Anna Von Reitz: “Bring the Storm.”

Date: Sunday, 23-Feb-2020

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: “Abuses of THEIR Courts” (hobie)

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Friday, February 23, 2020

Bring the Storm.

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump — you have said that you want to know all about any kind of corruption. You have taken a stand against Human Trafficking. So, we guess it is up to us to fully inform you and your Administration that:

Almost everyone in this country has been the victim of trafficking — it happened the moment that the military managers in this country “presumed” that our babies were lost on a battlefield instead of being Americans safe at home and owed The Law of Peace. It happened when they registered our babies as “presumed” British Territorial U.S. Citizens without our knowledge and without our consent.

They need their presumptions and practices shoved back down their throats on the toe end of a hobnailed boot.

And it happened again, when those same military managers sold our names and information to the Pope and misrepresented us as homeless, fatherless orphans and Wards of their Territorial State of State organizations, seeking assistance as members of the Commonwealth. And subjected us to those horrors, too.

The men who fought the Civil War to end slavery and the men who fought WWII for the sake of freedom, would turn over in their graves if they knew what the sleazy little white collar bankers and bureaucrats, the OCC and the Security Exchange Commission, and the Democratic Party Hacks, and the DTCC bureaucrats perpetuated here. They’d rise up and destroy this entire nest of thieves and tear down every vestige of FDR’s “legacy”. There wouldn’t be a brick’s worth of 55 Water Street, New York, left standing.

So now you know what has gone on here, action is required.

First— stop the illegal registration of American babies. Tell parents the facts and tell them that if they are Americans, they are responsible for creating a Public Record of the names and places and dates of birth of their children. Give them and the various recording offices and county registrars correct information and put the hospital administrators on a fast track to jail and put an end to this travesty where it starts.

Second — as you are informed of the facts concerning the millions of individual people who have been mistreated and abused in this way, seize upon the assets of all foreign Municipal PERSONS that have been created “in the name of” Americans and return these assets to the people they belong to. All the records of those thus trafficked and abused are in the possession of Cede and Company, an internal Holding Company within the DTCC.

Shut them down and seize the records and if they don’t like it, tell them that there is an American Great-Grandma ready to do ten rounds with their Pope.

Provide an easy process by which Americans from our State Assemblies can come forward and claim their purloined property without any undue paperwork, any arguments, or any further delays, and claim their exemptions and their Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges, too. The responsibility for providing full remedy, including the cost of the correction program, lies upon the banks and the Pope. Make sure they pay for it all.

And if they try to pull any more Funny Business, it’s the job of the United States Military to stomp them into the dirt. That’s what we pay them for. To protect our persons. Make all military personnel read Article IV of any Constitution they can find. Right there in black and white, their neglected duty to protect our persons is plainly and explicitly stated and it is clear also that to date, they have been grossly derelict.
Third — make everyone who actually is a Federal Employee or Dependent aware of the facts and of the obligations that are conditions of their employment, so that nobody is entrapped, and so that all such Persons and PERSONS are clearly identified and set apart from the civilian population of this country.

This little excerpt very clearly demonstrates the corruption that has been going on the last hundred years:

“[The banks] have been bootstrapping on [our] credit and using what is owed to [us] to back their banks and then investing [our] asset ledger and keeping it all sequestered so that [we] couldn’t access it via Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange to discharge any of [our own] debts— which is what they promised as payment for their use of [our] credit in the first place.

The rule and the law is and always was that because they were using credit owed to [us], [we] would be able to offset any debts accrued against [OUR] NAME[s] by “claiming [our] exemption”. And then, they just conveniently neglected to tell [us] that [we] had an exemption and also neglected to tell [us] how to access and use it. And that “lapse” among other things is what we are taking them and the Queen and the Pope and all their corporations to task for.”

Mr. President, it’s clear that the American People have been grossly misused and defrauded by their own employees, that we have been unconscionably trafficked into foreign jurisdictions, had our assets and credit traded upon based on self-interested deceit and non-disclosure, that we have been denied practical and timely access to remedies we have been owed since 1934, and that the banks and courts and prior generations of politicians and even members of the military have colluded to create and enforce this gigantic criminal enterprise against the American States and People.

It is now more than past time to rebuke all this corruption and dismantle it.

Any effort to Make America Great Again must be predicated on the need to Make America America Again.

So let’s nationalize the banks as Britain and Russia have already done, issue American Currency based on gold and silver that is undeniably owed to us, issue an immediate moratorium on mortgages and foreclosures, close down the Municipal COURTS, including the Municipal UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, none of which have any right to be operating on our soil, liquidate the Municipal PERSONS, return the assets to the individual people and States they belong to, make the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions available and accessible, and return this country to some semblance of security and sanity.

And as for funding the Government, all functions can be supported using the earnings from the gigantic pension and CAFR Slush Funds already established without the need to collect, argue about, or administer any system of individual taxation at all.

We are doing our part to end and oppose this criminality. We have declared our birthright political status by all public and private means available. We have summoned and called the People of each State to Assemble, and they have done so in ever increasing numbers.

Americans wish to be counted as Americans and it is a great shock to them to learn that they have, generally speaking, been mis-characterized as Federal Citizens and even as Municipal CITIZENS, instead.

It is not lost upon us and it should not be lost upon any Federal Employee, including the members of the respective Congresses, that these acts undertaken against their Employers, the American States and People, are in complete contravention of Public and Organic Law and against both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, even if we were combatants in any actual “war” and even if we were under any obligation of occupation by our own bought and paid for military services—- which, as it turns out, we are not.

Our States and People did not take part in the so-called American Civil War, which was nothing but another deliberately and immorally and deceitfully constructed mercenary conflict illegally promoted on our shores.

Its more than past time for all this to end, Mr. President.

Our position is that we have never left our home jurisdiction, and it is only a nasty lot of self-interested scheming and false claims that has ever made it appear otherwise.

It is our position that the entire circumstance is the fault of the members of Territorial and Municipal Congresses and the U.S. Military committing self-interested fraud against the American States and People, and doing so under conditions of non-disclosure and constructive semantic deceit resulting in identity theft, human trafficking, enslavement, involuntary peonage, and impersonation of Americans, followed by practices of barratry inflicted by commercial “courts”.

Tell the American People even 1/10th of what has gone on here, and you will have 300 million people highly motivated to lend a hand. Not only will there not be a swamp, the alligators will be extinct.


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