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Scandal: Joe Biden’s son Hunter landed sweet big money deals in Ukraine while VP dad was threatening its government

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been creeping out Americans with his handsy, innuendo-ridden physical behavior around women and young girls for decades, but only now has his behavior become an “issue.”

As the former veep gears up for a potential 2020 presidential bid of his own, a story broke last week that broke wide open the wide-open “secret” in D.C. regarding Biden’s sexual creepiness, told in first person by Lucy Flores, who ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor of Nevada in 2014.

Flores claims that right before she was scheduled to take the stage at a campaign event she appeared at with him, the then-VP sidled up behind her real close, leaned in, took a big whiff of her (unwashed) hair and slowly planted a lingering kiss atop her head.

All of which made her feel angry, shocked, and…creeped out.

Since Flores told her story a second woman has come forward, CNN no doubt begrudgingly reported: Amy Lappos told the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant newspaper (Biden’s from Connecticut) that the veep touched her inappropriately as well.

If you do an Internet search for “Joe Biden creepy videos” you’re going to find a lot of them. Why it’s suddenly an issue is already political fodder; maybe “someone” in the Democratic establishment doesn’t want an old white guy to be the face of the party in 2020 (so look for Crazy Bernie to be sandbagged next, if this is true).

But there is another reason why Biden cannot and should not be placed at the pinnacle of American power: He may also be corrupt.


Americas newly  elected  House congresswoman….OMG

Dershowitz: There’s ‘No Legal Basis’ for a Court to Force Barr to Release Mueller Report



On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that there isn’t any legal basis for a court to compel Attorney General William Barr to release the Mueller report, but he understands why people want to see the report.

Dershowitz said, “I think, even if Barr were hypothetically to refuse to issue anything, there would be no legal basis for a court to compel him to do that.”

Donald Trump Mocks Democrats for Turning on Former ‘Hero’ Robert Mueller

Dive Deeper

Dive deeper with comprehensive reporting and hard-hitting analysis from the newsroom of The Washington Times.

Report rights infringement  developed with YouTube

Why didn’t Boeing do it right? Why isn’t Facebook protecting user passwords? Why is Phillip Morris allowed to promote vaping? Why hasn’t Wells Fargo reformed itself? Why hasn’t Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) recalled its Roundup weed-killer? Answer: corporate greed coupled with inept and corrupt regulators. …







The End Of The World (For Democrats?)

Brilliant! Rand Paul Blocks Resolution for the Release of Mueller Report Until Communications Also Released of Crooked Obama Officials

Senator Rand Paul blocked a resolution by Senate Democrats for the release of the Mueller Report. Paul also wants communications released of Crooked Obama officails who spied on candidate Trump including: John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Loretta Lynch and Bruce Ohr.

Judicial Watch Sues For Documents Potentially Showing FBI Ignored Evidence That Chinese Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

Judicial Watch Sues For Documents Potentially Showing FBI Ignored Evidence That Chinese Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

Donald Trump Threatens to Close Border as Record Number of Migrants Surge Through Loopholes

“The Death Of Journalism”

: Efforts by high ranking officials in , , , and —along with a willing and complicit media—to spread a false narrative were the culmination of years of bias and politicization under the admin.

This comprehensive, 15,000 word guide to ‘ 2 years of reporting on the scandal explain the weaponization of the intelligence community and other gov’t agencies to relentlessly pursuit of a manufactured narrative against Trump.

Exclusive — Rand Paul: Need to Determine if Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch Were in on Spying on Donald Trump Campaign

Exclusive — Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate: ‘Time to Go on Offense’


 This guy won the Presidency only 10 years after this was taken.


Trump orders agencies to prepare for potential EMP attacks

Trump orders agencies to prepare for potential EMP attacks

March 26 (UPI) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday ordering federal agencies to take steps to protect the country from potential electromagnetic pulses.

The order calls on federal agencies to coordinate in preparations to prevent and react to an electronic pulse, or EMP, which is a blast of electromagnetic energy that can damage the U.S. electric grid and other infrastructure.

EPIC! Hannity DUNKS on MSNBC Hack Rachel Maddow — Posts Stunning Compilation of Her Most Unhinged Lies (VIDEO)

EPIC! Hannity DUNKS on MSNBC Hack Rachel Maddow — Posts Stunning Compilation of Her Most Unhinged Lies (VIDEO)

MSNBC Viewers Can’t Bear to Watch!

MUNCIE, IN - DECEMBER 02: Rachel Maddow discusses the headlines of the day in Emens Auditorium at Ball State University, David Letterman's alma mater, on December 2, 2011 in Muncie, Indiana. (Photo by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lost a whopping 20 percent of her audience after the release the Mueller Report proved she shamelessly deceived her audience for more than two years.

House Intel Chair Yet to Reveal His ‘Significant Evidence’


Adam Schiff (Alex Wong / Getty)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told the Washington Post in an interview that he still believes President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with the Russian government, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller finding that there was no collusion.

