Feds foil armed resistance plot to Jade Helm 15

American Oligarchy: 400 Families Represent 50% Of Money Raised by 2016 Presidential Candidates So Far

The American system of government is nothing like what we are told in school and via the oligarch-owned mainstream media. The country has become so captured and corrupted by sociopathic oligarchs, that a neo-feudal modern serfdom is emerging where the opportunities to enjoy rising standards of living for the vast majority of people was rapidly becoming a pipe dream. The Dark Ages almost look democratic by comparison.

Puerto Rico’s ‘death spiral’ has officially begun

puerto rico beach san juan

Puerto Rico’s Public Finance Corp. has officially failed to make a payment due August 1.

The president of the island’s development bank, Melba Acosta, has said it paid $628,000 of the $58 million due.

And according to CNBC, credit rating agency Moody’s considers that a default.

This means a bunch of painful events are about to be set in motion.

Investors in the PFC will now prepare to negotiate a restructuring plan — they will likely push for the government to take on austerity measures like cutting costs and raising taxes.

The discussions will be watched closely by investors holding some of the rest of Puerto Rico’s $72 billion worth of debt, who may end up in the same process as well.


Trump builds his political machine



Never Say Never!… Eyeing 2016 Run… Sizes Up Shot At A Flagging Hillary…Dowd: Son Beau Urged Him To Run Before He Died… Family Raring To Go…




MARTIN ARMSTRONG, once a US based trillion dollar financial advisor, developed a computer model based on the number pi and other cyclical theories to predict economic turning points with eerie accuracy. In the early 80s he established his financial forecasting and advising company Princeton Economics. His forecasts were in great demand worldwide. As Armstrong’s recognition grew, prominent New York bankers invited him to join “the club” to aid them in market manipulation. Martin repeatedly refused. Later that same year (1999) the FBI stormed his offices confiscating his computer model and accusing him of a 3 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Was it an attempt to silence him and to prevent him from initiating a public discourse on the real Ponzi Scheme of debts that the world has been building up for decades? Armstrong predicts that a sovereign debt crisis will start to unfold on a global level after October 1, 2015 – a major pi turning point that his computer model forecasted many years ago.


Ron Paul: “All Wars Are Paid For Through Debasing The Currency”

“…seen from the proper angle, the dollar is revealed to be a paper thin instrument of warfare, a ripple effect on the people, a twisted illusion, a weaponized money now engaged in a covert economic warfare that threatens their very livelihood.”




Pete Muller/AP

Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.”

Why Do So Many Working Age Americans Choose Not To Enter The Workforce?

You could call it the “Mystery of the Missing Worker” – why do so many people of working age chose not to enter the workforce? Here are the numbers, as of the most recent Employment Situation report: 250 million: the total number of people of working age in the United States; 149 million: the total number of people in that population that have a job; 8 million: the number of people who want a job but do not have one; leaving 93 million: the number of people who don’t work, and don’t want work. To put some context around that last number, it is 30% of the entire U.S. population. Why?



Hackers Claim John McCain Knew ISIS Execution Videos Were Staged

In a rather stunning note, CyberBerkut, a Ukrainian group of hackers, claims to have hacked John McCain’s laptop while he was in the Ukraine, and as Techworm reports, what they have released from his June visit appears to be a fully staged production of an ISIS execution video


Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Warn Of Killer Robots

“Autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”


By Chris  @CapitalistExploits………..Yesterday I was speaking with a business partner who’s in Hong Kong for some meetings. He mentioned that many Chinese see the collapse in the stock market as an American conspiracy ahead of the IMF currency decision.It’s curious how humans can be so blind to the obvious. I understand that losing money is an uncomfortable thing. Your friends may stop talking to you, your wife will almost certainly sleep with your friends and you may commit suicide. All those things may happen, but blaming it all on foreigners?Could it have something to do with handing out leverage like candy to kids, and encouraging complete novices to buy stocks trading at 50x reported earnings (though, whether or not Chinese earnings are real is probably more easily told by reading the inside of a fortune cookie than from reported financials)?It’s curious that any talk about foreign capital shorting Chinese stocks and leading to the collapse manages to make it past the common sense barrier. Foreigners own less than 2% of the market and can’t even directly short stocks.The Chinese authorities, having been provided a blueprint for such situations by their Western counterparts, have now gathered up all the cutlery and crockery in Beijing, and together with the kitchen sink are throwing it at the problem. It’s quite the show.

