Cyberattack by Foreign Entity Halts Deliveries of Los Angeles Times, Other Newspapers

Distribution of the West Coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times was also impacted.

Shutdown Showdown: Trump Threatens to Close Southern Border

US President Donald Trump speaks at The Generation Next event, a White House Forum featuring millennial voters and administration officials on March 22, 2018, in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty …

We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Congress Adjourns Until After Funding Deadline

The Capitol is seen at day's end as the Senate works on a House-passed bill that would pay for President Donald Trump's border wall and avert a partial government shutdown, at the Capitol in Washington, Friday, Dec. 21, 2018.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government was expected to remain partially shut down past Christmas as the standoff deepened Saturday over President Donald Trump’s demand for funds to build a border wall with Mexico.

With Trump’s insistence on $5 billion for the wall and negotiations with Democrats in Congress far from a breakthrough, even a temporary measure to keep the government running while talks continued seemed out of reach until the Senate returned for a full session Thursday.


Find out how the major social media network will likely collapse

Facebook has taken hit after hit in the stock market as the lies that Mark Zuckerberg has told about the company become exposed.


Trump has pulled the trigger and “ordered the start of a reduction of American forces in Afghanistan.”







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Box Office: ‘Spider-Man’ Swings Into #1, ‘The Mule’ Sneaks Into 2nd, ‘Aquaman’ Dominates Oversees with $250M

CBS denies former CEO Les Moonves $120 million severance

Les Moonves

FILE – In this Sept. 19, 2017, file photo, Les Moonves, chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation, poses at the premiere of the new television series “Star Trek: Discovery” in Los Angeles. Moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package after the company’s board of directors determined he was fired “with cause” over sexual misconduct allegations. The board said Monday, Dec. 17, 2018, it reached its decision after finding that Moonves failed to cooperate fully with investigators looking into the allegations. The board also cited what it called Moonves’ “willful and material misfeasance,” violation of company policies and breach of his contract. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

NEW YORK (AP) — CBS announced Monday that former CEO Les Moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package after the board of directors concluded he violated company policy and was uncooperative with an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations.

The decision, which came after a five-month outside investigation, capped the downfall of one of television’s most influential figures, the biggest entertainment powerbroker to see his career derailed amid the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct.

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pelosi_schumer_naked_hate garrison.jpg


Donald Trump: Barack Obama Gave Iran $150 Billion; Why Not $5 Billion for Wall?

Iran: In this photo released by official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani attends an interview with state-run TV on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016. (Iranian Presidency Office via AP) Obama: President Barack Obama speaks about the nuclear deal with Iran, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015, at …

President Donald Trump continued advocating Wednesday for significant funding for his promised wall on the southern border.

“The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?” Trump asked on Twitter.

The president was referring to former President Barack Obama’s controversial $1.7 billion settlement with Iran including a special delivery of $400 million in pallets of cash to the country on the same day that Iran released American prisoners.

Nolte: Trump Tricks Chuck and Nancy into Owning Border Crisis During Oval Office Meeting

President Donald Trump (2R) argues about border security with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) (R) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Vice President Mike Pence sits nearby in the Oval Office on December 11, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The following is the most important exchange during Tuesday’s televised Oval Office meeting between President Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).


WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: A Story of Massive Democrat Voter Fraud

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: A Story of Massive Democrat Voter Fraud

Watch Live: Melania Trump Hosts Military Toys for Tots Drive

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” said it best, and we strive to live this every day. Friends, our expose is on its way. Hold tight, and hold fast

President Trump to Officiate the Coin Toss at Army-Navy Game


COLUMBIA, SC – The DOJ has just unveiled a multi-defendant “sextortion”case in which bad actors were sending child pornography to unwitting military members, and using their responses to blackmail them, using “contraband cellphones”; it is important to note that there are MANY “TracFone/Obamaphone” warrants listed in the recently unveiled DOJ indictments, a decent number of which were for National Security crimes/Providing Aid to Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

NCIS has been on the case for just under the past two years. It is “one of many,” the officials stated.

Over 440 ranking military members were confirmed as being the victims of the sextortion ring.

The announcements come on the heel of thousands of leaked indictments by the DOJ showing a possible RICO case against the “Deep State”. This purge of blackmailed military members and the persons blackmailing them would be the natural first step to “draining the swamp”.

US Marshals stated that “All arrests were made without incident.”

Please note that the crooked FBI was NOT involved in the investigation – repeat FBI DID NOT PLAY A ROLE IN THIS INVESTIGATION OR IN THE PRESS BRIEFING.

The full video of the press briefing can be viewed here.