MUST WATCH: “Seattle Is Dying” Documentary Examines Homeless and Drug Epidemic Thanks to Insane Liberal Policies

MUST WATCH: “Seattle Is Dying” Documentary Examines Homeless and Drug Epidemic Thanks to Insane Liberal Policies

Peter Schweizer: ‘Legions More Evidence’ Against ‘Clinton World,’ but Only Trump ‘Gets Investigated’



Justice Department Tells Court Obamacare Unconstitutional, Could Strike Down Entire Law


Victory lap and accolades: Trump has, perhaps, best day ever

Donald Trump
1 of 4
President Donald Trump makes statements in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, March 25, 2019, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

WASHINGTON (AP) — He kept up a fist-pumping victory lap over the end of the Mueller probe. Basked in gushy accolades from a foreign leader. Saw a former nemesis humiliated by the feds.

To most of America, it was just another Monday. For President Donald Trump, it was, perhaps, his best day ever.

Trump started his day firing off exuberant tweets over the end of the special counsel investigation , segued to a back-slapping meeting with the Israeli prime minister and held a celebratory photo-op with the Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals. To top it off, news broke along the way of the arrest of attorney Michael Avenatti , who rose to fame representing a porn actress who alleged she had sex with a married Trump, though Trump denied it.

By any measure it was a good day for Trump. But the president’s hot streak was all the more noticeable given just how many tough days he has had. Since taking office, he’s been dogged by investigations and staff turnover. He has clashed repeatedly with Congress, governed over a deeply divided country and seen huge pushback against his presidency in the midterm elections.

President Donald Trump is accusing those responsible for launching the special counsel investigation of "treason, saying they will "be looked at." He also said it "wouldn't bother" him if the Mueller report was released to the public. (March 25)

On Monday, though, everything was coming up Trump.

As is his habit, the president woke early and turned to feeding his Twitter account just after 6 a.m. There was no venting or heckling on this particular morning. Instead, he was eager to celebrate on the day after his attorney general issued a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation that found Trump’s campaign did not collude with Russia to swing the 2016 presidential campaign in his favor.

After spending nearly two years shadowed by the investigation and uncertain how it would turn out, an elated Trump gleefully tweeted out quotes and headlines from news reports and watched as aides and allies fanned out across cable news to praise the outcome.

Perhaps of particular delight to Trump was a headline that he tweeted from MSNBC, a network he often rails against. His tweet: ”‘Breaking News: Mueller Report Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy.’ @MSNBC”

Trump’s big day was just getting started. After aides roundly excoriated Democrats and journalists — two of Trump’s favorite targets — on morning news shows, the administration turned to welcoming Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House.

World’s elite try to WIPE OUT all knowledge and use of natural cures, while they privately use them for their own longevity

The dark side of Western medicine has been erased from U.S. history books and from Google search results, along with any trace of truth about the success of natural cures and homeopathic medicine. Any doctors or scientists who attempt to “peer review” natural remedies are stripped of their medical license or research funding by the corrupt American Medical Association (AMA) and Big Pharma. In fact, at least half of all clinical “trials” have never been reported, because when natural cures are proven to work, the results are removed or skewed in favor of chemical medicine. The American healthcare system is set up to profit from illness, and those in charge are making sure that never changes.

It all started when oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller decided to control modern medicine by empowering the pharmaceutical industry while crippling the highly successful practices of naturopathy and homeopathy. How did Rockefeller accomplish this? He funded bogus research by a man named Andrew Flexner, who then authored the infamous Flexner Report of 1910. Flexner used the money to visit every U.S. medical school, and with the backing of the AMA, reduced the number of physicians while limiting “authorization” of any new medical school licenses to doctors who supported only chemical medicine.

The Rockefeller family waged war on natural cures and holistic healing, while privately using them for his own health

NUNES: House Intel Will Make Criminal Referrals to AG Barr on FBI, DOJ Officials Who “Perpetrated This Hoax”

NUNES: House Intel Will Make Criminal Referrals to AG Barr on FBI, DOJ Officials Who “Perpetrated This Hoax”


TWO YEARS OF LIBERAL SMACK: Watch Rachel Maddow’s Embarrassing “Russia Collusion” Compilation (VIDEO)

TWO YEARS OF LIBERAL SMACK: Watch Rachel Maddow’s Embarrassing “Russia Collusion” Compilation (VIDEO)

EPIC MELTDOWN: Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Mueller Exonerates Trump

EPIC MELTDOWN: Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Mueller Exonerates Trump

Dershowitz: This Is a ‘Very, Very Bad Day for CNN’ — ‘They Should Be Hanging Their Head in Shame’


Sunday on Fox News Channel following the release of a letter from Attorney General William Barr to Congress about the findings of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz offered his reaction.

Dershowitz criticized Mueller for not making a definitive statement on the obstruction of justice claim. However, he also condemned CNN for its handling of the news coverage of the entire Russian-collusion saga.

Al Sharpton: ‘This Is a Clear Day of Victory for the President’

Special Counsel: No Russia Collusion ‘Despite Multiple Offers’

With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary?