It’ll bounce for sure. Markets always do, but then they normally slide further.

I’m of the opinion that the lows are not in. Why? For the same reason cow’s eyeballs are cheaper than fillet. Because we’re still looking at the eyeballs, but they’re priced as if they’re fillet.

Then this morning I received the following message from a friend (names redacted):

I was at IAH (Houston) this morning, waiting for xxxx to show up so we could jump down to Belize to surprise xxxx and grab a quick dive, sitting at E2 minding my business, when the attack started.

A UAL staffer frantically runs down the concourse and up to the E2 counter, where the gate agent has just logged in, saying breathlessly, “It’s gonna be a long day – we just got HACKED!!!” You could tell by their body language that they were close…

She then ran off to tell the bad news elsewhere.

Since I was 12 feet from her, and no one else was there yet, I chatted her up, and she said “It’s so weird – 90 seconds ago everything was fine – now jets are just all over the place.”

None of this was reported – but it was spooky. There were military choppers suddenly in the air at the perimeter of the airspace, and Concourse E was in disarray for hours, but especially when the first planes landed.

It was like something/someone had control of UAL – for example, folks coming in from Cancun ended up coming in where the flight from Dallas was supposed to get off – and both the passengers and the UAL ground crew were very confused as to why an international flight ended up in C while a local ended up at E.

Flights were having near misses coming in because “All UAL computers were ‘wonky.'” (a quote from a pilot to me after he detoured one of those flights) UAL staff were visibly spooked.

When I read that the NYSE had “technical problems” a few minutes later, it seemed pretty obvious what was going on – I was remarking to a buddy on the phone that xxxx and I were standing in the middle of a cyber war.

It was very surreal to see CNN playing the “official party line” about UAL/NYSE/WSJ all having technical difficulties today in this “Black Swan” (as we moved gates for the third time, a few hours after we were supposed to have landed) and even the obese idiots were hissing at the TV screens and saying, “How stupid do you think we are?”

Fascinating to observe. Someone must be having so much fun with this grand game. I just wish I was more than an itty bitty pawn.
Like pieces of a puzzle I then read an article on Zero Hedge showing a cyber war in action. This photo taken the morning of the NYSE attack.







Curious that St. Louis is being targeted

A computer glitch?

Is this how the next major conflict starts?

An emotionally charged, levered and overvalued market does what all emotionally charged, levered, overvalued markets do – It falls!
Someone must be blamed…
Someone is blamed…
Someone is attacked…
The attackee decides to retaliate and suddenly we’re in a punch up!

When one then considers that the “crazy woman”, aka Hillary may just be the next POTUS, and realizing that her understanding of the world outside of her field of already myopic vision amounts to “us” and “them”, then all of this becomes a realistic outcome.

I’ve seen the woman, and there is a disturbingly George Bush-like squint in those dull eyes. No plan. No plan, but opinions coming out of every pore. Dangerous ones!

I need a stiff drink.

Conspiracy Fact: How The Government Conducted 239 Secret Bioweapon Experiments On The American People

Take a step back and imagine if you were alive in 1950. Five years after the Allies’ glorious victory in World War II, and someone told you the U.S. government was conducting bioweapon experiments on the American public in secret. Not only would you not believe it, you’d think this person was a complete and total lunatic. Now try to imagine what they are undoubtably doing right now.

David Zalubowski/AP

it’s all politics

Pot Politics: The Marijuana Business Comes To Washington

“We’re going to be making sure that [members of Congress] know their constituents care about this stuff,” said one industry representative.

The Obama administration defined the Chinese cyberattack on the Office of Personnel Management as two separate breaches—a move that allowed them to hide the fact that top-secret security-clearance documents had been compromised, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Those security-clearance documents “contain information that foreign intelligence agencies could use to target espionage operations,” the Journal reports. The administration originally disclosed on June 4 that personnel records had been compromised, and that the FBI suspects China was behind the hack. U.S. officials say as many as 18 million Social Security numbers might have also been compromised, which is several times the size of previous estimates.

Dangerous, Phony ‘Gun-Control’-Logic Strikes Again

Look, it’s unfortunate to have to live in a world where there’s crazy people who want to do bad things. But it would be even more unfortunate to live in a world where we are regulated against being able to defend ourselves against those people… and the institution with the monopoly over ‘protecting’ us has a long-term track record of violence, intimidation, and abuse.