Globalist Richard B. Allan is Another Facebook Corporate Phony

Earlier this week, we posted this blockbuster report on who Globalist Richard B. Allan:

Queen Lizzie Loyalist Lord Richard B. Allan is no Friend of America

Our researchers have found even more intel that you need to know about this corrupt player in the Globalist camp so that you can educate your audiences of his real purpose in being at Facebook now.

Lord Beecroft Allan

Lord Richard Beecroft Allan has no qualifications to be in technology. He very obviously failed to disclose the threat to Facebook investors and to public confidence of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement – even though he started making representations to the public while the trial was proceeding. This is a material breach of fiduciary duty, not to mention immoral.

Staff. (Nov. 27, 2018). MPs’ fury over Mark Zuckerberg ‘no-show’ – Lord Richard B. Allan, Facebook vice-president of public policy appeared. BBC.

Allan is merely a hired liar for the NWO with no qualifications for the positions he has held. He worked at only one healthcare management job for six years after college, then was propelled into politics, then off to Cisco, CFR, and now Facebook. He lives a truly magical existence.

He is a member of the World Economic Forum, invited just days before he became a Lord.

His New World Order role is very evidently to be a hired liar buffer between everyday people and the so-called elites.

Richard B. Allan. (Compiled Nov. 30, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.

Allan 1Allan 2Allan 3Allan 4Allan 5

More proof Richard Beecroft Allan was groomed for greatness:

His father, John Allan, was a chauffeur.

His mother Elizabeth (born Beaumont) Allan, was a personnel manager

How could the family afford Oundle School on their salaries, especially since the 1950’s the costs started spiraling? Oundle is a school for the British upper classes.

richard allan education

Robert Waller, Byron Criddle. (1999). Constituencies and MPs, Richard Allan, Sheffield Hallam, pp. 609, 610. The Almanac of British Politics, Sixth Edition. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Psychology Press.


While MP for Sheffield-Hallam (and Trustee of the Sheffield City Trust), it appears Richard Allan’s main jobs were to pave the way for SERCO contracts in the area with the high speed railway, leisure centers and prison at Doncaster.


The timeline is significantly updated with the SERCO relationship (prisons, leisure centers, rail system, recruiting), father’s profession (chauffeur).

Check out the Oxford Internet Institute. Sound’s surprisingly like an Oxford Version of Cambridge Analytica.

These bastards appear have tied up “elite” academia decades ago both here and in the UK

For certain, Little Ricky has no qualifications or body of work to place him at the top of this heap.

But, that is their modus operandi. When no longer useful, promote them.

No wonder our academics are so maddeningly arrogant. Their research has been funded with filthy lucre. Their opinions are ALL tainted by a false premise.

He took just enough computer science in Bristol to learn the lingo.



Exclusive â?? GOP Senate Document Lists 20 Violent Crimes Eligible for Early Release Under Criminal Justice Reform Bill


GOP Senate Document Lists 20 Violent Crimes Eligible for Early Release Under Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Trump to Hold Off on Tariff Hikes Against China, Negotiations Continue

Relentless Totalitarianism Toward What Ends? Depopulation & Global Rule


The New York Times’ Liz Alderman reported on 11/21/18 that 4,000+ Swedes have accepted microchips to eliminate the use of cash (erroneously believing the desire to do so is theirs). The article is entitled “Sweden’s Push to Get Rid of Cash Has Some Saying, ‘Not So Fast’.” Later on, the article mentions Christine Lagarde, the woman who heads the IMF (International Monetary Fund) as stating that digital currency needs to be investigated further. If she is involved in it, and the IMF? You had better run for cover. Half of Sweden’s banks no longer accept cash deposits, and the article leads off with a photo of a couple of “soy boys” (Ragnar Lodbruk must be turning over in his grave) in a cafe that accepts no cash


An article by Strange Sounds from 11/20/18 is entitled “Is the government concealing California’s wildfire death toll?” The depth to this one comes not only in the form of potentially-concealed numbers, but in this excerpt, with the “kicker” parts emboldened:


According to our sources, an anonymous White House official and a pair of California firefighters, the Trump administration and CAL Fire are acting in collusion, underreporting a catastrophic death toll because “they don’t want people to freak out and panic,” said our White House source. He said CAL Fire has found the charred remains of 480 people, and that number increases hourly.

“It was FEMA Director Brock Long’s idea. He told [President] Trump that Americans can’t handle another mass casualty event after the recent string of mass shootings. His idea is to slowly release the number of fatalities, one here and one there, to soften the impact. Eventually, maybe in a year or two, they’ll admit all the missing people died in the fire. By that time, though, everyone’s mind will be occupied with other events, and no one will remember what happened in California in November 2018,” our source said.