During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

House Democrat Files Bill To Make Mueller Report Public


Retired Army General Warns of ‘Balkanization’ in U.S. Military: ‘Identity Politics Is a Cancer’

Bokhari: On Immigration, Guns, and Speech, Banks Act as a Shadow Government



Ben Carson: Short-Term Opioid Abuse Requires ‘Long-Term’ Brain Recovery

John McCain Associate Provided Dossier to Obama National Security Council


Spooky Google Home now recognizes your specific voice from unique voice patterns, enabling it to track which person is talking to it

Google Home, the company’s virtual assistant, can now tell the difference between you and five other people. The update will allow the cylindrical device to distinguish voices and formulate responses for each specific user. Personalized information such as music preference, commute times, schedules, and shopping data can instantly be accessed after voice-activating the assistant. The current iteration, however, is not fool-proof and exposes users to several security hazards.





Exclusive: Source Claims Fox News Host Secretly Worked to Get Jeanine Pirro Suspended to Curry Favor With Democrats

Exclusive: Source Claims Fox News Host Secretly Worked to Get Jeanine Pirro Suspended to Curry Favor With Democrats



has hired Donna Brazile as a political contributor. ? The woman who helped Hillary by giving her debate questions in advance of a Primary Election?? She was fired from CNN!!



Top Execs Flee Facebook: Chief Product Officer, Whats App CEO Both Quit; Stock Tumbles

Don’t drink the water: The dark side of water fluoridation

There are 7.7 billion people on this planet (as at March 2019). Only about 5 percent of them drink fluoridated water. Why? Because their governments recognize that fluoride in large amounts becomes a toxic chemical that is not fit for human consumption.

The 328,000,000 citizens of the United States drink more fluoridated water than all other countries combined. Why? Because the U.S. government continues to doggedly insist that it is safe and improves dental health.

But what do the facts say? As reported by Waking Times, dozens of peer-reviewed studies published in prestigious journals like The Lancet, have confirmed that fluoride is in fact toxic – especially to the developing brains of children. These chemicals are derived from unprocessed toxic waste which is not purified in any way before being pumped into the water supply. How could it possibly be anything but harmful?

The history of water fluoridation in the United States


Gait tracking

The Pentagon wants smartphones to track how you strut

The Pentagon is testing technology that will let a smartphone identify you by the way you walk, as well as how you hold the device and swipe across the screen.

Gait serious: The idea is to use traits such as a person’s walking motion, or gait, as  biometric… Read more

Gambino crime family boss Frank Cali shot dead outside Staten Island home



Waiting in Vain for the Mueller Report


Bob Woodward’s Fear was a blockbuster. Michelle Obama’s Becoming was the best-selling book of 2018. But as far as prepublication buzz goes, neither of them can match the expectations attached to the Mueller report. No one knows when Special Counsel Robert Mueller will file a concluding document with the attorney general, or when all or part of it will be made public, but that hasn’t prevented a devoted sentinel watch.


NBC: Facial Recognition’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Is Using Millions of Pictures Without Consent


protesters on the streets in Moscow

Thousands of people are protesting Russia’s new internet bill

Protests have taken place in Russian cities, including Moscow, against the government’s plans to enforce tougher internet controls.

What it’s all about: The “digital sovereignty bill” requires Russian telecom companies to be able to reroute all internet… Read more

Its set up and all calibrated and 5G is the  `LynchPin`

 The Last Nail in the Coffin of Humanity……… 5G……..Wake up ! smell the Real Roses`

It’s Time for a Spring Uprising

by Our Spirit

Orange and yellow vest movement

We recommend that folks begin gathering at the D.C. Capitol in orange vests at noon on any Saturday. If you can’t make it on one Saturday, show up on another. If you are local, help us get the party started.

Hunters, please wear orange jackets to remind Congress that we are ready to exercise our Second Amendment rights to protect our freedom and liberty. Others wear the neon vest of your choice. All MAGA hats welcomed!

It’s spring in the swamp and Trump’s citizen calvary is on the way.  Don’t stand by and let the French think we are pussies. They have been protesting up to 17 weeks straight every Saturday at noon…in winter.

Step up and be the leader your community has been waiting for. Get your circle of influence organized and activated.

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


The list of our demands is extensive –  from arresting Hillary Clinton and George Soros to stopping all U. S. funding of the UN, OPIC, USAID, NATO. We want fair elections with paper ballots and a bi-partisan chain of command. We want the DOJ to start prosecuting major swamp creatures – like Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Valerie Jarrett, Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, John and Tony Podesta, the Bushes.

We want the Senior Executive Service shut down and SERCO prohibited from all government contracts.

We want military tribunals to be held for traitors like Robert Mueller. We want the perpetrators of 911 and its subsequent wars (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, and the neocons) to be held for crimes against Americans and humanity.

We want the PATRIOT ACT to be immediately terminated.

We are fed up with the globalists and their puppets, banksters and monarchs, popes and alien invaders. These people have had over 2000 years to run the planet. Their results? A planet full of criminal enterprises, human trafficking, pedophilia, dark money, and satanic cultures.

You’re fired!

Now it’s the people’s turn.

patriots prefer orange.

