tumor? According to Professor Pascal Gagneux from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, unborn human life and these two deadly diseases are basically one and the same. As reported by The College Fix, Prof. Gagneux recently put … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In the mid-1800s, hundreds of thousands of Americans began migrating west along the Oregon Trail to take advantage of federal legislation guaranteeing a plot of land to anyone who settled the region. “The trail was arduous and snaked through Missouri and present-day Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and finally into … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you were to stage a beauty contest in a country where 96 percent of the population has white skin, would it surprise you if all of your contestants were Caucasian? No, not if you’re a normal, rational human being who understands concepts like ‘the law of averages.’  But we live in a day and age when rationality is … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Levels of pollution on some cruise ships’ decks are worse than in the world’s most polluted cities, an investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches has found. (Article by Chloe Farand republished from Independent.co.uk) The undercover investigation on Britain’s biggest crew operator P&O Cruises aimed to find out how clean … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The human papillomavirus, known as HPV, is an incredibly common sexually transmitted infection. Though just the name HPV strikes fear into the hearts of many, for the most part, it is totally harmless. The CDC’s website notes that, “HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active people get it at some point in their lives.” … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Your carbon footprint: It seems like we hear those three words at least once a day. We are made to feel that just going about the daily business of living is having devastating effects on the planet. If all the articles in the mainstream media are to be believed, we should all be feeling really guilty, pretty much all the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) It has long been believed that enveloped viruses – viruses like Herpes simplex, chickenpox and the flu virus, which have an outer membranous envelope – are not very stable, and are only infectious through direct and speedy aerosol transmission. A new study by scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Are you tired of mainstream media appealing to futility? We’ve all heard the saying a thousand times, “eat less red meat.” Yet, what if ALL the red meat is tainted and carcinogenic, because, in actuality, once you add those concentrated salts (nitrates) and cook it or smoke it, you’re inviting cancer cells to the “party” … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Type 2 diabetes is often caused by poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices. In fact, people who are obese are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who maintain a healthy weight. Some health experts believe that this condition can be reversed by making healthy lifestyle changes, and this notion is supported … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In this study, researchers from the University of Macau used a metabolomics approach to compare two Forsythiae Fructus (Lianqiao in Chinese) aqueous extracts subtypes. Their findings, which demonstrate the difference between the clinical applications of green Forsythia (GF) and ripe Forsythia (RF), were published in The … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Both butter and coconut oil occasionally get a bad rap in the health community due to their considerable content of saturated fats, but do these food items truly deserve such unpopular reputations? In truth, both foods have their fair share of promising health benefits when consumed in moderation. Here are a few unique ways … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The allium vegetable family includes kitchen staples like onions, garlic, and chives. These vegetables aren’t just full of flavor, they also offer many health benefits. Alliums contain organosulfur compounds that possess antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. These compounds can also help prevent blood … [Read More…]


(Natural News) With the deceptive “mainstream” media now running measles hysteria 24/7, you might be shocked to learn that the MMR vaccine doesn’t work as claimed. Even Reuters is now reporting that 10% of those infected with the measles were previously vaccinated against the measles. This stunning admission is found in an April 29 … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Even the mainstream media cannot deny scientific reality forever: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for plant life. It is a key component of photosynthesis, the chemical process which plants depend on to stay alive. While it may not be well known, higher levels of CO2 are a key contributor to the massive global “regreening” … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Not long after it was confirmed that Amazon employees have been secretly listening to the user commands given to its artificial intelligence (AI) “Alexa” devices, without the knowledge or permission of these users, new reports have come out to show that Amazon employees are also abusing Alexa users’ location data, giving … [Read More…]


(Natural News) A case we’ve been reporting on in Western Canada has taken another turn for the worse, as the Supreme Court of British Columbia recently ruled that parents who refuse to use the “correct” gender pronouns chosen by their “transgender” children will now be considered guilty of committing “family violence.” Justice Francesca … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Okay, so it’s not uncommon for our government to come down on the wrong side of liberty and freedom, but things are getting out of hand. Rarely one to ‘do the right thing’ by taxpayers and citizens, the Internal Revenue Service is looking to earn a new moniker: The Inferno Revenue Service after granting tax-exempt status … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Not long ago, British soldiers claimed absolute power and imposed their will over the settlers who formed the thirteen American colonies. Lawlessly, the red coats would barge right in to homes and businesses, taking information without a warrant. The British Empire took up residence in colonists’ homes, breaking in and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Shortly after the United States ‘liberated’ Iraq from Saddam Hussein, U.S. military forces, American diplomats, and Iraqi leaders established the country’s first truly free elections in decades. As part of their plan to prevent voter fraud and ensure election integrity, planners adopted a measure requiring everyone who … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In recent weeks, you may recall that Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx committed the outrage of the year, thus far: She refused to accept clear evidence from Chicago PD implicating “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in his staged hate crime, thus declining to prosecute him. Now, we learn, the Chicago Sun-Times is … [Read More…]


(Natural News) One in every 10 Americans say they suffer from depression, at least occasionally. The World Health Organization predicts depression will be the second leading cause of disability and premature death starting next year. With so many Americans eating GMOs daily, it’s no wonder. These pesticide-laden foods affect cognition, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Swordfish, which has a long, flat bill, is a type of oily fish. Swordfish provides many nutrients and health benefits. Eating swordfish can: Help improve your sleep quality – Swordfish contains high amounts of magnesium, which is a mineral that helps reduce sleep problems. This mineral has a soothing effect on the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Research warns that a sedentary lifestyle coupled with a desk job can negatively affect your health and can even lead to an early death. Fortunately, a study conducted by researchers from Columbia University Irving Medical Center says that staying active even if you sit most of the day can lower your risk of health … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Researchers from Zhejiang Hospital in China reported that practicing t’ai chi can help with hypertension. In their study, which was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, they looked at the effect of t’ai chi exercise on hypertension in young and middle-aged in-service staff. For the study, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) A study published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine found that betel leaf (Piper betle) extracts can be used as antimicrobial agents in oral care products. The study assessed the antimicrobial activity of betel leaf extracts in real-life applications. Betel leaf has been reported to have various medicinal properties. It … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Space is for everyone – that is to say, everyone at the lead of the space race who can afford large satellites and the rockets to put them in space. But researchers suggest that changing the way satellites are built and deployed could solve a lot of problems, including the issue of space junk. The space race was affected … [Read More…]



