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Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]


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Global Markets Continue To Fall As Bloomberg Warns “Next Financial Crisis Is Staring Us In The Face”…

“Failing to learn from our prior experiences, we seem doomed to repeat them. We only have ourselves to blame…”


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The World’s Fragile Economic Condition – Part 1

“…a large portion of the story that we usually hear about how the world economy operates and the role energy plays is not really correct… in fact the world’s economic condition is more fragile…

Sorry Apple and Ikea, Chinese Shoppers Don’t Love You Anymore



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Ten Years After Lehman Bankruptcy, New Books Point Finger at Two Men

Asian Stocks Suffer Longest Selloff In 16 Years; US, Europe Mixed

Asian stocks slumped for the 10th consecutive day, the longest losing streak since 2002, although European and US stocks have so far reversed Asian losses, as the world’s biggest decoupling between the US and everyone else continues.

Small business optimism surges to highest level ever, topping previous record under Reagan

Main Street optimism hits new August high

Main Street optimism hits new August high 
U.S. small business optimism surged to a record in August as the tax cuts and deregulation efforts of President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress led to more sales, hiring and investment, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business.

13 Reckonings Hanging In The Balance

“The point is, when everyone goes broke and the economy slows to a standstill, the people and the politicians will squawk and shriek in unison.  They will demand for the government to ‘do something’, up until the moment the fake money system finally dies… After that, things will become especially unpleasant…”

'QAnon - Glitch' T-Shirt by NeonRevolt

Bitcoin Stabilizes After SEC Rejects 9 ETF Applications, China Crackdown

After tumbling last night as headlines hit that the SEC rejected another nine Bitcoin ETF applications, cryptocurrencies have stabilized (for now). Additionally, a broad crackdown on crypto in China has not triggered wholesale selling.

Doc Copper down 20%, sending a macro message?


Doc Copper has had a rough go of it over the past 7-years and especially of late.

Since the highs back in 2011, Doc Copper has created a series of lower highs and lower lows.

Since the lows in 2015, it has experienced a strong rally, creating a series of higher lows, as interest rates and several commodities did the same.

In June Doc Copper may have created a double top at (1), as it was testing last years highs. Since hitting 2017 highs at (1), Doc Copper has declined nearly 20% in the past 10-weeks.

The decline now has it testing potential dual support at (2).

What Doc Copper does at (2) could send an important macro message to commodities, bonds and stocks around the world! Keep a close eye on what Doc Copper does the next few weeks at (2), as it could be very important!