Two men hunting in the swamp


orange vest defend America


orange vests for Americans


Exclusive: Breitbart Oval Office Trump Interview

POTUS: ‘Seductive’ Socialism Would Send Country ‘Down Tubes’ in Decade

’easy to campaign on but tough to govern on’


President Donald Trump told Breitbart News on Monday that he feels “very strongly” that the United States will never succumb to socialism.

The New York Times, a declining and laughable rag filled with fake news, had the audacity to criticize the president for ‘racism’ because he criticized Elizabeth Warren for pretending to be a ‘native American.’

Warren lied about her racial status to gain attention and admittance to elite schools. She lied so long she may have started to believe it herself. She took a DNA test to prove she was part Indian, but her Indian genes proved vanishingly small.

Her fake news media allies celebrated the results anyway and claimed she turned the tables on Trump. No, all it did was highlight the fact that she was a white woman with high cheek bones. Pretending to be an Indian for most of her life in order to gain advantage and power is as bad as the other Democrats applying black face. 

Warren is the racist and her very belated apology to the Cherokee Nation rings hollow.


Many liberal-run cities on the west coast are becoming centers of squalor.

It’s gotten so bad in some areas that it rivals some of the worst third-world cities. Open drug use takes place on the streets, where discarded drug needles abound. Human feces must be stepped around. Homeless and aggressive panhandlers harass citizens for handouts. Car burglaries have become commonplace.

Millions of dollars are thrown at the homeless problem and it only gets worse. Free money given to them by the tax payers is wasted on drugs. The cities are sanctuaries for hordes of illegal aliens, who are here to get free stuff and scoff at the law. The socialists promise utopia, but instead they turn clean, prosperous cities into hell holes.

The progressives are making progress, though. Plastic straws have now been banned in many urban areas.


U.S. doctor illegally harvested children’s organs for personal “research prospects,” charges lawsuit

A physician from Southern California is the target of a new lawsuit that alleges he’s been illegally harvesting organs and other body parts from deceased children in Texas in order to boost his own personal “research prospects.”

While Dr. Evan Matshes is licensed to practice medicine in San Diego where he technically lives, he doesn’t hold the same credentials in Texas where his company, NAAG Pathology Labs, was recently hired to be a “medical examiner.”

Can cell tower radiation cause cancer and diabetes?

With fifth generation (5G) cellular technology already being rolled out in several cities across the United States and plans afoot to implement it worldwide over the next few years, it is more important than ever to be aware of the effects of cell tower radiation on human health. We now have decades of data to refer to in order to determine whether this type of radiation is as harmless as we have been led to believe.

Let’s make this train go cross country. Encourage people to vote. This will only work if you follow directions.
?Everyone follow me ?@ScrewedHumans (I connect thousands a day.)
?Comment #AWPatriots?
?Search for #AWPatriots and follow for FB.?



CHICAGO (CBS) — What if you could make money, or type something, just by thinking about it? It sounds like science fiction, but it might be close to reality.

In as little as five years, super smart people could be walking down the street; men and women who’ve paid to increase their intelligence.

Northwestern University neuroscientist and business professor Dr. Moran Cerf made that prediction, because he’s working on a smart chip for the brain.

“Make it so that it has an internet connection, and goes to Wikipedia, and when I think this particular thought, it gives me the answer,” he said.

Cerf is collaborating with Silicon Valley big wigs he’d rather not name.

Facebook also has been working on building a brain-computer interface, and SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface called Neuralink.

“Everyone is spending a lot of time right now trying to find ways to get things into the brain without drilling a hole in your skull,” Cerf said. “Can you eat something that will actually get to your brain? Can you eat things in parts that will assemble inside your head?”

It sounds mind-blowing. Relationships might be on the line.

“This is no longer a science problem. This is a social problem,” Cerf said.

Cerf worries about creating intelligence gaps in society; on top of existing gender, racial, and financial inequalities.

“They can make money by just thinking about the right investments, and we cannot; so they’re going to get richer, they’re going to get healthier, they’re going to live longer,” he said.

The average IQ of an intelligent monkey is about 70, the average human IQ is around 100, and a genius IQ is generally considered to begin around 140. People with a smart chip in their brain could have an IQ of around 200, so would they even want to interact with the average person?

“Are they going to say, ‘Look at this cute human, Stephen Hawking. He can do differential equations in his mind, just like a little baby with 160 IQ points. Isn’t it amazing? So cute. Now let’s put it back in a cage and give it bananas,’” Cerf said.

Time will tell. Or will our minds?

Approximately 40,000 people in the United States already have smart chips in their heads, but those brain implants are only approved for medical use for now.


Washington Post Walks Back Smears of Covington Boys After $250M Lawsuit

Christie: Cohen Said During Transition He Would Be WH Chief of Staff — ‘Problem Is That He’s Not a Truth Teller’


Friday on “Fox & Friends,” former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) refuted former President Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony that he did not want to work in the White House.

Christie, chairman of Trump’s transition team, said Cohen told members of the transition team that he was going to be White House chief of staff.

Lindsey Graham: We Will Take a ‘Long Hard Look’ at Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., points as Democrats as he defends Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Thursday that his committee will take a “long hard look” at social media censorship of conservative and alternative voices during a speech at CPAC.