(Natural News) The West coast could soon be transformed by a devastating mega-earthquake — but not where you might expect. The San Andreas Fault may be the most famous fault line, but experts say that the Cascadia subduction zone now poses an even bigger threat. According to reports, the next full-margin rupture along Cascadia will be the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) There is a reason why patients with Lyme disease do not recover properly despite taking tons of pharmaceutical medicines. The best way to treat the insect-borne ailment is a biocentric approach that uses your body’s natural healing processes instead of antibiotics. Lyme disease is most common along the eastern seaboard … [Read More…]


(Natural News) It seems harmless to let your kids have a TV in their bedroom, but researchers warn that this privilege may actually be bad for them. According to a study, children younger than six who can watch films in their own space are more likely to be overweight. The study, which was published in the journal Science & Sports, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) For years now, Akwesasne Mohawks have been fighting to preserve their heritage, facing state and federal governments and the scientific industrial complex amid a crippling environmental degradation issue that threatens to endanger the very nature of their existence. The entire area where the Akwesasne Mohawks live, which … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Unlike morning people, night owls function better at night. Individuals who prefer a late-night lifestyle may be more productive in the evening, but according to health experts, they could also be at risk of different health problems because they tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods. The study, which was published in the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Salmon is a popular superfood because it’s both delicious and nutritious. But should you be eating salmon skin? When cooking or eating salmon, most people leave the skin behind because it has a strange rubbery texture. While salmon is full of healthy fats, most of it is actually found in the skin. Is it safe to eat … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you need to follow a nutritious and healthy diet since the condition affects your blood glucose levels. But diabetes doesn’t just affect your blood sugar. According to a study, Type 2 diabetes can also affect verbal fluency, especially among older patients. The study was … [Read More…]


(Natural News) “Think about how cold-blooded it is, that the bureaucrats and the UN and the globalists that control our government, opened our borders and told the entire Third World, filled with diseases, to pour into our nation,” reports Alex Jones in a bombshell new video called “The Measles Outbreak is a Giant False Flag and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) “Frankenscientists” hailing from the communist “paradise” of China have successfully inserted human brain genes into live monkeys, creating a real life “Planet of the Apes” scenario with the world’s first half-human, half-ape hybrid being. Using a special gene-editing technique they developed, the Chinese researchers were … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Don’t get caught up in the hype when your phone company starts promoting its upcoming 5G service. Is it cutting-edge technology? Yes. Is it faster than previous iterations? Certainly. Will they make a lot of money from it? Absolutely. But is it safe? Many experts believe the answer to that question is a firm “NO.” The new … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Turmeric is an incredible spice with many health benefits. In fact, it’s even used to make golden milk, a dairy-based drink that has anti-inflammatory properties. Golden milk: An antioxidant-rich beverage that’s good for you Golden milk contains turmeric and is served either hot or cold. Depending on your preference, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The liver is your body’s main filtration system. It gets rid of toxic substances that come from food, the environment, the products that you use, and even those produced naturally by your own body. Without the liver, you won’t have an organ to cleanse your blood, convert toxins into waste, metabolize nutrients, and produce … [Read More…]


(Natural News) For decades the progressive Left in America has increasingly denounced and denigrated our Christian heritage and cultural moorings, so it should come as no surprise that a growing number of them are finding a home in a new ‘church’ that seeks but one thing: To undermine and circumvent Christianity. As noted by End of the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you’re sick of having a cough or the flu, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Following a healthy diet and taking vitamin supplements can significantly boost your immunity and overall health. Rick Hay, the nutritional director of Healthista, shares five natural ways to boost your immune system. Eat colorful … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In Part One, we discussed the threats social media technology poses to a healthy and educated populace, the scientist cult of Skepticism and its extremist medical wing, and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as a leading promulgator for Skepticism’s agenda. In Part Two, we go deeper into the Science-Based Medical faction and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Plastic pollution in the ocean is not limited to just large pieces of trash that can choke, entangle, and injure marine life. The microfibers that make up synthetic fabrics also contribute to pollution, which is why it is important to reduce the amount of tiny fibers shed by synthetic clothing during each wash. Most … [Read More…]



(Natural News) In order to get attention for his biomedical startup, CEO Aaron Traywick got on stage in front of a live Facebook audience and injected himself with an experimental gene-altering herpes treatment. Traywick called the live injection an attempt “to increase scientific transparency and move science forward,” but his shenanigans … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you’re a supporter of POTUS Donald Trump and you’ve been patiently waiting for him to launch a legal and political counterstrike against the Deep State co-conspirators who strategized with former President Obama to depose him, you won’t have to wait much longer. It appears that time has come. During his Thursday … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The LGBT Mafia has claimed yet another child victim, this time in Connecticut where a sophomore in high school was recently expelled from his school for the “crime” of disagreeing with the transgender agenda. According to reports, Michael Mancini, who had previously attended Cheshire Academy, located south of Hartford, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) You can store all sorts of items in your pantry as long as you have enough space. However, the key to having enough supplies when SHTF is storing foods that have a long shelf life. (h/t to MDCreekmore.com) The foods listed below can last for a long time. Still, you must discard any food item that looks, smells, or tastes … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Long ago, Earth got hit by a rogue planet, and the resulting planetary collision ejected what later became the moon into orbit around the now-fused planet. Researchers are now theorizing that the giant impactor also made it possible for life to set root on our planet much later on. The leading theory behind the formation … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a “miracle” superfood with various health benefits. This nutritious fruit can also boost your bone, heart, and skin health. Jackfruit: A nutritious, vegan-friendly fruit Jackfruit is a plant-based meat alternative that’s increasingly being used in the U.S. Young, unripe … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The second richest man in Japan recently lost a boatload of cash after deciding to sell his Bitcoin holdings, which he purchased at just about the worst possible time back in late 2017 when Bitcoin had reached all-time highs. Masayoshi Son, the billionaire founder of Softbank Group Corp., had experienced what many were … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Mark Levin told Breitbart News that the Obama administration “executed” the narrative framing President Donald Trump as colluding with the Russian government across the 2016 presidential election and beyond, offering his remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. (Article by … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The Satanic Temple is the perfect religion for progressives.  You can believe anything you want, as long as you hate what Donald Trump, Christians and conservatives believe.  Unlike the Church of Satan, the Satanic Temple doesn’t even believe in a supernatural entity called Satan.  Instead, they celebrate Satan as “the … [Read More…]



San Francisco is becoming unlivable. The locals know this.
The local and state government officials don’t care about their own people.
San Francisco has morphed from a beautiful, clean city into a needle strewn, feces filled, homeless camp with trash and rats everywhere.
So has Seattle, LA, and other big progressive cites.
California was once called the “Golden State”. Today California is turning into a toilet bowl as raw sewage in the city streets flows into the oceans.
With California Democrat’s firmly in charge the destruction of this once great state is accelerating.