Lights! Camera! Action! Take 22!

Poor starving migrant mom stars in Fake News latest propaganda photo along with her diaper clad seven year old kids.

On Sunday, between five hundred and a thousand caravan migrants carrying their country’s flag bull rushed the border. They screamed profanities and hurled rocks and bottles at the brave Border Patrol men and women protecting our nation.

The Border Patrol was correct to use non-lethal tear gas to break up the horde of invaders. They are defending our nation’s border from an invading force, complete with weapons, (however crude) and flying a foreign nation’s flag.

Right on cue, the moral outrage of the Fake News media elite and the Democrats reached a fever pitch with hand wringing and tears, with cries proclaiming “this is not America” and “Trump gasses women and children”.

The starving migrant mom and her two kids were the photo op of the weekend, shared by outraged Fake News Media elite and Hollywood nags.

We really don’t know if the photo was a “set up” for sure, but things look fishy. It gets even stinkier when the starving mom happily posed for a photo holding the very canister of tear gas she and her children were made so “terrified” of that they cried.

Maybe she should keep the canister as a souvenir of what happens when you try to break through another country’s border.

Sowing the seeds of suicide: Monsanto’s ownership of our food supply is destroying farming

There’s a reason Monsanto is one of the most hated companies in the world, and it goes far beyond the damage its products have done to the environment and human health. Indeed, Monsanto’s control over our food supply is destroying farming itself, and the repercussions for all of us could be devastating


Fashion Notes: Melania Trump is Ready for Thanksgiving in Daring Dior Coat

The American Pravda media has lost whatever remaining credibility it had left in the era of President Donald J. Trump, having long ago abandoned any semblance of journalist integrity in their daily effort to besmirch and smear his supporters.

The latest self-inflicted casualty of credibility is a returning champion — The New York Times, which was forced to issue a massive correction after publishing a false statement in an article about fake news.

No, those aren’t typos. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

As noted by The Daily Sheeplethe Times published a story about Facebook’s head of news partnerships, former NBC News and CNN infobabe Campbell Brown in which Times correspondent Nellie Bowles wrote originally that news about the Palestinian Authority paying rewards to the families of jihadists who are killed while battling Israel was “an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy theories that have plagued Facebook.”

The article is quintessential New York Times in the Trump Age: Dripping with condescension towards Campbell (who has dared to lean Right since leaving the Left-wing media plantation) whilst casting aspersions at Facebook for allowing Cambridge Analytica, a political analytics firm, to do the same thing for the Trump campaign as the social media giant did for Barack Obama’s reelection bid (only Obama’s people got double what Trump’s did, and Facebook knew about it). 

So, about that “right-wing conspiracy theory” regarding Palestinian Authority payments to ‘martyrs’ of the perpetual war against Israel? 

Yeah, that’s true. Most everyone who covers foreign policy and especially Middle East foreign policy has long known that. And it wasn’t as though Bowles didn’t have access to a Times reporter whose beat is the Middle East in order to find out if the “conspiracy theory” was true. (RelatedHate, abuse and fake news: Zuckerberg admits Facebook is broken and contributes to an “anxious and divided” world, says he plans to fix it in 2018.)

The false accusation was eventually corrected and the story was rewritten and reposted with this correction: 

An earlier version of this article erroneously included a reference to Palestinian actions as an example of the sort of far-right conspiracy stories that have plagued Facebook. In fact, Palestinian officials have acknowledged providing payments to the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks on Israelis or convicted of terrorist acts and imprisoned in Israel; that is not a conspiracy theory.

No, it’s not. But in the Times’ rush to smear conservatives and especially conservatives who support our president, facts — and fact-checking — take a backseat to Alt-Left political advocacy.

The ignorance did not go unnoticed. 

“Amazing. Basically all NYT stories on Israel and Judaism are incomplete until the correction is posted,” tweeted Seth Mandel, the Op-Ed editor for the rival New York Post. 