Sen. Graham said that the Senate Judiciary Committee will take a look at social media companies’ censorship of conservative and alternative voices on the Internet.

In a speech ranging from destroying ISIS and confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Graham asked the crowd how they felt about social media companies’ censorship of conservatives. The South Carolina senator said that his committee will investigate the committee.

 Pence: It Is Freedom, Not Socialism That Has Made America Great Vice President Mike Pence made a vigorous defense of free market capitalism at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside of Washington, D.C., on Friday, arguing that freedom has made

The Deep State Shadow Government

The American Republic must Drain this Swamp

Rogue Agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) promote a globalist agenda for a corporate-run “new world order” technocracy. These evil people only pretend to care while they demean “deplorables,” line their pockets & laugh at the U.S. Constitution.

Almost nobody would realize that all these people, in some way or another, are working for a secret rogue C.I.A.

Rev. Feb. 20, 2019 | SES = Senior Executive Service; This poster highlights corruptocrat public figures identified in our investigations, including attorneys who we believe are toxic to our Republic (the yellow hazmat symbol).* For four years, this poster has used a Celtic wheel cross symbol in the background screen. However, district court Judge Amy Berman Jackson has just recently taken exception to this venerable Christian symbol, dating back over 1,000 years. She asserts that the Cross is the cross hairs of a rifle positioned over her right shoulder! It is no such thing and such an assertion is contemptible. Much more serious would have been when Kathy Griffin displayed President Trump’s severed head in effigy. Did you speak up then? To avoid further hypocrisy, grandstanding and perfidy surrounding this matter, our graphics volunteers have already started transitioning the background Celtic Cross to a Red Cross and have added “we’re praying for you” so viewers will not mistake Christian love for a rifle sight. The only aim we take is in prayer and lawful citizen action. This transition will take several weeks, so please be patient. Rest assured that we advocate only peaceful, nonviolent resolutions to the societal problems created by these corruptocrats… and see the rest of the story and its players


George H.W. Bush
67. George H.W. Bush
Executive branch, CIA
George W. Bush
68. George W. Bush
Executive branch
John E. 'Jeb' Bush
69. John E. ‘Jeb


ANN, if you don’t agree with Trump and go off screaming, “Trump is an idiot” on all the talk shows, well, Ann, you’re the one that looks like an idiot. We all want Trump to stay on the MAGA track, but throwing a public hissy fit is not the way to do it!

Coulter has turned out to be an opportunist. She is riding the Trump train to make some cash off selling her book to Trump supporters. How can someone write a whole book saying, “In Trump We Trust” and then turn on a dime, screaming, “Trump caved, he’s an idiot”?

How about this Ann, next time Trump does something you dislike, take a deep breath and wait 48 hours before you embarrass yourself again. You need to stop with the late night phone calls to Bill Maher.

Then you can write another book and this time no one will buy it. No one will give you the attention you desperately seek.



CBS’s Lara Logan Calls Media ‘Mostly Liberal’ in Scorched Earth Interview: I’m Committing ‘Professional Suicide’

In a recent interview, CBS News Foreign Correspondent Lara Logancritiqued the international “liberal” media while holding up outlets like Breitbart and Fox News as the opposite side of the coin.

Logan spoke to retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland about a variety of topics on Friday for his Mike Drop podcast (h/t Breitbart), and the conversation eventually turned towards her agreement with Ritland that “the media everywhere is mostly liberal, not just the U.S.” As Logan lamented that voter registration among journalists shows that the media is out of balance, she came with a metaphor to explain how she believes the press is tinged by the sameness of opinion……and the rest of the story

Donald Trump Announces State of Emergency at the Border

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on border security during a Rose Garden event at the White House February 15, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump is expected to declare a national emergency to free up federal funding to build a wall along the southern border. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency Friday to address the border crisis, allowing him to move outside of Congress to build border barriers.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our border,” Trump announced in the Rose Garden. “And we are going to do it one way or the other. We have to do it.”

Trump previewed the legal fight to declare the emergency, citing previous presidents using the designation.

Martin Armstrong Slams Al Gore’s Deliberate Global Warming Fraud To Increase Governmental Power

“TIME magazine’s Jan 1977, cover featured the story, ‘The Big Freeze’ …scientists were predicting that Earth’s average temperature could drop by 20 degrees fahrenheit. Their cited cause was, of course, that humans created global cooling…”

Glyphosates may also “impact the immune system, promote chronic inflammation, and contribute to the susceptibility of invading pathogens.”

Legal expert claims that Comey’s release of memos is de facto evidence he may have committed criminal espionage

If you are one of a shrinking number of Americans who still don’t believe fired FBI Director James Comey really stepped in it when he handed over classified memos to a friend for the purpose of having them leaked to the media, one legal expert experienced in high-profile cases may just be able to change your mind.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, Los Angeles-based attorney Robert Barnes says based on Comey’s actions there is probable cause for him to be arrested and later indicted on a charge of “criminal espionage” for leaking memos he says he wrote following meetings he had with President Donald J. Trump.