(Natural News) Microsoft has been working with a Chinese military-run university on researching artificial intelligence that could be used for censorship and surveillance, according to a shocking new report from Financial Times. A series of scientific studies were co-authored by researchers from Microsoft Research Asia and scientists … [Read More…]


(Natural News) A hideous piece of “social justice” legislation that was slipped into law in California back in 2015 is finally coming into effect this year – and its implications for public school children and their parents are nothing short of abominable. Known as the “California Healthy Youth Act,” the horrific mandate will require … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Five years after residents of Flint, Michigan, were poisoned by lead in their drinking water, a judge has given them the go-ahead to sue the federal government for failing to act swiftly in ensuring the city’s drinking water was clean. In 2017, residents filed a lawsuit against the EPA arguing that the agency was able to … [Read More…]


(Natural News) You’ve got to hand it to the “establishment” media. Once they get on a kick about something, they don’t get off of it — ever — even when they are so obviously mistaken about the subject. Which, of course, helps explain why most Americans trust used car salesmen over reporters. You likely recall that in recent days … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The liberal tears are flowing after an illegal alien “dreamer” by the name of Luis Ugalde-Pacheco, now 28 years old, was recently deported back to Mexico following multiple felony convictions for abusing women. Though he hasn’t lived in Mexico since he first entered the United States illegally with his father at the young … [Read More…]


(Natural News) As politicians in the United States do their best to remove Americans’ freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines, Japan has medical freedom.  There are no vaccine mandates in Japan and their children are growing up healthier than ours. (Article by Mac Slavo republished from SHTFPlan.com) Officials in California are … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Wikipedia wants us to believe the entries in its “encyclopedia” are truthful, fair, and balanced. However, a comprehensive analysis of its nutritional articles reveals a plethora of factual inconsistencies and a clear and present bias against the very idea of nutritional supplementation. Even though almost every nutrient … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Over 100 million Americans right now suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes. This puts them at risk for amputations and even going blind. Have you been told by M.D.s or other know-it-alls, “Don’t eat anything that has sugar in it or turns to sugar in your body?” They remind you of the condition where there’s “too much sugar in … [Read More…]

(Natural News) A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, is a common condition both in adults and children. The latter, however, is more vulnerable to infection and should require more care than their grown-up counterparts. While no parent wants to see his or her child suffer, it’s important to note that going to the doctor for … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Researchers from India studied a wild species of banana (Musa balbisiana Colla) found in South Asia which showed promising antidiabetic properties. M. balbisiana C. or wild banana is an ancestor of cultivated plantains. M. balbisiana C. was found to contain phytochemicals which can work against diabetes. Specifically, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss in older people. In the U.S., it affects 11 million people, and experts estimate that this number will double by 2050. To lower your chances of developing this eye condition, research suggests that you eat more leafy green vegetables. Researchers attribute … [Read More…]


(Natural News) One of the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the higher-than-normal production of the male hormone testosterone. This can cause symptoms such as hair growth and weight gain, which can be relieved with remedies, including vitamin supplementation. What is PCOS? Women with PCOS suffer from a hormone imbalance … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Kombucha is the term for tea that has undergone fermentation and sweetening. While it is not for consumption by everyone, it is generally safe and offers plenty of health benefits. The fermented beverage is made from black tea, green tea, or white tea. A sweetener is added, followed by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In this paper, two researchers from Chungbuk National University in South Korea and Tufts University in the U.S. focused on zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin D and their roles and impact on immune function and infection in the elderly. They discussed the results of observational studies and interventional clinical trials on the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Researchers from Ochanomizu University and Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology in Japan looked at the effects of vitamin C on mental health. In their study, which was published in the journal Nutrition Research, they found that vitamin C status is important for determining one’s risk of anxiety and anorexia. The … [Read More…]



(Natural News) If you’re ever wondered what happens to you when you tell the truth in America, I’ve posted a podcast that details the stunning sequence of attacks that will target you to silence your words. It doesn’t matter whether you’re telling the truth about vaccines, Big Pharma, the Federal Reserve, the military industrial … [Read More…]


(Natural News) It used to be that AIDS was widely regarded as the “gay disease.” But now it’s a transgender disease as well, with new data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that an astounding one in seven transgender “women” are infected with HIV. According to a CDC “Dear Colleague” letter, … [Read More…]


(Natural News) A professor of chemistry at Portland State University in Oregon has reportedly been arrested and charged with 35 counts related to child pornography – and this after having previously received “Scientist of the Year” at his school. According to reports, Niles Lehman was indicted back in February, and arrested not long … [Read More…]


(Natural News) So where’s it go from here? This is where we live, in the USA, a country where the medical mafia has joined forces with the tech Nazis and already control all the networks, all of social media, YouTube, Google, and of course, GMOs and the Sick Care Complex. Forced vaccination is already in full effect in California, and now … [Read More…]


(Natural News) There are many natural ways to stop the spread of cancer. One of the most effective methods is to consume turmeric, a spice that is rich in the anticancer compound curcumin. This natural compound achieves its anticancer effects by preventing inflammation that causes the disease in the first place. There is strong … [Read More…]


(Natural News) One of the core principles of Christianity is to follow the example of Jesus Christ. According to Christian teachings, Jesus Christ was more than just a teacher or prophet. He was the one and only perfect son of God, born into the world to give testimony of God’s love. Jesus Christ was not only sacrificed for the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you’re considering an electric vehicle because you care about the planet, you might want to take a look at the results of a new German study. Researchers there say that electric vehicles there account for more carbon dioxide emissions than diesel cars do. According to the study, which was presented at Munich’s … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Researchers came up with a list of drinks that could harm the kidneys if consumed in excessive quantities. They identified beer, sugary drinks, and two healthy types of beverages – fruit juices and tea – as potential causes of chronic kidney disease. The most egregious offenders were carbonated and sweetened fruit drinks. … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The perpetually angry American Left has launched an all-out assault on what remains of “traditional” America, including the complete debasing of whites and destruction of any cultural contribution they have had on our country. If Leftist mobs aren’t tearing down statues or punching white persons who dare to express any … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Many people still use over-the-counter drugs for treating cold symptoms, such as coughing, headaches, muscle pain, and sleeplessness. However, these drugs are known to have harmful side effects. A study published in the journal JAMA Neurology found a link between over-the-counter anticholinergic drugs and cognitive … [Read More…]


