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It’s Not Knowing The Truth That Makes Us Ignorant,
It’s Not Wanting To Know The Truth That Does




White House Releases List of President Trump’s Accomplishments – And It Is Historic!


1/11/2021 Financial News: Communist China’s new rules tell companies to ignore U.S. restrictions, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley to delist some Hong Kong products

Image source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg

1.Communist China’s New Rules tell companies to ignore U.S. restrictions and allow them to sue other companies if they comply with U.S. restrictions






Banned by Twitter, Trump Tries Posting Pitch to Build Out His Own Platform

Banned by Twitter, Trump Tries Posting Pitch to Build Out His Own Platform

President Donald Trump on the campaign trail last fall. (Getty Images)

Twitter booted Donald Trump’s personal account on Friday, citing this week’s deadly Capitol breach and claiming a risk of further incitement. So he tried proposing a Twitter alternative through posts on his office’s official account: @POTUS. It didn’t take long for those tweets to get taken down, too, though it remains unclear what, if anything, Twitter plans to do about that account for the remainder of Trump’s presidency. [Full Story]


President Trump calls for healing, reconciliation


Incitement to Violence? Pelosi Tweet: “Trump Is Deadly to Our Democracy and Our People. He Needs to Go Now”

America’s Day of Reckoning arrives, PENCE a TRAITOR
VP Pence confirmed as a piece of filth TRAITOR to America
Capitol building BREACHED in mostly peaceful storming
“They’re drawing WEAPONS”… GUNFIRE in the chamber
Trump supporter SHOT by Capitol Police… DEAD
Trump orders National Guard to protect Capitol

Jan. 6, 2021 Situation Update – America’s Day of Reckoning arrives
Jan. 5, 2021 – Congress will betray; patriots will need to RESCUE the President
Situation Update, Jan. 4th, 2021 – Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda
Situation Update, Jan 3rd – Senators push 10-day emergency investigation





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TRUMP RALLY LIVE … DC… rewind for Donald Trump Jr.

It’s a Stunt: Senate Republicans Aren’t “Warriors” For Trump and They Won’t Save His Presidency

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WIPEOUT IN GEORGIA: Mitch McConnell suffers terrifying rebuke after four years of obstructing Trump…

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Report: Shellshocked McConnell seeks revenge for Georgia losses, vows to “Destroy” Trump…

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0 FOR 2: Mitch loses two Senate seats after blocking $2K checks, tariffs, healthcare, immigration restriction, the wall, ending foreign wars…

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Voters warn they have NO REASON to vote Republican without Trump on the ballot…

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THE END of Mitch McConnell?

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Trump supporters flood DC in protest as Mitch McConnell does NOTHING to Stop the Steal…

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Dem tyrants crack down on peaceful Trump protesters in DC … establishment Republicans refuse to lift a finger in support…

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Conservative voters go John Galt on disloyal and traitorous Republican party…

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McConnell weighs DECLARING WAR ON TRUMP after suffering total humiliation … “marginalize him like Steve Bannon”…

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“I believe the American people who elected President Trump are more committed than ever”…

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“They will face a total rage sweeping across this land if they dare to try to take away the leader we chose”…

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“This country is boiling and they cannot see it … I want the blood of the Republican oligarchs.”













“They’re not taking this White House … We’re gonna fight like hell”…




How China and Walmart Teamed Up to Crush the American Dream

The New York Times Is On a Mission To Crush The Only “Non-Woke” Company in Silicon Valley

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The Future: It Ain’t Gonna Be Pretty Christopher Chantrill You think that Chief Justice Roberts is going to stop the federal government from looting your IRA? More

Some Hard Truths We Face as Patriotic Americans as We Near January 6th Dex Bahr The year 2020 brought much strife to America, but it ripped the masks off a duplicitous legal system that long ago abandoned fealty to American ideals, and also opened our eyes to the level of evil surrounding us. More

The Election Steal Should Motivate Georgia Runoff Voters, NOT Discourage Them Marc Sheppard Donald Trump may not be on Tuesday’s ballot, but everything he has accomplished is. More


Update: Former Kemp Staffer Helped Dominion Land $107 Million Contract with State of Georgia –QUITE the Deal!


Ga. voters swarm MAGA Victory Rally in Dalton





Monday January 4, 2021 4:40 PM

On the Monday evening (5pm) episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani proved with receipts that Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger lied on key items of fraud that have been proven to have taken place. Namely, Raffensperger said ballots weren’t shredded and only two dead people in Georgia voted.

Giuliani calls him out on these statements with facts.





The media are lying about Trump’s phone call with Raffensperger January 4, 2021 No, Trump did not demand that Georgia officials “find” votes that didn’t exist for him; he asked only that Raffensberger address Georgia’s massive fraud.   READ TRANSCRIPT YOURSELF  ….    More


The New York Times Is On a Mission To Crush The Only “Non-Woke” Company in Silicon Valley

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Project Veritas exposes Reverend Warnock’s plot to defund the police (Video)…

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“We have to touch black voters a minimum of nine times to remind them to go vote. A MINIMUM”…

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Biden cancels Inauguration Parade amid fears it turns into massive MAGA rally…

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Leaked phone call between Trump and Raffensperger reveals depths of GOPe complicity in stolen election…

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Pelosi triumphant … somehow pulls off narrow House Speaker win after Dems allowed to break quarantine to vote…

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UK court rules Assange cannot be extradited as judge fears suicide under harsh treatment…

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Greenwald: The DOJ has already said it would appeal…