The Companies Where Millennials Want to Work the Most

Google dominates in popularity whether among business or engineering students, men or women
Job Advice for College Graduates, Millennials

College graduates, millennials









With or Without the Patriot Act, Here’s How the NSA Can Still Spy on Americans

Greece: What happens when a country defaults on IMF

© AFP/File / by Jeremy Tordjman | A man holds a sign with a Greek flag during a demonstartion against EU austerity policies and in support of the Greek government in Thessaloniki, Greece, on June 17, 2015



ISIS to continue looking for ways to expand in Afghanistan: Pentagon

Full ArticleKhaama Press

17 Jun 2015

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist grouop is likely to continue looking for ways to expand their activities in Afghanistan. According to a new report by Pentagon, evidence of limited recruiting efforts by the ISIS have been seen by the US fores in Afghanistan. The report released on Tuesday further added that the US forces have

A convoy from the Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team visits a district center in the Spera District of Khowst Province, Afghanistan, May 17, 2007.

Bilderberg 2015 – Where Criminals Mingle With Politicians

This is what happens when you let money run riot and you allow industries to police themselves. This is what happens when the rich and powerful are endlessly granted special privileges, celebrated and permitted or even encouraged to place themselves above the law. And this is what happens when ordinary people feel bored by and excluded from politics, largely because their voices matter so little…”



7 Reasons Why Police are More Dangerous to Americans than ISIS




HILLARY DEBUTS Periscope account from Roosevelt Island with live broadcast hosted by campaign Outreach Coordinator and Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan.

  • The Most Imminent And Paramount Question For Americans Today!

    Is it that we don’t care? Is it that we don’t see it? Is it that we are masochists? What is it about us that makes us so apathetic to the atrocities against our Constitutional rights? They are there for our protection and so, to we the people, they are assets that require maintenance but we are leaving them to be destroyed by the political elements. Even amongst well versed, well educated and very interested Americans there seems to be very little concern, judging by reaction, to the fact that our Constitutional rights are quite blatantly at this point, being taken away from us. Why is that not creating more of an agitated response??




    The Patriot Act is Not Patrotic…..It is Subversive and needs to go AWAY

    States Confront Massive Budget Gaps

    Posted: Updated:


    We’ve Forgotten the Lessons of History
    The real problem is that we need to learn a little history:
    • We’ve known for thousands of years that – when criminals are not punished – crime spreads
    • We’ve known for centuries that powerful people – unless held to account – will get together and steal from everyone else
    Beyond Partisan Politics
    Liberals and conservatives tend to blame our country’s problems on different factors … but they are all connected.
    The real problem is the malignant, symbiotic relationship between big corporations and big government.

    William Binney is the high-level NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information. A 32-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, Binney was the senior technical director within the agency and supervised thousands of NSA employees.

    Binney sent Washington’s Blog an article from Monday showing that a member of the cyber collective Anonymous tipped off Texas police to the imminent shootings by Muslim extremists.

    Binney comments:


    This is the objective of intelligence agencies that I worked in – predict intentions and capabilities in advance. I agree with my VIPS [i.e. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity] associates, hire Anonymous and fire the bums we got including the intelligence committees and the FISC [U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court].


    After all, when was the last time our “intelligence community” predicted anything like this in advance

    Binney and other top NSA whistleblowers have previously explained that the intelligence agencies should have stopped 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Paris shootings and other terrorist attacks.  Butcorruption prevented them from  stopping the attacks.

    Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity – a group composed of former high-level military and intelligence officials – recently called for independent intelligence analysis to keep our country safe.

    One Man’s Message To Americans – “Start Giving A Damn!”

    “The reality is that those who seem to get worked up to the point that they are willing to act in defense of the Constitution even against the highest levels of government make up a very small minority of Americans. This is a real problem…because today’s American is simply a shell of a citizen  of which none of the criminal atrocities creates even a stir from us. Sure we all read about these atrocities and we are angered in the moment but it passes rather quickly and we fall back into our self-induced ignorant bliss.”


    Freddie Gray’s death ruled a homicide, police officers charged



    California’s drought isn’t doomsday, but yes, it will change the state

    The future of California will be shaped by its changing access to water.




