Sunday, December 13, 2020


Yes, the Vaccine Contains Fragments of HIV and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you research the virology and genetic manipulation involved in the development and patenting and copyrighting of the “functional gain” that was the object of developing the Covid-19 virus, it is apparent that the increase in infection rates was accomplished by using the same sequences that promote infection via HIV.
That was Anthony Fauci’s exact area of study and expertise.  And via his position at NIH he funded the research in Wuhan, China.  Oh, my.  
The monsters among us took a Common Cold Virus and “souped it up” by adding fragments of HIV, to make it more infectious.   And then, of course, any vaccine also has to have fragments of HIV in it, to sensitize the immune system of the victim.
The craziness of vaccines is that you inject yourself with “dead” copies of a bacteria or virus to provoke an immune response, that will then be ready to pounce on the real thing.  However, as a virus is already dead, any vaccine for a virus is actually a pre-infection by a dummy copy of the same virus
You are actually infecting yourself in hopes of building up a stronger immune reaction— and in this case, the vaccine virus contains HIV sequences.  Even the Dumb Bunnies acting as UN Administrators of AUSTRALIA had sense enough to draw back and consider the liability of forced vaccination of millions of people with a vaccine containing HIV.  
The known and public danger of such idiocy is self-evident and needs no further explanation.  It’s a free-standing disaster in the making, but wait, the genetic engineers responsible for the development of these heinous new patented inventions are squealing like pigs.  There’s more.  
Not only will people naturally “test positive” for HIV after being vaccinated, there are other “goodies” built into this cocktail of poisons and gene fragments, and those are designed to interfere with the coding of proteins necessary to develop a healthy placenta.  
Women injected with this will no longer be able to bear children.  They will undergo miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage, as the placenta fails to fully form.

Now, you may be asking, as I am, how these clearly criminal Patents have been allowed, and why, exactly, are people like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates still walking around?  It’s a great question, and one that deserves an answer.

The answer is that they are being protected by the United Nations Organization and the UN CORP — the hypocrites who are supposed to be all about “peace”, are instead waging war against their favorite targets — babies and ignorant women.

Just as it says in the Bible about the End Times, the United Nations is standing there saying, “peace, peace” but there is no peace, because these madmen are hypocrites as well as being greedy and criminally insane.  

We, Americans, and the American State Assemblies, have business with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) —- Big Business.  Nasty business.  It’s our right to pull the Patents and destroy the corporations that have done this to profit themselves, and it’s ours to punish the Patent Officials and Clerks and SERCO Agents responsible for this outrage against humanity.  
And the rest of the world has business to do, too.