CIA comes clean on geoengineering: plans of spraying confirmed as more than conspiracy

Do you remember the first time you noticed those long puffy clouds emanating from jets that didn’t just evaporate? You saw them spread out, dissipating a cloudy mist that blocked the sunshine. Maybe a friend, or an online source informed you that those were chemtrails, containing aerosol toxins that could be turned on or off at will.

The American population have been test cases for whatever is purposely dropped from above

According to Global Research, since the 1940s, the American population have been guinea pigs for a variety of biological and chemical concoctions courtesy of the U.S. military. These chemtrails are just the latest in a long line of assaults. What’s inside this spray? It varies, and it’s not good for us, nor the hydrological processes of the planet. Independent testing has confirmed a boatload of nano particle toxic chemicals inside chemtrail sprays, including aluminum, barium, yellow fungal mycotoxins, cadmium, polymer fibers, “dessicated blood, mold spores” and much more. We are under a poisonous attack under the guise of protecting the earth from over heating. Official denials have been consistent and those who speak out against these practices have been ridiculed. But, according to The Free Thought Project, there’s been a chemtrail confession by none other than John A. Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).



Study: Trump’s Obamacare Reforms Will Save Americans $450 Billion

on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

A White House study released on Friday found that President Donald Trump’s Obamacare reforms will save Americans roughly $450 billion over the next ten years.

A White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) study released on Friday found that Americans will save $450 billion through Trump’s Obamacare reforms. The CEA suggested that Trump’s repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate and the expansion of short-term insurance plans and Association Health Plans (AHPs) will save Americans billions over the next ten years.

The White House also suggested that the benefits of Trump’s deregulatory actions saved Americans billions, increased access to more health insurance options, and did not amount to a “sabotage” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Backs Trump’s Wall: ‘Border Protection An Obligation of the State’


Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has explained how his government slashed illegal immigration by building a strong border barrier and praised U.S. President Donald Trump in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.


Trump’s Second SOTU One Of TV’s Most Watched Events To Date

President Trump’s State of the Union Address reached 46.8 million viewers.

Trump SOTU Broadcast History Viewership

President Donald J. Trump made broadcast history on Tuesday night when his State of the Union Address pulled over 46 million viewers, something rarely achieved in American television.

President Trump’s second State of the Union Address reached nearly 47 million American viewers after the final numbers were tabulated by respected ratings group Nielsen, showing an increase over last year’s State of the Union Address and a massive uptick in viewers from President Barack Obama’s record low final State of the Union Address, which reached a mere 33 million viewers.

As The Jackass Turns…

Like Sands Through The Hourglass.. So Are The Days Of The Democrats Hating America!

Nancy Pelosi has her hands full with the new generation of Democrat Socialists (communists) in the house.

The radical left doesn’t want to negotiate or compromise, they want Marxism now and no one should stand in their way.


Trump Touts Drudge Report Labelling Him ‘Teflon Donald’ Ahead of State of the Union

President Donald Trump flaunted a screenshot of the Drudge Report labeling him “Teflon Donald” Tuesday afternoon, announcing on Twitter that he was looking forward to giving his State of the Union address.

The Drudge homepage also features a Rasmussen Report on Trump’s 48 percent approval rating, in addition to a Wall Street Journal report the President plans to “call for unity” at his address.

Donald J. Trump

Looking forward to tonight!

Nolte: 50% Of Virginia Democrats Still Back Baby-Killing, Blackface Northam

Attkisson: Intel Operation Against Trump Still Going Strong

“Right under our noses, while still under investigation for allegedly orchestrating leaks and undermining candidate Trump in 2016, some in the intel community are orchestrating leaks and undermining President Trump in 2019. ..”

Democrats transform into DEMONS right before our eyes with new bloodlust laws that legalize the MURDER of “unwanted” human babies

By now it should be obvious that the Democratic Party is engaged in a full-on push to ‘legalize’ what amounts to “infanticide” — the wanton, purposeful murder of full-term babies in the womb as well as some outsideof the womb if they’ve been marked for death by the mother and her physician.

In January the Democrat-run New York legislature shocked the consciences of tens of millions of Americans when it passed, and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed, legislation that that, according to some experts who’ve read the measure, allows doctors to abort an unborn baby right up to term.


The lefty radicals in New York love abortion so much that they’ve decided it’s fine to carry it out even right up until the point of birth.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed last week the Reproductive Healthcare Act, which allows abortions up to 40 weeks to protect the woman’s mental or physical health.




ALERT: Judge Amy Berman Jackson hides massive Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest inside her mutual funds

by Our Spirit

berman amy

berman amy 2.JPG

Read FULL report here and then pass it around your network. Keep the patriot forces informed and up-to-date with cutting information weapons in the Great Information War.

Who is this judge and why does it matter?

Mueller Selected Judge – Amy Berman Jackson – Keeps Manafort in Solitary Confinement Threatens Gag Order on Roger Stone!