(Natural News) With the unknown, one is confronted with danger, discomfort and worry; the first instinct is to abolish these painful sensations. First principle: any explanation is better than none…. The search for causes is thus conditioned by and excited by the feeling of fear. The question “Why?” is not pursued for its own sake but … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Old age dulls the mind as much as it weakens the body. However, a new study brings hope that regular sessions of aerobic exercise could improve the brain functions of older adults who have neurocognitive problems. Researchers from Duke University conducted an experiment with older people who lived sedentary lifestyles. … [Read More…]


(Natural News) There is no current cure for Parkinson’s disease, but fortunately, there are available supplements that can help manage the symptoms of this disease. People with Parkinson’s may find relief by taking the following supplements: Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps with the proper functioning of the brain, blood, skin, reproductive … [Read More…]


(Natural News) People could cut their risk of dying early due to cardiovascular disease by up to half if they ate more nutritious food, announced a recently published study. The research went on to recommend increasing the amount of whole grains and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in a diet in order to live longer and healthier … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Plants have proven their medicinal properties time and again. Studies have shown that the most potent antibacterial substances available come in the form of plant essential oils. Researchers from India evaluated the essential oil of Inula cappa (sheep’s ear) for its antibacterial properties. The study, which appeared in the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Research has already determined a connection between chronic stress and poor physical health. But according to a study, there is a direct link “between negative emotions and increased inflammation in the body.” The study was conducted by researchers from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and published in the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Researchers have found that juice extracted from Baccaurea angulata, a plant native to Malaysia and locally called belimbing dayak, can help improve symptoms of hypercholesterolemia. The findings were published in Nutrition Research. The study built on previous evidence that demonstrated the health benefits of B. … [Read More…]


(Natural News) A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food revealed that supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), carnosine, and thiamine can lower blood sugar levels in obese individuals with diabetes. Additionally, it can reduce oxidative stress and inhibit platelet aggregation to provide greater cardiovascular … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Globalists are actively working to exterminate 90% of the human race, telling themselves that eliminating “useless eaters” is the only way to “save the planet.” The annihilation of the vast majority of humans on planet Earth is now openly advocated by left-wing influencers and the wealthy elite, including Bill Gates, Ted … [Read More…]


(Natural News) The once-pristine streets of one of America’s wealthiest and most iconic cities have become more polluted with human feces than ever before, shocking new data reveals. According to the San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW), city employees throughout the Golden Gate mecca are encountering increasingly more poop … [Read More…]


(Natural News) No medical doctor in America can solve the health “boondoggles” that develop over time from the constant consumption of pesticides, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, and chemical food preservatives. It all starts with inflammation, and once that gets bad, every medical doctor in America does the same thing – … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In a desperate bid to get noticed among an ever-expanding field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren, whose campaign is already flagging, wants to bust our debt balloon so more of our young citizens can be indoctrinated into socialism. In addition to her proposal to provide … [Read More…]


(Natural News) There’s a concerted effort afoot to rebrand Satanism as a benevolent, all-faiths religious system marked by tolerance, diversity, and inclusion, as opposed to the ritualistic and overt devil worship with which most people are familiar. And leading the charge in spreading this new-breed type of Satanism to the masses are none … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Hippocrates, the famous 4th century father of modern medicine, famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Early medical pioneers like Hippocrates understood that you are what you eat, that exercise makes for a healthy mind and healthy body, that disease can both be prevented and beaten, and that the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) During the past several decades, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is shaping rapidly into a new medical paradigm to displace our now failing and defunct Science Based Medical (SBM) model, which supports the ultra-orthodox and conservative drug-based theory started with the Rockefeller-funded Flexner report in the … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Bank of America shut down all the bank accounts associated with The Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Pastor Steven Anderson spoke out in a YouTube video. All accounts associated with his ministry have been frozen without notice. “We can’t even get our money out,” exclaimed Pastor Anderson. “We can’t even walk … [Read More…]


(Natural News) When you’re watching the news, do you pay attention to reports about crimes or do you ignore everything as you go about your day? If you want to protect yourself and your family, take note of these reports and start practicing situational awareness. (h/t to ConcealedCarryToday.com) What is situational … [Read More…]


(Natural News) If you’re a Facebook junkie, you may be constantly monitoring your feed the moment you wake up, during your commute, and even at school or work. However, a study suggests that a lot of Americans are doing just fine without Facebook. The study was conducted by experts from the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Many scientific advancements make life a lot easier and more convenient, but not every new discovery is a good one. In fact, some of the most complex and intelligent scientific discoveries of modern times could actually prove to be our undoing. Take, for example, the recent experiments in which human brain genes were … [Read More…]


(Natural News) How many times have you grilled vegetables or fish wrapped in foil? How many aluminum pots do you own? How many aluminum cans are in your pantry right now? If you’re like most people, aluminum is a metal that you use every day without giving it a second thought, but it’s actually a lot more dangerous than you might think. … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Smelling fried chicken or french fries can tempt you into ordering a similarly fattening dish at a restaurant, which can make it hard to maintain a healthy weight. But according to a study, smelling unhealthy foods for a certain length of time may make it easier to stick to more nutritious options instead. Sensory stimuli … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) are a group of serious ailments that target the gastrointestinal system. However, a traditional healthy diet originating from India could help manage the symptoms of IBDs such as Crohn’s disease. Given the importance of the gut to the overall health and function of the body, IBDs can … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Bone broth is nutritious, and it’s easy to digest when you’re sick. But according to a study, bone broth doesn’t just warm you up on a cold day or help you feel better when you have a cold; broth made from ham bone can also boost your heart health. The study, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Endometriosis, which affects 10 to 20 percent of women, is a condition with no known cause and cure. Fortunately, making dietary changes can improve the symptoms of this condition. If you are suffering from endometriosis, here are some foods to add to your diet: Omega-3-rich foods: Omega-3 fatty acids are the healthy … [Read More…]


(Natural News) It’s official: We’re heading toward a “plastic world” – and we’re not talking about credit cards. Plastic – the ubiquitous polymer found in nearly all consumer products – is part of just about every aspect of our lives. For the most part, it’s a versatile material that has been part of many significant innovations, such … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In this study, published in the journal Nutrition Research, American researchers tested their hypothesis that increasing polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) intake will increase peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARdelta) expression and activity, and examined the effect of PUFA-enriched oils on muscle … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In this study, researchers from Kyungpook National University in South Korea evaluated the ability of a combination of five different plants to prevent atopic dermatitis (AD) in vivo and in vitro. The results of their study were published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The researchers used … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Wireless technology is not the only source of electromagnetic field pollution in the modern home. The electrical wires running through the typical house can generate “dirty electricity” that is harmful to a person’s well-being. The standard electrical frequency throughout North America is 60 hertz. However, there is an … [Read More…]