    ‘This is not the justice we seek’: sorrow in Baltimore as grief turns into riots

    Full ArticleThe Guardian

    28 Apr 2015

    Amid fires and looting, some say protesters are hurting their own community but others believe unrest after custody death of Freddie Gray is just the beginning

    A man walks past a burning police vehicle, Monday, April 27, 2015, during unrest following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

    NASA’s Bold New NExSS Initiative Will Search For Signs Of Life On Other Planets



    2014 Was Hottest Year On Record…

    25 best business schools in the world to make connections and get a job



    American Justice? FBI Lab Overstated 95% Of Forensic Hair Matches (Including 32 Death Sentences)

    The American justice system is broken. Completely and totally broken“The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.”



    Democrats’ civil war over free trade

    The open in-fighting ramped up after a breakthrough on the historic bill was announced.



    Photo Illustration by Dair Massey/The Daily Beast



















































    Posted, 2015-03-03

    File -  An Iraqi army soldier from Charlie Company 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Infantry Division searches an Iraqi civilian at a traffic checkpoint setup by the Iraqi army just outside the city of Bayji, Iraq. 13 January 2006.

    We air the second part of our two-day interview with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author. Chomsky is institute professor emeritus atMassachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught for more



    Obama says Netanyahu’s Iran speech contains ‘nothing new’

    04 Mar 2015

    US President Barack Obama has reacted scathingly to a speech by the Israeli prime minister that castigated his policy towards Iran. In a speech to the US Congress,Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a deal under discussion on Iran’s nuclear programme could “pave Iran’s path to the bomb” rather than block it. But MrObama said Mr



    Netanyahu is taking a huge risk

    Deadly LAPD shooting of homeless man is caught on video

    Full ArticleThe Los Angeles Times

    02 Mar 2015

    By Gale Holland and Jack Dolan contact the reporters Crime Shootings Los Angeles Police Department Video on Facebook shows LAPD officers fatally shooting homeless man on skid row on Sunday In a dramatic confrontation caught on video, Los Angeles police shot and killed a homeless man in the heart of downtown’s bustling skid row Sunday. A

    Los Angeles police fatally shot a man on skid row during a struggle over an officer's weapons on 3 March 2015.

    The Quality of the Nation’s Groundwater


    About 115 million people—more than one-third of the Nation’s population—rely on groundwater for drinking water. As the Nation’s population grows, the need for high-quality drinking-water supplies becomes even more urgent.

    Groundwater -- The invisible and Vital Resource

    “Through the WaterSMART initiative and the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, the Department of Interior is working to secure sustainable water supplies of sufficient quantity and quality and to identify measures needed to address climate change and future demands,” said Jennifer Gimbel, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior. “The integrated work that USGS is doing to map groundwater availability, groundwater quality, and the potential for contamination will give us the information we need to understand natural and human effects on groundwater and to take the actions needed to protect this vital natural resource.”

    The recently completed national summary report of the quality of the Nation’s groundwater is now available online. Nine associated reports (USGS circulars) detail regional-scale assessments of groundwater quality in about 30 of the most heavily used principal aquifers across the United States.

    A deep look at an unseen resource

    Over the last two decades, USGS scientists have assessed water quality in source (untreated) water from 6,600 wells in extensive regional aquifers that supply most of the groundwater pumped for the Nation’s drinking water, irrigation, and other uses. This comprehensive sampling, along with detailed information on geology, hydrology, geochemistry, and chemical and water use, can be used to explain how and why aquifer vulnerability to contamination varies across the Nation.




    National map – human health benchmarks

    National Findings

    • More than one in five (22 percent) groundwater samples contained at least one contaminant at a concentration of potential concern for human health.
    • Contaminants from geologic sources—primarily manganese, arsenic, and radon—accounted for about 80 percent of contaminant concentrations that exceeded a human-health benchmark.  Nitrate, which exceeded its benchmark in about 4 percent of wells sampled, was the only constituent from manmade sources that exceeded its human-health benchmark in more than 1 percent of samples.
    • Differences in contaminant concentrations among aquifers, within an aquifer, and even between two nearby wells can be explained by large- and local-scale differences in geology, hydrology, geochemistry, and chemical and water use. Understanding how natural features and human activities affect groundwater quality helps to predict how and why aquifer vulnerability to contamination varies across the Nation.
    • High-volume pumping and irrigation in many areas have profoundly changed groundwater flow and quality.  By moving shallow groundwater deeper, into parts of aquifers used for drinking water, irrigation and pumping have increased the vulnerability of drinking-water supplies to contamination from nitrate, pesticides, and other manmade chemicals from the land surface.
    • Irrigation, high-volume pumping, and artificial recharge can cause different types of waters to mix, with the unexpected consequence of causing the aquifer rocks and sediment to release naturally occurring contaminants, such as arsenic, selenium, or radium, into the groundwater.