US shuts down busiest border crossing between Mexico, California

TT border fence


swearing in ceremony


Donald and Melania Trump Welcome White House Christmas Tree

first up Eric “Nuke ’em Swalwell not only wants to ban your guns- he wants to nuke his fellow countrymen if they “resist



Exclusive–Expert: Florida Democrats’ Alleged Election Fraud ‘Potentially Grounds for RICO’ Investigation


Donald Trump: Now Is ‘a Very Good Time to Do a Shutdown’ for Border Wall

Pinkerton: Of Course the California Wildfire Problem Can Be Solved—And Republicans Can Solve It




Stop The Steal In Florida



after the midterms garrison


Big Lines for Trump Macon, GA Appearance Four Hours Prior to Rally


U.S. Military Troops Reinforce International Bridge Ahead of Migrant Caravan

Army at Bridge

Breitbart Border / Cartel Chronicles


HIDALGO, Texas – U.S. military forces placed barriers and concertina wire and carried out drills on the international bridge that divides this border city from Reynosa, Mexico. The efforts appear to be preparations for thousands of Central American caravan migrants who are expected to arrive at one of the various ports of entry.

This week, military troops arrived in the Rio Grande Valley as part of the expected deployment of more than 5,000 soldiers throughout the U.S.-Mexico border in response to the migrant caravan. While official information was not readily available, dozens of soldiers in military fatigues could be seen reinforcing parts of the Hidalgo-Reynosa port of entry — one of several international bridges in the area.

Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Her Story

it was a ‘ploy’ and ‘tactic’


Brett Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Her Story


Construction not obstruction



ben and jerry


American citizens are sick and tired of this globalist operation pouring poisons in our sky, on our land, crops, and families. We aren’t bugs to be sprayed on by SES-SERCO and the Evil Empire of psychopathic globalists.

We demand to know who are flying these unidentifiable planes and what their purpose is.

We demand an immediate no-fly zone for chemtrail operations – whether they are domestic or foreign enemies.

We demand that the U.S. military start shooting them down as the enemy. We are at war with the globalists.

cat angelCalling on all AIM cats to use your skills and talents to educate and enlighten your circle of influence to eradicate chemtrail operations in your country.



Chemtrail planes


The first 100 active-duty troops have arrived at the U.S.-Mexican border to provide support for Border Patrol agents as a caravan of migrants slowly makes its way northward from Central America, a Defense Department official told Fox News on Thursday evening.

U.S. Army soldiers, assigned to 309th Military Intelligence Battalion and 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, working together to hammer a stake into the ground while setting up tents on Fort Huachuca, Arizona, on Thursday.


Winning… Big League!

U.S. Economy Created 250,000 Jobs in October…

…Wages Rise More Than 3% for First Time Since Recession

Donald Trump

The American labor market is stronger than it has been for generations.



#QAnonâ??s Extended Silence is Well-Founded â?? #QDay is Coming â?? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


Aiding and abetting the ‘Democratic Socialists’ are the traitorous social media. They’ve aligned themselves with the totalitarian Chinese and against the American people. They do not believe in the First Amendment and are now blatantly deleting or shadow banning patriotic conservative Americans. They too want socialism and globalist authoritarianism.



Third Migrant Caravan Forms in Central America Heading for U.S. Border



Pat Caddell: Trump ‘Is a More Effective Midterm Campaigner than Any President I Can Remember’

Mother of Julian Assange: President Trump Could Send a Clear Message to the Swamp By Preemptively Pardoning My Son

Mother of Julian Assange: President Trump Could Send a Clear Message to the Swamp By Preemptively Pardoning My Son

President Barack Obama and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wave to delegates after President Obama's speech during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The Democratic Party’s university-trained progressive activists are dragging the Party away from the Democratic voters’ bread-and-butter priorities, says Politico magazine.

Author David Freedlander writes:

Increasingly, the Democratic Party features what social scientists call an hourglassstructure, with a smattering of elites at the top and a vast working class on the bottom. It is those on the top who drive policy, and their interests don’t always coincide with the party’s longtime base. Lee Drutman, senior fellow on political reform at New America, puts it more bluntly: “Democrats have an upstairs/downstairs coalition with an affluent class that does quite well. And they are in a coalition with a poorer set of voters who don’t seem to get ahead.”

This split could endanger the party, according to the article:

Virgil: Washington, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Reagan, and Trump — All American Nationalists

get UN out of US.JPG


When I uploaded my first video onto YouTube one year ago, I entitled it “Mom, Dad, I’m a Conservative.”

It was a two-minute satirical stab at the social exiling that many Americans face when they announce their conservatism to friends and family.

Soon thereafter I would discover that for black Americans, the punishment that awaits is far worse than any social exile: it is a full-court social lynching.

Search the name of any prominent black conservative and peruse the words written by liberal journalists:

Dr. Ben Carson is a “porch monkey”

Larry Elder is but an “Uncle Tom”

Kanye West is “in the sunken place”

Clarence Thomas is “a womanizer”

I have been branded a self-hating black, Nazi-sympathizer and rather astonishingly — a white supremacist.

The underlying sentiments are clear; black people are meant to think and act within the confines of what white liberals deem acceptable.