Our Spirit | February 3, 2019 at 4:55 pm | Categories: CorruptionU. S. Politics | URL:
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After 35 hours the arm began performing tasks with reasonable accuracy - Columbia University

Columbia Researchers Developed Technology That Can Translate Brain Activity Into Word

The Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

Neuroengineers from Columbia University reportedly developed a way to use artificial intelligence and speech synthesizers to translate one’s thoughts into words.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trump Supporter Booted Off Frontier Airlines Flight for SECOND TIME Over Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

In 2016, Kenny Cool was booted off of a Frontier Airlines flight for saying “Make America Great Again.” On Monday evening it happened once again — on the same airline.

While attempting to travel from Las Vegas back home to St. Louis, Cool was called a “school shooter” over his hat and says another passenger asserted that they want to kill the presiden

He was the only one escorted from the aircraft.

Just like in the incident prior to the election, which I reported on for We Are Change, Cool had boarded the plane in a MAGA hat and said the infamous slogan.

“I boarded saying ‘MAGA, Trump 2020, Roger Stone is an innocent man’ and when I got to my seat a guy said ‘hey, I like your hat’ and I thanked him. Then he said ‘just kidding,’ so I said ‘oh okay, well let’s Make America Great Again.’ He responded by saying, ‘yeah, until we kill him,’” Cool told the Gateway Pundit. “After that was when that lady chimed in calling me a school shooter. Just minutes later I was escorted off the plane without explanation.”

The airline staff claimed that Cool had been “making threats,” which he emphatically denies.

“What do you think you did?” an airline staff member can be heard asking Cool on the video after he was escorted off the plane.

During the first incident, the staff claimed that the “Make America Great Again” slogan made another passenger “feel unsafe.” 

While some may say that he should have learned his lesson the first time — Cool maintains that he did nothing wrong and has every right to actively promote his views. He is correct. If someone was booted from a plane for saying “Black Lives Matter” the liberal media would be preparing to riot.

Following the last incident, a Frontier representative defended the actions of the crew. We have reached out to them for comment about this latest video and received an automatic response stating that the “email address is only for use by working journalists,” and that they will “reply as soon as possible to requests from accredited members of the media.”

We will update this story if they opt to provide a comment.

After the airline claimed no wrongdoing in the 2016 incident, another passenger on the flight reached out and provided this reporter with photos and details about what he had witnessed. He did not know Cool and had no connection to him prior to the flight and the story going viral.

“There was not one passenger that complained, it was all the flight attendant,” the witness said at the time. “She didn’t like it when he said ‘lets make America great again.’ Even the other flight attendants didn’t understand what had happened. They stood behind my seat talking about having to write a report on something they didn’t understand.”

“The flight attendant made a scene over absolutely nothing is what the other passengers were saying,” the witness declared.

If you were on last night’s flight and saw the incident, please contact The Gateway Pundit.

Cool is now seeking legal representation and intends to file a lawsuit against the airline.






Fox News Shock: Promotes Blacklist Including Drudge, Daily Mail, Breitbart, Judicial Watch, More

Heaps Praise on Microsoft/NewsGuard

SUN VALLEY, ID - JULY 13: (L to R) Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp and chairman of Fox News, and Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of 21st Century Fox, walk together as they arrive on the third day of the annual Allen

NewsGuard is blacklisting Breitbart News only for the sin of reporting stories the establishment does not want reported

Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of Health Insurance Headaches


Poll of 600 physicians shows frustration over insurer policies and delays that doctors say could be leaving patients in prolonged pain.

WASHINGTON — Are health insurance policies creating nightmares for physicians and hazards for their patients? A new study finds that nearly nine in ten doctors believe barriers set by insurance plans have led to worsened conditions for patients in need of care.

Researchers with Aimed Alliance, a non-profit that seeks to protect and enhance the rights of health care consumers and providers, say that doctors are so fed up with the constant headaches caused by insurers, two-thirds would recommend against pursuing a career in medicine, and nearly half (48%) are considering a career change altogether.

For the study, the organization polled 600 physicians in the U.S. practicing either family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or obstetrics/gynecology. The group sought to understand the extent to which insurance policies impact primary care physicians, their practices, and their patients on a day-to-day basis. They also wanted to get a better understanding of mental health issues among providers, as well as the causes behind the national provider shortage.

Researchers found that physicians don’t think very highly of health insurance companies, and believe they’re putting patients at risk with policies such as prior authorizations ahead of filling prescriptions. In fact, 87% of doctors say patients’ conditions have grown worse because of such red-tape regulations, and 83% worry the patients will suffer prolonged pain as a result.

Prior authorizations are especially bothersome for doctors. More than nine in ten (91%) of those surveyed think the policy delays necessary care for patients. Similarly, the same number of doctors agree insurers engage in “non-medical switching,” which forces patients to take less costly — but potentially less effective — medicines.

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

Stone Cold Counter Story

Maybe twenty-nine FBI agents in tactical combat gear and a fleet of SUVs with K-Force LED lights flashing wasn’t enough to flush out the arch-villain Roger Stone from his South Florida hide-out. Ever consider that?