    Concentrations of dissolved solids, chloride, and nitrate, indicators of human influence on groundwater quality, increased from the 1990s to 2010 in shallow groundwater in many parts of the Nation. Similar changes are likely to occur in deeper parts of some aquifers in the future as the shallow water moves downward. Groundwater in permeable, unconfined aquifers, such as the Central Valley aquifer system in California, is especially vulnerable to contamination.

    Outlines of principal aquifers of the U.S.


    Looking forward

    Over the next decade, about 2,300 shallow wells and 1,400 deep public-supply wells will be sampled for a broad range of water-quality constituents as the National Water-Quality Assessment Program continues to address the three central questions:

    1. What is the quality of the Nation’s groundwater,
    2. Is it getting better or worse, and
    3. What factors affect the quality of this vital resource.

    In the future, USGS-led national and regional scale modeling will provide a three-dimensional perspective of the quality of the Nation’s groundwater that can be used to inform management decisions.





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    The “War On Terror” Turns Inward – DHS Report Warns Of Right Wing Terror Threat

    And so it begins… the intentional demonization of a growing segment of the U.S. population that rightly believes the government is run by a collective of thieving, corrupt, immoral sociopaths. Commingling dissent, violence and “right wing” ideology will be key in the ultimate division of government critics in these United States, and a successful attempt to scare people away from questioning a clearly degraded and parasitic status quo.

    Tyler Durden's picture

    Forget Hacking – CIA Accuses Russia Of “Manipulating The World’s Weather”

    America appears to have found something else to blame the Russians (or North Koreans) for… The Weather. As The Daily Mail reports, CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s climate… seriously.


    Trapped In A Narrative Of Lies

    War: people dying from sheer misery, people dying because they have no access to the services we take for granted, and even people being shelled by their own government.  All these things are happening as we speak, and we accept them lying down – on our couches – and choose to ignore and even deny them, because we are trapped in narratives spun by those who see a profit in spreading these narratives. And who have a solid grip on what gets spun and what is not. This is not going to end well. Not unless we speak up. Not for anyone amongst us. This one will not pass by your door, or mine. We’re approaching decision time. For the world, for your life and mine. It’s time to pick sides.



    Feds Hold Hearing On Whether They Should ‘Regulate’ Sites Like This One

    As America continues to drift toward totalitarianism, it is only a matter of time before political speech on the Internet is regulated.  It is already happening in other countries all around the globe, and control freak politicians in the US have begun a renewed push to regulate independent news websites. People are hungry for the truth, and an increasing number of Americans are waking up to the fact that they are not getting the truth from the corporate-controlled media.  But as the alternative media has grown, it was only going to be a matter of time before the establishment started cracking down on it.




    The World Empire of America: The Fourth Rome



    Civic Decay

    • The feelings of anger, disillusionment, confusion, angst, bitterness, blame, and helplessness among a large swath of America is rising by the day. They were so pissed off in November, they voted the D team out of office and put the R team back in control. But more people have begun to realize there is one corporate fascist party in control doing the bidding of Wall Street, corporate CEOs, special interests, and shadowy billionaires who call the shots, select the candidates, write the laws, fund the wars of choice around the globe, and keep the citizens under constant surveillance and threat of military rule by police thugs in communities across the land.


    • The United States has rapidly decayed into a surveillance police state, making Orwell’s 1984 seem like a guide for amateurs. The only true hero to rise during this era of marginalzation of  population thus far, Edward Snowden, has revealed the depth of deception being practiced by a paranoid Big Brother style government operating unconstrained by the shackles of the Constitution as they attempt to retain their power and wealth at all costs. Freedom of speech, freedom from illegal search and seizure, and virtually every other Constitutional right has been disregarded by an all-powerful but fearful ruling party, as they monitor and record every electronic interaction of every citizen on earth. Orwell couldn’t have conceived of the $1.5 billion, 1.5 million square foot NSA Worldwide Surveillance Center in Utah. But, he did understand the mind of authoritarians:
    “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.”



    No more  jingoistic lies of a Bush White House’s “war on terror

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