The Future of our  Society

History is the only guidebook civilization has…..   But Who Was The Writer / Publisher ?

We need to know the real history of the historian in order to understand the version that is being put in front of us.

  Around The Web

The traditional media’s influence is waning. Alternative and Social media has flattened the playing field, allowing the world to disseminate the information they want, to whomever they want, whenever and however they want. There’s no longer a need to wait for a journalist to file a story.
Twitter  emerged as a  source of this real-time information, with more than 100 million users sending 250 million tweets every day on virtually every topic. As we’ve seen time and time again, most time sensitive news breaks first on Twitter, including our President of the United States of America.

With this birth of the social web, we have tools

at our disposal that are orders of magnitude more powerful than we have had

as individuals or as a society.

When we used to believe because we thought the author was objective, we now

believe because we can see through the author’s writings to the sources and

values that brought them to that position. Transparency gives the reader

information by which they can undo some of the unintended effects of the

ever-present biases. Transparency will bring us to reliability the way objectivity

used to.

This change is, well, epochal………and as promised to truthseekers…….curated  for our expanding consciousness .   Listen to the overview history outside this matrix of this earth and its Galaxy below by Douglas Gabriel.