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April 1st,  2021












Official Announcement: QFS Live | Charlie Ward

by Starship Earth This needs to go viral. It’s official.

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 21-Mar-2021 updated


Received via email – Lymerick

This needs to go viral. It’s official. The Quantum Financial System is LIVE. Gold-backed/Asset-backed currency is here and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen.

It’s been approved by all 209 nations, along with GESARA. (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) Learn more about that here.


Charlie prepared a video with the text and he also reads it so everyone will get the news.

Watch at Charlie’s secure website at the link below where they can’t take it down. 13 minutes

Please share widely folks. It’s unlikely the lamestream news will. ~ CB



March 23,2021




















GOP Senators: Biden Broke Law by Halting Border Wall Construction

GOP Senators: Biden Broke Law by Halting Border Wall Construction
An immigrant, who said he was a 16-year old from Mexico, climbs over the border wall after crossing the Rio Grande into the United States on Monday. (John Moore/Getty Images)
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 39 other Senate Republicans are accusing President Joe Biden of breaking federal budget law by ordering a halt to construction of a southern border wall and say the action contributed to the surge in illegal border crossings. [Full Story]


















Trudeau Offers Reassurance on AstraZeneca Safety as European Countries Suspend Use
  1. Burma Junta Orders Martial Law in 6 Yangon Townships
  2. Johnson ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Clashes During Sarah Everard Vigil
  3. Updates on CCP Virus: US Prison Guards Refusing Vaccine Despite Outbreaks
  4. 2 Key US Cabinet Members Visit Japan for China-Focused Talks
  5. MPs Cite ‘Serious Concerns’ Over England Lockdown Exit Clarity
  6. Rogers Communications Signs Deal to Buy Shaw Communications in Deal Valued at $26B
  7. Japan Plans to Release Fukushima Water Into Ocean as Part of Cleanup
  8. Meng Wanzhou Returns to B.C. Court for Arguments Over Evidence, Abuse of Process
  9. Coming Week Will See Trickle of COVID 19 Vaccine Doses Before Ramping Up
  10. Danish Woman Who Died From Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Shot Had ‘Unusual Symptoms’, Agency Says
  11. UK Government Opens New Offices in Scotland in Effort to Shore Up Union
  12. Facebook Adding Labels to All Posts About COVID-19 Vaccines
  13. Australian Uyghur Groups Call On the Government to Help Stop CCP ‘Genocide’
  14. Taiwan Tells Firms in Burma to Fly Flag to Distinguish From Communist China
  15. Netherlands Halts Use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
  16. Leading Industry Groups Stand Behind Post-Pandemic Workplace Reforms
  17. Australia’s Attorney General Sues ABC for Defamation








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