(Natural News) We’ve all seen this scenario before: The mainstream media drums up fear over an alleged disease pandemic for the purpose of scaring the public into accepting some new vaccine as the “cure.” Well, it’s back again, this time with the ebola virus, which the powers that be are once again trying to use as a vehicle to push … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Democrats and their protectors in the so-called “establishment” media are now so openly, brazenly anti-American, anti-rule of law and pro-terrorism there is no point in even debating it anymore. You could even say it is ‘settled science.’ Following the horrific Easter weekend bombings in Sri Lanka, in which it has now … [Read More…]


(Natural News) How many medical tests, exams, scans, and scams (including surgeries) can Sick-Care-America run on patients without even offering one ounce of preventative advice or natural remedies? It’s unlimited. Today’s medical doctors will tell you that you need to lose weight and/or exercise, but they don’t tell you how, or even push … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Thanks mostly to the refusal of Democrats to compromise with the Trump administration on measures to improve security along the U.S.-Mexico border, citizen militia groups seem to be stepping into the void. And for that, they are now being targeted by the same government that can’t or won’t do the job themselves. As The … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales claims to hold high standards of objectivity and balance in the content of the online encyclopedia and the integrity of his volunteer army of editors. Indeed this is largely true; except when it comes to the composition and editing of alternative medical systems and natural healthcare. A … [Read More…]


(Natural News) In an article that has since been removed, the Boston Globe encouraged waitstaff to “tamper with” food served to Trump officials.  The leftist diatribe published by (now former) Globe writer Luke O’Neill immediately sparked outrage, and has since been erased from the publication’s website. But what the Globe seems to have … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Gut bacteria might hold the key to alleviating anxiety, depression, and possibly even post-traumatic stress disorder. The latest research suggests that the health of the gut exerts a considerable effect on the brain and mood of a person. Conducted by McMaster University researchers in Ontario, Canada, the study … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Most women in their late 40s or early 50s undergo menopause, the “Big M,” and its symptoms often last for several years. If you’re one of the women who regularly experience symptoms of menopause, such as irritability and hot flashes, certain lifestyle changes can help address your condition. Follow a nutritious diet and … [Read More…]


(Natural News) Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese practitioners used it to treat a variety of ailments, especially those which caused pain. In the U.S., the rise of holistic treatments has revived the demand for acupuncture. It is currently used to treat multiple conditions ranging from digestive problems … [Read More…]

The hidden messages in children’s books

(Philomel/Macmillan/Harry N Abrams/Harper Collins)

(Philomel/Macmillan/Harry N Abrams/Harper Collins)

Adults often find surprising subtexts in children’s literature – but are they really there? Hephzibah Anderson delves into the world of Freud and fairy tales.

‘King Of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian Arrested At LAX, Held Without Bail


The “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport late Tuesday night and is being held without bail, Gawker reports.

It’s unclear whether the arrest had anything to do with the fact that he was recently kicked out of a Miami nightclub for allegedly kicking a woman named Vanessa Castano in the face. She has since filed a police report.

The Los Angeles Police Department told L.A. Weekly that Bilzerian was facing charges of possessing or manufacturing illegal explosive devices.

If you’re wondering why Bilzerian is Instagram-famous with 5 million followers, you can take a look at the many photos of women and indications of a lavish lifestyle on his page


According to Gawker, “Bilzerian, who likes to say he was kicked out of Navy Seal training two days before graduation, has previously Instagrammed his arsenal of firearms, and once ran over a BMW in a tank for kicks.”



Oh, the irony

Is Torture an American Value?



Joni Mitchell in 1970.

The legendary composer and singer showed up at NPR’s Culver City studios just before the dead of night to talk about her “helium voice,” overcoming polio and painting songs with Bob Dylan.

Joni Mitchell in 1970.

music interviews
The Music Midnight Makes: In Conversation With Joni Mitchell

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cost a reported $20 million to produce this year, and included jewel-studded bras worth more than $2 million. But the real stars are, of course, the Angels. Here’s what the best-paid Victoria’s Secret models are worth. 



Are Gadget-Free Bedrooms the Secret to a Happy Relationship ? 


Shared by The New York Time
nytimes.com – Sound the alarm: The good old-fashioned relationship is under attack from technology. That seems to be the message from a growing body of psychology research examining how technology is ………

Your Brain Is Built for Kindness




Let’s take a few minutes this dreary winter Wednesday to remind ourselves that people aren’t always the worst. In a neat little animated video published yesterday by the University of California, Berkeley, psychologist Dacher Keltner explains that we were essentially built to be nice. Keltner explains his own work using brain imaging technology, in which he’s shown images of human suffering to people in the lab:

And what we found in the brain is a very old part of the brain, the periaqueductal gray, which is common to mammals when they take care of things, lights up when you feel compassion. And that tells us that compassion is very old in the nervous system, as Darwin speculated. 

His research has also shown that the vagus nerve — the nervous system’s longest grouping of nerves, stretching from the brain to the abdomen — also shows activity when we feel compassion. (Science of Us contributor Maia Szalavitz also co-wrote a book about human empathy, if you’re hungry for more on the subject.) Taken together, research by Keltner and others suggests that we are biologically set up to care about other people. Being nice is human nature. 

Oil Takes A Dive: Great For U.S. Consumers, Terrible For Russia And Venezuela

For Americans, cheap oil means less money spent each time you fill up on gas, and more to spend on everything else. But in countries depending on oil revenues, oil’s plunge is bad news.


About 70,000 expected to flock to Art Basel, satellite fairs





Special to Florida Weekly


<br /><br /> Visitors swarm the Miami Beach Convention Center during last year&rsquo;s Art Basel.<br /><br /> COURTESY PHOTOS Visitors swarm the Miami Beach Convention Center during  Art Basel. It is amazing how the juxtaposition of line and shape can make someone’s pulse quicken, how tromp l’oeil can stir the imagination, and perspective and shadow can entice conversation. But art is exactly this type of catalyst. Its power has been shifting cultures and expressing them long before the Renaissance. Art beckons its followers to Miami Beach Dec. 4 to 7 for an experience unlike any other, an event called Art Basel. More than 70,000 are slated to attend. This showcase of all things artistic is merely a hub for a bigger self-expression brought to the masses in the form of multiple satellite fairs like Scope, Pulse, NADA, Art Miami and others, more than 20 total. They all work in symbiosis as part of a bigger event called Miami Art Week, which actually begins Dec. 2.