He might have charged out of the place like John Wayne in Rio Bravo, brandishing a spatula or a shoe-horn, since he didn’t happen to have a Colt-45 on hand. Maybe they should have sent in a SEAL team and the Boston Patriots offensive line for back-up. Anyway, they got their man! And CNN was there to record it, thanks to their 2018 hire of FBI former special agent Josh Campbell, who had been FBI Director James Comey’s majordomo in a previous career incarnation. Isn’t it a small world? Somehow Josh got wind of the pre-dawn raid.

Roger Stone is not everybody’s cup of antifreeze. I don’t want to go too tweet-mean on the guy, but let’s face it, physically he does look a little like Zippy-the-Pinhead – if, say, Zippy had made it to community college and learned how to manage a four-in-hand necktie. Mr. Stone represents a certain kind of stock character in American politics: The Joker. In the Batman sense of the role: the sociopathic trickster. He made his bones cooking up gags for “Tricky Dick” Nixon, and carved out a long career as a behind-the-scenes political black-opster on the Republican side. American politics, in my lifetime anyway, is just one long game of innuendo – proctology as practiced among the goodfellas in the electoral trade – and ole Roger was famous for finding new and comical ways of putting it to the opposition.

Microsoft now conspiring with pro-Monsanto front group “NewsGuard” to censor all anti-GMO news on mobile devices

Microsoft has just unveiled its plans to partner up with NewsGuard, a “startup” company bent on censoring the world wide web, disguised as an app that helps users weed out “fake news.” Now, instead of being an app that users can choose to download, Microsoft will be incorporating the technology as an integrated feature of their mobile web browser, Edge. If you use your cellphone to surf the web, Edge might not be the best choice — unless you enjoy being spoon-fed leftist propaganda by a neocon corporation that is tied to Monsanto.

As if the blatant censorship of conservatives across social media wasn’t bad enough, Microsoft and NewsGuard are now conspiring to suppress all kinds of information, ranging from conservative news organizations to scientific literature exposing the dangers of GMOs.

Microsoft launches censorship software

Senate Fails to Pass Trump-Backed Border Wall and Schumer Spending Bills

Trump, Schumer Disappointed

The Senate failed to pass the Trump-backed compromise border security bill and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) spending bill that does not include increased border wall funding.

The Senate failed to invoke cloture on President Trump’s proposed compromise legislation, 50-47. The motion requires 60 votes.

Trump’s bill would fund the government and provide $5.7 billion in border wall funding in exchange for a three-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for illegal aliens. The spending bill would also fund the government until September 30.

Have Americans learned nothing? As Venezuelans are throwing off the chains of

socialism tyranny, Americans keep voting more Left-wing authoritarians into power

The collapse of Venezuela would provide invaluable political and economic lessons for Americans if only our media would accurately report what has happened to the country once considered to be the Eden of South America.

For instance, this week the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting that the Trump administration no longer recognizesPresident Nicolas Maduro but rather an opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as interim president. 

It’s also reporting that both Russia and China have ‘warned’ the U.S. not to interfere in Venezuela’s internal politics. The MSM has even reported the fact that there is widespread chaos in the country and that it’s in an economic free-fall. 

But far less mentioned is the reason why Venezuela, with some of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, is destitute, its people dirt poor and fleeing the country by the hundreds of thousands. 

It’s a one-word answer: Socialism.

Maduro inherited a ‘socialist revolution’ from the late President Hugo Chavez, but rather than learn from Chavez’s economic mistakes, Maduro decided to continue with Chavez’s socialist economic policies which have, in turn, completely devastated the country economically and has led to the current political and social crisis.

So, what is socialism, really, and why does it fail as an economic model? According to Merriam-Webster, socialism is “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.” Further, socialism is “a system of society or group living in which there is no private property” and “a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.”

Arizona following California’s medical tyranny; seeks to eliminate parental choice on children’s vaccines with proposed new law

Corrupt California legislator and vaccine industry hack Richard Pan, a Democrat, has apparently inspired a cohort of other Democrats in Arizona to propose new legislation that, just like with Pan’s Senate Bill 277, would eliminate an exemption clause for Arizonans that currently allows them to opt out of “mandatory” vaccinations based on personal objections.

House Bill 2162, as explained by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), would completely eliminate the right of Arizonans to refuse vaccines using the personal belief exemption, leaving only the medical and religious exemption clauses in place – though it’s important to note that the religious exemption isn’t valid at schools, which would leave only the medical exemption clause for Arizona students, just like in California.

The 10 legislators who are co-sponsoring HB 2162 are all Democrats, and include Representatives Alma Hernandez, Isela Blanc, Kelli Butler, Cesar Chavez, Kirsten Engel, Randal Friese, Daniel Hernandez, Jennifer Longdon, Robert Meza, and Athena Salman. Again, not a single Republican legislator in Arizona is in support of HB 2162 at the current time.

“Why are our rights over our own bod[ies] constantly under attack?” asks NVIC on its Instagram page, warning followers to take action to stop this latest assault against freedom of health choice. “This has already been tried before and has been shut down! Let’s do it again, everyone! Now is when we need to unite and fight for our rights.”

As Americans are distracted by fake news about Catholic boys “taunting” Native American elders, politicians are busy stripping more medical freedoms from their constituents

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