But while in the past the threat of slander has worked to lag the spreading of black conservatism, over this last year, I have observed something of the opposite effect.

In fact, what many have misdiagnosed as political tension between two ideologically disparate groups is actually something far greater, far more deep-rooted, and much more likely to alter the trajectory of this country as we know it.

Across America, black people are beginning to question political orthodoxy. We have been quietly building an ecosystem of free thinkers and at long last, the intellectual dam is breaking.

This unique moment will come to be known as BLEXIT: the black exit from the Democrat party.



Section of Trump’s border wall unveiled in California as caravan advances north through Mexico

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks during a visit to U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall in the El Centro Sector in Calexico, California, U.S. October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Earnie Grafton TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY© REUTERS/Earnie Grafton U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks during a visit to U.S. President Donald Trump’s border wall in the El Centro Sector in Calexico, California, U.S. October 26, 2018. REUTERS/Earnie Grafton TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYHomeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said “everything is on the table” with regard to border security during the unveiling of a border wall project in California on Friday.Nielsen’s remarks came as the Trump administration considers ways to slow immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and as a caravan of migrants — mostly made up of thousands fleeing violence and poverty in Central America — are making their way north through Mexico.

The caravan covered more than 60 miles Friday and was roughly 990 miles from McCallen, Texas, and over 2,300 miles from San Diego.



GOP Lawmakers Want to Haul in Federal Prosecutor Tapped By Sessions to Appear Before Congress

 Special Prosecutor John Huber

Related image

Last Fall, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Special Prosecutor John Huber to investigate whether the FBI abused its power when it obtained a FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

One year later and Huber has not interviewed any key witnesses.

GOP lawmakers such as Rep. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan said they have not received any updates on Huber’s investigation.

Furthermore, according to Congressman Meadows, there is no evidence John Huber has done anything other than be appointed by Jeff Sessions.

raising false flag garrison



Trump elected by people


IT WAS A TOTAL HOAX! Clocks Taped to ‘Pipe Bombs’ Do Not Have Alarm Function! Were Just for Show!

Several bombs were sent out to Democrat leaders Wednesday – none of which detonated.


This is the pipe bomb sent to CNN

Deep state rolls out staged “bomb” attack on CNN headquarters, just as Mike Adams and Alex Jones publicly predicted on multiple video broadcasts

Image: Deep state rolls out staged “bomb” attack on CNN headquarters, just as Mike Adams and Alex Jones publicly predicted on multiple video broadcasts

Exactly as publicly predicted by myself and Alex Jones, the anti-American globalists are now running pipe bombs false flags against CNN. This is not merely similarto what we publicly predicted would take place before the mid-term elections; it is exactly what we publicly predicted would take place. We even named CNN as the most likely target to be selected by the globalist operatives running the operation.

“CNN’s New York Headquarters Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found,” reports Similar “pipe bombs” were also reportedly mailed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. “The CNN bureau at Columbus Circle in new York City was evacuated Wednesday morning after mailroom workers found a suspicious device,” reports The Gateway Pundit. “The bomb scare comes on the heels of suspected IEDs mailed to the home  former President Obama in Washington, D.C. and the New York state homes of former President Clinton Clinton and major Democratic Party donor George Soros this morning.”

A coordinated false flag bombing to be blamed on Trump supporters in order to alter the outcome of the mid-term elections

This is precisely what I have publicly predicted would take place right before the mid-term elections: A coordinated false flag bombing of the left-wing media and left-wing political leaders. It’s blatantly obvious that the globalist democrats are sending these packages to themselves, knowing the media will blame Trump supporters, Alex Jones, conservatives and gun owners.

What you are witnessing is the very definition of a media-run false flag event, where the media itself gets targeted so that the same media can hysterically report that it’s under attack because President Trump is whipping up “hate” against the media.


Trump train 3

Migrant Caravan Not Walking – They’re Being Transported to US Border on the Back of Flat Bed Trucks (VIDEO)

Migrant Caravan Not Walking – They’re Being Transported to US Border on the Back of Flat Bed Trucks (VIDEO)


Donald Trump Challenges Media to Bring Cameras and Investigate Caravan

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: ‘No Longer Just Republicans Versus Democrats; It’s America Versus Socialism’


As the Democrats drift further and further leftward into openly embracing socialism, House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says the political battle that lay ahead in the Nov. 6 midterm elections just two weeks from now is no longer a traditional partisan battle but one where the country must reject extreme ideas from the left.

’The Creepy Line’ Documentary Explores How Google and Facebook Can Undermine Democracy


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