Look what I found in huge amazon warehouse below….





A distillation of spiritual truths – manifestation, the nature of reality, the illusion of life on earth, manifesting, dominion over matter, energy, transmutation, magnetization, attraction and a sense of peace that could be described as harmonious empowerment. Read it once as a fable, then read it again as life instructions.


Look Inside Amazon’s Giant Warehouses Ahead Of The Christmas Rush


15Ralph D. Freso/ReutersYour Christmas present might be here. As the countdown to Christmas begins, tens of thousands of Amazon workers are getting to work packaging millions of products bought from the giant online retailer.  Sales show no signs of slowing down after last week’s Black Friday when the company sold more than 5.5 million goods. 2014 could even top last year’s Christmas sales, which reached a record £13 billion


To handle all of this, Amazon has more than 80 massive distribution centres, which put together, comprise more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic swimming pools. The following pictures show what it’s like inside five of Amazon’s factories, located in the US, the UK, Germany, and Poland. The figures are compiled from statista.com, DMR, and Michael Hyatt. 






Published: November 29, 2014





Parts of Greece were brought to a standstill on Thursday as members of two major unions staged a 24-hour strike. Tens of thousands of people across all major Greek cities took to the streets, protesting against European Union and International Monetary Fund demands for pension reform and planned layoffs.




Private sector union GSEE has called for fresh demonstrations to take place on December 7, when parliament will vote on next year’s budget. The union accuses the government of trying to take the labour market back to “medieval times”. Repeated rounds of austerity have been imposed on the country. Opposition leader Alexis Tsipras believes this approach has hindered, rather than helped Greece.



Clinton Shadow Campaign Gets Ready For The Real Thing


12 Female Characters Who Keep Shaving Despite Constant   Peril







Guest Post: What Americans Celebrate On Thanksgiving Day

When Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, they don’t know what they are celebrating.      

25 Women Pushing The Limits Of Street Art Around The World



Saki&B: Born in Japan; based in London, UK saki street art MadC: Germany madc street art



27 Lazy Girl Nail Arthat Are Actually Easy









Strange Things You Learn When You Don’t Wear A Bra For A Week

I’m an E cup, and I haven’t gone out in public without a bra in 18 years. So I wanted to see if anything bad would happen when I finally went without one.

Solange Knowles in Stéphane Rolland

solange  We have no words — expect that the fit is spot on and the silhouette is hugging her curves like a dream.

This week was serious when it came to style. Not only did Hollywood unanimously agree that white is the color of the season, but they also agreed that the end of the year is the best time to turn up the heat in the fashion department.

50 Trips Everyone Should Take In The US



5 Ways to have people like YOU..

High Heels Have A Strange Effect On Men, And Here’s Proof


Listen up, ladies.

Flats may be all the rage these days, but a provocative new study from France suggests that high heels do a better job of helping women get what they want from men.

Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior,” Dr. Nicolas Guéguen, a psychologist at the Université de Bretagne-Sud in Rennes, and the scientist behind the study, said in a written statement.

What’s Your Favorite Beyoncé Lyric Of All Time?

The 10 Best Jobs For 2015
Here's How Much Uber Drivers Are Really Earning



The Psychology Behind Why Instagram Is So Addictive


misiu green instagramJamie Green/InstagramThe prototypical Instagram photo.

All the cool kids are on Instagram.

Over 90% of the 200 million people on the photo-sharing network are under the age of 35, a recent BI Intelligence report found, and the demographics skew toward the urban, female, and rich.

Those users upload 544 million photos a day.

Nir Eyal, a Stanford University lecturer and author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” tells Business Insiderthat the app is addictive thanks to a range of reasons, including:

• The act of taking a picture: “Capturing images has been habit-forming for over a century,” Eyal says, and it stems from “this anxiety that we feel if we don’t capture this moment it will disappear forever.”

• The immediate reward:“Part of Instagram’s genius is providing these filters,” Eyal says. “Now that shitty picture that I used to take on the native app of my phone looks decent, sharable.”

• The investment made by the user: “The ultimate secret is that if you make your pictures more beautiful,” Eyal says, “that increases the likelihood that you participate in the most important part of the Instagram hook, the investment of sharing that picture.”

• Soon, Instagram becomes the default: “Every time I see something I want to capture,” Eyal says, “I capture with Instagram as opposed to any other solution, as opposed to the native app on the camera.”

• It becomes a rather intimate social network: “Over time, there’s successive cycles through the hook. It’s not just about capturing the moment, Instagram is also a social network,” Eyal says. “So now the internal triggers become boredom, seeking connection, FOMO [or fear of missing out].”

• And you’ll never want to miss out again: “FOMO is huge reason to use Instagram,” Eyal says. “Not just to take pictures, but this fear of missing out on the moment. And my solution to alleviate that pain point, that psychological itch, is to open Instagram and scroll through.”

The addictive nature of the app isn’t an accident, Eyal points out. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom majored in symbolic systems at Stanford, a field that lies at the intersection of psychology and computer science. “[Systrom] knows a lot,” he says.


Push for Parity: 5 lessons for the next generation of women leaders

vintage blank sign arrow

This essay is the first in our Push For Parity essay series, featuring stories about women in leadership in journalism. 

‘Sex With Strangers’: Anna Gunn, Billy Magnussen Heat Up Books, Tech and Deception



The two-person play, which premiered in 2011 at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, centers on Olivia, a critically underappreciated novelist pushing 40, and Ethan, a hunky 20-something blog-to-book sensation who’s topped The New York Times best-seller list by detailing his sexual exploits with strangers. “Although they’re only 11 years apart, their relationship with technology, their age group aligns very differently with the Internet — I was interested in exploring this moment in time and what intimacy means now,”




Bob Marley to Be Face of Corporate Pot


Kristen Bell teams up with an a cappella group for a thoroughly modern Christmas tune

A handwritten card would take forever, and who even listens to voicemails anymore? No, the only holiday hello you need from your sweetheart is a good old-fashioned text message. Luckily, Kristen Bell has teamed up with all-male a cappella group Straight No Chaser to provide the perfect soundtrack for your tinsel-time texts, this delightful ditty called “Text Me Merry Christmas”


Enemies Of The State





27 Little Things You Can Do To Make Thanksgiving So Much Easier

Keeping gravy warm in a coffee thermos!   Why didn’t I think of that….posted on Nov. 17, 2014













Marvel's Black Panther.

code switch

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Isn’t Just Another Black Superhero

The recently announced feature film, scheduled for November 2017, may be the first Afrofuturist movie with a shot of blockbuster success.



