Author: TCC (adapted from Mr. Miles Guo’s Latest Revelation on April 21, 2021) | PR: BBT

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After over 3 million deaths and 1 billion doses of vaccine were delivered globally, it is shocking news to find out that the CCP has an antidote.

The whistleblower, who directly provided this information to Miles, provided the background and reasoning behind how the antidote exists. Mr. Guo first asked his closest, most trustworthy agent to speak with the team of U.S. scientists in charge and to see if this information was reliable. The scientists confirmed the reliability of this information.

Mr. Miles Guo finally revealed this big news after 2 days of cross-validation and verification by his trusted intelligence sources: Dr. Yan, fellow warriors of the Whistleblower Movement from within the PRC, and the scientist who fled from the People’s Republic of China to Europe. Mr. Miles Guo risked his reputation and life to endorse this information.

The information provided was logical and reasonable. As Mr. Miles Guo said:

1. The CCP virus is actually the CCP’s bioweapon, not a natural virus. So, because it is not a natural virus, what we need to find is an antidote, not a vaccine. How could the pharmaceutical companies design an effective vaccine without understanding or knowing the origin of the bioweapon? All current vaccines are merely experimental; they will not be effective against the bioweapon.

2. In the history of medical science, doctors and researchers have never been able to create a vaccine within only 60 days. Within such a short amount of time, it would be impossible to design an effective and safe vaccine and complete testing for human consumption. So, the pharmaceutical companies have lied; these experimental vaccines only serve to kill people and provide false hope. Big pharma and the government are criminals and murderers for promoting these ineffective and lethal vaccines and for forcing people to receive them. By telling others to get the vaccine, you are effectively telling them to die.

3. The truth is that when millions of people were dying from the virus in Wuhan, some of CCP’s high-ranking officials were not even wearing masks. Also, if you look in the CCP’s Central Police Bureau and the 81 Building, all of the high-ranking officials are not wearing any masks. These are evidence to support that they did not need to wear masks because they already have the antidote for their weapon.

Mr. Miles Guo’s Advice to the West:

First, you have to re-define this virus as man-made, not natural. Because if it is man-made, then we need to know who made it. As we know, everyone suspects that it is from the CCP.

If the CCP tells you that they do not have an antidote, then ask them to get all of the scientists involved in the “13579 Project”* to come to the US or Europe to be interviewed. Let them tell us how we can find the antidote. Since the West is too scared to ask about the origin of the virus, at least have the courage to ask them for the antidote. Perhaps in exchange for providing the antidote, the CCP can be relieved of its culpability.

As of today, over one billion doses of vaccine have been delivered around the world. Due to the increasing number of virus variants, the experimental vaccine program has not shown any improvement to the infection rates. When it has shown is that it brings more harm than good, in the form of side effects and deaths.

Just like Mr. Miles Guo said, “When the CCP created this bioweapon, it also created an antidote.” So, the CCP now controls the fate of humanity. If we want to survive, we must demand that the CCP turn over its antidote.

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*The 13579 Project: “1” = Create 1 biochemical weapon; “3” = Make the weapon available within 3 years from 2017; “5” = Ensure the effectiveness of this weapon to last for 5 years after being unleashed; “7” = Paralyze 7 countries (including “Five Eyes”, Japan, and India); “9” = Release vaccines within 9 months to blackmail the whole world.

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