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‘The only people who pop up to demand Assange be imprisoned and prosecuted are US liberals’…

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma has not been seen in 2 months after criticizing Chinese regime…

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Ma’s last tweet was on October 10th of last year…

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Proud Boys flock to D.C. for January 6 protest rally…

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Claim: Kevin McCarthy working with Pelosi to stop January 6 “stop the steal” challenge in Congress…





HOLY HELL! Lin Wood just declared, “Chief Justice John Roberts & Justice Stephen Breyer should resign from their positions on the United States Supreme Court by Noon ET tomorrow, January 2, 2021


I Blockchain, Therefore I Am Paige Donner In an effort to cement their narrative, the media are turning to blockchain technology to turn their lies into perpetual digital “truths.” More

We Don’t Need To Accept The ‘New Normal’ The Left Is Forcing On Us Caren Besner The “old nomal” had power and was based in reality. It’s up to us to restore those values. More

Stopping the Democrats Tom Keltner Will our country survive this latest setback as established and continue alternate transitions of power? More

Georgia Senate Election: Conservatives Must Vote and Save the United States Rovvy Lepor This January 5 should be viewed as a mandate to all conservatives and Republicans in Georgia to vote, not to simply reelect two Republican Ssenators., but rather to vote to preserve freedom More

The Godfather: Fiction and Reality Michael Curtis The release of Coppolla’s reworking of The Godfather, Part III is a reminder that the Mafia still exists and is still dangerous.  More


Senate votes to override the President’s veto on Defense Bill




Tech expert reveals Ga. voting machines connected to Chinese vendor


RAFFENSPERGER GETS CAUGHT: Georgia Ballots Were Printed DIFFERENTLY for GOP Counties vs. DEM Counties — Election Was Rigged!



Pence cancels trip to Israel…

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Mark Levin makes waves by leaving Facebook for Parler…

Levin has 4.2 million followers on Parler … only 2.8 million on Twitter and 1.6 million on Facebook…

“If the #RNC Hopes to Survive, Every Republican Should Stand Up for [President Trump] Now” – Attorney Sidney Powell Fires Warning Shot at GOP




House votes to increase stimulus checks to $2K, bill now heads to Senate for vote

Study finds 89 percent of New Jersey patients who died from Covid had a do-not-resuscitate order…

Columnist: It’s long past time for the CDC to clean up sketchy, overinflated Covid death counts…

Berenson explains…

Disabled child who can’t wear facemask kicked out of AMC Theatres … manager called police, had entire family removed…

University of Florida researchers find no asymptomatic spread of Covid…

Read the paper…

Flashback: Chinese researchers find no asymptomatic spread…

NYT Celebrates “Cancel Culture” Teen For Ambushing Classmate With 3-Year-Old “N-Word” Video


Giuliani: Dominion machines set to give Biden 2-5% ‘lead’





The Biggest Political Blunder in American History Steve McCann If courts and state legislatures award Joe Biden the presidency, the anti-Trump cabal, driven by a four-year single-minded obsession to defeat President Trump, will have committed the greatest political blunder in American history More….





Democrats’ Stimulus Bill Also Sends Millions to the Communist Maduro Regime in Venezuela Where Dominion Voting Machines Originated

Senate to pass $900 billion package … Deal kills Dem slush fund…

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Fed can still bail out Wall Street without congressional approval…

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Report: White House considers MARTIAL LAW amid aftermath of Solar Winds hack…

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“The emperor, in the election, has no clothes” …








Thursday December 17, 2020 5:12 PM

The question is not whether Joe Biden won or lost, it’s what’s the cost if the left doesn’t get their way which is what too many cowards are truly afraid of. They will sacrifice the future of our republic just to “keep the peace.”

This video of court justices in Texas proves that. They fought loudly over whether to hear the Texas election fraud case out of fear the inevitable results would lead to leftist riots. Essentially, they are admitting Trump won by their outrage and fear of proving Biden is not the rightful victor.

Friday December 18, 2020 9:05 AM

Read Full Article Here

On December 7, 1941 Japanese forces hit the US base at Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack just before 8 AM in the morning. The Japanese managed to destroy or damage nearly 20 American naval vessels, including eight battleships, and over 300 airplanes. More than 2,400 Americans died in the attack.Today intel experts are comparing the latest intelligence breach on the US government to a “Digital Pearl Harbor.”

Hackers have allegedly gained access to the network of the agency which maintains the NUCLEAR STOCKPILE.
DIGITAL. PEARL. HARBOR. https://t.co/0u19uZCJXo
— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) December 18, 2020

There is now a call for Executive Order 13848 – a report …

Why is Steve Mnuchin Working on Behalf of Wall Street to Crush Cryptocurrency and Deplatform the ‘Little Guy?’

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Lol: Paris government fined €90,000 for hiring too many women…

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Gallup Poll: Americans’ mental health hits 20-year low ahead of renewed lockdowns…

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Yelp data shows 60 percent of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent…

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CDC: Elderly Americans ‘not racially diverse enough’ to be vaccinated first…

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2 Alaska health workers hospitalized after receiving Pfizer vaccine…

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French police arrest “modeling agent” who was allegedly Jeffrey Epstein’s top wingman…

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Alabama Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville suggests he’ll object to electoral college count in Senate…

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Mike Pence could ‘GO ROGUE’ when Congress counts electoral





Gerard Batten

Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Alleged crimes: ‘Hillary Clinton’s emails, Vegas shooting by an FBI sniper, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents’ rape arrests, WHO pandemic’, & much more. Here you go: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/




















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