Nate Parker Should Be




An Interview With Michael Cera And Kieran Culkin As They Play “Mario Kart”




The Success Of The Smartwatch Relies Hugely On How Well They Connect With Facebook Users

The Success Of The Smartwatch Relies Hugely On How Well They Connect With Facebook Users




THR's Next Gen Party 2014

THR’s Next Gen Party 2014




Untouched by Western journalists except in the presence of

American troops, Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley was once the most violent part of the Afghan war.






The Iconic Mansion From ‘The Godfather’ Is On Sale For $2.9 Million


There Are 6 Different Ways You Can See 'Interstellar' — Here's How To See It

VAIL VS ASPEN: Which Is The Better Ski Destination?

PUTIN: We Are Prepared For A 'Catastrophic Decline In Energy Prices'

Because No One Wants To Imagine A World Without Chocolate

MUNICH — Andreas Jacobs and Paul Polman want to change working conditions and pay around the the world. But they’re not human rights activi…


Hong Kong: Is It Just A Question Of Confidence?

HONG KONG — A journalist from mainland China asked me recently whether the current unrest in Hong Kong is perhaps because residents there “are l…


Why Egypt’s Brightest Scientific Minds Move Abroad

CAIRO — In February 2014, the Egyptian military announced that it had found a cure for AIDS and hepatitis. This supposed miracle of me…


Fatal Hazing, South Korean Military’s Abuse Problem

SEOUL — Six South Korean soldiers have been accused of killing one of their fellow conscripts. Yoon Seung-joo, 20, died earlier this year after …


A City Should Force You Off Your Arse

-Essay- BUENOS AIRES — Since the time Homo became sapiens, we have tried to find the means to move as little as possible. And now we can s…


Why Chinese Students Are Flocking To Germany

MUNICH — On the Technical University of Munich (TUM) campus, it smells of grilled sausage and doner kebab. Students lined up in front of two fas…


In China, A Visit To The World’s Biggest Hospital

ZHENGZHOU — Even at its current size, the First Affiliated University Hospital of Zhengzhou in the capital of Chin…


Air Corpse One: When Airline Passengers Die On Board

BERLIN — When a passenger dies on a flight, what do flight attendants do with the body? A British flight personnel trainer recently acknowledge…


Egypt Ratchets Up Its Morality War Against Gays And Lesbians

CAIRO — The video showed a gathering of men on a felucca, with two of them seemingly exchanging kisses and wedding rings. The makers of the…


After Trees Cut Down In Front Of Coke Billboard, Company Must Plant 60 New Ones

BUENOS AIRES — The Coca-Cola Company is being forced to plant 60 trees in the Argentine capital after six trees that had been “blocking” on…

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Snapshots: Thai Dancing, Tightrope Walking, Democratic Sulking

What’s been catching our eyes, and the world goes by……




Morgan Stanley Analysts: Uber Is Going To Change Everything





xi obama
#This comes seven weeks after by far the largest global climate demonstrations in history, and amidst ongoing unrest in China about the filthy air in its cities. It isn’t, in other words, a reason to slack off a bit in the ongoing fight for a livable climate, a fight our civilizations are in great danger of losing. If we want this to be a start, and not a finish, we’ve got to build even bigger and more powerful movements that push the successors of these gentlemen to meet what science demands. Today’s an achievement for everyone who’s held a banner, signed a petition, and gone to jail — and a call for many more to join us going forward!





1. Afghanistan Opium Harvest Hits Record High

2014-11-12 Read Later

KABUL — Afghanistan’s cultivation of opium poppies has hit a record high in 2014, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Its Afghan Opium Survey 2014 reports that the area under poppy cultivation has expanded by 7%, now covering 553,000 acres (224,000 hectares).

Such a rise is likely to embarrass aid donors who have invested millions of dollars in counter-narcotics efforts, as the report reveals that the eradication of opium in the country has decreased by 63%.

Read more from Reuters here.

Photo: davric/Worldcrunch

Crunched By: Bertrand Hauger

2. The Costs Of India’s Botched Mass Sterilization Program

2014-11-11 Read Later

RAIPUR — Eight Indian women have died and dozens are said to be in a critical condition after undergoing sterilization surgery as part of a state-run effort to curb the country’s population.

Officials in the central state of Chhattisgarh revealed Tuesday that the eight women were among 83 who underwent laparoscopic sterilization Saturday, a process usually under general anesthesia during which the fallopian tubes are blocked.

Sixty-four women are still hospitalized, including 24 in serious condition.

The surgery was part of an annual family planning camp organized by Indian authorities aimed at limiting the growth of the country’s billion-plus population.

AFP reports that the women who decide to volunteer for sterilization are given 1,400 rupees — $23 — as an incentive to undergo the procedure.

Read more from the Hindustan Times here.

Photo: Greg Younger/Worldcrunch

Crunched By: Bertrand Hauger

3. French Sailor Breaks Prestigious Route Du Rhum Record

2014-11-10 Read Later

POINTE-A-PITRE  French yachtsman Loïck Peyron has won the 10th running of the prestigious Route du Rhum single-handed transatlantic race in record time, sailing from Saint Malo in French Brittany to Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, in just over a week, the event’s website reports.

For his first victory after six tries (the Route du Rhum takes place every four years), the 54-year-old sailor set a new record on his trimaran Banque Populaire VII, finishing the race in 7 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes and 32 seconds, and thus beating the 2006 record by 2 hours, 10 minutes and 34 seconds.

Photo: Route du Rhum Facebook page/Worldcrunch

Crunched By: Bertrand Hauger

4. French President’s Approval Ratings Hit All-Time Low

2014-11-07 Read Later

PARIS — Francois Hollande’s approval ratings hit a new low Thursday, exactly halfway into the French president’s five-year term.

Pollster YouGov revealed that Hollande scored a mere 12% approval rating in its latest monthly survey — down 15% from the previous month. It is the worst score for any president in modern-day polling, according to Reuters.

Hollande appeared on prime-time TF1 television Thursday night for a Q&A session with journalists and members of the public. The French president admitted he had “made mistakes” since taking office in 2012 but said he wanted to go “to the end” to reform the economy. He also hinted that he would not run for re-election if the current 11% unemployment rate failed to drop by the end of his term.

Read more from Reuters here.

Photo: Lionel Guericolas/Visual/ZUMA

Crunched By: Bertrand Hauger

5. Manet Painting Fetches Record Price At Christie’s

2014-11-06 Read Later

NEW YORK — A painting by Impressionist Edouard Manet sold at auction Wednesday, setting a record price of $65.1 million for the artist. Le Printemps, or Spring, was first presented in 1882 and depicts French actress Jeanne Demarsy with a parasol.

Many bidders, both present in the salesroom at Christie’s in New York and on the phone, pushed the painting past original estimates of $25 million to $35 million, and it was eventually bought by New York dealer Otto Naumann for an anonymous client.

Manet’s previous record was $33.2 million for Self Portrait With A Palette at Christie’s in London in 2010, Bloomberg reports. Le Printemps had been in the same private collection for more than a century, and was on loan to the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Photo source: Christie’s

6. Taylor Swift’s Record-Breaking Record

2014-11-05 Read Later

NEW YORK — American country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 sold 1.287 million copies in the U.S. in its first week, making it the biggest album release in 12 years.

According to the Nielsen Soundscan Sales tracking service, 1989 has become the fastest-selling album during a single week since Eminem’s 2002 The Eminem Show, which sold 1.322 million copies during its second week.

Read more about it from AFP.

Photo: taylorswift Instagram/Worldcrunch

Crunched By: Bertrand Hauger

7. Mass Decline Of European Birds

2014-11-03 Read Later

LONDON — Europe has lost an estimated 421 million birds over the past three decades, and modern treatment of the environment is to blame, a study published Monday in the monthly scientific journal Ecology Letters reveals.

Up to 90% of the decline is in common European bird species such as grey partridges, sparrows, skylarks and starlings. According to University of Exeter researcher Richard Inger, who took part in the study, this is concerning. “It is this group of birds that people benefit from the most,” the AFP quoted him as saying. “Significant loss of common birds could be quite detrimental to human society.”

On the other hand, populations in rarer species of birds such as marsh harriers, ravens, buzzards and storks have risen in recent years, the research shows. This is probably explained by conservation efforts and legal protections.

Richard Gregory of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds told the AFP that “white storks and marsh harriers receive among the highest level of protection in the EU. This is why their numbers have increased.”

Researchers are now calling for large-scale environmental improvement such as green space projects and environmental farmland schemes.

Photo: Kieran Palmer

Crunched By: Patrick Randall

8. Number Of Homeless Rises In New York

2014-10-31 Read Later

NEW YORK — The number of homeless people in New York has risen to 67,810 in 2014, according to a report released Thursday by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This contrasts with a general decline of the homeless population across the country, which has dropped by 10% since 2010, when the Obama Administration introduced its “Opening Doors” plan to prevent and end homelesness.

Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

New York experienced the country’s largest increase between 2013 and 2014, with 3,160 more homeless people. It was followed by Massachussetts (+2,208) and Nevada (+2,113), and 11 other states plus Washington, D.C. This means nearly one in five homeless people in the U.S. lives in New York City or Los Angeles. On the other hand, homelesness decreased in 36 states over the same period. Florida experienced the largest decrease with 6,320 fewer people, followed by California (-4,600) and Oregon (-1,658).

Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The report is based on a “point-in-time” survey reported by state and local planning agencies. It was conducted on a single night in January as part of HUD’s efforts to tackle homelessness across the country.

“As a nation, we are successfully reducing homelessness in this country, especially for those who have been living on our streets as a way of life,” the agency’s Secretary Julián Castro said Thursday. “There is still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, but it’s clear our strategy is working, and we’re going to push forward till we end homelessness as we’ve come to know it,” he added.

Read the full report here.

Photo: John M. Mantel/ZUMA

Crunched By: Patrick Randall

9. Malala To Donate Prize Money To Rebuild Gaza Schools

2014-10-30 Read Later

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has announced she will donate the $50,000 she was given for winning the World Children’s Prize to reconstruct UN schools in Gaza that Israel bombed during the recent conflict.

“Innocent Palestinian children have suffered terribly and for too long,” the 17-year-old Pakistani education activist said. “We must all work to ensure Palestinian boys and girls, and all children everywhere, receive a quality education in a safe environment. Because without education, there will never be peace. Let us stand together for peace and education because together we are more powerful.”

According to the International Business Times, the prize money will be used for 65 schools operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

More than 2,100 Palestinians — most of them civilians — lost their lives during the 50 days of fighting in July and August between Israel and Hamas, while 108,000 people still remain homeless.

Photo: Robin Utrecht/Xinhua/ZUMA







‘We Are On The Comet’ But Something’s Wrong







SEE ALSO:  Humans Just Landed A Probe On A Comet For The First Time In History

CHECK OUT:  Humans Just Got A First Close-Up Look At A Comet And It’s Mind-Blowing


What Fukushima Radiation 100 Miles Off California Looks Like

While no US Federal Agency sees fit to monitor ocean radioactivity in coastal waters, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) has taken on the task of keeping the information flowing in a world of ‘promises’ that everything will be ok. As WHOI reports this week, scientists have detected the presence of small amounts of radioactivity from the 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident 100 miles (150 km) due west of Eureka, California.





Report: Iraqi Army Recaptures Oil Refinery Town.. Driving Out ISIS Fighters


USPS delivery trucks

More than 400 Underground Sites seized by FBI in ‘Operation Onymous’

The Hacker News

The joint operation by authorities of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and European law enforcement seized Silk Road 2.0, an alternative to the notorious online illegal-drug marketplace last week, and arrested 26-year-old operator Blake Benthall, but that wasn’t the end. US and […]

Republicans Get Wake-Up Call: And This Time They Answer It!


We have now read, reviewed and analyzed the 2014 midterm elections from every perspective, and the most consistent conclusions are that the Republicans scored a smashing victory, the Democrats suffered a humiliating defeat, the president’s performance is mostly to blame, and the 2016 presidential election starts now.


4 Reasons Elizabeth Warren Should Run for President

By Scott Conroy – November 6, 2014




‘Stand Up’ for Soldiers



Thousands Demand Return Of 43 Missing Students In Mexico

Mexico Missing Students

Report: U.S. Money-Laundering Probe Draws In Putin’s Inner Circle


Libyan Supreme Court Rules On Legitimacy Of New Parliament

Libya Parliament

Obama To Seek New War Powers From Congress To Fight ISIS

Barack Obama

ICC Will Not Prosecute Possible War Crimes In Israel Flotilla Raid

Flotilla Boat 2010

U.S. Election Brings New GOP Power To State Capitols


Myanmar’s Security Forces Profit Off Rohingya Exodus


Ebola Virus Slowing In Liberia

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